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A Star Heralds the Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher

§§ (33) The creators repent. (34) They atone for their neglect. (35) Men become endowed with minds. (36) The fourth race develops perfect speech. (37) Every androgynous unit is separated and becomes bisexual.


33. SEEING WHICH (the sin committed with the animals), THE LHAS (the spirits, the "Sons of Wisdom") WHO HAD NOT BUILT MEN (who had refused to create), WEPT, SAYING: --





But they had already separated before the ray of divine reason had enlightened the dark region of their hitherto slumbering minds, and had sinned. That is to say, they had committed evil unconsciously, by producing an effect which was unnatural. Yet, like the other six primitive brother or fellow races, even so this seventh, henceforth degenerated race, which will have to bide its time for its final development on account of the sin committed, -- even this race will find itself on the last day on one of the seven paths. For "the wise* guard the home of nature's order, they assume excellent forms in secret."** But we must see whether the "animals" tampered with, were of the same kind as those known to zoology.

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* This verse in the Veda (X. 5-6), "The seven wise ones (rays of wisdom, Dhyanis) fashion seven paths (or lines as also Races in another sense). To one of these may the distressed mortal come" -- which is interpreted solely from the astronomical and cosmic aspect -- is one of the most pregnant in occult meaning. The "paths" may mean lines (maryadah), but they are primarily beams of light falling on the paths leading to wisdom. (See Rig Veda IV. 5-13.) It means "ways" or paths. They are, in short, the seven Rays which fall free from the macrocosmic centre, the seven principles in the metaphysical, the seven Races in the physical sense. All depends upon the key used.

** "Rig Veda," X. 10, 5, 2.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 192 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

(a) The "Fall" occurred, according to the testimony of ancient Wisdom and the old records, as soon as Daksha (the reincarnated Creator of men and things in the early Third Race) disappeared to make room for that portion of mankind which had "separated." This is how the Commentary explains the details that preceded the "Fall": --

"In the initial period of man's Fourth evolution, the human kingdom branched off in several and various directions. The outward shape of its first specimens was not uniform, for the vehicles (the egg-like, external shells, in which the future fully physical man gestated) were often tampered with, before they hardened, by huge animals, of species now unknown, and which belonged to the tentative efforts of Nature. The result was that intermediate races of monsters, half animals, half men, were produced. But as they were failures, they were not allowed to breathe long and live, though the intrinsically paramount power of psychic over physical nature being yet very weak, and hardly established, the 'Egg-Born' Sons had taken several of their females unto themselves as mates, and bred other human monsters. Later, animal species and human races becoming gradually equilibrized, they separated and mated no longer. Man created no more -- he begot. But he also begot animals, as well as men in days of old. Therefore the Sages (or wise men), who speak of males who had no more will-begotten offspring, but begat various animals along with Danavas (giants) on females of other species -- animals being as (or in a manner of) Sons putative to them; and they (the human males) refusing in time to be regarded as (putative) fathers of dumb creatures -- spoke truthfully and wisely. Upon seeing this (state of things), the kings and Lords of the Last Races (of the Third and the Fourth) placed the seal of prohibition upon the sinful intercourse. It interfered with Karma, it developed new (Karma).* They (the divine Kings) struck the culprits with sterility. They destroyed the Red and Blue Races.**

In another we find: --

"There were blue and red-faced animal-men even in later times; not from actual intercourse (between the human and animal species), but by descent."

And still another passage mentions: --

"Red-haired, swarthy men going on all-fours, who bend and unbend (stand erect and fall on their hands again) who speak as their forefathers, and run on their hands as their giant fore-mothers."

Perchance in these specimens, Haeckelians might recognize, not the

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* It is next to impossible to translate verbally some of these old Commentaries. We are often obliged to give the meaning only, and thus retranslate the verbatim translations.

** Rudra, as a Kumara, is Lilalohita -- red and blue.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 193 THE BONELESS RACE.

Homo primigenius, but some of the lower tribes, such as some tribes of the Australian savages. Nevertheless, even these are not descended from the anthropoid apes, but from human fathers and semi-human mothers, or, to speak more correctly, from human monsters -- those "failures" mentioned in the first Commentary. The real anthropoids, Haeckel's Catarrhini and Platyrrhini, came far later, in the closing times of Atlantis. The orang-outang, the gorilla, the chimpanzee and cynocephalus are the latest and purely physical evolutions from lower anthropoid mammalians. They have a spark of the purely human essence in them; man on the other hand, has not one drop of pithecoid* blood in his veins. Thus saith old Wisdom and universal tradition.

How was the separation of sexes effected? it is asked. Are we to believe in the old Jewish fable of the rib of Adam yielding Eve? Even such belief is more logical and reasonable than the descent of man from the Quadrumana without any reservation; as the former hides an esoteric truth under a fabulous version, while the latter conceals no deeper fact than a desire to force upon mankind a materialistic fiction. The rib is bone, and when we read in Genesis that Eve was made out of the rib, it only means that the Race with bones was produced out of a previous Race and Races, which were "boneless." This is an esoteric tenet spread far and wide, as it is almost universal under its various forms. A Tahitian tradition states that man was created out of Araea, "red

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* This, regardless of modern materialistic evolution, which speculates in this wise: "The primitive human form, whence as we think all human species sprang, has perished this long time." (This we deny; it has only decreased in size and changed in texture.) "But many facts point to the conclusion that it was hairy and dolichocephalic." (African races are even now dolichocephalic in a great measure, but the palaeolithic Neanderthal skull, the oldest we know of, is of a large size, and no nearer to the capacity of the gorilla's cranium than that of any other now-living man). "Let us, for the time being, call this hypothetical species Homo primigenius. . . . This first species, or the Ape-man, the ancestor of all the others, PROBABLY arose in the tropical regions of the old world from ANTHROPOID APES." Asked for proofs, the evolutionist, not the least daunted, replies: "Of these NO FOSSIL REMAINS ARE AS YET KNOWN TO US, BUT THEY WERE probably AKIN TO THE GORILLA AND ORANG OF THE PRESENT DAY." And then the Papuan negro is mentioned as the probable descendant in the first line (Pedigree of Man, p. 80).

Haeckel holds fast to Lemuria, which with East Africa and South Asia also, he mentions as the possible cradle of the primitive Ape-men; and so do many geologists. Mr. A. R. Wallace admits its reality, though in a rather modified sense, in his "Geographical Distribution of Animals." But let not Evolutionists speak so lightly of the comparative size of the brains of man and the ape, for this is very unscientific, especially when they pretend to see no difference between the two, or very little at any rate. For Vogt himself showed that, while the highest of the Apes, the gorilla, has a brain of only 30 to 51 cubic inches, the brain of the lowest of the Australian aborigines amounts to 99.35 cubic inches. The former is thus "not half of the size of the brain of a new-born babe," says Pfaff.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 194 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

Earth." Taaroa, the creative power, the chief god, "put man to sleep for long years, for several lives," which means racial periods, and is a reference to his mental sleep, as shown elsewhere. During that time the deity pulled an Ivi (bone) out of man and she became a woman.*

Nevertheless, whatever the allegory may mean, even its exoteric meaning necessitates a divine Builder of man -- "a Progenitor." Do we then believe in such "supernatural" beings? We say, No. Occultism has never believed in anything, whether animate or inanimate, outside nature. Nor are we Cosmolators or Polytheists for believing in "Heavenly Man" and divine men, for we have the accumulated testimony of the ages, with its unvarying evidence on every essential point, to support us in this; the Wisdom of the Ancients and UNIVERSAL tradition. We reject, however, every groundless and baseless tradition, which, having outgrown strict allegory and symbolism, has found acceptance in exoteric creeds. But that which is preserved in unanimous traditions, only the wilfully blind could reject. Hence we believe in races of beings other than our own in far remote geological periods; in races of ethereal, following incorporeal, "Arupa," men, with form but no solid substance, giants who preceded us pigmies; in dynasties of divine beings, those Kings and Instructors of the Third Race in arts and sciences, compared with which our little modern science stands less chance than elementary arithmetic with geometry.

No, certainly not. We do not believe in the supernatural but only in the superhuman, or rather interhuman, intelligences. One may easily appreciate the feeling of reluctance that an educated person would have to being classed with the superstitious and ignorant; and even realize the great truth uttered by Renan when he says that: "The supernatural has become like the original sin, a blemish that every one seems ashamed of -- even those most religious persons who refuse in our day to accept even a minimum of Bible miracles in all their crudeness, and who, seeking to reduce them to the minimum, hide and conceal it in the furthermost corners of the past."**

But the "supernatural" of Renan belongs to dogma and its dead letter. It has nought to do with its Spirit nor with the reality of facts in Nature. If theology asks us to believe that four or five thousand years ago men lived 900 years and more, that a portion of mankind, the enemies of the people of Israel exclusively, was composed of giants

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* "Polynesian Researches," Ellis. Vol.II., p. 38.

Missionaries seem to have pounced upon this name Ivi and made of it Eve. But, as shown by Professor Max Muller, Eve is not the Hebrew name but an European transformation of , chavah, "life," or mother of all living; "while the Tahitian Ivi and the Maori Wheva meant bone and bone only." ("False Analogies.")

** Chaire d'Hebreu au college de France, p. 20.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 195 THE HAIRY MEN OF CHINA.

and monsters, we decline to believe that such a thing existed in Nature 5,000 years back. For Nature never proceeds by jumps and starts, and logic and common sense, besides geology, anthropology and ethnology, have justly rebelled against such assertions. But if that same theology, giving up her fantastic chronology, had claimed that men lived 969 years -- the age of Methuselah -- five million years ago, we would have nothing to say against the claim. For in those days the physical frame of men was, compared to the present human body, as that of a megalosaurus to a common lizard.

A naturalist suggests another difficulty. The human is the only species which, however unequal in its races, can breed together. "There is no question of selection between human races," say the anti-Darwinists, and no evolutionist can deny the argument -- one which very triumphantly proves specific unity. How then can Occultism insist that a portion of the Fourth Race humanity begot young ones from females of another, only semi-human, if not quite an animal, race, the hybrids resulting from which union not only bred freely but produced the ancestors of the modern anthropoid apes? Esoteric science replies to this that it was in the very beginnings of physical man. Since then, Nature has changed her ways, and sterility is the only result of the crime of man's bestiality. But we have to this day proofs of this. The Secret Doctrine teaches that the specific unity of mankind is not without exceptions even now. For there are, or rather still were a few years ago, descendants of these half-animal tribes or races, both of remote Lemurian and Lemuro-Atlantean origin. The world knows them as Tasmanians (now extinct), Australians, Andaman Islanders, etc. The descent of the Tasmanians can be almost proved by a fact, which struck Darwin a good deal, without his being able to make anything of it. This fact deserves notice.

Now de Quatrefages and other naturalists, who seek to prove Monogenesis by the very fact of every race of mankind being capable of crossing with every other, have left out of their calculations exceptions, which do not in this case confirm the rule. Human crossing may have been a general rule from the time of the separation of sexes, and yet that other law may assert itself, viz., sterility between two human races, just as between two animal species of various kinds, in those rare cases when a European, condescending to see in a female of a savage tribe a mate, happens to chose a member of such mixed tribes.* Darwin notes such

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Of such semi-animal creatures, the sole remnants known to Ethnology were the Tasmanians, a portion of the Australians and a mountain tribe in China, the men and women of which are entirely covered with hair. They were the last descendants in a direct line of the semi-animal latter-day Lemurians referred to. There are, however, considerable numbers of the mixed Lemuro-Atlantean peoples produced by various [[Footnote continued on next page]]

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 196 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.


a case in a Tasmanian tribe, whose women were suddenly struck with sterility, en masse, some time after the arrival among them of the European colonists. The great naturalist tried to explain this fact by change of diet, food, conditions, etc., but finally gave up the solution of the mystery. For the Occultist it is a very evident one. "Crossing," as it is called, of Europeans with Tasmanian women -- i.e., the representatives of a race, whose progenitors were a "soulless"* and mindless monster and a real human, though still as mindless a man -- brought on sterility. This, not alone as a consequence of a physiological law, but also as a decree of Karmic evolution in the question of further survival of the abnormal race. In no one point of the above is Science prepared to believe as yet -- but it will have to in the long run. Esoteric philosophy, let us remember, only fills the gaps made by science and corrects her false premises.

Yet, in this particular, geology and even botany and zoology support the esoteric teachings. It has been suggested by many geologists that the Australian native -- co-existing as he does with an archaic fauna and flora -- must date back to an enormous antiquity. The whole environment of this mysterious race, about whose origin ethnology is silent, is a testimony to the truth of the esoteric position.

"It is a very curious fact," says Jukes,** "that not only these marsupial animals (the mammals found in the Oxfordshire stone-field slates), but several of the shells -- as for instance, the Trigonias and even some of the plants found fossil in the Oolitic rocks -- much more nearly resemble those now living in Australia than the living forms of any other part of the globe. This might be explained on the supposition that, since the 0olitic (Jurassic) period, less change has taken place in Australia than elsewhere, and that the Australian flora and fauna consequently retain. Some-
[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

[[Footnote continued from previous page]] crossings with such semi-human stocks -- e.g., the wild men of Borneo, the Veddhas of Ceylon, classed by Prof. Flower among Aryans (!), most of the remaining Australians, Bushmen, Negritos, Andaman Islanders, etc.

The Australians of the Gulf of St. Vincent and the neighbourhood of Adelaide are very hairy, and the brown down on the skin of boys of five or six years of age assumes a furry appearance. They are, however, degraded men -- not the closest approximation to the "pithecoid man," as Haeckel so sweepingly affirms. Only a portion of these men are a Lemurian relic. (Cf. "Esoteric Buddhism," p.55.)

* In calling the animal "Soulless," it is not depriving the beast, from the humblest to the highest species, of a "soul," but only of a conscious surviving Ego-soul, i.e., that principle which survives after a man, and reincarnates in a like man. The animal has an astral body, that survives the physical form for a short period; but its (animal) Monad does not re-incarnate in the same, but in a higher species, and has no "Devachan" of course. It has the seeds of all the human principles in itself, but they are latent.

** "Manual of Geology," p. 302.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 197 THE SEPARATION OF SEXES.

thing of the Oolitic type, while it had been altogether supplanted and replaced on the rest of the Globe." (! !)

Now why has less change taken place in Australia than elsewhere? Where is the raison d'etre for such a "curse of retardation"? It is simply because the nature of the environment develops pari passu with the race concerned. Correspondences rule in every quarter. The survivors of those later Lemurians, who escaped the destruction of their fellows when the main continent was submerged, became the ancestors of a portion of the present native tribes. Being a very low sub-race, begotten originally of animals, of monsters, whose very fossils are now resting miles under the sea floors, their stock has since existed in an environment strongly subjected to the law of retardation. Australia is one of the oldest lands now above the waters, and in the senile decrepitude of old age, its "virgin soil" notwithstanding. It can produce no new forms, unless helped by new and fresh races, and artificial cultivation and breeding.

To return, however, once more to the history of the Third Race, the "Sweat-Born," the "Egg-bearing," and the "Androgyne." Almost sexless, in its early beginnings, it became bisexual or androgynous; very gradually of course. The passage from the former to the latter transformation required numberless generations, during which the simple cell that issued from the earliest parent (the two in one), first developed into a bisexual being; and then the cell, becoming a regular egg, gave forth a unisexual creature. The Third-Race-mankind is the most mysterious of all the hitherto developed five Races. The mystery of the "How" of the generation of the distinct sexes must, of course, be very obscure here, as it is the business of an embryologist and a specialist, the present work giving only faint outlines of the process. But it is evident that the units of the Third Race humanity began to separate in their pre-natal shells, or eggs,* and to issue out of them as distinct male and female babes, ages after the appearance of its early progenitors. And, as time rolled on its geological periods, the newly born sub-races began to lose their natal capacities. Toward the end of the fourth sub-race, the babe lost its faculty of walking as soon as liberated from its shell, and by the end of the fifth, mankind was born under the same conditions and by the same identical process as our historical generations. This required, of course, millions of years. The

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The "fables" and "myths" about Leda and Jupiter, and such like, could never have sprung up in people's fancy, had not the allegory rested on a fact in nature. Evolution, gradually transforming man into a mammal, did in his case only what it did in that of other animals. But this does not prevent man from having always stood at the head of the animal world and other organic species, and from having preceded the former.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 198 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

reader has been made acquainted with the approximate figures, at least of the exoteric calculations, in Stanza II.

We are approaching the turning-point of the evolution of the Races. Let us see what occult philosophy says on the origin of language.



The Commentaries explain that the first Race -- the ethereal or astral Sons of Yoga, also called "Self-born" -- was, in our sense, speechless, as it was devoid of mind on our plane. The Second Race had a "Sound-language," to wit, chant-like sounds composed of vowels alone. The Third Race developed in the beginning a kind of language which was only a slight improvement on the various sounds in Nature, on the cry of gigantic insects and of the first animals, which, however, were hardly nascent in the day of the "Sweat-born" (the early Third Race). In its second half, when the "Sweat-born" gave birth to the "Egg-born," (the middle Third Race); and when these, instead of "hatching out" (may the reader pardon the rather ridiculous expression when applied to human beings in our age) as androgynous beings, began to evolve into separate males and females; and when the same law of evolution led them to reproduce their kind sexually, an act which forced the creative gods, compelled by Karmic law, to incarnate in mindless men; then only was speech developed. But even then it was still no better than a tentative effort. The whole human race was at that time of "one language and of one lip." This did not prevent the last two Sub-Races of the Third Race* from building cities, and sowing far and wide the first seeds of civilization under the guidance of their divine instructors,** and their own already awakened minds. Let the reader also bear in mind that, as each of the seven races is divided into four ages -- the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Age -- so is every smallest division of such races.*** Speech then developed, according to occult teaching, in the following order: --

I. Monosyllabic speech; that of the first approximately fully developed human beings at the close of the Third Root-race, the "golden-coloured," yellow-complexioned men, after their separation into sexes, and the full

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* To avoid confusion, let the reader remember that the term Root-Race applies to one of the seven great Races, sub-Race to one of its great Branches, and Family-Race to one of the sub-divisions, which include nations and large tribes.

** In the Section on the Divine Dynasties, the nature of these "Instructors" is explained.

*** Vide Section attached to the "Divisions into Yugas."

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 199 PRIMEVAL LANGUAGE.

awakening of their minds. Before that, they communicated through what would now be called "thought-transference," though, with the exception of the Race called the "Sons of Will and Yoga" -- the first in whom the "Sons of Wisdom" had incarnated -- thought was but very little developed in nascent physical man, and never soared above a low terrestrial level. Their physical bodies belonging to the Earth, their Monads remained on a higher plane altogether. Language could not be well developed before the full acquisition and development of their reasoning faculties. This monosyllabic speech was the vowel parent, so to speak, of the monosyllabic languages mixed with hard consonants, still in use amongst the yellow races which are known to the anthropologist.*

II. These linguistic characteristics developed into the agglutinative languages. The latter were spoken by some Atlantean races, while other parent stocks of the Fourth Race preserved the mother-language. And as languages have their cyclic evolution, their childhood, purity, growth, fall into matter, admixture with other languages, maturity, decay and finally death,** so the primitive speech of the most civilized Atlantean races -- that language, which is referred to as "Rakshasi Bhasa," in old Sanskrit works -- decayed and almost died out. While the "cream" of the Fourth Race gravitated more and more toward the apex of physical and intellectual evolution, thus leaving as an heirloom to the nascent Fifth (the Aryan) Race the inflectional, highly developed languages, the agglutinative decayed and remained as a fragmentary fossil idiom, scattered now, and nearly limited to the aboriginal tribes of America.

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The present yellow races are the descendants, however, of the early branches of the Fourth Race. Of the third, the only pure and direct descendants are, as said above, a portion of the fallen and degenerated Australians, whose far distant ancestors belonged to a division of the seventh Sub-race of the Third. The rest are of mixed Lemuro-Atlantean descent. They have since then entirely changed in stature and intellectual capacities.

** Language is certainly coeval with reason, and could never have been developed before men became one with the informing principles in them -- those who fructified and awoke to life the manasic element dormant in primitive man. For, as Professor Max Muller tells us in his "Science of Thought," "Thought and language are identical." Yet to add to this the reflection that thoughts which are too deep for words, do not really exist at all, is rather risky, as thought impressed upon the astral tablets exists in eternity whether expressed or not. Logos is both reason and speech. But language, proceeding in cycles, is not always adequate to express spiritual thoughts. Moreover, in one sense, the Greek Logos is the equivalent of the Sanscrit Vach, "the immortal (intellectual) ray of spirit." And the fact that Vach (as Devasena, an aspect of Saraswati, the goddess of hidden Wisdom) is the spouse of the eternal celibate Kumara, unveils a suggestive, though veiled, reference to the Kumaras, those "who refused to create," but who were compelled later on to complete divine Man by incarnating in him. All this will be fully explained in the sections that follow.

[[Vol. 2, Page]] 200 THE SECRET DOCTRINE.

III. The inflectional speech -- the root of the Sanskrit, very erroneously called "the elder sister" of the Greek, instead of its mother -- was the first language (now the mystery tongue of the Initiates, of the Fifth Race). At any rate, the "Semitic" languages are the bastard descendants of the first phonetic corruptions of the eldest children of the early Sanskrit. The occult doctrine admits of no such divisions as the Aryan and the Semite, accepting even the Turanian with ample reservations. The Semites, especially the Arabs, are later Aryans -- degenerate in spirituality and perfected in materiality. To these belong all the Jews and the Arabs. The former are a tribe descended from the Tchandalas of India, the outcasts, many of them ex-Brahmins, who sought refuge in Chaldea, in Scinde, and Aria (Iran), and were truly born from their father A-bram (No Brahmin) some 8,000 years B.C. The latter, the Arabs, are the descendants of those Aryans who would not go into India at the time of the dispersion of nations, some of whom remained on the borderlands thereof, in Afghanistan and Kabul,* and along the Oxus, while others penetrated into and invaded Arabia.

But this was when Africa had already been raised as a continent. We have meanwhile to follow, as closely as limited space will permit, the gradual evolution of the now truly human species. It is in the suddenly arrested evolution of certain sub-races, and their forced and violent diversion into the purely animal line by artificial cross-breeding, truly analogous to the hybridization, which we have now learned to utilize in the vegetable and animal kingdoms, that we have to look for the origin of the anthropoids.

[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* Ptolemy, speaking in his ninth table of the Kabolitae (Kabul tribes), calls them [[Aristophuloi]], the aristocratic or noble tribes. The Afghans call themselves Ben-Issrael (children of Is(sa)rael), from Issa, "woman and also earth," Sons of Mother Earth. But if you call an Afghan Yahoudi (Jew), he will kill you. The subject is fully treated elsewhere. The names of the supposed twelve tribes and the names of the real tribes, the same in number, of the Afghans, are the same. The Afghans being far older (at any rate, their Arabic stock) than the Israelites, no one need be surprised to find such tribal names among them as Youssoufzic, "Sons of Joseph" in Punjcaure and Boonere; the Zablistanee (Zebulon); Ben-manasseh (sons of Manasseh) among the Khojar Tartars; Isaguri, or Issachar (now Ashnagor in Afghanistan), etc., etc. The whole twelve names of the so-called twelve tribes are names of the signs of the Zodiac, as is now well proven. At any rate, the names of the oldest Arabic tribes, re-transliterated, yield the names of the zodiacal signs and of the mythical sons of Jacob likewise. Where are the traces of the Jewish twelve tribes? Nowhere. But there is a trace, and a good one, that the Jews have tried to deceive people with the help of those names. For, see what happens ages after the ten tribes had wholly disappeared from Babylon. Ptolemy Philadelphus, desiring to have the Hebrew Law translated for him into Greek (the famous Septuagint), wrote to the high priest of the Jews, Eleazar, to send him six men from each of the twelve tribes; and the seventy-two representatives (of whom sixty were ghosts apparently) came to the king in Egypt and translated the law amid miracles and wonders. See Butler's "Horae Biblicae," Josephus, and Philo Judaeus.


In these red-haired and hair-covered monsters, the fruit of the unnatural connection between men and animals, the "Lords of Wisdom" did not incarnate, as we see. Thus by a long series of transformations due to unnatural cross-breeding (unnatural "sexual selection"), originated in due course of time the lowest specimens of humanity; while further bestiality and the fruit of their first animal efforts of reproduction begat a species which developed into mammalian apes ages later.*

As to the separation of sexes, it did not occur suddenly, as one may think. Nature proceeds slowly in whatever she does.



This relates evidently to the so-called age of the amphibious reptiles, during which ages science maintains that no man existed! But what could the ancients know of antediluvian prehistoric animals and monsters! Nevertheless, in Book VI. of the Commentaries is found a passage which says, freely translated: --

"When the Third separated and fell into sin by breeding men-animals, these (the animals) became ferocious, and men and they mutually destructive. Till then, there was no sin, no life taken. After (the separation) the Satya (Yuga) was at an end. The eternal spring became constant change and seasons succeeded. Cold forced men to build shelters and devise clothing. Then man appealed to the superior Fathers (the higher gods or angels). The Nirmanakaya of the Nagas, the wise Serpents and Dragons of Light came, and the precursors of the Enlightened (Buddhas). Divine Kings descended and taught men sciences and arts, for man could live no longer in the first land (Adi-Varsha, the Eden of the first Races), which had turned into a white frozen corpse."

The above is suggestive. We will see what can be inferred from this brief statement. Some may incline to think that there is more in it than is apparent at first sight.


[[Footnote(s)]] -------------------------------------------------

* The Commentary explains that the apes are the only species, among the animals, which has gradually and with every generation and variety tended more and more to return to the original type of its male forefather -- the dark gigantic Lemurian and Atlantean.

Number 7.– Is Maitreya here?

Maitreya made some appearances in the 80's, but no one paid much
attentions, so he faded away for awhile.

They must be bringing him out of mothballs for the big 2012 merging
of religions, and want to make him the 'avatar' of the Aquarian Age in
the same way as Jesus is the 'avatar' of the Age of Pisces.

"Aquarius" is interchangable with "Lucifer".

Hereyou can see the official Maitreya logo.
The swastikas are unmistakable

Peoples have established chronologies since their religious or political founders; Romans by Romulus’ work, Christians since Jesus’ birth, and Moslems since Mahomet’s Hegira; these peoples have regulated their development according to the said foundational event. Now Humanity is in the center of a cosmic and historic situation: beginning of the New Aquarian Age and expectation about a Universal Redeemer to change everything, that is, Maitreya. Different peoples measure the time differently, according to their beliefs. If Maitreya can reconcile men with a doctrine fit for everybody, he shall accomplish the long-awaited dream of a Universal Religion expected by philosophers and saints of all times. This planet is globalized, the interconnection of merchandises, persons and ideas is easy, translation machines progress in different languages, religions and their personal gods are discredited, nationalities are degraded or in bankruptcy, and a purifying incredulity weeps all social strata. May these conditions be necessary to a universal message? It is impossible to guess this or to anticipate certain times to come. Also for Jesus was not easy to be heard, in spite of miracles and unusual personal facts. Several centuries had to pass for his words to be heard and revered by his followers, hardly a fourth part of Humanity. Shall Redeemer’s painful experience happen again, along with its frustrations and failures? No one knows. But Maitreya’s strictly symmetric figure –according to race dimension changed and chronological stages of human evolution– could not be Jesus, but Rama, destroyer of Atlanteans and winner in 1,500 Years War. The sociopolitical scene of the world in Jesus’ times was different from the present one; the Roman Empire was in peace, and the Redeemer’s preaching took place at a small region and in local language.

If we wanted to intuit our critical time –along with its visible and invisible forces in conflict, protagonists, terrestrial and biological changes produced now, destructive power of weapons, psychological mass degeneration, and presence of the Great Solar Initiate– we should go to the last confrontation between Atlanteans and Aryans, 20,000 years ago, related in the Ramayana and in Teachings “Anthropogenesis” and “History of Man”. History is teacher of Nations, and while every age has its own characteristics, new generations rest on previous experiences and repeat basic principles of the Root Race, which we mainly must know. This knowledge will not alter the sequence of forecasted phenomena –a task in Maitreya’s hands– but will help us understand events individually.

a. We and the Atlanteans

There is a remarkable likeness between certain experiences, techniques and cultural habits and some most negative aspects of the last Atlantean civilization, which brought about its final collapse. These aspects have been recorded by modern authors as H. P. Blavatsky, Edgard Cayce (a North-american), Santiago Bovisio, J. R. R. Tolkien, a mythologist, and other internationally known authors.
Information sources always derive from Akashic Records, accessible by clairvoyance. In Charles Berlitz’ version, Cayce says, “Big stone cities with all modern comforts, mass communication media, air-, sea- and surface transportation, and something still out of our reach, like gravity neutralization and solar energy control by means of electric crystals. A deteriorated Atlantean civilization confirmed their destruction. Some elements contributing to a disaster were as follows: dissatisfied people, workmen in bondage and hybrids (bred from men and animals), human sacrifices, general adultery and fornication, and Nature forces’ abuse, particularly use of “fire stones” for punishment and torture.”.
Master Santiago writes, “They built iron men and enlivened them with elementals; these iron men obeyed blindly their injunctions. For centuries they toiled and built missiles with electric charge, powerful aircrafts, and corrosive and destructive acids of any kind. Black magi fought white men, and Aryans were hurt to death. The latter defended themselves bravely, but millions of them died in face of iron monsters who, being guided by black magi, apparently were unbeatable...Atlanteans were going ahead, but finally Nature came and assisted men that had a new Earth. At the end of a sidereal year, the terrestrial Axis changes positions, and it is this what happened in those days. For forty years it rained water and fire from the sky, and it rained almost until a time when whole Earth was under waters. When peace came back, Atlanteans wanted to go on, but it was impossible because they would fall down: their brain center was altered and unbalanced. On the other hand, Aryans had brains fit for new terrestrial metamorphoses and took advantage of this change. Aryan Initiates removed elementals’ power from iron men, and Atlanteans had no salvation. A deluge swallowed Atala, land of sin, and at the end of this fight, which lasted 1,500 years, Aryans dominated on Earth”.
Modern age has the same perverse signs and destructive technology like that of Atlanteans. We are at the edge of another sidereal year, and some symptoms may be perceived on environmental and terrestrial disorders in all continents. A cycle of the ancient race ended up, and signs of a new race come up. When planetary changes altered their balance system and they were unable to manage these iron monsters, Atlanteans were smashed. Our modern technology, based on using electromagnetic field and automatic computers, is quite fragile; the least Fohat vibratory change (checked by Divine Powers) makes the system collapse: satellites, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (I.C.B.M.), aircraft-carriers, air-sea transportation, communications, and so on –everything. Human progress shall return to zero because men do not know how to live without technique support. Certainly, these global changes are very slow and can last centuries, but they are irreversible. An image of what can happen in new men’s case –which could happen again in our descendants’ case– is Master Santiago’s description of early Teutons, who defeated Atlanteans. “The first offspring of Teutons had an awful aspect. As a result of Celts and Atlanteans mixed, a natural hypophysis gland failure took place. In fact, all of them were acromegalic, small skull, big jaws, deep-set eyes, protruding cheekbones, thick lips and quite big hands and feet. Their mind powers were little developed, and lived in semi-savage state, like true cavemen, of the Stone Age. Apparently, ancient grandeur and splendor of the Aryan Race had finished; the rational Aryans’ power was like a seed in the bosom of peoples, which would emerge with unusual force.”

b. Medical Science Abuses

You can compare inhuman experiments made by modern medical science with those made by black Atlantean magi, who led to the collapse of this civilization. Black magi would use their enormous psychical power and control of elementals to alter the human nature for their own advantage. Modern scientists lack parapsychological knowledge and expertise, but count on an impressive and quite advanced technological arsenal, and almost perfect rational methods. Their motivation is the same: will-to-power through money. Likely consequences may be the same: technical civilization destroyed. Some examples:
1.– Organs’ transplantation from some beings to others, including animals.
2.– Clone reproduction in plants and animals, and soon in human beings.
3.– In vitro fertilization and fertilized ova of dead parents.
4.– Creation of chimaeras and monsters.
Many investigations are on course for acquiring further power, particularly for serving armed forces. Esoteric science states that many species of apes are former humans degenerated by genetic hybridization made by black magi. Genetic methodology operates mechanically, as if genes were interchangeable pieces. Course VIII, “Science of Life”, teaches about birth, development and physiology as if it were a whole interconnected with other forces inaccessible or unknown to scientists. Genetic experiments get results, but are disastrous. After a “Dolly” sheep cloned, which survived, 99 horrible monsters have been secretly produced and killed. Master Santiago’s Teaching reads, “You cannot build something physical previous to build it astrally”. Do genetic engineers know the astral world? Life is a gift of Gods, which they alone can touch; genetics is a science of sin and pushes ahead toward destruction. Genesis 3:24 refers to this situation, “So he drove out Adam; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life”. No human power can get therein. Experiments with human cloning are mad and evil things. Genesis conveys ancient Egyptian information derived from temples before Moses. The 1,500 Years fight took place at Abelton, present Africa.

c. Maitreya is the Savior

Not for the first time Humanity is in face of very hard crossroads. Each change of race and sub-race entails structure alterations in human beings and in their basic geography. Men cannot solve problems by themselves because the majority of them are on different dimensions and our weak human mind is unaware and has no power to act. Great Solar, Lunar and Fiery Initiates are protagonists of changes anticipated on the Divine evolution Plan. Materialistic theories about a natural and spontaneous evolution are groundless. In order to evolve we need intelligence and force of Gods. The Solar Initiate is already here, along with an indeterminate number of Lunar and Fiery Initiates. It is the key to salvation, however men, friends and adversaries may do.
These Reflections aim at helping readers understand the world and its contradictory facets on the light of Master Santiago’s Teaching. One cannot live in the darkness; we have to see in what place we are and what our inner attitude should be for our soul advantage. If one thinks of making an important decision as if we were in the beginning of the twentieth century, we can be wrong because we face the beginning of a third millennium that is totally different. Particularly young persons, who must follow decisive courses for life, are most in need of knowing the situation of the present world. We expect that these Reflections in some way may contribute and encourage readers to study the Teachings permanently. These Teachings constitute a complete prophetic system linked to the Aquarian man and to certain mystique fit for achieving it. Basically, these Teachings enable us to remain alert and watchful until the time when Maitreya sends his signals announcing the beginning of the Work.

The Theosophical Root Races


#1 Maitreya 666 -Number of the beast Revealed


3 part series by M’s #1 dummy Benjiman Creme

In the fractal divisions of Theosphy each stage and cycle and plane is divided into seven subdivisions of the same. This goes for the evolutionary cycles of man as much for everything else. If then we take the Earth globe (era) of the present evolutionary or cosmic Round, this is made up of seven great Racio-Spiritual divisions, called "Root Races", which represent the recapitulation of the Rounds as a whole. These are as follows

1) Polarians
2) Hyperboreans
3) Lemurians
4) Atlanteans
5) Aryans
6) 6th Root Race
7) 7th Root Race

The first root race was primarily spiritual (Astral/Etheric), and did not leave physical remains. The second (tee Hyperborean) were also non-physical (etheric).

The Lemurians were the first with physical bodies. They were described as a race of three eyed giants and inhabited a "lost continent" of Lemuria which is where the Indian and Pacific oceans now are. Mdern theosophists identify Lemuria with the actual ancient supercontinent of Palaeos comGondwana.

The Atlanteans are generally considered to have had great occult and/or technological powers, and inhabited the lost continent of Atlantis, which was destroyed due to their abuse of psychic powers or whatever (the versions of this late 19th/early 20th century myth of hubris and the arrogant Atlanteans, given by Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Steiner, A. Bailey, Edgar Cayce, and others all differ in detail). The survivors became the present fifth or Aryan race.

The Atlantean Root Race consisted of the following sub-races

1) Rohmahls
2) Tlavatlis
3) Toltecs
4) First Turanians
5) Original Semites
6) Akkadians
7) Mongolians

It was from the 5th sub-race of Atlanteans, known today as the Semites, that the first Aryans emerged (not the rigid symbolism, the 5th subrace becomes the 5th race), migrating to India and producing what was known in those distant times as the Rama Empire. According to one interpretation they were rivals to the Atlanteans in the leadership of the ante-dilluvian World and it led to a war between the two empires, including ancient nuclear warfare.

The Fifth Root Race - the Aryan
According to Theosophical doctrine we are presently at the fifth stage, referred to as the Aryans. A few words about this term. Ethnologically, the Ayrans (the word means "noble" in Sanskrit) were the original Indo-European nomadic tribesmen, a war-like race of horsemen that moved east to India and West into the near East and Europe. Feminist historians argue that when they got to Europe they destroyed the peace-loving earth-wisdom pagan matriarchal societies and replaced them with war-like sky-god worshipping patriarchal societies such as we still have today. It is unfortunate that the term "aryan" was adopted and perverted by Hitler and his intellectual predecessor's fantasies of an "Aryan" Overman, and is still used today by right-wing white power extremists. It has actually been suggested (by Trevor Ravenscroft in his classic work "Spear of Destiny) and by others as well, that Hitler and his inner circle were actually black magicians and perverted the genuine symbols, e.g. turning the swastika (a solar symbol) counter-clockwise (we are asuming here the trailing edges are "blown back" and pointing the opposite direction to the rotation), in order to focus on destruction and negativity (note the swastika on the Theosophical logo spins "clockwise"). Other critical historians and history of occult scholars tend to pooh-pooh or downplay the idea of Hitler having occult knowledge. He did consult astrologers, but that doesn't make him an occultist. Also swastikas in India, Tibet, and elsewhere are represented counter-clockwise as well as clockwise anyway. Taking the middle way perhaps the best explanation my own opinion here lies midway between the believers and the critics. In any case it should be understood that Aryan when used in the Theosophical context has absolutely nothing to do with Hitler or Nazism, and the sort of racist ideology espoused by white power etc would be abhorrent to every Theosophist.

This is not to say that the early orthodox and heterodox theosophists like Blavatsky, Leadbeater, and Steiner were totally free of racism. In fact their writing are just full of the entrenched white colonial european ethnocentrism that dominated the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The current Root Race, the apex of human evolution, is still European. At least one passage in Blavatsy's writings point at anti-semitism (the Jews are referred to as an unnatural bridge between the 4th and 5th races). Tribal peoples are referred to by Leadbeater and Steiner as "the savage", the lowest rung on the human evolutionary ladder, and Leadbeater goes into some detail comparing the aura of the "savage" with that of the civilised (European) man. According to Gregory Tillet in his excellent biography (Elder Brother), Leadbeater was also a mild racist who hated being in India where the Theosophical headquarters were (the Adyar Branch in Madras). Interestingly, Steiner rejected the term Aryan for the fifth Root Race, preferring the clumsy "Post-Atlantic". Nevertheless his writings reflect eurocentric prejudice every but as much as his predecessors.

The constituent "sub-races" of the Aryan (5th or present) race are as follows

1) Hindus
2) Sumerians
3) Egyptians
4) Hellenes
5) Europeans
6) Nova men
7) ?

These exact same stages were used by Rudolph Steiner as the seven culture periods of the Post-Atlantic (current) era.

The 6th race constitute a new coming racial expression, which will demonstrate a group consciousness and telepathic rapport, high intelligence and intuitive skills, combined with numerous other qualities. This formulation, very innovative and forward looking when it first appeared, now seems very dated, as the future of nanotech, cyborgs, genetic engineering, transhumanism and the Singularity seems like drastically overtaking any theosophical version of a coming race.

The concept of Root Races was also adopted, along with so much else of Blavatsky's teachings, by Rudolph Steiner and the Anthroposophical movement he founded.

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Earth On Track For Epic Die-Off, Scientists Say
If the course of human history is any model, then the wheels are already turning on Earth's sixth mass extinction, thanks to habitat destruction, pollution and now global warming, a scientific analysis of millions of years of data revealed Friday. The study of the fossil and archaeological record over the past 30 million years by UC Berkeley and Penn State University researchers shows that between 15 and 42 percent of the mammals in North America disappeared after humans arrived. That means North American mammals are well on the way - perhaps as much as half way - to a level of extinction comparable to other epic die-offs, like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs. Anthony Barnosky, a UC Berkeley professor of integrative biology and co-author of the study, said the most dramatic human-caused impacts on the ecosystem have occurred in the last century. "We are seeing a lot of geographic range reductions that are of a greater magnitude than we would expect, and we are seeing loss of subspecies and even a few species," Barnosky said. "So it looks like we are going into another one of these extinction events."

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Maitreya, Barack Obama, And Kenya—What’s The Connection?

By Tim | December 15, 2008

What is the connection between Maitreya, Barack Obama, and Kenya?

Ingrid at Slice of Laodicea posts about a mysterious article that appeared on MarketWatch December 12th:

“Readers, for years I have been telling Christians about Share International and its claims that the ‘World Teacher’, international man of peace, Maitreya, is coming on the scene. I have quoted founder Benjamin Creme, a man I have interviewed, and told you how in recent days, the Presidency of Barack Obama is being heralded as the beginning of a new era of this supposed world teacher. Supposedly, Maitreya made an appearance in Kenya, back in the 80’s.”

Here is an excerpt from the Share International press release:

“For years the world has been filled with miracles of all kinds. In April 1995 Time magazine devoted an eight-page spread to its cover story on miracles and concluded: ‘People are hungry for signs.’

“Look now for the biggest miracle of all. In the very near future a large, bright star will appear in the sky visible to all throughout the world — night and day.

“Unbelievable? Fantasy? No, a simple fact. Around a week later, Maitreya, the World Teacher for all humanity, will begin his open emergence and — though not yet using the name Maitreya — will be interviewed on a major US television program.”

Stay tuned.

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Mary again Appearing in Cairo


Videos on YouTube indicate that unusual lights are again appearing on a Coptic Orthodox church in the Cairo metropolitan area, this time in a neighborhood known as Warraq.

There are no details as yet as to when the phenomena began, but according to blog reports crowds began forming on December 9 -- a day after the Immaculate Conception feast -- and thousands are now gathering each night, chanting, singing Arabic-style Christian songs, and loudly exclaiming as forms or flashes of light materialize.

The forms of light are vague as taken with what appear to be cell phones and presented on internet videos but like apparitions that occurred in the late 1960s and early 1970s at other Orthodox churches in Cairo seem to show a bright light in the form of Mary moving amid the domes or over an entrance near an illuminated Cross as a frenzied crowd and beeping taxi horns form an audio backdrop.

One video is available here (or in a longer version here).

It is not clear if any event precipitated the alleged phenomena in this mainly Muslim land, a country to which Mary, Joseph, and the Christ Child fled soon after the Lord's birth.

"Warraq is a small island in greater Cairo's Nile river (Gizza governorate, part of Greater Cairo)," we are informed. "It's a poor district. More than 100,000 have so far witnessed the latest apparitions."

In some cases the form seems to show Mary with a halo around her head -- similar to previous apparitions -- and in other her silhouette momentarily seems to flash a more defined profile. It is not known if natural factors such as lighting could be a causative factor.

From 1968 to 1973, highly similar forms were photographed at St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church in Zeitoun -- a Cairo suburb (above right; see too photos here and video here). Orthodox leaders officially approved the apparitions, which were seen by millions, including then-president Abdul Nasser and Church officials. The city checked for lights and could find no physical explanation. That was just before Egypt surrendered to Israel in the Six-Day War.

Later, she also was said to appear at St. Mark's Orthodox Church in the ancient city of Assiut, about 250 miles from Cairo (left; see video) nine years ago. There were no "messages" -- just the luminous phenomena, which also included strange clouds like incense and what appeared to be doves. Meanwhile, there were also phenomena in Assiut starting August 15, 2001, less than a month before the attacks of September 11, which involved terrorists with links to the country. However, there also have been eruptions of manifestations in between.

Notes a website dedicated to the phenomena: "Assiut is one of Egypt's Christian centers, with a 40 percent Coptic population, but also has hundreds of mosques. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people pray, sing and dance around the church. It was initially thought that the phenomenon were some kind of trick with lasers or a special light show, so the local government ordered the electricity for the entire neighborhood to be switched off for one night, in order to uncover any deception. The light was not affected."

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There'll be nowhere to run from the new world government...

There is no doubt that there is a need to coordinate the world. But what I see with these EU and NWO types is that they want lots of power, lots of anonymity and NO ACCOUNTABILITY. None of them has done a very good job thus far. I am extremely upset about the FORCED ADMINISTRATION OF UNTESTED VACCINES FOR ONE THING. Nobody wanted to be held accountable for the fact that there was no pandemic, that the WHO was taking more money from EUGENICISTS THAN FROM COUNTRY GOVERNMENTS or for the fact that the people "advising" health departments of countries were also owners of vaccine stock or "paid consultants" of vaccine companies. Nor was there anyone willing to point out that the BOARD MEMBERS OF THE WHO ADVISORY BOARD WERE mostly pharma company executives.

THE FARTHER THAN POWER IS REMOVED FROM THE PEOPLE AND THE STREETS, the greater the potential for abuse, waste and fraud grow.

What the world needs right now is some truth. Why are governments building HAARP arrays with their billions of watts pointed at the sky and capable of wrecking the weather? What is really going on behind the scenes? Why are our governments carrying out SECRET operations against their own citizens (like the fake IRA bombings, 9/11 etc?



One, we planned this for your own good..but you are too stupid to understand why wars, economic chaos and OPEN THIEVING FROM THOSE LESS FORTUNATE THAN OURSELVES IS NECESSARY FOR THE PUBLIC WEAL


Two, we could fix this is we only had MORE POWER.

Wrong, they could better protect themselves with more power, but our lives would be worse.

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'You're not in Kansas anymore'


The movie Avatar's Reference to MK ULTRA'S Project Monarch subliminal Trance Phrases from the 'Wizard of Oz' which is intentionally used for the use of hypnosis.

MONARCH : The New Phoenix Program

by Marshall Thomas

Marshall Thomas's explosive Monarch book and video series exposes the New Phoenix Program currently being carried out on political activists and dissident civilians. The Phoenix Program, assassinating suspected VC sympathizers in a systematic manner, worked well during the Vietnam War and is the blueprint for the current black op targeting thousands of loyal Americans using state of the art microwave (MW) and radio frequency radiation (RFR) weapons. The motivation to suppress domestic dissidents and to assassinate loyal American opposition stems from the perception of dissent against the war as treason. This philosophy is stated very clearly in the MindWar paper written by NSA General Aquino. The DOD has a huge stake in futuristic technology that kills by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, leaving little or no trace. The indiscriminant killing of the Phoenix Program continues on American soil. The terms soft kill, slow kill and silent kill refer to the new way of killing the enemy in conflicts short of war and the small wars of the future.

The counterinsurgency doctrine has now been applied to the home front, so that the perceived betrayal of the military in Vietnam will not be repeated. The generation of CIA and military intelligence led by Shackley, Helms, Casey, Abrams, Singlaub, Secord, John B. Alexander, Michael Aquino, Paul Vallely, and others have built the perfect beast, using selective assassination that leaves no trace. The ability to cull the human herd with Silent Kill technology allows a few personalities to remake the entire society in their own image.

The victims of this new program of harassment and abuse need YOUR help!

AVATAR another New World Order Church Of Climatalogy Mind Control Indoctrination Program

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic








God is a world-brain in 'Avatar.' Would you have faith?

Weiss finds in it a "mash-up of American Indian, earth-based faiths and even links to the Hindustan Times for their view. But Weiss says Cameron goes further...

It turns out that the Na'vi deity that they call Eywa is real as rocks. Trees, plants and many animals have literal connections to each other, forming synapses in a giant world-mind. A mind that manifests itself at a key point of the plot in a way that leaves no ambiguity about whether "she" is real or not.

But Weiss thinks religion is based in...

faith in some aspect of the transcendent that cannot be proven using the material stuff of the ordinary world. Explaining Eywa is a matter of neurophysics, not theology. So it's not about religion.

Over at The New York Times, Russ Douthat calls the film an apology for pantheism...

... Hollywood's religion of choice for a generation now. It's the truth that Kevin Costner discovered when he went dancing with wolves. It's the metaphysic woven through Disney cartoons like The Lion King and Pocahontas. And it's the dogma of George Lucas's Jedi, whose mystical Force "surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together.

Hmmm. I haven't seen Avatar but I'm not sure that's essential to debating the nature of God.

If there did turn out to be a thriving global consciousness, a world-mind as Weiss calls it, would that disprove God as you understand God? Certainly it takes the religion story out of the narratives we've told for centuries but it preserves the concept of an almighty who intervenes in human history.

Do you think there's a world-brain? Would you call it God?

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Cung Le returns to the 'New World Order'

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Le has fought in MMA seven times at the HP Pavilion: each time, the crowd had some belief that his San Shou background was so unique that his opponents wouldn't have answers. That changed after Scott Smith took advantage of a break in Le's guard, following him to the mat and scoring (another) unlikely victory. Le die-hards will point out that, until that reversal in the closing two minutes, Le was making Smith look foolish.

A focused Le with more training time, especially in a bid for redemption, might prove to be more popular than ever.

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New group to police global environment issues...

A new global body dedicated to environmental stewardship is needed to prevent a repeat of the deadlock which undermined the Copenhagen climate change summit, Gordon Brown will say tomorrow.

The UN’s consensual method of negotiation, which requires all 192 countries to reach agreement, needs to be reformed to ensure that the will of the majority prevails, he feels.

The Prime Minister will say: “Never again should we face the deadlock that threatened to pull down those talks. Never again should we let a global deal to move towards a greener future be held to ransom by only a handful of countries. One of the frustrations for me was the lack of a global body with the sole responsibility for environmental stewardship.

“I believe that in 2010 we will need to look at reforming our international institutions to meet the common challenges we face as a global community.” The summit failed to produce a political agreement among all the countries. Delegates instead passed a motion on Saturday “taking note” of an accord drawn up the night before by five countries: the US, China, India, Brazil and South Africa.

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Astronomers Use Backyard Telescopes to Discover a Super-Earth

The newly discovered exoplanet could soon lead to more likely candidates for habitable planets

Astronomers have discovered perhaps the first "super-Earth" with an atmosphere, and say that there's a strong possibility of the planet having liquid water on its surface. That's still no Earth -- super-Earths are bigger than Earth but smaller than gas giants -- but it's darn close compared to other known exoplanets. Perhaps equally stunning, astronomers simply used a small array of 16-inch telescopes that any amateur stargazer could have in their garage or backyard.

[ Read Full Story ]

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The Winter Solstice

There are four turning points of the year: the solstices of winter and summer, and the equinoxes of the spring and of the autumn. The cycle of the year among the ancient peoples was always considered to be a symbol of the life of man or, indeed, of the life of the universe. Birth at the Winter Solstice, the beginning of the year; adolescence -- trials and their conquest -- at the Spring Equinox; adulthood, full-blown strength and power, at the Summer Solstice, representing a period of initiation when the Great Renunciation is made; and then closing with the Autumnal Equinox, the period of the Great Passing.
This cycle of the year likewise symbolizes the training in chelaship. At the time of the Winter Solstice, two are the main degrees which neophytes or initiants must pass through, to wit, the fourth degree and the seventh or last: the fourth for less great men, although they are great men nonetheless; and the last or seventh initiation, coming but at rare intervals as the ages cycle by, being the birth of the Buddhas and of the Christs. During the initiation of those individuals of less grandiose spiritual and intellectual capacity than is the human material out of which the Buddhas are born, during this fourth initiation, the postulant is taught to free himself from all the trammels of mind and from the lower four principles of his constitution; and being thus set free he passes along the magnetic channels or circulations of the universe, even to the portals of the Sun, but there and then he stops and returns. Three days usually are the time required for this, and then the man arises a full initiate, but with a realization that ahead of him are still loftier peaks to scale on that lonely path, that still path, that small path, leading to divinity. As regards the seventh initiation, this occurs in a cycle lasting some 2,160 human years, the time which it takes for a zodiacal sign to pass through a constellation backwards into the next constellation; in other words, what is called among mystics in the Occident the Messianic Cycle. When the planets Mercury and Venus, and Sun and Moon and Earth, are situated in syzygy, then the freed monad of the lofty neophyte can pass along the magnetic pathway through these bodies and continue direct to the heart of the Sun. For fourteen days the man left on Earth is as in a trance, or walks about in a daze, in a quasi-stupor; for the inner part of him, the real part of him, is peregrinating through the spheres. Two weeks later, during the light half of the lunar cycle or month, that is, when the moon stands full, his peregrinating monad returns rapidly as flashing thought along the same pathway by which it ascended to Father Sun, retaking to itself the habiliments which it dropped on each planet as it passed through it: the habiliments of Mercury, the habiliments of Venus, the habiliments of the Moon -- of the lunar body, of the lunar orb -- and from the Moon the monad returns to the entranced body left behind. Then for a while, shorter or longer according to circumstances, the neophyte's whole being is irradiated with the solar spiritual splendor, and he is a Buddha just "born." All his body is in flaming glory, as it were; and from his head, and from back of his head in especial, as an aureole, there spring forth rays, rays of glory like a crown. It is because of this that crowns in the Occident and diadems in the Hither East were formerly worn by those who had passed through this degree, for verily they are Sons of the Sun, crowned with the solar splendor. In these initiations the man dies. Initiation is death, death of the lower part of the man; and in actual fact the body dies but is nevertheless held alive, not by the spirit-soul which has flown from it as a butterfly frees itself from its chrysalis, but kept alive by those who are watching and waiting and guarding. It is due to this holding of the bodily triad alive that the peregrinating spirit-soul is enabled finally to return as a bird to its nest, where it recognizes its former bodily home, and is "reborn," but in this case reborn into the same body. During the period of time when the peregrinating monad is absent, whether it be for three days or for fourteen, the excarnate monad has followed the pathways of death literally, but has done so quickly and within the fortnight. In actual fact the process is virtually identic with that followed in the case of excarnation and reincarnation, for it returns to the entranced body along the pathways of rebirth, of reimbodiment, and is, as it were, reborn into the old body instead of into a new one; and thus was it said of such a man in India that he is a dwija -- as the Brahmans of Aryavarta put it -- a "twice-born" initiate. This phrase also has one meaning more: one who is reborn from the ashes of the old life, which life is now burnt out and dead. But it has also the deeper significance of which I have spoken. These seventh-degree initiations which occur once during the Messianic Cycle, and which produce the spiritual fruit of a minor Buddha called a Bodhisattva, must not be confused with one of the greatest of initiations known to the human race, that is, those belonging solely to the racial Buddhas. There are in any root-race but two racial Buddhas. But the Bodhisattvas of differing degrees of evolutionary grandeur are very numerous. The cyclical Bodhisattvas as above hinted come, one each, in every Messianic Cycle of 2,160 years, and are usually of an avataric character. There are cases where neophytes fail, yet those who fail have another chance in other lives; but the penalty for failure in this life is either death or madness, and the penalty is very just. Solemn indeed are the warnings given to those who would fly like the birds into the ethers of the inner worlds and follow the tracks of those who have preceded them along the circulations of the universe. When you look up at the starry night or during the daytime raise your eyes and look at the splendor of Father Sun shining in the blue vault of midday, how empty the spacial expanse seems to be -- how seeming vacuous, how seeming void! Astronomers tell us that the earth is a sphere poised in the void, in the ether, free except for the gravitational attraction of the sun, and that the earth is following its pathway, its orbit, around the sun not otherwise than gravitationally attached thereto; in short, that "space" is emptiness. Ay, indeed, space, mystically speaking, is sunyata "emptiness" in its esoteric significance, but by no means "emptiness" as Occidental astronomers understand it; for verily the space which we look at, which our physical eyes think they see -- or don't see -- is substance so dense, so concrete, that no human conception can give any clear idea thereof to the brain-mind otherwise than by mathematics. One physicist-astronomer, J. J. Thomson, some years ago calculated that the ether of space was two thousand million times denser than lead. This revoices an old doctrine; but remember that the proper manner of expressing this fact all depends upon the way in which we look at it. We have eyes evolved to sense, to pierce, the matter of our sphere, and we see what seems to us to be vacuity, emptiness; but actually that seeming vacuity or emptiness is absolutely full, is, in fact, a plenum, a pleroma, full of worlds and spheres and planes, full of hierarchies, of evolving entities on these worlds and spheres and planes. Please try clearly to grasp this idea. Our entire surya-system, our entire solar system, called the Egg of Brahma, may be looked at from one very true standpoint as an enormous ovoid aggregate body poised in space; and were some astronomer on some distant globe in the stellar deeps to see our Egg of Brahma, and were he to see it from the proper superior plane or world, our entire solar system would appear to him as an ovoid body of light -- as an egg-shaped irresolvable nebula. This would include all the "emptiness" that we see, or think we see, the emptiness so called, and therefore would include all our solar world of the Egg of Brahma, from the very heart of Father Sun to beyond the confines of what astronomers call the farthermost planets. The Egg of Brahma is composed of concentric spheres centered in the Sun, and each one of these spheres is a cosmic world. Its heart -- the heart of each one of them -- is the Sun. The world or sphere of our Earth is one such, and surrounds the Sun as a sphere of dense substance, and the nucleus in this sphere or egg, for such it is, is what we commonly call our Earth. Such also is the sphere of Mercury, such is the sphere of Venus, such is the sphere of Mars, also of Jupiter, also of Saturn; yes, and of Uranus too -- but remember that Uranus belongs not to our own system of sacred worlds, although it belongs to our Egg of Brahma. In this connection note well that although any concentric sphere such as that of our Earth, or that of Jupiter, or that of Mercury, is de facto such an Egg or Sphere of Brahma, yet the nucleus of each such sphere or planet, if seen in motion from another plane, would appear to be a wave or ripple advancing steadily in and around a solid or semisolid zone or belt; this zone or belt actually being what we call on our plane the locus of the orbit of such planetary body as of Earth, or of Jupiter, or of Mercury. The meaning of this again is that a planetary orbit, such as that of Earth seen from another plane, is an actual belt or zone surrounding the Sun, being the pathway, so to speak, of the nucleus which in this zone can be considered in movement as a ripple or wave moving steadily around this belt, or zone, or ring. From what has just been said, it becomes immediately obvious that what we call a planet can be properly viewed from three different planes of vision, as three different things: first, as a globe such as we on this plane see it; second, from another plane as a wave or ripple, circularly advancing in and following the course of an annular zone or belt surrounding the Sun; and third, as a concentric sphere, or rather spheroid, or egg, with its center at the heart of the Sun. These concentric worlds or spheres are in constant circular movement of revolution around the heart of the Sun, the spheres within each other somewhat like the skins of an onion, and yet each one is formed of different matters in a sense, of matters in a different state from the matters of the other spheres, and hence they pass through each other as easily as if the others did not exist. Thus it is that our eye can see some of the stellar bodies lying beyond the orbits of Mars and of Jupiter and of Saturn. All we see of the stellar host outside of our Egg of Brahma happens to be those particular stars or suns which, by reason of their having attained the same degree of material evolution whereon we ourselves now stand and where our physical sun is, therefore are visible to our organs of sight. Were we living on another plane, our vision could not penetrate the respective matters, otherwise the orbits or spheres, of Mars or Jupiter or of Saturn. These three planets alone hide billions and billions and billions of suns that we during our present manvantara or world-cycle cannot ever see. Some day in the far distant future, as evolution works on the matter of our world-sphere, we shall see some of the raja-suns now hid by these three planets -- by the spheres of these three planets, for the planets and their respective spheres are really the same. It is precisely because the Egg of Brahma is substantial throughout, and that interplanetary space is therefore substantial throughout, that light belonging to this fourth cosmic plane can pass from stars to us. In speaking of these concentric spheres, please remember also that a proper conception of the structure and characteristics of the Egg of Brahma must include a realization of the significant fact that there are many more planetary concentric spheres than those of the eight or nine or ten planets known to Occidental astronomy. There are scores of planets in the solar system which are utterly invisible by means of any astronomical instrument or apparatus, and furthermore, and still more important, there are numbers of these concentric spheres which belong to entirely other planes of the cosmos, and each one of these invisible concentric spheres, which are in some cases superior and in some cases inferior to our plane, is as fully inhabited with its multifarious hosts of beings as our own plane is. Each plane has its own hierarchies of inhabitants, its own inhabited worlds with their dwellers, with their countries, with their mountains, and seas, and lakes, and dwellings, and whatnot, even as our Earth has. These concentric world-spheres considered as a whole were the crystalline spheres of the ancients, which astronomers have so grossly misunderstood, and therefore have so much derided. What indeed did these words mean: "crystalline spheres"? The meaning was, spheres of which the center was the Sun and which were transparent to our eyesight. Just as glass is very dense and yet is transparent to our eyesight, so are the ethers of our fourth cosmic plane very dense and yet transparent to us. To the inhabitants of Earth viewing the phenomena of the solar system from the Earth, the entire system of concentric spheres, due to the Earth's rotation, seems to revolve around the Earth, and hence arises the geocentric way of looking at the apparent movements of the planets and the Sun, Moon, and stars. All things in universal nature are repetitive in structure and in action. The small mirrors the great, and the great reproduces itself in the small, for verily the twain are one. Furthermore, on account of the magnetic structure and action of the twelve globes of our planetary chain, our Earth has magnetic bipolar action of twelve different kinds; one such polar pair is known to scientists, the others unknown. Our Egg of Brahma, our solar system, as a whole, likewise has twelve magnetic bipolar courses or what in short are called magnetic poles, and each one of these twelve poles has its locus in one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac -- or rather the twelve constellations of the zodiac are the loci of the twelve poles of the zodiacal period. The wheel of life with its twelve spokes runs on forever. Thus it is that a human being can be a son of the Sun. Thus it is that a human being can ascend along the magnetic pathways from Earth to Moon, from Moon to Venus, from Venus to Mercury, from Mercury to the heart of Father Sun -- and return. On the journey outwards, certain sheaths or integuments of the peregrinating monad are dropped at each planetary station. Dust to dust on Earth. The lunar body is cast off and abandoned in the valleys of the Moon. On Venus, habiliments of Venusian character are cast aside also; and so is it likewise on Mercury. Then the solar portion of us is ingathered into its own heart. The peregrinating monad on its return journey leaves the Sun after reassuming its own solar sheath. It enters the sphere of Mercury, gathers up there the garments that it previously had cast aside, assumes these, and then passes to Venus, reclothes itself with what it had there previously laid down, then enters the unholy sphere of the Moon, and in its dark valleys picks up its former lunar body, and thence is borne to Earth on the lunar rays when the Moon is full. Dust to dust, Moon to Moon, Venus to Venus, Mercury to Mercury, Sun to Sun! Initiation is the becoming, by self-conscious experience, temporarily at one with other worlds and planes, and the various degrees of initiation mark the various stages of advancement or of ability to do this. As the initiations progress in grandeur, so does the spirit-soul of the initiant penetrate deeper and deeper into the invisible worlds and spheres. One must become fully cognizant of all the secrets of the solar egg before one can become a divinity in that solar egg, taking a part, self-conscious and deliberate, in the cosmic labor. Prepare yourselves continually, for every day is a new chance, is a new doorway, a new opportunity. Lose not the days of your lives, for the time will come, fatally come, when it will be your turn to undertake this sublimest of adventures. Glorious beyond words to express will be the reward if you succeed. Therefore practice, practice continuously your will. Open your heart more and more. Remember the divinity at your inmost, the inmost divinity of you, the heart of you, the core of you. Love others, for these others are yourself. Forgive them, for in so doing you forgive yourself. Help them, for in so doing you strengthen yourself. Hate them, and in so doing you prepare your own feet to travel to the Pit, for in so doing you hate yourself. Turn your backs on the Pit, and turn your faces to the Sun.

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Apophis Asteroid To Scrape Past Earth, Closer Than Any Known Object (VIDEO)

Apophis, a 900-foot asteroid, was believed by scientists to have a greater than 2 percent chance of hitting earth.

Wired explains,

The asteroid appeared ready to give the Earth its closest shave since astronomers began looking for such things. It was judged a 4 on the Torino Impact Hazard Scale for a short time, the highest rating any near-Earth object has received.

Scientists have since scaled back their predictions -- they now believe the odds of it crashing into earth are 1 in 250,000 -- but astronomers do expect it to come startlingly close to the earth's surface, whizzing past our planet just 18,300 miles away in April 2029.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has created a simulation of the asteroid's path past earth. See it in action (from Apophis' perspective) below.

WATCH: ------

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Anthropogenic Continental Drift UPDATED

We Are Running Out Of Time.

The best part of the whole AGW thing is how the solutions for reducing carbon emissions dovetail so nicely with lefty desires (World Government, tax the pants off of everybody, etc.).

In the Copenhagen thread below, Cicero answers my plea for a right-wing scam to rival AGW:

Anthropogenic Continental Drift. It's real, the science is settled, and it's got to be stopped before the continents all coliide [sic] in a massive global cataclysm that will threaten the very existence of all of mankind.

Now, everyone knows that continental drift is a natural, ongoing process of the Earth, just like climate change.

The continents, and the tectonic plates they are attached to, shift about and grind into each other, causing mountains to be rucked up into the sky and volcanoes to erupt, and earthquakes, and other geologic shit of this nature.

What you may not know is that this process, while unstoppable, can be slowed down tremendously. We can save lives this way, and more importantly, beachfront property. But we haven't been doing it.
Our inaction in saving lives- and some really sweet bungalows- is tragic. Tragic.

How can we slow down this destructive process?
One word, friends: friction.

How do we enhance the natural friction that keeps these gigantic continents from slippy-sliding all over the place, crushing everyone that you love and burying their wicked bitchin' summer rental cottages in hot lava?

We need to extract the dangerous lubricants that are hiding deep in the Earth.

Right now, under the ground, possibly thousands of feet under your very...uh, feet...are vast deposits of a black, menacingly slippery substance that scientists refer to as 'oil' [TX pron: awl].

We gotta get that shit out of there, stat! Our recalcitrance in this regard is frustrating and downright dangerous. The time to act is now.

No matter the cost, humans must find a way- with specialized pipes and pumps, perhaps- to reduce these vast deposits of 'oil' that imperil us all.

Who knows? We may even find a use for it.

Our Scientists are currently investigating how anthracite deposits may also be accelerating Anthropogenic Continental Drift.

Don't worry, enough grant money and they'll come up with something. Because that's how science is done, old boy.

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