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The New World Order Satanic Conspiracy Hi-Def Flow Chart
Here it is the Secret Societies through out history
A complete Flow Chart that connects the dots of TPTB that want to rule the world
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Here's an ad that's been showing up a lot lately on the web featuring another illuminated pyramid, this time in Vegas. But, really; is this the image that best captures Las Vegas for most people?
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Secretive Knights Templar Make Astounding Bid To Save World


If the Illuminati were to make an initiation video, what might it look like?
Joke, Satire, Parody, or ... Profound Fiction?
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Tracy Martin's Photos

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton run Prince Hall Freemasonry, the lodge for blacks.
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George Zimmerman, Son of a Retired Judge, Has 3 Closed Arrests

Did George Zimmerman have help from his father, a retired judge, in clearing his name in three separate arrests?

That’s the question that’s being asked now that more information on Trayvon Martin’s 28-year-old killer is being revealed. Robert Zimmerman, a former Orange County magistrate judge, recently wrote a letter to The Orlando Sentinel defending his son, who’s been dragged through the mud for shooting the unarmed 17-year-old last month. In the letter, the senior Zimmerman asks people not to jump to conclusions and insists that his son didn’t follow the young boy home as he walked through their gated community.

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“He would be the last to discriminate for any reason whatsoever. The media portrayal of George as a racist could not be further from the truth. At no time did George follow or confront Mr. Martin. When the true details of the event became public, and I hope that will be soon, everyone should be outraged by the treatment of George Zimmerman in the media,” wrote Robert Zimmerman.

Now more info is being dug up on his “victimized” son through public records and revealing his checkered past.

According to a records search on George, he was previously arrested for domestic violence, resisting an officer without violence and most shockingly, resisting an officer with violence — a felony charge that surely could have landed him in prison.

All three of those arrests, however, were mysteriously closed with no semblance of charges for the Florida resident. So how was someone with a violent past including that of battery against an officer able to carry a 9 mm handgun? Maybe that’s a question Robert Zimmerman should answer …

The next thing you might want to look for if any of the Zims belong to the Masons or Frat Clubs too?

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Democratic Underground - 1 hour ago
Yesterday on DU, there was speculation (the subject has since been deleted by the original poster) that the Zimmerman family had ties to the CIA. The NYT has this to say about it:

"He (George), too, was from someplace else — the second of three children raised in a red-brick home in a cul-de-sac in Manassas, Va. His father, Robert, was a magistrate judge and a veteran of the Vietnam War, and Robert’s father worked in Army intelligence,"

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DU was not far off the mark. Now the question is, what did George's dad, Robert J, do before he became a magistrate?


Prince Hall (Satanic) Masons and the Congressional Black Caucus

Posted on March 3, 2011 by Joe
Obama Boule
W.E.B. Dubois preached and advocated that blacks should pursue a classical and/or Liberal Arts education, as opposed to Booker T. Washington espousing technical training. Dubois model was geared towards sending 10% of the black population to the universities and colleges of higher learning with an objective of attaining liberal arts education and coming back to the black community and help to elevate the race. Dubois and historians called this theory the “Talented Tenth” theory (Reference: W.E.B. Dubois “The Souls of Black Folk”). Also, there is an interesting book written by Charles H. Wesley, titled, “The History of Alpha Phi Alpha: A Development in College Life” that deals African American race, class and the pursuit of education.
The BOULE (Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity) perhaps one of the first black Greek fraternities founded in 1904, but most of its founders were Prince Hall Masons and/or had strong Masonic affiliations. The term BOULE means “advisor to the king”. Steve Cokley is considered the authority on the BOULE, he has a video series titled, “Boule Buster: The Plot To Destroy Black Education”. Frontline Magazine did an article titled, “Boule” stated, “We know the Illuminati (Rhodes/Rothschild secret society) also goes by the name, the ROUND TABLE GROUP the Boule, which created the 8 black fraternities and sororities (now known as the Divine Nine). Rockefeller is a subdivision of the Rhodes/Rothschild or New World Order regime”
The Boule is noted for attracting the African American Talented Tenth, it was described this way “the quintessential brotherhood for African-American men.” The incoming Grand Sire Archon, New Orleans banker and financier Charles Teamer, says the Boule “is unique because no other organization brings together so many talented leaders–sometimes you have in the same room the mayor and the biggest educational and economic leaders in town–and no other organization provides such an unparalleled opportunity to mentor, change structures, and build bridges.” He says his administration will concentrate on mentoring, creating new international connections and moving networking to another level.
The BOULE was originally styled after the Skull Bones Fraternity conceived as an organization that would contain the “best of Skull and Bones of Yale and of Phi Beta Kappa,” In the keynote address, Archon Vernon Jordan Jr. (former aid to Bill Clinton and Civil Right leader) presented a 12-point program for personal and collective renewal, saying, among other things, that “we must create a new sense of community among our own … bridge the growing economic gap within the Black community [and] re-Brown Brown to counter the long slide back into de facto segregation.” We must also, he said, “constantly remind the new entrants into the Talented Tenth that their exciting jobs in corporate America and investment banking and in law firms are not the result of their grades and their ability and their school all by themselves. They did not get there by themselves … and they have to know it.”
The Skull and Bones of Yale University, the author John Lawrence Reynolds book titled, “Secret Societies: Inside The World’s Most Notorious Organizations” he assess this secret society by stating, “One, however, exerts day-to-day influence over the lives of virtually everyone on the planet, and it achieved this not with a tightly structured organization but via an association of privileged young men attending a prestigious university. Its existence is verifiable, its history is linked to MASONIC traditions and the ILLUMINATI objectives, its practices remain shadowy, and its activities are replete with suspicious behavior. It is Skull & Bones, a hatchery of American leadership whose members has not only achieved POWER and Prominence on a scale far in excess of their numbers, but retains their close bond throughout their careers, creating at least the semblance of a cabal and perhaps something much more than that.”
Now! The above assessment is real high degree Freemasonry because these OATH TAKERS of an Elite sector of our society have sworn to use their DYNASTIC influence (High Finance) that is tied too prominent banking families and have placed their Devotes in every decision making endeavor which to influence the political, economic and social reality of world society. The 33rd Degree in Freemasonry under Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is styled the Sovereign Grand Inspector General. This degree is an honorary and conferred degree and it is not up for petition; thus entry into this final and terminal degree is only at the recommendation of another 33rd Degree Mason.
The ceremonies and rituals of this conferment ordinarily include some of the most powerful men in the United States in particular and the world in general. We learn in the ritual a set of questions and answers that reads like this: QUESTIONS: Are you a Sovereign Grand Inspector General? ANSWER: By giving you the past word. QUESTION: Begin. ANSWER: Jacques de Molay. QUESTION: Hiram Abif. ANSWER: Frederick of Prussia. QUESTION: What are the meanings of the skeletons skulls, bones and torches in our Council? ANSWER: They serve to remind of the massacre of our ancestors by Philippe the Fair who delivered them to the most cruel tortures. QUESTION: Why do you appear in mourning armed with a sword? Answer: To mourn their loss and be ready to avenge them. QUESTION: Who established this degree? ANSWER: Our Illustrious Brother of Brunswick, Frederick, King of Prussia.
This writer wonder does the Skull and Bones and Black BOULE’ have a loose philosophical connection to The United Supreme Council of Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Thirty-Third and Last Degree in Freemasonry. This writer resides in Durham, which the Mayor of the city William V. “Bill” Bell is a BOULE’ member and in a recent citywide mayoral race, Obama came to Durham and endorsed the black BOULE member and it left this writer inquisitive whether his relationship with BOULE’ Mayor Bell was based on them both being perhaps OATH TAKERS. A writer in Ebony Magazine who authored and article titled,“1904-2004: the Boule at 100: Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity Holds Centennial Celebration” stated, “What makes the Boule’s success all the more interesting is that it was founded as a secret or quasi-secret organization and did not seek public notice until the 1960s and 1970s”
Obama’s loyalty will not be to a race or ethnic group; it will be those hidden forces, the power ELITE, the individuals that truly shape the political and economic landscape of the world. For, example, the International Bankers, Israeli Lobby, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bildabergers, etc. The majority of the masses of the people are ignorant to this fact and we have been deceived into believing that our voting is the determining factor of who will take the seat as the next president of the United States and the world. Electoral politics does not factor into that decision.
Lastly, Oprah or the United States electorate will not determine Barack Obama’s political fate and whether or not, he becomes the first African American president is considered a distance second in the scheme of those who will be making this decision. The next American President, as were all other presidents is handpicked by the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bildabergers, etc. May-be this writer should phone-up Henry Kissinger and ask him on which candidate has the ROUNDTABLERS decide upon. Rudy” Giuliani seems to be a front runner after that over a TRILLION DOLLAR hit that was hidden under the World Trade Center and he masterful cleaned up of the CRIME SCENE in record time after the 9-11 hoax. This writer thinks Giuliani is their man.
Fahim A. Knight Chief Researcher for KEEPING IT REAL THINK TANK located in Durham, NC; our mission is to inform African Americans and all people of good will of the pending dangers that lie ahead; as well as decode the symbolisms and reinterpret the hidden meanings behind those who operate as invisible forces, but covertly rules the world. We are of the belief that an enlighten world will be better prepared to throw off the shackles of ignorance and not be willing participants for the slaughter. Our MOTTO is speaking truth to power. Fahim A. Knight can be contacted at
coded by Joe

Jews foster New Black Panther protests to precipitate Obama's

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In 1970, a mixed group of Communist Party USA members, CPUSA sympathizers, assorted socialists and a few left-liberals formed the Committee to Defend the Panther 21, a group of Black Panther Party members in New York City who, according to the fundraising letter of January 25, 1970, have been charged “with a conspiracy to murder New York City policemen and to dynamite a variety of sites ranging from Abercrombie & Fitch to the Bronx Botanical Gardens.” The letter reads as follows,
“The Committee to Defend the Panther 21 has been formed to raise funds for the defense effort, to focus local and national attention on the case, and to inform people about the full scope of what is happening to the Black Panther Party. Bail money for the 21 totals over one million dollars. Twelve thousand dollars is needed immediately for a defense investigation. Transcripts will cost $3000 a day for a trial that may last as long as four months. The total defense costs are now projected at well over $100,000, even though the lawyers are volunteering their services —- Yours for the Committee, Murray Kempton”
The following is a partial list of sponsors of the Committee to Defend the Panther 21, in alphabetical order—plenty of conniving Jews in this lot alright …
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Ralph Abernathy – SCLC
Frank Baraff
Anne M. Bennett – wife of leftist clergyman John C. Bennett, both well documents supporters of communists and far left fronts and causes. Visited North Vietnam in 1970
Mrs.Leonard Bernstein – wife of conductor/composer and identified member of the CPUSA, Leonard Bernstein. Both were fundraisers for communist and black extremist causes, esp. for the BPP
Julian Bond – black extremist, former Georgia State senator who supported many CPUSA and other communist fronts and causes
Noam Chomsky – then a rising star on the marxist Left, Professor at MIT in linguistics, and later a “voice” of the Hanoi Lobby and similar anti-American groups since 1970.
Leon J. Davis – leader of the radical Local 1199 Hospital Workers Union, and identified member of the CPUSA (see New Mobe Staff Study, HISC, 1970 for details.
Ossie Davis – one of the CPUSA’s top black supporters since the 1950′s when he openly wrote of his support for Soviet communism in New World Review, Fall, 1967, “50 Years USSR”
Ruby Dee – wife of Ossie Davis whose record of support for the CPUSA and its fronts is basically as long as that of her husband, Ossie Davis
David Dellinger – self admitted “small c” communist; leader of the Hanoi Lobby and multiple visits to Hanoi during the war
F. W. Dupee
Richard Feigen – leftist activist
Sandra Feigen
Robert Ginsberg
Joan Goldman
Dr. Carolyn Goodman
Prue Greenblatt
Ewart Guinier – CPUSA member since the 1940′s in Hawaii. Later head of the Black Studies Program at Harvard
Nat Hentoff – liberal “first amendment” writer who kept supporting both CPUSA and SWP fronts and causes
Clarence B. Jones
Dr. Milton Jucovy
Murray Kempton – seemingly a liberal columnist but his record of support for various communist fronts and causes brings his liberalism into question
Dr. Harold Kooden
Andrew Kopkind- a left-liberal from New Republic magazine and other leftist groups
Jerome Kretchmer
Burton Lane
David Livingston – id. CPUSA labor leader who was ousted from District 65, Distributive Workers of America union during a CPUSA purge of some of its Jewish members (See “Theory and Practice of Communism, Communism in the Labor Unions, HISC, 1974 FIND FULL CITATION).
Mrs. Sidney Lumet – wife of the leftist movie producer Sidney Lumet
Lincoln Lynch – far-left supporter of communist fronts and causes. A leader of CORE Congress of Racial Equality[3]
Stewart – a leader of the Hanoi Lobby as a member of the far-left American Friends Service Committee AFSC, and Hanoi visitor. Also a leader in the Anti-Defense Lobby. Admitted his preference for a communist government in South Vietnam[4]
Sidney Morgenbesser – IPS
Jerry Nadler – later a member of the New York City Council and then the U.S. Congress as a Representative from New York (D-NY)
Jack Newfield – another left-liberal writer who sponsored some communist fronts and causes
Rev. Walter P. H. Parker
Cleveland Robinson – veteran CPUSA supporter in labor and later in the DSA (see his Bluelink page)
Alex J. Rosenberg
William A. Rutherford
Hal Scharlett
Nathan H. Schwerner- father of slain civil rights worker Michael Schwerner. He has some sponsorships of CPUSA fronts and causes to his name
John J. Simon
Lyle Stuart – far-left publisher, supporter of the made-in-Cuba Fair Play for Cuba Committee FPFCC. He testified in SISS hearings about the FPFCC.
Harold Taylor
Doris Turner – leftist labor leader in New York City, Local 1199
Cora Weiss – head of the Hanoi Lobby; IPS financial supporter; Women Strike for Peace WSP leader, and daughter of Soviet agent of influence and CPUSA member Samuel Rubin. Hanoi visitor.
Peter Weiss – German-born husband of Cora Weiss. Affiliated with a radical law firm that included at least one identified CPUSA member among its top five attorneys Kunstler, Kinoy, Hirschkopf, Stavis and Weiss. IPS Board member and supporter of cited CPUSA legal fronts including NECLC and the National Lawyers Guild NLG creation, the Center for Constitutional Rights CCR
Livingston Wingate

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Also check out this article exposing the New Black Panther Party’s endorsement of Obama as president.

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Obama caught on camera in support of the Black Panthers

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And this article
And this article
Bisexual Jewish orchestral conductor Leonard Bernstein raised money for the Black Panthers …
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On January 16, 1970, the late homosexual composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein held a fundraising cocktail party for the Black Panthers at his penthouse apartment. Also attending the party was film director Otto Preminger; Mrs. Peter Duchin, wife of the orchestra leader; and Mrs. Sidney Lumet, wife of the film director. Present at Leonard Bernstein’s infamous fundraising cocktail party for the Black Panthers was Mrs.
The Panthers had an official newspaper in which they wrote: “A kosher pig is a Zionist pig. A Zionist pig is a racist pig. The only good pig is a dead pig.”
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How lovely it was to read this article in the Panther newspaper, which was written only seven months after Bernstein, Preminger et al. gave this group tens of thousands of dollars. The Panthers were obviously very grateful to the “kosher Zionist racist pigs” who were funding their movement.
As far as violence is concerned, not only did the Panthers murder police officers, twenty of their own members were killed in feuds with their fellow Panthers.
Posted Image
Here are some of the “non-violent and law-abiding” activities that were funded by the respectable “kosher pigs” in Bernstein’s apartment …
In 1969 alone, 348 Panther members were arrested for murder, armed robbery, rape, bank robbery, and burglary.
Panther leader Huey Newton was indicted for murdering a police officer; Eldridge Cleaver was indicted for a gun battle between the Panthers and the Oakland, California police; Bobby Seale was charged with the murder of another Panther member accused of cooperating with the police; and David Hilliard was charged with threatening to assassinate the President of the United States when he told a huge rally in San Francisco on November 15, 1969: “We will kill Richard Nixon.”
The Panthers frequently traveled to Arab Muslim Nazi nations and met with the PLO terrorist mass murderers. The Panthers openly supported the Arab Muslim Nazi call for the annihilation of Israel. This horrendously evil black group was treated with the utmost respect by the leftist news media and Jewish establishment organizations, the same ones who denounced the JDL as “terrorists” for merely damaging Soviet Nazi property in order to protest the torture and oppression that was being directed against 1.5 million Russian Jews.
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All of this is just further proof of the foul hypocrisy, cowardice, deceit, duplicity, treachery and immorality that characterizes the Jewish establishment groups, the news media, Hollywood, and the self-hating Jewish elitists.
Disturbed American actress Jean Seberg joined her mentor Otto Preminger in supporting both the Black Panthers and the National Association for the Annihilation of Caucasian People (NAACP) – After the miscarriage of her child, rumored to have been fathered by a Black Panther, she allowed the press to see the fetus, as proof that she had not cheated on her second husband, a French writer. Later, she wed an Algerian Muslim who beat her ferociously and absconded with millions of her dollars. She died of sleeping pills in a Parisian neighborhood, leaving a suicide note.

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Jews foster rally for black hoodlum Trayvon Martin in Washington D.C. …