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UNO UPDATE: Does Meteor Spashdown cause 9.0 Earthqauke and Tsunami?

5 years ago

Meteor showers to devastate planet Earth

Residents of Jakarta and two other neighboring Indonesian towns were frightened with a series of loud explosions on December 18th overnight.

Geminid meteor showers alarm area residents

KTRE-TV East Texas – Dec 16 6:51 AM
WASHINGTON It’s a global celestial event and scientists say the annual Geminid Meteor Shower is the best astronomy show of the year. Scientists say the show features meteors shooting across the sky in all directions and it’s visible all over the world.

Geminid Meteor Shower Could Be Spectacular
WASHINGTON — It’s a global celestial event, and scientists say the annual Geminid Meteor Shower is the best astronomy show of the year.

NASA’s Web site explains that the shower is created as Earth moves through a cloud of dust trailing the asteroid known as 3200 Phaethon. A cloud of dust is trailing the asteroid and Earth plows through it every year in mid-December, according to Bits of dust traveling 80,000 mph hit our atmosphere and turn into glowing meteors.

Scientists say the show features meteors shooting across the sky in all directions, and it’s visible all over the world.

The meteor shower is expected to peak on Monday night, and the best time to look is around midnight.

“All I knwo is that I knwo nothing.”

Both our senses and our reason are unreliable to some degree, so we can never lay claim to absolute truth, or real knwoledge.

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5 years ago

that pravda article is something else. normally when I read something like “Someone in deep black space deliberately bombards the Earth with meteorites,“ given without any source or evidence usually I’m a little skeptical, but hey, it’s Pravda, so it has to be true!

5 years ago

hmm well all i know is that it appears all around this tsunami not a single person was given a warning.

were there no tremors? did the east coast of africa 2800 miles away not have time to react?

what the hell is going on here?

i read the times (uk) today (btw its my old mans and has no implication on MY politics) and it had a picture of the resultant wave, which were concentric rings covering Indonesia, India and across the indian ocean towards africa.

now i have a very limited knowledge of Tsunami’s and earthquakes but i assumed that the ground under the ocean shifted and caused the sea to displace and would have given the resultant wave a definate direction. the quake itself wouldnt have caused a tsunami but the earth plates underwater moving outta level with each other.. is that right?
if so how can the resulting wave travel in all directions, 360 degrees?

ermm need an explanation otherwise this was a comet, asteriod or summit that crashed into the sea causing one major-fuckin-ripple.


more-so the times report that there was NO WARNING, that the day was clear and pleasant.. now again i aint a scientist but even i realise that a scale 9 quake would be felt before the tsunami hit land… so what gives?

the guardian, which is run by a different media group to the Times shows this diagram… now its fuckin madness surely… how can a tsunami be created that travels, north, south east and west.. look at the dark blue lines which indicate the worst affected areas.

link to better clearer picture embedded

5 years ago

Earthquakes were felt actually and the tsunamis were also noticed by observers in the West about an hour or two before the tsunamis hit. The problem was a lack of a proper warning network and an inability of the people in the West to find someone to contact (besides which this happened in areas not set up for emergency services of the kind we have in NA). Also, as noted by neverknwo, locals in some areas reported seeing odd explosions or flashes in the air but they didn’t seem to impact anywhere on solid ground. Considering that this is an area of active volcanoes, it’s not surprising that an impact could trigger an earthquake trigger the tsunamis. Also, it’s taking longer to piece together information because obviously a lot of the effected areas will be having trouble getting info out (just as aid workers are having problems getting supplies in).

5 years ago

Sarcasm blames SOLLOG.

5 years ago

Zark, you may be onto something!

I suggest you immediately begin telling everyone you know about how the US deliberately triggered these tsunamis. Don’t let your self-confessed lack of knowledge about tsunamis or geology stop you, just as you didn’t let the same lack of knowledge of physics dissuade you from offering forth your conspiratorial views on the Pentagon and WTC.

Don’t let the man keep you down!

5 years ago

Sollog writes for pravda? :)

It looks to my admittedly untrained eye like the quake occured along the fault line between the Eurasian and Indian-Australian tectonic plates. That would seem to make a terrestrial explanation quite plausable.

5 years ago

NPR says that this was a plate shift, with one pushing the other down 15 meters or so….

5 years ago

Impact Harbingers?

Over the last few months, the world has seen a series of seeming coincidences. They may have been just that, coincidental. However, they are odd, no matter which way you look at them. The things we are talking about cross a very broad range of events, making it less obvious to connect them as dots.

International financial markets have seen strange movements, as have the political and military arenas. In addition, there has been a sudden, strong increase in meteor sightings around the globe. Perhaps we should take a closer look for a possible connection between these events.

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5 years ago

Strange Object Seen in Sky Across Fort Wayne makes it in the Russia News

Fort Wayne News Link:

UFOs attack Russian planes, US airport

Unidentified flying objects were spotted above the airbase on the outskirts of the town of Lipetsk. Colonel Vladimir Litvin was making a usual training flight, the newspaper (Zhisn) wrote. “There was no interference at all. Everything was working just fine. The plane of my conditional enemy was flying underneath mine. I was preparing to attack it, when I suddenly saw six objects on the target screen. The green and blue balls were different in size. The biggest one was in front of the smaller ones.” The colonel saw the green ray of light coming out of the biggest object. The light was too bright, but the pilot managed to protect his eyes with the color filter of the helmet. He bent down to hide from the blinding light and took the plane to a different direction. When he looked at the target screen, he could not see any objects on it. The objective control device of the aircraft photographed the balls. Specialists found the pictures genuine, although they failed to identify the objects.

Meanwhile, an identified flying object probably crashed in the States several days ago. Brandon McBroom from Fort Wayne, Indiana, was driving his car to the airport to see his relatives. He looked at the clouds and saw a strange object flying across the sky. The object was shining with very bright light. McBroom has never believed UFO stories, so he was not flabbergasted with the sight of the bright object in the sky. He grabbed the video camera and taped the UFO until it disappeared behind the hills around Fort Wayne.

The American man sold the tape to a local TV channel, whose specialists analyzed the video material. It turned out that it was neither a plane nor a meteorological balloon. In addition, the object was flying very fast, faster than jetliners. Military men rejected their implication in the incident: they said that they would never test a new aircraft near the airport.

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5 years ago

shogo… i was asking for an explanation.
obviously the newspapers are giving the ‘baby version’ as usually but i still dont understand how the tsunami travelled north, south east and west.

thats silly…

maybe the reports are just incinuating devastation everywhere from the tsunami but the quake damaged east and south while the tsunami went west and north …

come on people help me out here.

5 years ago

Zark, tsunami’s form from earthquakes and basically move out radially. I guess i don’t see what part of it is hard for you to picture. Fill a bathtub and then drop a golf ball in the middle, the ripples go out in all directions.

5 years ago

Tlaloc — That’s why he thinks it’s a meteorite.

zark — there is nothing strange with that pattern from an earthquake. that’s the way energy moves. sometimes the media tells the truth.

5 years ago

geez tlaloc is on to something here, but instead of a golfball into bathtub, maybe try a bowl of water and strike the bottom with a spoon.

you should see radial waves created

there are always radial damage circles on land for earthquakes too.

sucks though nonetheless, first Bam inland and now a litttle farther east… damn thats bad =P

5 years ago

Exactly Tyre. Its the same whether the initial impetus is from the top down or from the bottom up, its just harder to make a “bottom up” metaphor.

heh. I said “bottom.”

5 years ago

I never heard off an earthqauke theory using a golf ball as a prop to provoke a circle ripple effect, it sounds like what made those ripples was a giant gulf ball by the way you described instead of an earthquake.

Wouldn’t dropping a meteor in water cause the same effect?

Drop a gulf ball in water and it make ripples then when it hits bottom it makes ripples again.

5 years ago

Could A Meteor Have Caused A 9.2 Mega-Quake?

As more scientific information begins to become available relating to the events surrounding the 9.0 earthquake off of the Northern Coast of Sumatra on December 26th, it is being reported that the depth was 10km. More importantly perhaps are the growing signs surrounding this event that rather than being caused by internal earth dynamics, as is being widely reported, it was instead caused by an extraterrestrial event, a meteorite strike into the ocean having come from the Southern Hemispheric skies. More Details.

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5 years ago

“ I never heard off an earthqauke theory using a golf ball as a prop to provoke a circle ripple effect, it sounds like what made those ripples was a giant gulf ball by the way you described instead of an earthquake.
Wouldn’t dropping a meteor in water cause the same effect?”

Yes it would. Well there’d be other effects too like a large amount of water vaporizing. I’m not saying it makes a meteor impossible I’m just explaining why any localized disturbance in water sends out circulal ripples. The fact that the epicenter was right on/near a fault line makes it more probable that it was an earthquake. We know earthquakes are common along tectonic boundaries but there’s no reason a meteor should hit at a boundary rather than in the middle of the pacific per se.

5 years ago

Meteor hits house in Iran
Thu, 30 Dec 2004

A meteorite weighing at least 16kg has hit a house in the southeast of Iran, the state news agency IRNA reported on Thursday.

According to local police official Mohammad Arab, the sparkling crystalline rock hit a home in Saravan in Sistan-Baluchestan province. No injuries or serious damage were reported.

The report said most of the meteor had already been broken up and taken away by local people before police arrived at the scene.


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5 years ago

see this is my problem with the whole thing;

the media reports as if the earthquake was a ripple effect, wrong wrong wrong

the plates of the earth push against each other and summit gives. therefore one plate drops and causes a drop in ocean level and hence a tidal wave the size of the drop.

a circular plate is not unheard of but highly improbable, a plate movement will result in a tidal wave with specific direction west and north but it wont be a ripple .. that is just silly.

if it was north and west then the water level south and east may be affected a little but wont produce a wave as the water level before the drop isnt affected except as a fill and therefore water will retreat from nearby coasts.

so what gives with the media reports of circular energy waves?

5 years ago

Earthquakes are petty common in this region (there was a biggish one last new years). Though there were some reports of something bright or an explosion around December 18th (if I remember clearly) it’s unclear if they’re interrelated with the tsunami. No signs of comets were picked up by the usual means however. It’s also a bit too close to shore for nuclear testing (a lot of which goes on in the region). It would need to be an extremely large meteor to create a tidal wave and an earthquake is actually a much more powerful force in terms of creating a tidal wave since the wave starts on a much deeper level (which is what gives it so much power and momentum). (You can test this out in the bathtub by seeing the difference between creating a wave on the surface and one at the bottom of the tub and seeing the difference in force and momentum.)

Apart from Bush being able to use it to justify star wars if it’s a meteor, does it really make a huge difference whether it started out as an earthquake or a meteor? We know that large earthquakes are quite common in the region, and we know that meteors hit earth all the time, best just to accept that nature can crush us like a bug under her heel pretty damn easily despite our best attempts to make her submit.

5 years ago

zark, here’s your actual problem:

“now i have a very limited knowledge of Tsunami’s and earthquakes”

that is all too apparent.

and yet, you continue to argue despite your avowed ignorance on the subject.


5 years ago

“a circular plate is not unheard of but highly improbable, a plate movement will result in a tidal wave with specific direction west and north but it wont be a ripple .. that is just silly.”

You are mistaken. Any localized disturbance in the water will send out ripples in all directions. Try it in a bathtub. The plate buckles up or down causing a localized rise or drop in water level. That change then radiates outward.

5 years ago

just as you didn’t let the same lack of knowledge of physics dissuade you from offering forth your conspiratorial views on the Pentagon and WTC.

You mean like the way the 2nd rule of thermodynamics magicaly failed to be true at the WTC on 9/11? You know the planes crashing into the buildings and their fuel burning away in explosions, then the same fuel that burned away in those explosions somehow unburning itself so it could fuel the fires that were able to melt structural steel dispite the steel having a higher melting point then the magic fuel could’ve created provied it hadn’t burned off when it burned away during the impact explosions.

EDIT: The 2nd law of thermodynamics pertains to energy and it’s expenditure.

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5 years ago

2nd law of thermodynamics pertains to entropy.

How is that relevant to your blathering nonsense about jet fuel?

5 years ago

Oh, and by the way, nobody said the steel melted, the steel was weakend.

Kind of like your mind.

5 years ago

Oh good now we’ve segued from one misunderstanding to another.

By golly its been a while since a good knock em out drag em out thread on the WTC collapses. Who wants to start in on the seismograph? We’ve already had the “steel melting” fallacy pop up once. Maybe someone’d like to goback to the devil face in the clouds. Man that takes me back.

5 years ago

Space Weather News for Dec. 31, 2004

QUADRANTID METEORS: On Monday morning, January 3, 2005, Earth will glide
through a cloud of dusty debris trailing asteroid 2003 EH1, causing a
brief meteor shower over central and western parts of North America. The
best time to look is during the hours around 4 o’clock in the morning PST
(6 a.m. CST or 12:00 GMT). Observers with dark skies might see a meteor
every one or two minutes. Astronomers call this annual shower “the
Quadrantids” because it radiates from the extinct constellation Quadrans

SOLAR ACTIVITY: A new sunspot emerged this week and, with it, solar
activity has increased. The active region, named NOAA 715, is crackling
with M-class solar flares. So far the explosions have not hurled any CMEs
directly toward Earth, but this could change in the days ahead as the
‘spot rotates to face our planet.

GREEN COMET: Now that the full moon is fading, sky watchers are seeing
Comet Machholz again. It looks like a faint and fuzzy green star in the
constellation Taurus. You can see it with the unaided eye—or use a
telescope to view the comet’s two tails.

Visit for sky maps and more information.

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5 years ago

Spacecraft setting off to shoot comet with 370kg bullet

American scientists are planning the ultimate drive-by shooting, 268m miles from home.
They will launch a spacecraft next month on a six-month crash course in cometary science. On July 4 the spacecraft, Deep Impact, will blast a copper bullet about a metre in diameter into the path of 4-mile-wide block of ice and dust called Comet 9P/Tempel 1.

With luck, and if the calculations are right, the comet will hit the 370kg (820lb) projectile at 23,000mph. The projectile will be vapourised, but it should also blow a hole in the comet big enough to house the RomanColosseum. The mothership will witness the whole thing, and send pictures back to scientists in Pasadena.

It will be the closest ever study of a phenomenon that medieval observers thought to herald disaster. In one sense, they were right: a direct collision between a comet the size of Tempel 1 and the Earth could effectively wipe out human civilisation.

Such impacts have happened many times in geological history, and could do so again. Researchers have begun to think of ways to prevent them, but nobody has any idea of the mass, or density, of a comet – whether they are like frozen concrete, or have the texture of frosted candyfloss.

Deep Impact is a carefully planned act of celestial vandalism designed to deliver an answer.

“We will be capturing the whole thing on the most powerful camera to fly in deep space,” said Michael A’Hearn of the University of Maryland, the scientific leader of the project. “We know so little about the structure of cometary nuclei that we need exceptional equipment to ensure that we capture the event.”

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5 years ago

Our Rock Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name

January 1, 2005

A new year has begun with new warnings of destruction and cataclysm resounding throughout our earth and solar system, as the older peoples of earth are warning us today.

“Comet Machholz is approaching Earth and gliding through the constellation Taurus. It’s easy to find. Go outside and look south between 9 and 10 PM. To the unaided eye, it looks like a faint and fuzzy green star. Through a small telescope, you can see the comet’s two tails.”, says the American website SpaceWeather.Com

“A comet discovered earlier this year has now moved close enough to be visible without binoculars or telescopes by experienced observers under dark skies. It is expected to put on a modest show this month and into January.”, says another American website Space.Com about this Comet Machholz also.

But to the older peoples this new green comet is not new, and not unexpected, and this New Years day event of the sun exploding a most powerful mass eruption confirms to them the legends of this comet and the dire warnings it brings to the peoples of Earth.

In a book titled “Our Rock Who Art In Heaven, Hallowed Be Thy Name”, written by Jacqueline Brook, it is written: “The comet [or literally, “swordfish”] associated with Hermes shines bright green with an oval shape…”

We know that Hermes was the herald (messenger of the gods), and it was his duty to guide the souls of the dead down to the underworld. We read further that, “Hermes, the herald of the Olympian gods, is son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and one of the Pleiades. Hermes is the god of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics and thieves, and known for his cunning and shrewdness. Most importantly, he is the messenger of the gods. Besides that he was also a minor patron of poetry. He was worshiped throughout Greece — especially in Arcadia — and festivals in his honor were called Hermoea.”

As Hermes is also associated with the Pleiades it must be noted, and as shown in this star map, this Comet is presently in the Pleiades in a seemingly coincidence with the ancient legends about this Green Comet.

Western scientists do not acknowledge the wisdom of the older peoples of the world but it is most interesting that these scientists, and those who follow their new ways of thinking, were not able to save the hundreds of thousands who have perished in this past week’s cataclysmic events in Asia. But a tribe of the older peoples from this area named the Morgan Sea Gypsies were able to save themselves from mass death with no device or thinking about Western science.

In a Western news report about this event titled, “Elders’ Sea Knowledge Spares Some Thais” it is said, “Knowledge of the ocean and its currents passed down from generation to generation of a group of Thai fishermen known as the Morgan sea gypsies saved an entire village from the Asian tsunami, a newspaper said Saturday. By the time killer waves crashed over southern Thailand last Sunday the entire 181 population of their fishing village had fled to a temple in the mountains of South Surin Island, English language Thai daily The Nation reported.”

Many peoples of the world now stand wondering about the wisdom of Western scientists and their teachings to their peoples that all is normal and fine with the world, that only the foolish have cause for fear and only the lazy of mind look to the myths and legends of the world’s older peoples for guidance and direction.

The older peoples of the world stand across from the Western scientists and warn of cataclysmic events to come and the signs in the heavens and on the earth continually warning those who will listen.

Between the Western scientists and the worlds older peoples are the events of this past year alone, where one year ago today tens of thousands of human beings lay dead in the Iranian city of Bam from a massive earthquake striking this most ancient of cities, to today itself where hundreds of thousands of human beings lay dead across thousands of miles of Asian coastlines.

In between these tragic beginnings and endings to this past year we now know that, “The deadly seaquakes in South Asia this Christmas brought to an end the costliest year ever for the insurance industry, during which around 650 natural disasters battered different parts of the world,” as reported in this article, “From World’s Largest Reinsurer on Global Weather Extremes, “Time is running out”

And as if add a punctuation mark to this most disastrous of years in our worlds modern history, we read, “Snow has fallen over the United Arab Emirates for the first time ever, leaving a white blanket over the mountains of Ras al-Khaimah as the desert country experienced a cold spell and above-average rainfall.”, and as reported in the article titled, “UAE sees first ever snow”,

Who to believe, and follow the advice of, are the questions being asked by a most troubled world this New Years Day. For my advice to all the worlds’ peoples it would be to follow human logic. And human logic would acknowledge that in this latest cataclysm human lives were saved by the older people’s knowledge, and as I had previously reported to you, all the lives of the animals were saved also.

In one published article titled Tsunami Adds to Belief in Animals’ ‘Sixth Sense’ a Mr. H.D. Ratnayake, who is the deputy director of Sri Lanka’s Wildlife Department, says, ““No elephants are dead, not even a dead hare or rabbit. I think animals can sense disaster. They have a sixth sense. They know when things are happening.”

Therefore, if the saving of your life and those of your children and families is the most important fact for you, I would humbly suggest that the warnings being given by the passing of this harbinger of doom Green Comet be heeded as the older peoples suggest you do. Western scientists and media reporting will ridicule you of course, but like the animals and the older peoples of the earth you will begin to hear again the songs of the earth and the universe and find within yourselves the true answers you had always been seeking from outside.

© January 1, 2005, EU and US all rights reserved

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5 years ago

December 22, 2004

Unknown Energy Surges Continue to Hit Planet, Global Weather Systems in Chaos

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to the Russian Academy of Sciences

An increasingly panicked global effort is now underway by the worlds top scientists to understand an unprecedented series of ‘blasts’, energy surges, which the planet has been taking from as an yet unknown source which has been bombarding Antarctica with cosmic rays and disrupting Northern Hemisphere weather systems on a global scale.

The first of these cosmic ray blasts occurred nearly 5 years ago and have been increasing in their frequency and intensity since the end of November. The once normally darkened skies of the Northern Hemispheres Arctic regions are now in twilight due to these blasts. Wayne Davidson, from the Canadian Government’s weather station at Resolute Bay, located in the Arctic Circle, says about this mysterious lighting, “The entire horizon is raised like magic, like the hand of God is bringing it up.”

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5 years ago

Ok, Zark. Info time.

1. By “plates” we’re referring to the entire Indian and Pacific plates. These are not small. The entire Pacific ocean lies over one single plate. They’re moving horizontally in relation to each other- rubbing edges or colliding head-on. Below the plates is semi-liquid hot rock which is convecting- which means circulating. They do not move up or down. As they grind together, they’re usually motionless, but there’s literally billions of tons of pressure behind them, because the plates are pushed around by the churning magma under them. When an earthquake occurs, a small portion of the “crack” (fault) between the two plates gives way, and all that pressure is released as the plate lurches to a stop. In this earthquake, the plate actually moved almost a hundred feet- the entire island of Sumatra was moved.

2. The forces released by an earthquake are sharp jolts of motion radiating from the spot that gave way. Each wave of kinetic (motion) energy travels out from that point in an essentially spherical pattern. On the flat surface of the earth, that means that the energy travels IN A CIRCULAR PATTERN.

3. If you’ve never been in an earthquake, it’s an interesting experience. I was in one just a few months ago in Mexico- just a little titchy one. The ground felt like it was heaving up, but also lurching slightly to the west. It felt like…a wave. If that energy is capable of causing solid, rocky ground to roll like water under my feet, imagine the results of an earthquake several orders of magnitude- several THOUSAND times more energetic- on a shallow ocean. Big fucking wave. And there you go.

4. A meteorite would not just make a tsunami. It would have also had noticeable effects like the formation of a huge crater, an explosion that would make Hiroshima look like a frat boy’s lit fart, the delivery of tons of dust into the atmosphere, and the like. It would not trigger an earthquake, or be mistakable for one, even though it could be detected with seismographs. Thousands of people would have seen the passage of a massive object thru the atmosphere- big fireball with shit falling off it and trailing gas and glowing dust. It would probably also be accompanied by a tsunami, but unless it was roughly the size of a small city it would not make a tsunami the size of the Asian one. (and, if it were city size, we would be dead).

I suggest, no offense intended, that you go bone up on your geology before you start making statements like “a circular plate is not unheard of but highly improbable, a plate movement will result in a tidal wave with specific direction west and north but it wont be a ripple .. that is just silly.” You obviously don’t know what’s probable, improbable, or what happens with earthquakes and plate tectonics. And instead of asking- and I know that many would have been more than happy to give you information- you start making your own theories based on incomplete and false information.

5 years ago

Neverknwo- The cosmic ray article you posted is pure bullshit. As are most of the other ones you’re tossing on here. Kindly do a fact check before you believe everything you read.

5 years ago


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5 years ago

Snark- Where are facts to support your Opinion>?

Kindly show some other fact besides your Bullshit!

5 years ago

Got a link?

5 years ago

Weather from Outer Space

Cosmic rays—high-speed bits of atoms thought to be created by the blasts of exploding stars—bombard Earth’s atmosphere constantly. Not many people besides physicists pay much attention to them, but that may soon change. A Danish physicist has found evidence that cosmic rays greatly influence Earth’s climate, and may even trigger ice ages.

Henrik Svensmark of the Danish Space Research Institute was led to this idea while studying eras of climate change, including the little ice age, one of the most jarring shifts on record. From about 1300 to 1850, global temperatures plunged. Svensmark found that the most plausible explanation—changes in the sun’s temperature—didn’t hold up: they were too small.

Svensmark speculated that as cosmic rays streak through the atmosphere, they collide with atoms, creating reactions that help trigger cloud formation. Increased cloud cover would lower global temperatures by reflecting sunlight away from Earth’s surface.

Fortunately for Svensmark, Earth preserves a record of this barrage. When cosmic rays hit carbon atoms in the atmosphere, they create radioactive carbon 14. The amount of carbon 14 in Earth’s sediment layers thus reflects cosmic-ray bombardments throughout the centuries. During the little ice age, Svensmark says carbon 14 levels “went up by almost a factor of two.”

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5 years ago

A Wrinkle in Space-Time

Extremely potent cosmic rays—high-speed atomic fragments that pack as much energy as a bullet—reach Earth from quasars billions of light-years away. That perplexes cosmologists, whose calculations suggest the rays should collide with the bits of microwave radiation that fill the universe and be destroyed long before they arrive. Some researchers consider the conundrum so strange that it can be solved only by trashing Einstein’s theory of relativity. But Richard Lieu, an astrophysicist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, says the theory is fine, once you understand how to combine it with quantum theory.

Post Modified: 02/02/05 14:21:07

5 years ago

Pierre Sokolsky quoted in Discover© (Vol. 24, No. 9 September 2003) article,

“They Came From Outer Space: Does The Very Existence Of Cosmic Rays Defy The Laws Of Physics?”

5 years ago

Cosmic rays include

Galactic Cosmic Rays — coming from outside the solar system

Anomalous Cosmic Rays — coming from the interstellar space at the edge of the heliopause

Solar Energetic Particles — associated with solar flares and other energetic solar events

The term “cosmic rays” used to include X-rays and gamma rays, which are well covered in Imagine the Universe!

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5 years ago

neverknwo, you’re confused. Yes sunspots and geomagnetic storms exist. They’re not the same things as meteors. Meteors are chunks of matter, sunspots are explosions of gas. Your whole thing about the what’s happening in the arctic is off. Yes there’s a “dawn” and light when historically it’s generally dark at certain points of the winter but scientists attribute it to global warming (in fact I’m pretty sure your article is taking a quote I read elsewhere out of context and manipulating/misrepresenting the meaning of what was said). It’s reflected light actually and has to do with changes in the earth’s atmosphere. Right now you’re proving how a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing if you haven’t learned the tools of critical thinking. If you want to use science to “prove” your point then you need to understand the basics of critical thinking and the difference between theory and establishing something as the most probable cause.

arctic dawn

Though you’d be hard pressed to one up Zark’s circular plates theory. Then again, you seem to be more of a cut-paster than an actual thinker so I have to give zark points for creativity.

5 years ago

‘Got a link?”

Because as we all know, if it’s posted on the internet it must be true!

Always nice to see high standards at work among the foil-hatted.

You know, you COULD do some of your own research and educate yourself.

5 years ago

Ah but I may be oce again not talkin out my point and being pulled off topic,’

I was questioning the possablity of an Outer space connection to the EQ and Tsunami occuring on 12/25 maybe your the one who does’t have a clue to what I’m thinking, while I’m posting a vast amount facts or bullshit!

If you are accussing me of being a Cut-n-paster then how do you attribute me in making qoutes from other linked sources?

5 years ago

Here is an article today that is explaining how NASA wants to Blow up a Comet.

There was an article published last year where they wanted to create an explosion near an object in outerspace like an astroid, etc…., which would result in the shock waves sent towards it and directing towards the sun.

So if the are expiermenting with this kind of project, is it posibble that TPTB could make a mistake and cause it to slice towards earth?

5 years ago

NASA Excited for Comet-Busting Spacecraft?

Red Nova – 2 hours, 7 minutes ago?

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — The big, grown-up boys on the NASA team can hardly wait. Next Fourth of July, they get to bust up a comet, Hollywood-style. “Blow things up? I’m there. Yeah, I don’t have any issue with that,” says Richard Grammier, manager of the project for Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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5 years ago

Would a spacecraft in outerspace exploding cause any cosmic rays?

5 years ago

Could Cosmic Rays send outerspace matter towards earth’s atmosphere?

5 years ago

Can Solar Flares Cause Earthqaukes?

5 years ago

Can a Full Moon Trigger Earthqaukes?

5 years ago

I have provided some facts that the Sky is Falling and yet it isn’t what the Spoon feed Media has programed in you so you don’t wanna put together more facts in
what is called an “Act of God” or the Earths Plates slid ,

Why do the Earth’s Plate’s Shift?

5 years ago

You can call Cut-n-Paste or Sluething what ever the case maybe but
you’ll never ever neverknwo,
about the NWO>.

“All I knwo is that I knwo nothing.”
Both our senses and our reason are unreliable to some degree, so we can never lay claim to absolute truth, or real knwoledge.

5 years ago

Is Meteor singular or plural?

5 years ago

I’m not laying claim to absolute truth or knowledge, just using a bit of the accummulated knowledge about how the planet works amassed by years of work by many many people who are dedicated to this kind of thing. Earth’s plates shift because there’s molten lava underneath the crust of the earth. It’s been doing it since earth began and long before humans were trying to shoot things in space and even before humans.

Anyway, enjoy your conspiracy theory since you’re obviously not interested in the actual science of what happened. Quite honestly I don’t know why people are so freaked out that dangerous things happen in the universe. It’s not like it revolves around us…shit even us humans gave up believing that a couple of centuries ago. Fucking hubris man lol

5 years ago

Fifi_Lamour, wrote, “Right now you’re proving how a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing if you haven’t learned the tools of critical thinking. “

How critical do you want thinking to be?

01/01/05 20:27:29 wrote,

“4. A meteorite would not just make a tsunami. It would have also had noticeable effects like the formation of a huge crater, “

Where would the crater be if you were answering the Topic’s Question?

5 years ago

Ok Fifi,


“ just using a bit of the accummulated knowledge about how the planet works amassed by years of work by many many people who are dedicated to this kind of thing.”

Yep, and so many people are all ready to speaking for it, too, as if they knwo why there is Lava!

5 years ago

Why does the earth contain, Lava?

5 years ago

I would expect that with all that accumulated knwoledge ammassed by years of work who are dedicated about that sort of thing, that someone could answer at least one off my questions.

5 years ago

neverknwo, it may actually help discussion if you learned to structure a sentence so that it actually makes sense. Are you not actually english speaking? Is that why you’re having issues understanding and expressing yourself?

5 years ago


Are upset someone will bash you because your mamma taught you to use purfect english
and knwo one else does?

5 years ago


Are you upset someone will bash you because your mamma taught you to use purfect english
and knwo one else does?

5 years ago

A secret project in India’s Defense Research Organization that can change the world as we know it – anti-gravity lifters tested in Himalayas?

Dighi in Pune, the city of the brightest Indian defense research scientists and engineers is full of whispers these days. According to some sources in Pune the scientists are tight lipped and say they cannot speak till 2012. What is going to happen in 2012? No one knows but they keep saying before any question is asked – “I know nothing!” If you carefully keep your ears on these whispers you will realize India has tested something no one wants to talk about, It is a break through in conventional Physics and traditional mechanical and aeronautical engineering.

Still the question comes back why should all stay quiet till 2012? Where did this anti-gravity technology come from? Strange activities are being seen for quite some time in the Indian side of Himalayas. Some say the technology came from a Tampere University of Technology in Finland where an Indian scientist was research engineer. Others says it is really a planned diversion – it came from indigenous research that started in 1070s just after India exploded the first nuclear device in Pokhran. Mrs. Indira Gandhi in late seventies while communicating with news journalists once in Kolkata during a whirlwind election trip mentioned that India must research forgotten technologies that were part of Hindu mythologies like Ramayana and Mahabharata. When quizzed further she mentioned that like in ancient days we should be able to fly effortlessly.

Anti gravity technology can change India and the world. Uses seem limited only by the imagination: Lifts in buildings could be replaced by devices built into the ground. People wanting to go up would simply activate the anti-gravity device — making them weightless — and with a gentle push ascend to the floor they want.

Space-travel would become routine, as all the expense and danger of rocket technology is geared towards combatting the Earth’s gravitation pull. By using the devices to raise fluids against gravity, and then conventional gravity to pull them back to earth against electricity-generating turbines, the devices could also revolutionize power generation.

India will most likely announce the discovery as part of peaceful innovation series. But obviously the military applications can make conventional missiles and aircrafts obsolete overnight.

Effortless lifting and low cost denial of gravity can change our world. And if the whispers are right, India may be changing the world forever. But why the magic year 2012? Why everything has to be kept secret till then?

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5 years ago

Here is an exerpt from an article entitled,

FIRE FROM THE SKY: Battle of Harvest Moon & True Story of Space Shuttles

by “One Who Knows”

Is it more B.S. or another clue?


The cover headline article of my October 1978 issue was NUCLEAR WEAPONSSOON OBSOLETE! The following is what that article said:

General George Keegan – grad of Harvard, flew 56 combat missions in WWII,
earned Distinguished Service Cross in Vietnam, Executive VP of U.S.
Strategic Institute, Chief of U.S. Air Force Intelligence. About two years
ago he retired from the Air Force, because he saw some critical dangers to
the U.S. that he was not allowed to reveal to the public. He tried to warn
the Powers in the White House but they laughed at him. So about 19 months
ago he made the first public references to secret Russian research on
charged-particle beam weapons. Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine
followed up on his information and determined that he was essentially
correct. However, President Carter and Defense Secretary Harold Brown, both
badly briefed by the CIA, ridiculed Keegan.

U.S. scientists at Lawrence Livermore Lab (bicycle riding distance from me)
undertook Project See-Saw to determine if the U.S. could build particle
beam weapons. The decision was that it was presently impossible to build
such a weapon and since we are so far ahead of the Soviets technologically,
it was ridiculous to think they were building one. Keegan revealed his
findings on Soviet particle beam developments to CIA head William Colby in
1975. Colby convened the Nuclear Intelligence Panel which determined that,
since the US could not build such a weapon, it was impossible that the
Soviets were doing it. Colby never passed the information from the Air
Force intelligence on to the President or Secretary of Defense.

Keegan retired and started making the information public, through the
American Security Council (of which I am a member of the National Advisory
Board) and other groups. His story was greeted with high-level official
sneering, the most acrimonious sneers coming from the self-styled “nuclear
engineer” President Jimmy Carter and Defense Secretary Harold Brown
(formerly from Lawrence Livermore Lab). “But despite the official denials,
the Soviets continued their work, carrying at least eight electron-beam
experiments into space on board Cosmos, Soyuz and Salyut spacecraft…” (AW
& ST) and conducting tests at Semipalatinsk and Sarova. “At the same time,
younger U.S. physicists, uninhibited by the ego problems of their elders,
also were making progress on the key techniques required for beam weapons

Now the tide has turned. A full-scale U.S. effort to tackle the technology
required to determine the feasibility of beam weapons development is being
organized at the highest level in the Pentagon. Even the most stubborn
skeptics now acknowledge that leaving this field uncontested to the Soviets
is a risk the U.S. cannot afford to take. Because of the extreme public
embarrassment this series [of articles] will bring to… President Jimmy
Carter, and Defense Secretary Harold Brown, who saw his contemporaries try
and fail in Project See-Saw, there is still an attempt to shroud the
program in official secrecy” (Aviation Week & Space Technology, Oct. 2,

The article states, “Experts on Capitol Hill, who have surveyed all the
evidence including secret data not available to us, have concluded that
Gen. Keegan’s assessment was essentially correct…” Edward Teller has
informed key senators that Gen. Keegan’s analysis was right on the core of
the matter.”

The Soviets have already successfully tested particle beam weapons (as has
France!). “U.S. particle beam weapons experts who have access to U.S.
intelligence information and personal contacts with Russian physicists
involved in magnetic and plasma physics programs believe the Soviets will
field a ground-based proton beam weapon between 1980-1983.”


The Pentagon has initiated a program called “Chair Heritage” to field our
own system by about 1982. It formerly was mostly a Navy program at the
Naval Post-graduate facility in Monterey, CA, but is now being combined
with the Army SIPAPU project (space beams, as opposed to beams carried on
Navy vessels) and others – it seems that now everybody who is anybody is
getting involved (Lawrence Livermore Lab, Sandia Corp., Defense Nuclear
Agency, CIA, Hughes Aircraft, Lockheed, University of Texas, Austin
Research Associates, etc.).

If you remember, Russia beat us into space with Sputnik, then we went into
a crash program to get ahead of them. Vannevar Bush once said that it was
impossible to build a ballistics missile capable of going 3000 miles, but
within 10 years Russia had them and we were just beginning a crash program
to catch up.

Now we are once again in a race for strategic superiority, but this time
Russia may field their system in 2 years while it appears that we require
at least 5 years – but then things can change quickly.

A problem we now have is the top leadership – the President and Secretary
of Defense – may hold back progress because they do not like to admit their
mistake. In the past, there were several intelligence services, all in
competition with each other trying to be the most accurate and when one
service goofed, the other pointed it out. Now, Carter has unified the
intelligence services under Stansfield Turner and all intelligence reports
must be through Turner before they get to the Defense Secretary or
President from men such as Gen. Keegan, Gen. Singlaub, etc. It also creates
the chance that the President can be considerably misinformed or
uninformed. This, in the long run, could be an even greater danger to the
U.S. than the particle beam weapon!


So what is a particle beam weapon? It is similar to a laser, but it is not
a laser. Lasers shoot a beam of electromagnetic radiation (light), while
particle beam weapons shoot a beam of sub-atomic particles (electrons,
protons, ions, etc.). What this means is that NUCLEAR WEAPONS MAY SOON

Whoever puts satellites with particle beam weapons into orbit first
(property controlled by complex sensors and computers) can control the

Under those conditions, we will still have nuclear bombs, but it would be
impossible to deliver them against an enemy who is protected by particle

An editorial in AW & ST said, “For beam weapons offer the promise of
reducing strategic nuclear weapons to a negligible factor in the future. If
successfully deployed, beam weapons can end the long reign of nuclear
terror introduced by the ballistic missile and its thermonuclear warhead.
If the Soviets achieve this capability first, it will give them enormous
crucial leverage in imposing their political will on the rest of the world.
If the U.S. achieves it first, there will be no need for flimsy SALT
agreements, and in a dead heat, the citizens of this planet can look
forward to a shifting of international tensions from the strategic nuclear
area to more conventional and less devastating weapons.”

If you want to know what particle beam weapons are like, just watch “Star
Wars” or Battlestar Galactica.”

This is the end of the quote from my 1978 newsletter. And now, as Paul
Harvey would say, for the rest of the story!

Russia launched the Intercosmos 17 octagon space vehicle on September 26,
1977. The Encyclopedia Brittanica says its purpose was for “international
scientific research in charged particles and micrometeorites.” What, a
charged particle satellite? Already in space? What did we just read above?
“If the Soviets achieve this capability FIRST, it will give them enormous
crucial leverage in imposing their political will on the rest of the

5 years ago

“There have been cases of damage and destruction caused by hypervelocity impacts. Just last week, we had to do an avoidance manoeuvre,” says Prof. Flury.

Date Released: Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Source: European Space Agency

Space debris spotlight

At closing speeds reaching 50 thousand km per hour, even the smallest bits of space debris can cause serious harm to spacecraft; larger ones cause catastrophe. Near-Earth missions, like the International Space Station, now carry ever-more sophisticated shielding. Not only is space debris a hot topic, it is also a fascinating — and growing — field of space science. ( Part 1 of a 3-part series. )

5 years ago

neverknwo – My english is hardly perfect or “purfect” either lol I just figured english may not be your first language because you seem to have problems expressing yourself in a way that actually makes much sense. And you certainly don’t have any kind of poetic or rhythmic flow or structure to indicate that you’re taking poetic license.
Funny, I’ve never had anyone threaten me because of the way I use language. Is that what you’re trying to do neverknwo?

So is english your mother tongue?

5 years ago

A secret project in India’s Defense Research Organization that can change the world as we know it – anti-gravity lifters tested in Himalayas?

Where did this anti-gravity technology come from?

5 years ago

Where did you read I threatened you?

5 years ago

Your not being consistant and your twisting what I write as a way of trying to turn into some kind of assault, when you started adding false statements.

5 years ago

neverknwo, actually I asked if that was your intent because you brought up “bashing”. Was it your intent? I’m not “twisting” anything just asking a question.

You still didn’t answer my question about english being your first language? I’m unclear whether your lack of clarity is a reflection of your mental confusion or just not being terribly literate in english.

5 years ago

Ok. I’ll answer your questions, neverknwo. I’ve got undergrad degrees in astronomy and ecology, with a minor in geology- not bragging, just wanted you to know that you’re getting accurate information.

1. There are very few cosmic events that would result in an earthquake. The exception being meteorites- which this could not have been. A meteor big enough to be mistaken for a 9.0 quake would destroy civilization and flatten the region with a gigantic shockwave and fireball. It would shift the earth in its orbit. Trust me on this one little thing, ok? And cosmic rays, sunspots, and other celestial events would have no geologic impact.

2. The Deep Impact mission is not intended to blow up the comet. It’s an impactor the size of a trash can which will blow a crater in the comet’s surface, baring the interior to sensors on the main spacecraft. That small pit will allow them to see the inside of a comet, something that’s never been done. The comet will no more be affected by the impact than you would be if somebody flicked some gravel at your forehead.

3. A spacecraft exploding would release no cosmic rays. Cosmic rays come from sources with a shitload of energy- such as black holes, quasars, neutron stars, and the like. They’re a form of very high-energy light, basically.

4. Because they are light, they would not send any extraterrestrial matter towards earth.

5. Solar flares do affect the upper atmosphere, but they cannot cause earthquakes. They are mostly charged subatomic particles and high-energy radiation, and are blocked by the earth’s magnetic field.

6. The full moon cannot cause earthquakes- nor could the moon cause quakes at any other time of the month. Its gravitational pull is too weak.

7. Meteor is singular.

8. Plate shifts are caused by the fact that under the solid crust is a semi-liquid sea of very hot liquid rock, which rises from the very hot core of the earth, runs underneath the plates for a ways, then sinks back to the core after it cools a bit. This is called convection. Now, the crust is split into a number of continent-size sections. Each of those sections moves independently- sometimes rubbing along its neighbors, sometimes butting into them head-on, sometimes moving away from each other. Along these boundaries, quakes and volcanoes are common. A quake is the result of plates grinding slowly past each other; they’re usually motionless, but occasionally they lurch a few more inches, and that’s the earthquake.

9. That crater would probably be right off the shore of Sumatra, if it existed, which it doesn’t.

10. We DO know why lava exists. Radioactive material in the core of the earth decays, releases heat, and keeps things toasty.


5 years ago

When did Bashing become an intent to cause a terrorist act?

5 years ago

Oh, yeah. The geminid meteor shower isn’t big honking meteors. They’re mostly the size of household dust. The biggest ones are the size of sand grains or MAYBE pea gravel. They vaporize forty miles above the surface. It’s a light show, nothing more.

5 years ago

Only about 88%, Thanks Snark!

I don’t think you could make me 100% happy because that would be an extreme emotion.

Two thumbs up.

Except the Moon thing,

Doesnt the Moon effect the Ocean’s Tide?

5 years ago

Terrorist act? WTF are you talking about?

5 years ago

Terrorist act? WTF are you talking about?

5 years ago

Yeah. However, it’s a lot easier to move a layer of liquid water no more than six miles deep than it is to move several thousand miles of rock. There actually is a tidal effect on land, but it’s imperceptable. A much bigger moon might cause noticeable effects, but ours is pretty small.

5 years ago

If a meteorite did slash in the ocean, what would it’s size be to cause the X-Mas Tsunami?

5 years ago

01/02/05 14:59:21 wrote

“Funny, I’ve never had anyone threaten me because of the way I use language. Is that what you’re trying to do neverknwo?:”

Which I asked him to clarify about neverknwo
01/02/05 15:02:28 Where did you read I threatened you?

Terrorism constitutes the illegitimate use of force to achieve a political objective when innocent people are targeted.

—Walter Laqueur

5 years ago

Terrorism is the unlawful use or threat of violence against persons or property to further political or social objectives. It is usually intended to intimidate or coerce a government, individuals or groups, or to modify their behavior or politics.

—Vice-President’s Task Force, 1986

5 years ago

Hmm. Say, somewhere around the size of a small city. Maybe ten kilometers across, several billion tons. The crater would probably be around 70-80 km across, speculatively. The shockwave would have reached Australia.

5 years ago


Are Answers #5 and #10 both the same?

5 years ago

No. The heat within the earth is mostly low-energy radiation released by radioactive elements like uranium, plutonium, etc. The radiation of a solar flare is gamma rays and charged particles released by the process of nuclear fusion, which is (put simply) why the sun is hot and bright.

5 years ago

If the sun is Hot why don’t Comets melt when they orbit the sun?

5 years ago

Here’s another Clue!!!

India tests rocket launcher
[India News]: Balasore, Dec 22 : India Wednesday tested an indigenously built multi-barrel rocket launcher at a range in Orissa, defence sources said.

The Pinaka launched was tested thrice at the Integrated Test Range at Chandipur-on-sea, about 14 km from here, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., the sources said.

The system can fire at least 12 rockets, with a range of 39-40 km and carrying 1.2 tonnes of high explosives, within 40 seconds.

It can neutralise a target area of 350 sq km and is meant to supplement existing artillery systems at ranges beyond 30 km.

The Pinaka can be fitted with a variety of warheads ranging from blast-cum-pre-fragmented high explosives to anti-tank mines, it said.

The system had undergone several tests since 1995.

—Indo-Asian News Service

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5 years ago

They only are relatively close to the sun for short periods of time. The majority of the time, they’re too far away. They do melt. That’s why comets have a tail. The tail is the gas and water coming off the comet as the sun heats its surface. The tail always points away from the sun, btw.

5 years ago

Here’s another Clue

Russia launches GLONASS satellites
Posted: Mon, Dec 27, 2004, 11:19 AM ET (1619 GMT) A Proton rocket successfully launched three GLONASS navigation satellites on Sunday. The Proton-K booster lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 8:54 am EST (1354 GMT) Sunday and placed three GLONASS navigation satellites into transfer orbits. Two of the satellites were standard GLONASS spacecraft with three-year lifetimes while the third was a modernized GLONASS-M spacecraft with a seven-year lifetime. The GLONASS system, similar to the American GPS system and the European Galileo system under development, fell into disrepair after the end of the Cold War, when Russia was unable to launch enough replacement satellites to maintain the constellation. The launch brings the number of GLONASS spacecraft in orbit to 16, at least two of which are on-orbit spares. Russia in recent months has committed itself to bringing the system up to the required minimum of 18 active satellites by 2007, and recently signed an agreement with India that will provide for the launches of GLONASS satellites on Indian launch vehicles.

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5 years ago

Clue to what?

5 years ago

I“ndia signs rocket upgradation deal with Israel”: Report
The Indian army has finalised a deal worth about 40 million dollars with the Israel Military Industries (IMI) for the upgradation of its Russian-made rocket systems, according to media reports here.

“The initial deal is worth 30-40 million dollars, but could expand to as much as one billion dollars over five years,” IMI Chairman, Brig-Gen (Retd) Arie Mizrachi told ‘Globes Online’.

The deal was signed recently and involved upgradation of Russian-made rockets with Israeli technology to improve their precision and range, the report said.

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5 years ago

Jesus, man, you’re jumping all over the place! Are you thinking clearly, or what?

5 years ago

UFO Sightings over Iranian nuclear installations – Iranian Air Force orders shoot at sight but admits technical inability
December 26, 2004

Iranians complained about Unidentified Flying Objects at very low altitudes around its nuclear installations all around the country. United States has excellent satellite imagery and hence do not need low altitude spy planes to monitor the activities as the Iranian nuclear scientists and engineers as they assemble their nukes.

Sources in Iran say, the Iranian Air Force have admitted these sighting and assuming these are US spy crafts, directed Iranian Air Force to shoot them down at sight.

Sources also reveal that Iranian Air Force have failed shoot down even a single UFO and many in Iranian Air Force are complaining about lack of technical ability in shooting these UFOs down.

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5 years ago

An enormous number of UFO sightings before Tsunami and earthquake in South and Southeast Asia – were they trying to warn?
Staff reporter
December 31, 2004

Was it a coincidence? Lots of people now from the Tsunami and earthquake hit areas are reporting about strange Unidentified Flying Objects they saw a few days before the mega quake and Tsunami. People in Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Andaman and Nicobar Island as well as many in Indonesia were reporting for some time about strange flying objects in the sky.

The local media in these areas did not know what to do with the reported sightings. But it seems now from the reports that many UFOs were in the sky and were trying to communicate something.

Some even are conjecturing that this horrific Tsunami and earthquake may be some kind of experiment. In Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman Island of India, last week some tourists saw strange silent flying objects. In Sumatra, remote places also had similar experiences for quite some time.

According to some UFO experts, UFOs always hover around the epicenter of major calamities. They somehow sense these coming natural disasters. Some believe that they try and communicate with us to warn. Some even believe these UFOs simulate natural disasters in the earth.

India especially in the Himalayas, China, Indonesia were experiencing heavy UFO sightings in recent days. Remote areas of Bangladesh, Mayanmar, and Andaman Island, Sri Lanka have also recently reported such sightings.

Indian Government and the military are quiet for a long time about these numerous UFO sightings. Some believe that India in recent days have been contacted like America was in the middle of the last century.

The recent excessive UFO sightings all over the world are forecasting serious disasters in the world. Many people believe, we are in for a rough time as far as earthquakes; volcano and similar natural calamities are concerned.

The lining up of Sun, Earth, Moon, Venus and Jupiter is dangerous. And this has caused some to belief that earthquakes can havoc the earth. As a matter of fact India has seen many earthquakes in last few months.

Earthquakes in India are not common like Japan.

It is possible that UFOs are trying to communicate to us to warn about the planetary positioning effects on the Earth’s tectonic plates and crust.

In older days, Mayans and Egyptians were always scared about planets lining up in one line. How did they know that earthquakes are eminent? It may be they did communicate with the extra-terrestrials and understood about planetary angular momentum theory that we just started learning this week

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5 years ago

Human Hand behind earthquake and Tsunami? It is time for Indian Navy to investigate!

Was this an earthquake creation experiment that ran out of control? Many countries are working on methods of creating massive earthquakes as means to defeat the enemy. The technologically advanced countries are working on this project.

If an earthquake and Tsunami can be created artificially and directed to a specific enemy, it can literally create havoc to the enemy. Weather control, controlling tectonic plate movements, electromagnetic wave simulated weaponry are all on the table of many countries.
The planetary alignment can cause many earthquakes all around the world of magnitude the modern mankind has never seen before.

Many all around the world are puzzled with the fact that Tsunamis never happen in South Asia. Also is perplexing is the fact that Tsunamis traveled 1000 miles at a speed of 500 miles an hour and smashed the coastal lines of South and South east Asia where Tsunamis do not happen.

There are technologies on the research table that is used to create electromagnetic effects to release the gravitational effects which can cause this kind massive earth movements.

Another astonishing feature of this earthquake and Tsunami is the amount by which the Kar Nicobar Islands have displaced. The level of devastation simulates 10 or higher Richter scale earthquake.

Was this a show down by a country to show the region what havoc can be created?

We do not have the answers to this. We know many courtiers including India are working on anti-gravity lifters and devices.

No matter what, it can be an experiment that went out of control. If it is not, that is the best news.

But given the level of devastation and given the fact India is a regional power in South Asia, Indian Navy has the obligation to investigate and tell the world what they found.

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5 years ago

Significance of successful testing of Russia’s Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile

The Russian military successfully test-fired a mobile version of its top-of-the-line Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday, officials said.

The missile was fired from a mobile launcher at the Plesetsk launch pad in the northern region of Arkhangelsk and hit a designated target on a testing range on the far eastern Kamchatka peninsula, Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces said in a statement.

The new force of Topol-M Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs), described by Russian defense officials as a “21st-century weapon” unrivaled in the world and allegedly capable of defeating U.S. anti-missile defenses, is due to be created in 2005, posing a deadly threat to the United States.

The Topol-M was described last year by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov as “the most advanced state-of-the-art missile in the world. Only such weapons can ensure and guarantee our sovereignty and security and make any attempts to put military pressure on Russia absolutely senseless.”

The Russian SS-27, or Topol-M, is an intercontinental-range, ground-based, solid-propellant ballistic missile, according to the Claremont Institute’s “It represents the pinnacle of ballistic missile technology, incorporating modern fuel and warhead designs, as well as being capable of being launched from both missile silos and Transporter-Erector-Launcher (TEL) vehicles.”
Russian Defense officials claim that the SS-27 is invulnerable to any modern anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defenses and will be the foundation of the Russian strategic nuclear arsenal by 2015.

Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, Economics Minister German Gref and other top officials attended the launch. Friday’s launch is expected to be the last of four test-firings of the Topol-M’s mobile version before its deployment set for next year, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported. The Topol-M missiles, capable of hitting targets more than 6,000 miles away, have been in silos since 1998 and about 40 are on duty now, according to military officials. Russian media reports have said the missile lifts off faster than its predecessors and maneuvers in a way that makes it more difficult to spot and intercept. It is also reportedly capable of blasting off even after a nuclear explosion close to its silo. “The missile can penetrate all invented and even yet to be invented missile systems, including those equipped with space-based elements, with high probability,” said Yuri Solomonov, who heads the Moscow Institute of Thermal Systems which designed and manufactured the missile. The deployed Topol-Ms have been fitted with single nuclear warheads, but officials have mentioned plans to equip each missile with three individually targeted warheads. President Vladimir Putin has said Russia is developing new strategic nuclear weapons excelling anything which other nations have. Military analysts have said the new weapon would likely be based on the Topol-M.

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5 years ago

Look, I know it’s comforting to try to figure out someone to blame for a distaster like this, but you need to realize that shit just happens. Earthquakes this powerful have been happening since the formation of the Earth and will go on happening forever. It’s a consequence of living on this planet that we have to deal with it. It’s not productive to try to bullshit a “reason” into existence when you’re talking about natural events.

5 years ago

All over the place?

I thought it was settled that a Meteor couldn’t have caused a 9.0 Earthqauke and Tsunami.

Which means that eveything else except the shallow lava flow, plate slips shifting theory, earthqauke triggering a Tsunami. Like figuring out how the cosmik forces fit into how gravity is the most destructive force of energy.

Now what kind of effect on the earth’s rotation would occur if a lesson in physics
taught us that for every action there is a reaction, when a change in our gravity field resulted from Anti-Gravity Projects?

5 years ago

Or a Nuclear Warhead Exploding during testing by India causing is a possiblity which to many Government Double Speaks Debunkingbashers until they see the facts.

5 years ago

Look, there’s no debate here. Plate tectonics has been proven to exist. That’s how earthquakes happen. There’s no need to invoke a bunch of hypothetical mumbo jumbo about antigravity- which I doubt is possible- or nuclear weapons, which couldn’t trigger an earthquake anyway. Are you really so intellectually immature that you’re willing to believe everything you read on the internet?

5 years ago

Doesn’t the earth’s magnetic field hold some possible connection to gravitational forces that produce the energy that compress the Tectonics Plates?

5 years ago

Couldn’t it be possible that through a multiple of combinations, the cosmik cycles could produce record destructive events?

5 years ago

Nope. Magnetism and gravity are totally different. And gravity does not drive plate tectonics- the motion of convecting lava does. Compression of the tectonic plates does not have anything to do with plate tectonics. And, as I indicated above, antigravity would probably be impossible.

5 years ago

That’s “cosmic” by the way. And what cycles are you talking about?

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