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Christianity is a not only a Solar Cult it is a SERPENT Cult

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An ancient word named ceras was really where we get the word "Cross" according to Michael Tsarion. I couldn't find the latin translation but I did find something called "Cerastes".

So I looked up Cerastes and low and behold it is a horned serpent. Then I think to myself - where have I seen this picture before.

So I look at one my alchemy books and low and behold here it is.. See what it reads about sacrifice?

NWO Serpent Cult

Before the cross had Jesus on it, it ALWAYS had a serpent.


Symbols of Christ
The Brazen Serpent
brazen serpent

ANOTHER MESSEGE FROM THE SERPENT CULT: An Evil Reptilian Alien plot to Destroy the World, Enjoy
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Of all the symbols of Christ in the Old Testament the Brazen Serpent certainly is the most "shocking" one. The serpent, symbol of sin and of Satan, a picture of Christ! Not a real serpent, but the brazen likeness of it was lifted upon the desert. So did Christ come in the likeness of sinful flesh taking upon himself the pains of sin, without sin. As the serpent was lifted up on the pole, so he was lifted up on the cross, as as the likeness of the serpent was made of metal as a lasting memorial, so did the death of the Saviour become a lasting memorial in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

There are two snakes in the Caduceus, aka: the Ida and the Pingala....both representing the life force God infused spirit/kundalini that lies dormant until we awaken and accept God/Christ/Holy spirit in...

which then instigates both serpents Ida and Pingala to ascend the 'staff of life/spinal column in balanced formation the same time, which causes the purification process thru the chakras/churches.....also known as THE REFINER'S FIRE.

scripture also reads "baptism first by water, then by fire".

The 'snake' in the Garden of Eden was ONE of those two serpentine energies....representing the unbalanced EGO that wanted to partake of the Tree of Knowledge without also balancing it with the fruit of the Tree of LIFE.

So the Ego driven 'serpent' in the garden, was tempting Eve to gain knowledge and become LIKE GOD, an unbalanced and overwhelming energy that attempts to reach the 'crown/mind' without having a counterpart balancing energy of the blessings of the Creator in the fruit of the TREE OF LIFE.

This is witnessed in those those whose quest it is to gain more and more knowledge so they can herald themselves as being HIGHLY INTELLIGENT, attempting to 'evolve' themselves into an intelligent all knowing being, yet they refuse to...and do not want to give any acknowledgement to the Supreme Spiritual Being who created their minds and their body.

also noteworthy is that the word EVIL is the mirrored opposite of LIVE.

and that not all serpent references in the Bible are of evil...

"be as wise as serpents, and gentle as doves"

and neither is every snake in creation a deadly foe to the Christian community in general needs to get over the whole snake/serpent paranoia.


One of the most fundamental and prolific symbols of the mystery-language. Its most basic meaning is of the eternal, alternating, cyclic motion during cosmic manifestation. For motion, which to the physicist and the philosopher alike seems an abstraction, is for the ancient wisdom a primordial principle or axiom, of the same order as space and time, existing per se.

Never does motion cease utterly even during kosmic pralaya (dissolution). And motion is essentially circular: where physics would derive circular motion from a composition of rectilinear motions, the opposite procedure would be that of the ancient wisdom.

This circular motion, compounding itself into spirals, helixes, and vortices, is the builder of worlds, bringing together the scattered elements of chaos; motion per se is essential cosmic intelligence. This circular motion, returning upon itself like a serpent swallowing its tail, represents the cycles of time. This conscious energy in spirals whirls through all the planes of cosmos as fohat and his innumerable sons -- the cosmic energies and forces, fundamentally intelligent, operating in every scale or grade of matter.

The caduceus of Hermes, twin serpents wound about a staff, represents cosmically the mighty drama of evolution, in its twin aspects, the staff or tree standing for the structural aspect, the serpent for the fohatic forces that animate the structure.

The serpent is characteristically a dual symbol. In the beginnings of creation two poles were emanated, spirit and matter; and forthwith began interaction between the downward forces of the one and the upward forces of the other. Hermes, Mercury, intelligence, may represent a sage or a thief; the serpentine wisdom may work in every plane of materiality. The perverse will of man may turn natural forces to evil purposes, and thus we speak of the good serpent and the bad, of Agathodaemon and Kakodaemon, of Ophis and Ophiomorphos.

A serpent can be a sage or a sorcerer.

The dragon is the eternally vigilant one, guardian of the sacred treasures; but he is the ruthless destroyer of him who attempts to gain by force the riches to which he has not won a title. To gain knowledge, we must know how to tame the serpent which rules the nether worlds, as the Christ refuses to make obeisance to Satan.

The seven sacred planets, or again the seven human principles, form a serpent, often collocated with the sun and moon as making a triad. One form of this spiraling conscious energy, when manifesting in man, is kundalini-sakti, the serpentine power, which in the ordinary person today lies relatively sleeping and performing merely automatic vital functions; but when aroused can ether waft to sublime heights of vision and power or blast like a lightning-stroke.

The power which a serpent has of casting its old skin is analogous to what the earth does at the commencement of each round, and to the clothing of the human jiva with a new body when it enters the womb. Again, the astral light is called a serpent; its lowest strata are dangerous and deceptive, while it extends through all planes up to the highest akasa, the vehicle of divine wisdom.

In early Christianity there arose more than one Gnostic sect using the snake as a symbol, such as the Ophites, which in the vision of certain ecclesiastic Fathers was designated devil worship, or by other uncomplimentary names. See also NAGA; WORLD-SERPENT

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V – Season 1 : Episode 1 (2009)‏

Hive mind can mean:

* In psychology:
o Collective consciousness
o Conformity (psychology)
o Groupthink

* In animal behavior:
o The apparent consciousness of colonies of social insects such as ants, bees and termites

* In Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Software:
o Swarm intelligence
o Hivemind (software), a software framework

* In philosophy:
o Universal mind may be defined as the nonlocal and atemporal "hive mind" of all aggregates, components, constituents, relationships, personalities, entities, technologies, processes and cycles of the universe.

* In science fiction:
o Group mind (science fiction), a type of collective consciousness
o The hive mind of the Borg race in the Star Trek TV series and movies, often personified by the Borg Queen
o The hive mind of the Kha'ak in the X game series
o The hive mind of the Buggers from Ender's Game
o A necromorph referred to as the "Hive Mind" in the Dead Space video game
o The Gravemind, the central consciousness of the parasite known as the Flood in the Halo series universe
o The hive mind of the Tyranids from Warhammer 40,000
o The Overmind, the hive mind of the Zerg race in the StarCraft series
o The Xar-Ggothua from Xombie
o The Erythro organism in Isaac Asimov's novel Nemesis
o "Hive Mind" listed in the starting sequence of the Fox show Fringe along with other para-scientific topics

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~ 11:11:11 Transmission* Merging our Sacred Feminine & Masculine

11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed within our cellular
memory banks prior to our descent into matter which,
when activated, signifies that our time of
completion is near.
The coming weeks
will be energetically intense and exciting at the same time. The
11:11:11 ( Nov 11, 2009) is numeric sequence of codes that message
directly to our DNA at an atomic cellular level. It awakens and unites
the many energy facets or fibres that weave together our energy matrix
and divine cosmic blueprint.
11:11:11 Transmission* Merging our Sacred Feminine & Sacred Masculine
Shala Mata
11:11:11 Transmission
Merging our
Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine
November opens with a bright potent Full Moon on Nov 2nd to literally
"light our path" for the coming month. The Cosmic Pulse is quickening
and we are standing once again at a momentous opportunity for further
growth and expansion of consciousness.
The influx of christed diamond light since September and the 9:9:9
Crystalline Transmission has been activating our crystalline lightbody
for further transformation. This activation carries with it the
excitement we have with our cells for our spiritual evolution and the
same time surfing the waves of polarity, that is the construct of our 3D
We are awakening to our crystalline nature, our lightbody is the first
to receive the sacred divine light, which in turn merges with our
physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies. Our DNA and cells spin
faster and purge our wounded or dense parts, not unlike the spin cycle
in a washing machine.
This in part is the roller-coaster we feel from the current energy and
its constant "upgrade" to our systems. Our spiritual self is excited
and can feel the quickening of our cosmic pulse, our human self feels a
gambit of emotion as we surf the waves of polarity - trying on a daily
basis to be "in it but not of it".
The path of Mastery is not for the faint hearted, yet our transformation
and awakening is at the core of our powerful urge to transmute ALL
energy accumulated from this lifetime and others. Within each of us is
the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine - this is not a gender
issue. Over the past several years the increased frequency of light on
our beloved Mother Earth has brought forth the awareness of these
seemingly polarized aspects.

During the fall of 2008 I began to feel the presence and energy of
beloved Magdalen. Softly her energy became part of my dream time and
meditations and then eventually into my sessions with clients. She
explained her timing was to help heal and honour the god/goddess in each
of us. I know many lightworkers have worked with her for years, but for
me this was a personal journey of healing that would hopefully be
reflected in my work with others.
Gratefully her energy and guiding hand have been in each article I have
written this year, as well as the Goddess workshop I am presenting next
week in London. The Magdalen Flame is the embodiment of the Sacred
Feminine and Sacred Masculine in perfect balance, and marks the
beginning of the new earth. As each of us heals our wounded feminine
and wounded masculine we can further merge or unite the christ flame and
magdalen flame and mirror them with our personal and collective
The 11:11:11 ( Nov 11, 2009) is numeric sequence of codes that message
directly to our DNA at an atomic cellular level. It awakens and unites
the many energy facets or fibres that weave together our energy matrix
and divine cosmic blueprint.

The 11:11:11 transmission is being received through the trinity sequence
of the master number 33. The 33 vibration is often referred to as the
"christed light" and this particular alignment de-codes the DNA
frequency of our God/Goddess. The transcended light of this
transmission unites the crystalline transmission of the 9:9:9 ( Sept 9,
2009 ) and will be with us for the entire month November.
The Magdalen Flame energy of alchemical transmutation is coded into the
11:11:11 transmission. This is an auspicious and potent timing for
healing the personal and collective wounds of the feminine and
masculine, and will be another "wake up call" on our path of mastery and
service to the planetary ascension.

November will once again highlight all forms of relationship as we
continue to marginalize our polarity and hold a newer perspective from
the heart. Every relationship - no matter what the form, starts with
two parts that when brought together form a third energy. This is the
trinity that is held within all creation. Often in our relationships we
focus on the first two parts and forget that third energy, which if left
unattended can become unbalanced. During the completion of November
and December, we will be offered a grand opportunity to be cognisant of
our trinity and move with great consciousness in our 3D lives.

The clarity and comfort comes from walking within our heart, and living
from that sacred space. The energy of Magdalen will play a vital role
is allowing us to feel safe during the coming weeks of deep examination
and change.
As difficult and taxing the chaos on our planet is, each of us
volunteered to be apart of this amazing process on our Beloved Mother
Earth. It is not easy and takes great tenacity and courage to keep
shining our light and living in our heart.
Fundamentally all of us want to feel safe and secure in our 3D lives and
invest our energy in the expansion of our consciousness and our
ascension process. We are each a shining bright light of infinite
energy and potential. Our cosmic blueprint is modelled on joy, love and
endless light. We are all learning about ourselves and each other as we
walk this path.
The coming weeks will be energetically intense and exciting at the same
time. I recently read a quote from Esther Hicks the channel for Abraham
- it fits the coming month perfectly:
"Just do your best to keep yourself in balance. One of the first things
that causes Energy misalignment, is asking or demanding too much of
yourself in terms of time and effort. In other words, you just cannot
burn the candle at both ends, so that you are physically tired, and then
expect yourself to have a cheerful attitude. So, the rule of thumb has
to be: "I'm going to be very, very, very happy, and then do everything I
have time to do after that."
--- Abraham
Energy follows thought, and our thoughts carry the power of change. We
are all undergoing a massive transformation both personally and
collectively. The energy of November and the merging of our sacred
divine feminine and masculine energy will carry us through the coming
shifts and change that are apart of our evolutionary process.

During the 11:11:11 enter the sacred space of your heart and feel your
crystalline lightbody pulsing within your DNA as it activates the codes
of your multi-dimensional self.
Nov 16th brings the new moon offering a chalice for your emotional
wellbeing. With the chalice we can vacate the resistance and detach
from our old patterns. New seeds will be in the winds of change.
November prepares us for an even more powerful December with the 12:12
and a solar and lunar eclipse. The December eclipses bring the energy
from those we experienced in July. Everything is inter-connected and
here to support our journey into light.
There is much change occurring in every moment and aspect of our lives.
The feeling of overwhelm is normal and not to be judged. Our physical
body is working very hard to cope with the massive electrical re-wiring
that is continually making demands. Be kind, gentle and allowing and
allow yourself to relax as best you can.
While in London I will be hold ceremony on the 11:11:11 and invite each
of you to join in, along with all the other ceremonies that will be
taking place. We are all connected and entering this powerful gateway

With Loving Blessings in Service

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

11:11'ers Contemplate This
* 123
Revelation 17:17

I'm not a huge bible thumper. I look for fault in it at every turn trying to disprove it with the critical nature that I have. But this morning another one of my huge 11:11 style events happened. I had a reiki healer tell me my number was 8. I told him my numbers that I see all the time are 7's and 1's. Which are 8. Sounds crazy I know but if you saw some of the extremely odd coincidences behind the whole 11:11 phenomenon you'd be a believer. You can never understand it until you experience it yourself.

I've had people at my workplace see it with me. I've pointed it out whenever I happen to go to the microwave for coffee or whatever and announce it to my co-workers so they are becoming believers the more you see. Eventually once they open their mind that there is more to it, eventually THEY start to get the phenomenon happen to them! IT IS IN FACT CONTAGIOUS!!

But onto todays "revelation".

I'm flipping through the channels and some preacher starts talking about this passage.

17:17 For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will. He used these as agents to carry out his own will. First they gave their support to the false woman, until his words were accomplished, and then turned from her and assailed her.

Just as I stopped to watch him my numbers pop up on the screen so I knew this was a cue for me to watch.

Then the preacher goes into his diatribe about what WE are selected to do GOD's bidding and now is the time to wake up and become one with God and to do his work. To reconnect with God and let go of all the worldly things. That its the final times and our work is now. That once we do his bidding we will be doubly blessed.

So what work is it us 11:11'ers need to do? It seems that we must aid the beast somehow, as a servant of God.. and then when the time is right to strike. Almost double agents it seems.

I don't know if this really is what we are all about. But helping spread knowledge and "support" is part of our job. To aid the beast and empower it.

Here is a different interpretation before and after.

17:15-18 God so ruled the hearts of these kings, by his power over them, and by his providence, that they did those things, without intending it, which he purposed and foretold. They shall see their folly, and how they have been bewitched and enslaved by the harlot, and be made instruments in her destruction. She was that great city which reigned over the kings of the earth, when John had this vision; and every one knows Rome to be that city. Believers will be received to the glory of the Lord, when wicked men will be destroyed in a most awful manner; their joining together in sin, will be turned to hatred and rage, and they will eagerly assist in tormenting each other. But the Lord's portion is his people; his counsel shall stand, and he will do all his pleasure, to his glory, and the happiness of all his servants.

We are instruments of the harlot's destruction. The Harlot is the Catholic church. Religion in any organized manner. Any man made religion that places boundaries and rules and diverts attention away from the true god.

I was raised catholic and was deeply involved most of my life until I learned the truth behind it. Now instead of supporting it we must aid in taking it down. To defraud it. To expose it for what it is.

The 3 wings of control in this world are The City of London (money) Washington DC (Military/Police) and The Vatican (Religion/Spirit). The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

It is time now to expose them for who they are.

The powers that be know about 11:11

They built it in their architecture... the freemasons know all about it too.. here are some examples.

Eyes Wide Shut - Stanley Kubrick knew all about it - the opening shot..

Etc etc
Inside the Israeli supreme court (Isis Ra El)

What the FUCK does a pyramid have to do with Israel???

Unfinished pyramid

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Once the target of numerous on again, off again, release date changes, The Road looks to finally be getting an actual release date. Featuring a spectacular cast, including Viggo Mortensen, Guy Pierce and Charlize Theron, it may have been a long time coming, but will it be worth the wait?

Father and son are off in search of civilization in this post-apocalyptic thriller, and what they find along their road will be anything but after an unknown catastrophe reduces America, and possibly the world, to a cannibalistic barbarism. Will they find what they're looking for? Or will they be victims of the road?

So what's your call--smooth ride or big pothole? The question of the day is will it be worth the wait, and we'll find out this October. Hit our comments section and tell us what you think, and thanks for watching.

The Road movie trailer was provided by Dimension Films. The Road movie will be released in the US on October 16, 2009. The Road movie stars Viggo Mortensen, Robert Duvall, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Garret Dillahunt, and Charlize Theron.

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Dept.of Defence wants to know how good we are at finding their secret

Dept.of Defence wants to know how good we are at finding their secret
basses and Homeland Security Concentration Camps, And how fast we can
locate and communicate their locations to each other !
They can not fool us with this $40,000 prize contest to find
balloons with Google Earth etc.
We are much better than they think and we outnumber them 300,000,000
to 1,000,000

DARPA Celebrates Internet Anniversary with Bizarre Find the Balloons
Challenge | Popular Science
DARPA Network Challenge
DARPA Celebrates Internet Anniversary with Bizarre Balloon Challenge |
Popular Science

DARPA Network Challenge Don't worry, there's not 99 of them jakobesben/Flickr

Most DARPA challenges serve some sort of obvious military or intelligence purpose. But the agency has us scratching our heads over its latest competition, the Network Challenge: a $40,000 cash prize will go to the first person who finds the correct latitude and longitude of ten weather balloons located within the continental United States.

The DARPA Network Challenge kicked off on Thursday to commemorate the Internet's 40th anniversary, and marked four decades since the first message was sent over the Department of Defense's ARPANET.

Each of the 10 red balloons will be placed in hidden but publicly accessible locations during the daylight hours of December 5. Would-be balloon hunters can start registering for the challenge on December 1, and have until December 14 to submit balloon locations to the contest website.

DARPA has left only the vaguest clues as to its intentions, but it's clear that the mad science lab has a strong interest in leveraging the power of online social networking. The contest rules note that the agency "will compute aggregate statistics," and may contact contestants "to discuss the means and methods used in solving the challenge."

We're used to DARPA reaching for the stars on schemes such as space debris cleanup and creating cyborg beetles. And who wouldn't get behind self-regulated morphine delivery for wounded warfighters?

Still, this particular challenge can't help but remind us of the CIA's recent investment in a firm that monitors social networking. Perhaps the Department of Defense has even hit upon a more cost-effective approach for just $40,000 (and there's no prize for second place).

In any case, DARPA clearly hopes to mine useful surveillance or tracking techniques based on existing Internet tools. Future intelligence analysts and field agents might gather intel and communicate in ways that ape how social networks already find news nuggets, gossip tidbits and the latest hot spots. Which leads us to this question -- tweet much, Jack Bauer?


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