Hey everyone,

For all of those of you who received an e-mail from us saying we were in London and had been robbed, it isn't true. We are still here in the good old US of A. (being robbed by our government)

This entire story is amazing. I will just give you the important parts. We received 6 phone calls on my cell phone Sunday night when we were at some friends house for dinner. I told Jenni that something must be up because the numbers came from all over and I don't get any calls on a Sunday night, let alone 6. When we got home we had 22 messages!

We contacted Microsoft and let them know what had happened. Here is when it gets maddening. Hotmail has no call center!!! They are a service that maintains peoples most important contacts and information, but they are too good to have a call center for the poor slobs that use their service. We sent in three e-mails to the e-mail location they offered (after spending about 30 minutes trying to find the proper e-mail).

Well, at 2:00 PM today I receive a call from a friend who tells me that the con-men are still responding to e-mails that are sent to my e-mail account!!!!! It has been 17 hours and Microsoft still has not closed that account down!!!!! I have spend much of the past two hours plus talking with anyone at Microsoft I could get a hold of.

I have been basically told that if I had a paid account they would have been able to shut it down by now. So I say to the operator who tells me this that the reverse of this is to say that Microsoft will continue on as a co-conspirator with a fraudulent operation as punishment for me not having a paid account with them!? She said "Oh, no. That's not what I am saying at all. I'm just saying that we would have been able to have taken care of this very quickly if you had one of our paid services."

That is like saying "Johnny can't play on the team because we only let 9 year olds play on the team."

OK, so you will not let Johnny play on this team because he is 8.

"Oh, no. I would never say that. He can't play on the team because he isn't 9."

If you are saying one thing it automatically means the opposite corresponding side of that equation is also true.

It isn't as if Microsoft has to go to some third party to solve this, or find out who the crook is. IT IS THEIR OWN SYSTEM AND THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR 20 HOURS AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T SHUT IT DOWN, WHICH WOULD HAVE TAKEN THEM 10 SECONDS.

With Hotmail, Microsoft is the custodian of our very personal contact lists as well as some of our most vital communications that we save. For Microsoft to blow it and allow tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of people to get hacked is bad. Very bad. However to have no call center, no customer service, and to do nothing to resolve a problem like this hour after hour just shows that this is a rotten company that couldn't care less about it's customers.

From: cshrock1
To: ronpaul-412@meetup.com
Subject: [ronpaul-412] Ric & Jen
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 19:26:36 -0400

Hey, anybody who got an email that appeared to be from Ric and Jenny Runstead, asking for money, because they were attacked in London.... it isn't from them - ignore it.
It's a scam and hoax. In fact, they are still in town. I was just at their house. Some hacker got into their email list.
Christine Shrock