Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Exclusive Video Coverage
Dr. Allen Keyes was in town today for the Saturday Tea Party in Downtown Fort Wayne.
Dr. Keyes will be the keynote speaker at the ASTROTURF EVENT and I was able to meet him at the reception they offered to the public and a RSVP Dinner.

I just got back from the reception and let me say I was excited to get back and uplaod my interview with him but something happened and I can't find the footage, WTF?
I got him to comment on the HLS Security Report and the NWO but it never got
saved or something.

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Dr Alan Keyes fires up the Patriots at the Fort Wayne Tea Party
Local News estimated the crowd in attendence at around 1000 people
You be the Judge?

If Americans want someone to blame for the country's political and economic problems, they should look in the mirror.

So says Alan Keyes, a nationally known conservative author, speaker and Reagan-era diplomat who will be in Fort Wayne this week to participate in the “Enough Already” tea party scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday at the Allen County Courthouse.

“We've let ourselves be manipulated (by politicians), and my hope is that we can revitalize active citizenship,” said Keyes, 58, who as a Republican has run unsuccessfully for political office several times, including the 2004 Illinois Senate race against now-President Barack Obama.
But while many of Obama's policies distress Keyes, he blames both major parties for the recession and the “spendthrift” policies approved to combat it. That's one reason he no longer considers himself a Republican.

“Our banking system is broken. Our political system is broken. Our government is broken. And yet the only thing offered in response is to trust the very people responsible. We must start at the grass-roots level to take our country back from those who have betrayed us to the shibboleth of global government,” said Keyes, who hopes tea parties here and across that country will energize people to do more than complain.

Keyes was invited by a group of local conservatives and will not be paid for his appearance. He spoke at a tea party in Pittsburgh last week and will appear at similar events in Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania before coming to Indiana, where he will also appear at South Bend to protest Obama's upcoming address at the University of Notre Dame. Like many of his fellow Catholics, Keyes believes a Catholic university should not bestow an honorary degree on a pro-choice politician.

“We need to restore moral self-discipline and personal responsibility,” Keyes said in a telephone interview. “If we don't wake up soon, we won't recognize the country. With the greed, ambition and frenzy of spending, I'd give us an ‘F' for our financial future.”

Although Keyes said he's optimistic Americans are beginning to pay attention - several thousand people attended Saturday's tea party in Pittsburgh - he said he is not convinced they will be able to reign in the federal government unless they start by ousting every incumbent, conservatives and liberals alike.

Keyes ran for president in 1996, 2000 and 2008 and for the U.S. Senate in 1988, 1992 and 2004. He also served as a United Nations ambassador and as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs from 1985 to 1987.

Today, Keyes is most sympathetic to the American Independent Party,, but said he's not sure he'll seek office again because trying to motivate Americans may be more important than trying to represent them.

“We need to start with common sense,” he said.

Sharon Kuhn, one of the local tea party organizers, said local conservatives have been promoting Saturday's tea party on the Internet and through the local media, and are hoping for a good turnout.

“I've been told we may have more than 4,000 people at the courthouse,” she said.

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Fort Wayne’s official Tea Party will be held today at 11:00 a.m. at the courthouse square, with Alan Keyes as keynote speaker. Keyes will also appear in South Bend to protest Obama’s upcoming address at the University of Notre Dame.

Event organizers are hoped for upwards of 4,000 to attend.

I would say 6000 arrived if you want to see by all the heads spotted close by. The weather was wonderful, with a high of over 80 by 2pm.

Contrary to what some of the wingnuts are saying, ACORN has not shown up at any Tea Parties and are not expected to be there.

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MSNBC Guest Claims Tea Parties Are About Hating Blacks
Kurt Nimmo Prison Saturday, April 18, 2009

It is bad enough that Keith Olbermann has lost any sense of objectivity when it comes to the Tea Parties, but it is far worse that he invited the scurrilous Janeane Garofalo on his show. Garofalo wasted precious little time (at 8.25 into the video here) dismissing millions of people opposed to Obama’s policies (that is to say the policies of Bush continued).

Garofalo called all of us to the man and woman racist. Regrettably, Keith Olbermann agreed with her.

It should be obvious by now these people are worse — more rabid and mean-spirited and pathological — than the Bush neocons who managed to kill more than a million Iraqis and set the stage for what shall come under Obama by the premeditated whacking the underpinnings of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Neocons rarely displayed such ugliness. Instead of abusing their enemies with foul epithets, they simply ignored them. Garofalo and Olbermann, however, seem to relish in such despicable attacks. Prior to inviting Garofalo on his show, Olbermann ticked off a series of adolescent insults directed at the “teabaggers” — meant in the pornographic sense, as eluded — that is to say anybody and everybody who believes cranking up the national debt to is a disaster in the making.

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I met with Ric last night at the reception and personally thanked him and Alan Keyes for making today's astroturf party a huge success. So let me start with a teaser intro clip of the Tax Protest at the court house today.

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Tea party for patriots who want to preserve greatness of the country

Posted by AWB in Politics

Guest post by Ric Runestad

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” — Thomas Jefferson

This Saturday at 11 a.m., a crowd will gather on the Allen County Courthouse lawn to protest the massive expansion of the federal government.

The motivations for the “Enough Already” tea party are numerous, but all center on the belief that the current enlargement of government will serve to deprive the citizenry of their liberties over time.

The flashpoint for most of those attending is the government’s bailouts of financial firms that, in partnership with the government, are responsible for the current crisis.

With the size of the bailouts taken into consideration, the total federal, state and local government spending as a percentage of gross domestic production will top 40 percent.

This level of spending, in conjunction with the nationalizing of major banks and industries, has convinced many that we are no longer on the road to socialism, but have already arrived.

Most distressing of all is the way this spending is being financed.

Many Americans believe that when the federal government approves trillions of dollars in new spending, the money simply falls from the sky. The truth is, the government has only three ways of getting the money it spends. It can raise the money in taxes, borrow the money or some simply print the money it is spending.

The government’s plan calls for few new taxes up front. Most of this spending binge will be done with money that is borrowed or printed.

When a government has its central bank print extra money, a practice euphemistically called “monetizing debt,” it serves to debase the value of the currency and, in the case of the United States, jeopardize the dollar’s standing as the world’s reserve currency.

Hence, most of the government’s plan revolves around sinking our nation under ponderous debt.

The advantage of using debt is that it is painless at the time. Just as an irresponsible college student feels no discomfort as he runs up his father’s credit cards, so, too, the citizens feel no direct effect of running up the national debt to fund a short-term stimulus plan. The pain comes when the bill comes due.

In the case of the college student, the bill will often come due that semester, and the person they have hurt is their parent. However, they have plenty of time to pay the debt themselves.

When a nation of irresponsible adults racks up massive debts, the bill will be presented to its children and grandchildren, and the adults themselves will have no opportunity to right the situation.

Former U.S. comptroller general David Walker has laid out the very inconvenient truth of our nation’s indebtedness. In brief, it is fair to say that there exists no conceivable way the U.S. will be able to meet all its future entitlement commitments without towering future taxes, major cutbacks in guarantees, wholesale debasement of the dollar or some combination of these “solutions.” He started touring the nation to deliver his message even before the stimulus packages were added to the national debt.

We as a nation cannot afford this latest round of reckless spending, and the only lasting fruit it will bear will be the indentureship of our posterity that goes with indebtedness.

If you, too, regard yourself as a patriot who loves this country and wishes to see its greatness preserved for future generations, we urge you to join us Saturday to start having our voices be heard.

Ric Runestad is owner of Runestad Financial Services Ltd.

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We had our tea party...where do we go from here?

This is a wrap tv show put together by my local 'Campaign for Liberty' team and an after thought from todays event in downtown Fort Wayne with keynote speaker Dr. Alan Keyes, as they discuss todays news at the tea party and ask the question,

"Where do we go from here?"

We generated a lot of momentum and now the fact that there was a lot of passion out there, we’re seeing conservatives around the nation already planning the next rally and protests.

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Ou tea party

Saturday, Alan Keyes was a guest speaker at our "tea party" in Fort Wayne. It was a great rally, with an estimate of between 2,000 to 3,000 people. I am appreciative of the opportunity to be one of those who was able to speak before Alan.

People told me they from the back, couldn't hear that well, and would like to get a video of my message. I don't have any video of that, but f I could find someone who does, that would be great.
I'll try to condense my message here though.....
My main topic was on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Picking up from Lincoln's last lines of the Gettysburg Address referring to our government as being of, by , and for the people.
Focusing on the words "of" and "by", I hoped to make the picture clear as to why we need to understand the importance of keeping our relationship with God the Father in respect to our government. "Of" demonstrates that we the people are the government. "By" shows that the entities of the federal and state governments were created by us, and since they were created by us, we are sovereign over them, as God, our creator is sovereign over us.
Tying that picture to the forefathers recognizing that our unalienable rights are derived from God Almighty, makes for a secure foundation. Why? Because with Him as our creator, and with us as the creator of the fed and state, that shows the picture of authority. Since God gave us rights and the ability to form our own government, He established us as stewards over our gift. The federal government has the privilege to exist, but not the right to exist. We on the other hand have rights. We, the people established a Republic, the rule of law, to be governed by... Not a democracy.
A democracy does not secure our rights, because it is a simple majority vote. By mob rule, 51% could easily impose hardship on the other 49%. However, with a republic, it avoids mob rule. There is a due process in written law to follow. So, a republic protects our freedoms better than any other form of government.
By design.... we the people are still held responsible for stewardship of our government.
If the federal government, which we created, reaches beyond its scope of jurisdiction, and becomes unworkable, then we reserve the right to change it, or start over.
If the federal government asserts itself in an area unconstitutionally, and we do nothing about it, or succumb to it, we allow them to act under "color" of law.
They "appear" to have law to do what they do.... until challenged.
I also got to mention about a constitutional free zone that the federal government has established,unconstitutionally. Through Home land Security, they have been able to create a Gestapo like jurisdiction, where they totally ignore our constitution, and act at will in harassing, abusing, and torturing people who challenge their authority.
This constitutional free zone is a 100 mile space from our outer borders of our country, inland. This includes 2/3 of our population!!!! That is a shocker!
They are are using the illegal alien/ drug story to use these unconstitutional powers for now. But if they secured the original border, there would be no need to extend it 100 miles. of course this is just a n"excuse to implement a new power. They have encourged chaos and crisis to give them this excuse.
If this goes unchallenged, it will be as though we are accepting it. However, most people don't even know this zone even exists. Citizens are experiencing the tyranny of it though. They just don't know why. They don't know why they are not secure in their property. They don't know why these thugs are not following due process of law.
They are going about their daily lives, minding their own business, traveling to work or whatever, and then there is a stop in the road. They are questioned without cause or reason to be suspicious of them. The people in uniform are the real terrorists... they are abusing innocent, unarmed people, stomping on their rights, because they think they don't apply.
And we wonder how the Holocaust happened... how people could be so evil.
Here is a video of an experience.
Keep in mind, he was 75 miles from the border. They not only ignored his 4th amendment rights, they tortured him for even standing on them. How long before they move the lines in further, how long before they just include the whole country.... they already have 2/3 of the people.
Just to let you know, the north part of Indiana is included in this zone.
It should be called the "Twilight Zone".
The good news is that there is an awakening in the people. The estmate is that there were over 2,000 tea parties on the 15th with over 1 mllion people all meeting at the same time. I don't know if there were any others meeting on the 18th, as we did. This is the begnnining of a movement to become the masters of our government again.... as it should be.
Christine Shrock
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