Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kurt Nimmo
April 19, 2009

Last week the Wall Street Journal reported on an operation launched earlier this year to target veterans who are members of “militia/sovereign-citizen extremist groups.” Operation Vigilant Eagle was launched in February, “two months before a memo giving a similar warning was issued on April 7 by the Department of Homeland Security.” It is described as a collaboration between the FBI and the Pentagon.

As Infowars points out, the DHS document in question was originally created in 2007 under the Bush administration and dusted off and revised under the Obama administration. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has defended the document and offered a weak apology to veterans who are targeted as extremists

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ANOTHER 'OPERATION TOPOFF' DRILL: FEMA- National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09)

More Illuminati Capstone Symbolism Crafted language

National Level Exercise Schedule National Level Exercise Schedule supereagle69 NLE 09 is designated as a Tier I National Level Exercise. Tier I exercises (formerly known as the Top Officials exercise series or TOPOFF) are conducted annually in accordance with the National Exercise Program (NEP), which serves as the nation's overarching exercise program for planning, organizing, conducting and evaluating national level exercises. The NEP was established to provide the U.S. government, at all levels, exercise opportunities to prepare for catastrophic crises ranging from terrorism t
Publish Post
o natural disasters.


Exercises such as NLE 09 are an important component of national preparedness, helping to build an integrated federal, state, tribal, local and private sector capability to prevent terrorist attacks, and rapidly and effectively respond to, and recover from, any terrorist attack or major disaster that occurs.

The full-scale exercise offers agencies and jurisdictions a way to test their plans and skills in a real-time, realistic environment and to gain the in-depth knowledge that only experience can provide. Participants will exercise prevention and information sharing functions that are critical to preventing terrorist attacks. Lessons learned from the exercise will provide valuable insights to guide future planning for securing the nation against terrorist attacks, disasters, and other emergencies.

For more information about NLE 09, contact the FEMA News Desk: 202-646-4600.

FEMA leads and supports the nation in a risk-based, comprehensive emergency management system of preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation, to reduce the loss of life and property and protect the nation from all hazards including natural disasters, acts of terrorism and other man-made disasters.

Last Modified: Wednesday, 11-Mar-2009 08:04:00 EDT

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Napolitano says we have a threat of terror on our own shores and vets are a target of that.

Trying to respond to the firestrom eruption of Angered Patriots over that Department of Homeland Security bulletin outlining the coming wave of right-wing domestic terrorism, Janet Napolitano went on CNN this morning to talk it over with John King on "State of the Union".

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Watch the Rally at Lexington Green LIVE Today

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Don't miss this exciting event brought to you by the Committees of Safety...

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April 19th, 1775: "The Shot Heard 'Round the World!" is fired!

April 19th, 2009: Committees of Safety reminds us all WHY is was FIRED!

Speakers Include: Tom Moor on behalf of Dr. Edwin Vieira, Walter Reddy, Garret Lear, Stewart Rhodes, and more...

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WACO: The Final Prophecy

This a rare neverknwo exclusive internet video documentary director's promo copy that I have in my suppressed militia training video vault and that I posted it as tribute to for today, this is a major documentary, a meticulously detailed, step-by-step and terrifyingly persuasive all-out attack on government agencies and officials for their handling of the siege of the Branch Davidian sect outside Waco, Texas, in early 1993, which resulted in more than 80 deaths. What emerges here is an acute sense of the ongoing struggle in American society between protecting the constitutional freedom of religion and protecting the public from the lunatic fringe.

You will never ever see this video on the net except through the one and only neverknwo....

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This is a story I am copying and pasting from my email today about claudia who is leaking out this story to our 'Campaign for Liberty' team.

I told you this is all about money and the power which comes with it. Let me give you one good very recent example, before I end this for today: CCA (known as Marion County Jail II), had a sewage problem, just the day before yesterday. Instead of calling in professionals, at a cost of perhaps close to $1000, they ordered the inmates (most have not been found guilty of any crime) to go into the hole where raw sewage was overflowing. The inmates were forced to clean up the waste from humans as it poured out of the pipes. No one wore protective clothing and no one had special equipment. The inmates were told it was against the law, so they had better tell no one or they would get into big trouble. Can anyone imagine the disease causing possibilities inherent in such an unprotected task? Tim was very sick after the disgusting job. The corporation saves money at the cost of the health of the prisoners. I dare not suggest that the

International Red Cross visit this prison/jail. They and the likes of the ACLU are far more concerned with the rights of those who now inhabit GITMO.

Thank you! If you ever run short of material for your show, I can guarantee that from what we have discovered in the last two years, we could just about guarantee you an endless stream until the really bad guys are taken out...of office.

Here is the first things I want to send to you. Gosh, I have so much. If I send you too much at one time I will overwhelm and bury you. I will start with three or four items.

1) I typed up my handwritten notes from the court hearings over the past two years just this past weekend.

2) The scanned copies of Tim's private drug tests taken here in Indy at MedCheck. I mentioned we went to court over the man who stole our car and sued me and my husband. That date was 1/08/09. Tim was called to EMS (Electronic Monitoring Service), whose owner is a good friend of Judge Hill, and ordered to be down at their office to give a UA by 4 pm, even though they are open until 6 pm. Red flags appeared in my head. The court closes at 4 pm. I needed someone to watch my house. A friend was on his way to the court. I called him to ask that he instead to to our house to stand guard. Good thing. I told you about the many Comcast trucks.

Anyway, when Tim arrived at EMS, they pretended to know nothing about the UA call. Since he was there, Tim offered a sample. He passed that one. The next was on 2/17/09. His probation officer, Christina Andwert (sp?), told Tim to get an additional test after each UA, because something strange was going on. Tim went to MedCheck the next day 2/18/09 and two more times after that. He was called to give a sample at EMS on 3/3/09 (could be 3/2/09). A Ms. Bradshaw, while I was sitting right next to Tim the following week, tried to force Tim to take a drug class. She said Tim had failed the drug test, but after much objection from us, admitted the sample had not yet been sent to the lab. On a subsequent visit, meant only to harass Tim, it was accidentally disclosed that Tim passed the test on 3/3/09. Eventually, I could not afford to pay for weekly drug tests ($90.00) so we stopped doing the follow up tests at MedCheck.

Tim was told one other test was diluted. I am sure it was. Since they threatened to arrest him on 2/17/09 when he failed to urinate on cue, and squeezed so hard that he pooped in his pants. Tim drank lots of water before going so that he would not have any trouble giving them a sample. Tim has been on probation so long over the time, and has NEVER failed a test. He knows better than to smoke pot if he is on probation.

3) This is a kind of outline of events which I started some time ago. I never finished, yet by reading you will get an idea of how this all began. If I remember correctly all arrests for DUIs are mentioned.

4) This complaint sent to the Indiana Supreme Court as a formal Complaint against Judge Hill, was written by Leslie Sourwine (who has actually been to Indy several times). She was assisted by Paul Ogden and Adam (a criminal attorney in the law firm), who had actually look through Tim's files.

5) Arrest report of August 2006. Note that the time of the supposed breath test differs, along with the fact the stupid officers sign their names as IMPD when there was no IMPD at that time. Tim never offered to set up drug deals. They were always stating this and one time agreed to help them, but he was nearly killed. All his arrest reports look as if a template was filled in with his name. Witness states they never gave any sobriety tests of any kind to Tim. Melloh, the cop, actually tried to kill all of them by running them off the road. Tim's alertness actually saved their lives. This was just one of the many arrests which followed the incident in June of 2005 when 9 Indianapolis Police drug cops with a fraudulent warrant (signed by Judge Boone...who must be in on the fake warrant thing), busted into Tim's home. The cops were set up and used as a tool to torture Tim. Once before a man knocked down his front door and put a gun to Tim's head.

6) Picture of Heather the call girl/fiancee and Tim. This is a photo of a photo.
This is so you will know who you are helping. Sort of helps to have an idea in the head.

That is enough for now, dear one. Please let me know when you are ready for more.
Here is a bit I pasted from a My Space site, I never had the time to complete.

Much Love & Light,

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