Friday, April 17, 2009

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Exclusive Video Coverage
Dr. Allen Keyes was in town today for the Saturday Tea Party in Downtown Fort Wayne.
Dr. Keyes will be the keynote speaker at the ASTROTURF EVENT and I was able to meet him at the reception they offered to the public and a RSVP Dinner.

I just got back from the reception and let me say I was excited to get back and uplaod my interview with him but something happened and I can't find the footage, WTF?
I got him to comment on the HLS Security Report and the NWO but it never got
saved or something.

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Dr. Alan Keyes Interview rejected and deleted at

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I Also put it on with an embed code for websites
but then all of a sudden it was rejected and deleted.

I posted an Interview tonite that I had with Dr. Alan Keyes and it was deleted and removed for violatation of terms of service.

I found out that the MOD who deleted my interview, deleted it based not on content in the video, but Deleted it because of the content on my website.

So long LL

Not only is it not in the FAQ
It was never done to anyone else, I don't think yet.

The MOD told me to remove my blogsite url and then they would approve it. Then the mod told me to contact LL to advertise my blog on my Videos.

I thought what bullshit to have some twit tell me to remove content from my product and allow some private company like LL to get full copyrights out of the deal and leave me without being able to give myself credit in making it.


Oh, I just read your post:

"I thought what bullshit to have some twit tell me to remove content from my product and allow some private company like LL to get full copyrights out of the deal and leave me without being able to give myself credit in making it."

We don't want your copyright, our terms cover us for allowing your media to be embedded via LiveLeak and allow us to use media for promotional purposes (which we have never even done without first obtaining direct permission).

Clearly you decided to invent a scenario before you had even spoken to me. So, I would be wasting my time by conversing with you any further. You said "goodbye LiveLeak" so perhaps it's for the best you spread lies about some other site rather than us.

Good day.




If you read the comment below the MOD is telling me that I must remove my website url and being told I'm not allowed to credit my own website for the Work

The MODS rejected my Video because they didn't approve of what I had forsale on my blogsite?

Ok I'm back at my desk after spending the day gathering some great breaking news footage.


Exactly which senerio did I invent?

Liveleak MODS making up copyright rules or me making up copyright rules?

This all started after I had worked all day in putting together an Interview with Dr. Alan Keyes last night and then I had to waste 5 hours finding out why it was deleted.
Who asked who to remove the credits off my contribution and demand some form of Changes need to me made on my video?
By: LLM_Siarnaq,
if you would like to advertise you're url/.com address you are more then welcome to contact liveleak advertising . to set up an account. you can also remake the video without the watermark/ site url


My url is at and I have been putting my blooger url on videos for credit purposes and not copyrights since I joined LL.

Why did LLM_Siarnaq tell me I wasn't allowed to put my url on a video I made for credit purposes?

What exactly was it I was advertising?



site url's are not going to be approved mate. thats the rule . you are however welcome to contact an administrator or submit a support ticket. cheers


I simply put my website url on the video to give credit to it and I get hit with this?

Ok, you say I lied.

I don't make copyrights!

But my videos on google are being identified as content that has a copyrights on them now after years of being active.

I can't prove it yet, but I will.

Somebody is registering video content and applying for copyrights off my work I have put up on the net and
getting videos removed for content that I didn't put copyrights on.

WTF does a blogger do?

If you make a video and don't register it for copyrights, so somehow someone is getting content they find off the net not copyrighten, registering non-copyrighten material and banning people from their own work.

Now with reports that bloggers are being phased out of youtube.
It seems plausible that those Media Monsters have found a new way to
stomp out the info warriors by registering non-copyrighten material or viral hit videos and apply for copyrights on it.

The only copyrights we as bloggers have left is where can we decide where to uplaod it to with being concerned that it will not be suppressed.

My interview, my product, my work, my money spent, in a non-registered, non copyright Corporate world, all I did was upload it, get it rejected and deleted for wanting to take credit for it.

So am I not allowed to have any Liberty and raise any funds and sell things on my site to help pay for all they money I spent?

LLM_Siarnaq decided I'm not allowed to take credit for it and then sent me the messege after I asked why it was deleted. LLM_Siarnaq sent me a messege that I wasn't allowed to sell things off my blog.

Who's holding the rights card now?

I gave my permission when I agreed to the terms before I uplaoded the
contribution and then I had to spend 4 hours wondering WTF happened to my rights!!

LLA_Surtur reversed the Rejection, but by that time the Damage had been done and said for me to re-upload again after I spent 5 hours of my time that I had wanted to something else with.

re upload your video, the Mod was concerned because you are selling stuff from your blog site, I will be in touch later. Put it up again and I will get it approved


I do not want to spend anymore time uploading and publishing
another video.

If the liveleak MOD who deleted my contribution, didn't waste my time and putting a guilt trip on my back maybe I wouldn't be so angry.

So I guess I will promote my Tea Party Coverage at another website instead of Liveleak and allow that website to generate the traffic flow without promoting liveleak.

I had sent links to that video within the network already before it was approved. So now that it is nothing but a dead link, what will people invent, when they see this video has violated terms of service? I was hoping to use speed to get this breaking news out as quick as possible, but I'm am forced to explain what happened and waste even more time with another rejected video again on Liveleak. I wanted to spend time editing footage that I captured today but instead I have to compalin about footage that I was leaking to promote
the tea party event with Dr. Alan Keyes as addition to the already published coverage.

Remember Hayden, I was helping to try and promote liveleak and at the sametime promote my work on my videos that I made.

I tried to make it win , win situation and tell everyone to go to liveleak and see my work, but I guess since LLM_Siarnaq had deleted it. it doesnt really matter much at all how LL MODs are redefining the media.

Honestly how do I promote liveleak anymore with MODS like LLM_Siarnaq who reject content based upon a url that advertises a blogsite?

I went and looked at other videos on Liveleak to compare and see if the url policy was consistant and there are a lot being uploaded by members that have url watermarks on them and they didn't even make the video.

You know I wouldn't have been as angry if I was told that I had uploaded a copyrighten video and had it rejected, but this was my own original content citizen jounalism news report.


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Video Bloggers Fear “You” Being Phased Out Of YouTube

Viral videos and individual user channels being obliterated by bland corporate promos as censorship and regulation make popular video website unrecognizable from a few years ago

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, April 17, 2009

A new You Tube video getting a lot of attention highlights concerns that the “You” is being phased out of YouTube, as individual users are sidelined by regulation and censorship in favor of corporate domination of the popular video website, an eventuality that we first warned about years ago.

The clip makes the case that You Tube has all but eliminated the prominence of individual video channels and artificially suppressed their chances of topping the popular ranking charts.

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Neverknwo verses the Radical Extremists

I overheard a guy on the Radio today boasting about shooting illegals plus getting people to join him and the Militia in supporting shooting the president for being an illegal too. If I didn't knwo better, I either thought this guy was a Drunk Idiot or he was just trying to get attention like Stevie did back in Jan.. The thing is that it was the wrong thing to say after all the negetive attention by the loonie left and Homeland Security's latest "Rightwing Extremism" Report the MSM is jumping all over this week if we are going to save the U.S.A.

I point out the Radicals, in this over the public airwaves radio interview today.
If I publish this Interview how much trouble will I get in? I'm wondering if I should publish the entire interview or Report just part of it as a Service to my Country? If I publish it I might need to provide it to the Authorities. It may be needed for Evidence as the S.S., who may need it for analysis after this Threat made against the President of the United States.

This is just a segment of the whole Interview and glimpse of what was disscussed.

This is my assesment of the Homeland Security Report released last week and what I think of it and those traitors who wanna label me the Enemy!!!

Soak in your Shame Homeland Security as I show you that you have us Americans Identified Wrong! So lumping Radicals into the same group of us Patriots on the Right is irresponssible. Once again as the radicals point out the problems with Obama's origins of Birth and the Constitution Crisis that as angered people over the mulitple issues the Federal Government Refuses to Address even one of them that they have created and the backlash of all the petitions for a Remedy by the People.

How many more people will the Government Disturb and continue to fuel the anger of those Radicals who find out the Truth of all the lies the Federal Government has Created?

Please help me in raising the funds needed for a legal fund, because I think I may need it real soon....

Why me Mr. President?

Why do I have to be "The Last Boy Scout?"

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