Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Archeologists 'find King Solomon's mines'
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Oct 28, 2008
Archeologists and treasure-hunters have searched for the mines for more than a century since the best-selling Victorian novel, King Solomon's Mines by H ...
King Solomon's Mines Rediscovered? National Geographic
Researchers may have found King Solomon's mines CNN
King Solomon's Mines 'discovered'
New Scientist (subscription) - Science Daily (press release)
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BC-King-Solomon's-Mines, UK - Oct 28, 2008
AP foreign BC-King-Solomon's-Mines World News Assassination plot targeting Obama disrupted, US authorities say WASHINGTON - Law enforcement agents have ...
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Mine Discovery ; World ROUND-UP (press release), OR - 3 minutes ago
(Source: Daily Post; Liverpool)RESEARCHERS believe they may have found the legendary King Solomon's Mines. But instead of the treasure of gold and diamonds ...
Allan Quartermain on the case?, Canada - 8 hours ago
Despite being legend, lore, pulp fiction and a most excellent B movie, the much rumored but never found King Solomon's Mines may have actually been ...

Copper ruins in Jordan bolster biblical record of King Solomon

King Solomon's Mine Discovered
WTVW, IN - Oct 28, 2008
King Solomon's Mine, the subject of fable, film and even a best selling book was real. Scientists are quite certain they've discovered the mine during an ...

Times Online
Jordan copper mines from biblical times could be King Solomon’s
Times Online, UK - Oct 28, 2008
An ancient copper works in Jordan may have been the location of the fabled King Solomon’s mines, new archaeological investigations suggest. ...
Lost biblical copper mine found?
Christian Science Monitor, MA - 4 hours ago
King Solomon was big on brass accessories. He ordered two enormous brass pillars, plus other brass items, for the temple the monarch commissioned for ...

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