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Gigantic Polar Cyclone and Spinning Hexagon at Saturn's North Pole.

Surrounding this cyclone is a puzzling hexagon-shaped structure, first seen by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft more than 20 years ago,
and imaged by Cassini last year. Although the hexagon itself is stationary, small white clouds inside the structure move at speeds exceeding 500 km/second, whipping around the hexagon like cars on a racetrack, says Ingersoll.

Intriguingly, the central eye of the northern storm isn’t clear but is covered by a dark cloud 600 km wide, which Cassini scientists have dubbed the bellybutton.

At the south pole, where it’s summer, Cassini took images in visible light and in infrared. The new images show features one-tenth as small as those seen before. Previous visible-light images showed an outer ring of high clouds surrounding what appeared to be a relatively cloud-free region, but the new close-ups reveal a second, inner ring of strong storms.

The outer ring has a diameter of 4,000 km with a wall of towering clouds 40 to 70 km high. The inner ring has about half the diameter of the outer one.

Infrared images of the south show that the entire region is marked by dark cloud spots, an indication of underlying thunderstorm activity similar to that in the north, notes Baines.

In the south, the central eye is clear. “Darned if I know” why a hexagon pattern appears only in the north and not in the south, says Ingersoll.

Spinning Saturn


Mysterious Cyclones Seen at Both of Saturn's Poles
National Geographic, DC - Oct 14, 2008
But without large bodies of liquid water, Saturn's polar cyclones are likely fed by heat from thunderstorms deep in its ammonia-filled atmosphere, ...

Cassini Weekly Report (10212008)
BBSNews, NC - Oct 25, 2008
The Cassini spacecraft is in an excellent state of health and all subsystems are operating normally. Information on the present position and speed of the ...

Cassini probe buzzes Saturn moon - Oct 10, 2008
NASA's Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn made its closest fly-by of the moon Enceladus on Thursday (Oct. 9). Analyzing molecules being ejected from geysers ...
Cassini's closest encounter MSNBC
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Alien Hexagon Spaceship Shooting Plasma-Like Jets Near Saturn?

Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn
Space Fellowship, UK - Oct 17, 2008
This nighttime view of Saturn’s north pole shows a bizarre six-sided hexagon feature encircling the entire north pole. The red color indicates the amount of ...

Science Centric
Giant Cyclones At Saturn's Poles Create A Swirl Of Mystery
Science Daily (press release) - Oct 13, 2008
Oddly, neither the fast-moving clouds inside the hexagon nor this new cyclone seem to disrupt the six-sided hexagon. New Cassini imagery of Saturn's south ...
Mysteries Swirl Around Cyclones At Saturn's Poles Slashdot
Closer look at Saturn Science News
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Huge cyclone churns at Saturn’s north pole
Science News - Oct 14, 2008
Surrounding this cyclone is a puzzling hexagon-shaped structure, first seen by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft more than 20 years ago, and imaged by ...
Saturn's Twin Cyclones Stuck at Poles Discovery Channel
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Giant cyclones seen on Saturn
MSNBC - Oct 13, 2008
Strangely, neither the fast-moving clouds inside the hexagon nor the cyclone seem to disrupt the six-sided feature. The cyclone on Saturn's south pole has ...
UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News
Times of the Internet, Ohio - Oct 13, 2008
The space agency didn't identify the makeup of the hexagon other than to call it odd. New Cassini imagery of Saturn's south pole shows similar cyclonic ...
Giant "Hurricanes" Ring Saturn's Poles, MA - Oct 14, 2008
Meanwhile, he and other mission scientists have known since the 1980s (thanks to the Voyager flybys) that a strange, hexagon-shaped cloud feature some 15000 ...

The Raleigh Telegram
NASA: Massive Cyclones Seen On Saturn
The Raleigh Telegram, NC - Oct 13, 2008
... times larger than Earth's hurricanes at Saturn's north turning at over 330 miles per hour as it circles a mysterious hexagon that doesn't seem to move. ...
Infrared Movie of Saturn’s North Polar Region
Space Fellowship, UK - Oct 14, 2008
(NASA) - This near-infrared movie of Saturn’s north pole shows a giant cyclone, encircled by a hexagon feature. The movie was created from several images, ...

Space Com
Sun's protective 'bubble' is shrinking, United Kingdom - Oct 18, 2008
The protective bubble around the sun that helps to shield the Earth from harmful interstellar radiation is shrinking and getting weaker, Nasa scientists ...
Sun's protective bubble is shrinking: NASA Hindu
Is life on our planet facing another mass extinction? American Chronicle
NASA launches spacecraft to study solar wind Economic Times
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Displacement of Earth’s magnetic poles may turn planet into giant Hiroshima

Space Fellowship, UK - 6 hours ago
This ‘space weather’ can and does affect Earth. Space weather from these enormous solar storms slammed into Earths magnetic field from October 19 through ...

Aerojet to Provide Propulsion for NASA's Radiation Belt Storm ...
MarketWatch - Oct 22, 2008
... that govern the radiation belts -- the two regions encircling the Earth, where high energy particles are trapped by the Earth's magnetic field. ...
Dispelling Myths About Geomagnetic Reversal
Slashdot - Oct 5, 2008
UniverseToday has an interesting look at geomagnetic reversal, the process in which the Earth's magnetic poles trade places. The article cites known trends ...

Space Com
NASA's Ibex Launches for Examination of Sun's Weakening Shield
Bloomberg - Oct 19, 2008
Much as the Earth's magnetic field repels cosmic rays, the solar wind protects the entire solar system. Ions, expelled by the sun in every direction at 1 ...
IBEX; Hubble Hangups
Update: Spacecraft IBEX Will Study Boundaries Of Solar System eFluxMedia
Ibex spacecraft to study fringes of solar system San Francisco Chronicle -
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The Associated Press
Second look at first rock from the sun
Christian Science Monitor, MA - 2 hours ago
New measurements of the planet’s magnetic field suggest that its orientation is more stable than Earth’s magnetic field. This opens a window on processes ...
MESSENGER Spacecraft Reveals More Hidden Territory on Mercury MarketWatch
Mercury Flyby Reveals New Oddities Space Com
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Lava flows reveal clues to magnetic field reversals
Entertainment and Showbiz!, India - Oct 3, 2008
“When the lava flows erupt and cool in the Earths magnetic field, they acquire a memory of the magnetic field at that time,” said Singer. ...

Earth is a living object. And every living thing is bound to die. There are many theories regarding the origins of Earth. Scientists are also trying to find an answer to another important question: How much longer will the planet be fit to live? Some scientists believe that the fate of Earth has been predetermined i.e. life on Earth will be burned out and destroyed even if each member of the human race should join the “green movement” one of these days.

A recent piece of scientific news came in as a nice surprise for the Russian public. Experts in geodynamics gathered irrefutable evidence about the ongoing movement of the Crimea, which is said to be drifting slowly but surely toward Russia at a speed of 2-3 cm per year. However, those who show lots of enthusiasm at the news may as well wake up in a house on fire. The point is that Earth’s tectonic and geologic processes portend the end of the planet and its subsequent transformation into a star. By and large, the prospects do not look so bright for the species.

War and Sunspot Cycles: A Form of Electromagnetic Pollution
The Epoch Times, NY - Oct 13, 2008
Geophysicists call this reaction a geomagnetic storm, but because of how it disrupts the Earths magnetic field, it could also be called electromagnetic ...

When the death of the sun brings an end to our Earth
Irish Times, Ireland - Oct 15, 2008
About 5.5 billion years from now all the hydrogen in the core of the sun will have fused into helium and the core, no longer supported against gravitational ...

Geobiologists Discover Unique 'Magnetic Death Star' Fossils
Science Daily (press release) - Oct 22, 2008
Fifty-five million years ago, Earth warmed by more than 9 degrees Fahrenheit after huge amounts of carbon entered the atmosphere over a period of just a few ...


End of days: a universe in ruins
Cosmos, Australia - Oct 22, 2008
Given that the diameter of the Earth's orbit is only about 300 million km, our own prospects don't seem much better. But it's not quite that simple: because ...

MIT finds young planets stay hotter longer
Hindu, India - Oct 16, 2008
Because the Earth's crust is so dynamic, there is no material left from that initial epoch that could be studied to test this modelling, she said, ...

MIT finds young planets stay hotter longer
Hindu, India - Oct 16, 2008
Because the Earth's crust is so dynamic, there is no material left from that initial epoch that could be studied to test this modelling, she said, ...

Dispelling Myths About Geomagnetic Reversal
Slashdot - Oct 5, 2008
One such study is attempting to model the earth's core with a 26-ton ball of molten metal. Another recently found evidence that the Earth has a second, ...

Scientific Frontline
Acronyms, Definitions and Forecast Descriptions
Scientific Frontline, OK - 17 hours ago
Under normal conditions the value of the ICF is defined to be 10, in geomagnetic storms this can drop to as low as 6 or in very good conditions can be as ...
Daily Ionospheric Forecast Service (DIFS) Scientific Frontline
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On this day in history
Chicago Tribune, United States - 16 hours ago
In 2003 a powerful geomagnetic storm walloped the Earth, knocking out some airline communications but apparently causing no other major problems. ...STT
The almanac
United Press International - 15 hours ago
Also in 2003, the third-largest recorded solar blast slammed into the Earth causing a severe but short-lived geomagnetic storm. In 2004, Osama bin Laden, ...

Local author Agell takes 'long walk in the toxic wilderness' with ...
Brunswick Times Record, United States - Oct 17, 2008
The title of the novel stems from the concept of a "polar shift," in which some believe the Earth's crust will suddenly shift. ...

End of the world as we know it
Columbia Daily Tribune, MO - Oct 15, 2008
NASA predicts a magnetic pole shift. Some dub it “doomsday.” I don’t know about the end of the world, but in Columbia Public Schools, the year 2012 conjures ...

Climate's three-headed dog
Stock and Land, Australia - Oct 21, 2008
“The polar shift of the fronts [SAM] is also going on, but these consecutive dipole events are making that very much worse.” Modelling, and trends to date, ...

Over 170 killed in Balochistan quake, India - 3 hours ago
At least eight villages in Ziarat and Pishin areas of Balochistan province were almost razed to rubble by the quake, according to first rescue workers who ...
At least 170 dead as quake hits southwest Pakistan The Associated Press
Pakistan quake kills 170, leaves thousands homeless AFP
175 killed as Pakistan is hit by quake Daily Nation
Daily Times - ABC News
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Scores dead as quake hits southwestern Pakistan
The Associated Press - 20 hours ago
The quake struck early Wednesday in Balochistan, an impoverished province bordering Afghanistan. Balochistan police chief Asif Nawaz Khos says at least 31 ...
31 dead as quake hits southwestern Pakistan Jerusalem Post
Around the world Detroit Free Press
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Reuters South Africa
Big Tokyo quake could catch commuters short: report
Washington Post, United States - Oct 28, 2008
TOKYO (Reuters) - A major quake in Tokyo would force millions of commuters to try to get home on foot, and their journey could be made more difficult by a ...
Japanese officials fret about toilet shortage in event of big quake USA Today
Tokyo to face 'toilet refugee' crisis in quake: study AFP
Toilet shortage feared in case of big Tokyo quake The Canadian Press
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BBC News
Chronology of major quakes in recent years
Daily Times, Pakistan - 54 minutes ago
January 17, 1995, Japan: A magnitude 7.2 quake, the country’s worst in half a century, rocked Kobe, killing 6430 people. February 4, 1998, Afghanistan: At ...
In pictures: Pakistan quake BBC News
More Than 100 Dead In 6.4 Quake KBTX
CHRONOLOGY-Major earthquakes in recent years Reuters India
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Online - International News Network
World leaders grieve over loss of lives in Balochistan quake
Daily Times, Pakistan - 59 minutes ago
... and expresses his sympathy and condolences to the families of the quake victims and the people of Pakistan,” said a press release issued by the Afghan ...
Pak quake: PM offers help
PM condoles loss of lives in Pakistan quake - offers assistance. Press Information Bureau (press release)
PM Gilani announces aid for quake victims Geo TV
Pakistani Newspaper - Online - International News Network
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Sky News
UPDATE 1-One moderate quake, one light hit California
Reuters - Oct 26, 2008
A magnitude 5.1 quake was centered 19 miles (30 km) west of Petrolia, California, which is about 265 miles (426 km) north of San Francisco. ...
Magnitude 5.1 quake strikes off northern Calif. The Associated Press
Bay Area News In Brief San Jose Mercury News
Two minor quakes shake Northern California
Los Angeles Times -
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US to provide $1m in initial quake assistance
Daily Times, Pakistan - 55 minutes ago
WASHINGTON: The United States (US) government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), will provide an initial $1 million in assistance ...
USAID Provides Initial $1M in Aftermath of Pakistan Quake MarketWatch
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Rs 70m, relief packages for quake victims
Daily Times, Pakistan - 1 hour ago
A team of the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), led by Prof. Adibul Hassan Rizvi, also left for the quake-affected areas of Balochistan ...
MQM starts relief work for quake-hit areas The Nation, Pakistan
Altaf directs MQM to launch relief works for quake affectees Associated Press of Pakistan
Altaf condoles The News International
Associated Press of Pakistan
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World Bank plans $710m China loan for quake recovery
Reuters - Oct 27, 2008
... Bank would provide an emergency recovery loan in that amount, $510 million of which would go to Sichuan province, which was hardest hit by the quake. ...
China offered quake reconstruction funding Radio Australia
World Bank, France pledge funds to China's quake-hit Sichuan province Times of India
More credit support asked for post-quake rebuilding China Daily
Xinhua -
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Radio Australia
Quake toll rises in Pakistan
Radio Australia, Australia - 6 hours ago
[AFP] The 6.2 magnitude quake hit in the southwestern province of Baluchistan in the early hours of the morning, and has been followed by a series of ...
UN agencies join rescue and relief efforts after deadly quake hits ... UN News Centre
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Joint USAF/NOAA Report of Solar and Geophysical Activity 28 Oct 2008
Space Ref (press release) - 18 hours ago
... 1 - 2 (29 - 30 October) due to a recurrent coronal hole high-speed solar wind stream. There will also be a chance for minor storm levels on 30 October. ...

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