Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Air Force Chief Replaced Prematurely
코리아타임즈, South Korea - 3 hours ago
... Air Force Chief of Staff after his Cabinet approves the nomination. President Lee replaced the other eight four-star generals in the military in April. ...

Gen. Schwartz addresses Air Force future
Air Force Link, DC - 23 hours ago
and there is never a shortage of impressive answers," General Schwartz said. "You'll find the Air Force on every continent. There are 33000 Airmen deployed ...

Air Force Chief Promises to Shake-up Service - 3 hours ago
Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz delivered an hour-long address to the Air Force Association today that will probably be remembered as a ...

US Air Force to Overhaul Handling of Nuclear Material
Voice of America - Sep 12, 2008
By Al Pessin A special task force of the US Defense Department has recommended a major overhaul of how the Air Force handles nuclear warheads and related ...
Advisers: Consolidate Air Force nuke command
Breaking News: Gates Addresses DoD Nuclear Blunders OhMyGov!
Boston Globe - Boston Herald
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Air Force holding nuclear summit today
Shreveport Times, LA - 6 hours ago
By John Andrew Prime • • September 18, 2008 Acting Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. ...


20 U.S.GENERALS MURDERED 'OPERATION RAPTOR' group/TruthAvengers/browse_ thread/thread/eb1bbc7b797da5bd

Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News
Seeking Alpha, NY - 2 hours ago
The US Fed increased its dollar swap line with foreign CBs by $180B - $60B of which will be funnelled to the ECB, $60B to the BoJ, $40B to the BoE and $10B ...
Central Banks Respond To $180B Loan
Forbes, NY - 55 minutes ago
LONDON - The logjam in the money markets has eased--though only slightly--after the US Federal Reserve and a handful of the world's central banks announced ...
Central banks pour $180B into markets
Business News Network, Canada - 39 minutes ago
The Fed said it was extending currency swap arrangements with other central banks by $180 billion to fund the extra liquidity operations, which come on top ...

Japan, Australia Add $16.8 Billion as Money Market Rates Jump
Bloomberg - 1 hour ago
The Bank of Japan pumped 1.5 trillion yen ($14.4 billion) today, for a total of 7 trillion this week. The Reserve Bank of Australia added A$3.02 billion ...
Fed following path that didn't help Japan in crisis Reuters
Central banks pump more cash into ailing financial system
Japan injects billions into reserves InvestmentNews
Bloomberg - Bloomberg
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Japan's central bank pumps 2 trillion yen to stabilize market
Xinhua, China - Sep 16, 2008
17 (Xinhua) -- The Bank of Japan, Japan's central bank, said Wednesday it pumped 2 trillion yen (19 billion US dollars) into money markets in a bid to ...
Deutsche Delays Samurai Bonds After Lehman Bankruptcy (Update1) Bloomberg
Bank of Japan injects money to help calm crisis The Associated Press
Japan's Financial Dominoes Forbes
Monsters and - Bloomberg
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Turkish Press
Bank of Japan injects $14.35 billion into money markets
MarketWatch - 36 minutes ago
By V. Phani Kumar HONG KONG (MarketWatch) -- The Bank of Japan Thursday injected an additional 1.5 trillion yen ($14.35 billion) into the short-term money ...
Bank of Japan Adds Funds for 3rd Day to Calm Markets (Update1) Bloomberg
Bank of Japan injects three trillion yen into markets AFP
Japan central bank applies yen to the market Turkmenistan News
Channel News Asia - Bloomberg
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Bank of Canada Joins Global Central Banks in Providing Funds
Bloomberg - 1 hour ago
By David Scanlan Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- The Bank of Canada joined the US Federal Reserve and other central banks in providing extra cash for banks to calm financial markets.
Six central banks flood markets with cash (Roundup) Monsters and
Banks' demand huge in ECB's first 1-day dollar auction Forbes
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So That's What's Going On with Nukes at the Air Force
Project on Government Oversight, DC - Sep 15, 2008
The state of disarray with nukes at the Air Force is so frightening that the Task Force "recommends that the Air Force overhaul and standardize its entire ...
$1.5 Billion Needed For USAF Nuke Quick-Fix Aviation Week
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Top military brass to stress handling of nukes at Hill AFB
Salt Lake Tribune, United States - Aug 23, 2008
AP LAYTON - Top military brass are paying a visit to Hill Air Force Base to emphasize safety in handling of nuclear weapons and parts. Acting Air Force ...

Sleeping nuke handlers' pay docked
United Press International - Aug 29, 2008
... part that contained old launch codes for intercontinental nuclear missiles at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota, The Air Force Times reported Friday. ...

Update on Nuke Insecurity at Minot
Project on Government Oversight, DC - Aug 29, 2008
But when reporters called for information, the Air Force denied knowing anything about it. Now we see that the Air Force was not being entirely honest. ...

What about the nukes?
The Oregonian -, OR - Aug 31, 2008
Meanwhile, some startling episodes, such as last year's temporary misplacement of six nuclear missiles by the US Air Force, show that the nuclear threat ...

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