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NASA Shuttle Embarks on Record Stay at Space Station (Update4)
Bloomberg - Mar 11, 2008
By Demian McLean March 11 (Bloomberg) -- NASA's Endeavour lifted off before dawn today for the International Space Station, beginning an almost 16-day ...
Video: Raw Video: Liftoff of Space Shuttle Endeavour AssociatedPressOhio Astronaut Flies on Shuttle Mission About - Cities & Towns
NASA puzzles over mysterious debris that struck shuttle AFP
ABC News - Reuters
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Shuttle Mission in Good Shape After Launch, NASA Says - 5 hours ago
By Dave Mosher HOUSTON — Less than 24 hours after space shuttle Endeavour's successful launch set a predawn Florida sky ablaze, NASA said the mission is ...
Endeavour Astronauts to Scan Shuttle For Dings
NASA STS-123 Report #03 Wednesday, March 12, 2008 - 2:30 am CDT Space Ref (press release)
Update 1: After A Successful Launch, Endeavour Heads To ISS eFluxMedia
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Shuttle Endeavour lights up night sky
Sarasota Herald-Tribune, FL - 59 minutes ago
... Endeavour's all-male crew. It is the second of six planned shuttle missions this year, all but one to the space station. NASA faces a 2010 deadline for ...
ATK Solid Rocket Motors Help Propel Successful Launch of Space ...
Space Ref (press release) - 7 minutes ago
... Rocket Motors (RSRM) and the company's Booster Separation Motors (BSM) performed flawlessly today for NASA's STS-123 Space Shuttle Endeavour launch. ... 11
Space Shuttle Endeavour En Route With Canada's Dextre
E Canada Now, Canada - 6 hours ago
Boston (eCanadaNow) - The NASA space shuttle Endeavour is en route to the International Space Station for a 16-day mission. It is bringing with it Canada's ...
NASA launch: Going where no robot has gone before Computerworld
Robot has human touch Montreal Gazette
A Space Robot With Arms to Make R2D2 Jealous New York Times - ABC News
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NASA's Endeavour mission set for March 11 rendezvous
Houston Chronicle, United States - Feb 29, 2008
NASA has cleared the shuttle Endeavour for a March 11 launch on a mission to the international space station with the first piece of a Japanese science ...

The Associated Press
NASA: Endeavour Ready to Fly March 11
The Associated Press - Feb 29, 2008
(AP) — NASA on Friday cleared space shuttle Endeavour for liftoff in less than two weeks on the longest space station visit ever. Endeavour is scheduled to ...

NASA puzzles over mysterious debris that struck shuttle
AFP - 9 hours ago
WASHINGTON (AFP) — Endeavour astronauts inspected the space shuttle's heat shield Wednesday, while NASA puzzled over a mysterious piece of debris that may ...

The Cassini spacecraft will fly into mysterious icy plumes erupting from Saturn's moon Enceladus on Wednesday. The flyby, the spacecraft's closest approach to any object so far, could shed light on whether a liquid water ocean – and possibly life – lies beneath the moon's icy surface.

In July 2005, Cassini flew within 175 kilometres of Enceladus's surface, discovering a dozen or so jets spraying water vapour and ice crystals out of warm fissures near the south pole.

That was surprising because moons as small as Enceladus, which is just 500 km wide, do not usually boast enough internal heat to foster such violent volcanic activity. Nonetheless, the existence of the plumes hinted that there might be a liquid water ocean beneath the surface that could provide a toehold for life.

Cassini Passes by Saturn's Tiny Moon, Enceladus
DailyTech - 4 hours ago
The Cassini space probe will soon complete its four-year primary mission to study Saturn, its rings, and its moons. Though close to its June completion, the Cassini mission's operators will be busy today, as the spacecraft makes a very close flyby of ...
Probe to Sample Saturn Moon's Geysers The Associated Press
Cassini to make audacious flyby BBC News
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