Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Viewing this material will shatter the illusion.

The Real Latin Invasion Secret Society of GOD Bush Family CIA The Royal MI5 and the Jesuit GOD Control the world through money manipulation, military might and espionage with the promise of reward and in heaven or eternal damnation if you don't fall into lock step with the ultimate fascist regime, Religion and an ANGRY VENGEFUL GOD.

Short but sweet and too the point, the lying liars that lie about a fake god lie about pedophiles lie about their wealth lie about everything. Lied about being Nazis, lied about....the list is too long.

Ever wondered how the church can keep getting away with child abuse? Not too hard to figure out when the Judges are some of the Abusers. A society of enablers clinging to each other so tightly they will allow their own children to be handed over to the abusers everyday. They would take the word of the divine abuser over there own child's cries for help and allow the abuse to continue for greater glory of god.

Oooogah booogah mumbo jumbo.

Government looks the other way as Secret Society of FAKE GOD MIND CONTROL PERVERTS HIDES LYING HISTORY of 1000s of Pedophiles living among you even as we speak.

This same thing has been going on forever but everyone looks the other way as stupid religious nutters continue to send their kids to be brainwashed by pedophiles.

The government loves religion, it keeps the masses in line. The fools flock to church on Sundays to feel connected to the universe and to compare fancy clothes and brag about how smart their stupid kids are.

Anyone have any evidence of "A GOD"? I read comic books as a kid but that doesn't prove Superman or Jughead exist though if you still believe in a personal God there may just be evidence Jughead exists.

Religious NUTTERS are killing the planet and dooming the human race to live out their stupid self-fulfilling prophecy of Armageddon. They never heard you get what you wish for?

Hitler wrote and followed a book, look where it got him.

Stupid religious nutters dare you reply? Watch my God Bless America clip first or you may get burned in here, unless of course you are a pedophile yourself and care to defend your religion's long held practice of buggering helpless children and keeping them silent with the fear of heaven and hell?

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