Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Real Death Star might blast Earth with death rays
Xinhua, China - 13 hours ago
The blazing spiral could destroy the world from thousands of light-years away, which is far more powerful than the moon-sized Death Star, which has to get ...
Real death star could strike Earth USA Today
Could A Real Death Star Harm Earth? TheForce.net
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'Death Star' found pointing at Earth
Nature.com (subscription), UK - Mar 7, 2008
Astronomers have spotted a binary star system that could collapse to produce a massive gamma-ray burst at any point during the next few hundred thousand ...
'Death Star' Gamma-Ray Gun Pointed Straight at Earth
FOXNews - Mar 5, 2008
Earth could be in for a neighborhood dispute with a death star, according to an Australian astronomer. A spectacular rotating pinwheel system just down the ...
OCD: Death Star Weapons Officer
IGN, CA - Mar 7, 2008
The Death Star Weapons Officer works in the bowels of that famed moon-sized Imperial death machine, where he oversees a variety of Death Star personnel who ...
May the Force be with you
Kankakee Daily Journal, IL - 2 hours ago
Things like: "How would the destruction of the planet Alderaan by the Death Star impact the Empire's tax base?" "Why was Luke Skywalker seemingly more ...
'Death Star' Aimed at Earth
Slashdot - Mar 4, 2008
An anonymous reader writes "A spectacular, rotating binary star system is a ticking time bomb, ready to throw out a searing beam of high-energy gamma rays ...

I’m more mum than sex symbol, says Zeta
ic Wales, United Kingdom - 7 hours ago
... a screen mum in Death Defying Acts. But Zeta-Jones – who is in Australia to promote the film in which former Neighbours’ star Guy Pearce plays Houdini ...
PHOTO: Real Lady and Star Catherine Zeta Jones Javno.hr
Zeta-Jones shows beauty's no illusion The Australian
Catherine Zeta-Jones loves Down Under entertainment.oneindia.in
Monsters and Critics.com - The Australian
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Popular Science
The Real-life Death Star
Popular Science, NY - Mar 7, 2008
It seems we have a literal death star aiming in our general direction. The culprit is part of a binary star system—two stars which orbit each other—by the ...
Death star may pose threat to planet Earth
NEWS.com.au, Australia - Mar 2, 2008
For most people, the word deathstar conjures images of the planet-destroying space station in Star Wars movies. While Dr Tuthill's colorful spiral is far ...

Sydney Morning Herald
It's a death star, but that's life
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Mar 3, 2008
In 2003 a University Of Kansas astrophysicist, Adrian Melott, said a cosmic gamma ray burst from an exploding star triggered a mass extinction of life 443


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