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Pentagon claims ready for upcoming Bush false flags: Pentagon rejects report, says ready for WMD attack
01 Feb 2008
The Pentagon on Friday insisted it is ready to respond to a [Bush] chemical, biological or nuclear attack inside the United States, rejecting an independent panel's criticism of its preparations. But the Pentagon conceded it is not yet satisfied with its plans to respond to some of the 15 catastrophic attack scenarios [!] that federal agencies have been ordered to prepare for, such as a nuclear attack or a series of chemical attacks throughout the country.

A history of the Bush administration's most dubious terror scares — and the headlines they buried
"Sometimes we disagreed with the intelligence assessment. There were times when some people in the administration were really aggressive about raising the threat level, and we said, 'For that?!'" — Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, May 2005
The Bush administration has never shied from playing the fear card to distract the American public from scandal or goad them into supporting a deeply flawed foreign policy. Here a history of the administration's most-dubious terror alerts — including three consecutive Memorial Day scare-a-thons — all of which proved far less terrifying than the screamer headlines they inspired.

USA absolutely defenseless or clueless against possible attack from Russia or ...
Pravda, Russia - Feb 1, 2008
To crown it all, it would be naive to believe that Washington does not see Russia and China – world’s largest nuclear powers – as possible enemies. ...
New Operation to Put Heavily Armed Officers in Subways
Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times
Counterterrorism teams like these city detectives armed with M-4 rifles will patrol the subways.
In the first counterterrorism strategy of its kind in the nation, roving teams of New York City police officers armed with automatic rifles and accompanied by bomb-sniffing dogs will patrol the city’s subway system daily, beginning next month, officials said on Friday.Under a tactical plan called Operation Torch, the officers will board trains and patrol platforms, focusing on sites like Pennsylvania Station, Herald Square, Columbus Circle, Rockefeller Center and Times Square in Manhattan, and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.Officials said the operation would begin in March.

Is the US destined for nuclear attack?
Helium, MA - Jan 31, 2008
Frequently, our adversaries in Russia and China thwart our attempts at successful sanctions and negotiations. Finally, even if sanctions are imposed, ...
Should the US spend taxpayer money to reduce conventional arms ... Helium
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New York Times
The World Seeking a Path in Democracy’s Dead End
New York Times, United States - 1 hour ago
... counter-narcotic and counter-terror cooperation — all informed by a sense that in the competition with Russia and China for regional influence, ...

Don't let the Air Force fall out of the skies
Roanoke Times, VA - 19 hours ago
Even if large near-peer countries do not become threats (eg Russia and China), the weapons they build will fall into the hands of nations that are. ...

Monsters and
Report: Military Not Ready for US Attack
The Associated Press - Jan 31, 2008
WASHINGTON (AP) — The US military isn't ready for a catastrophic attack on the country, and National Guard forces don't have the equipment or training they ...
Pentagon not ready for attack response in US-study Reuters
Report: US Military Unprepared for Attack Christian Broadcasting Network
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Security chiefs: we don't have enough spies to tackle terror threat
Scotland on Sunday, UK - 1 hour ago
"We are concerned that aspects of key intelligence and security work are suffering as a consequence of the focus on counter-terrorism priorities. ...
MI6 chief fears for the ageing James Bonds
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US honing defences against cyber attack
ABC Online, Australia - 22 hours ago
It has now been revealed that the US Government held a major exercise in cyberspace two years ago to test its defences against any such attack, and it plans ...
Gov. war gamers hack servers to stay ahead Register
US tests its hacker defenses Arizona Republic
"This is only a test" Computerworld
The Associated Press - Taipei Times
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Russia sends bombers, fighters to Atlantic, Arctic
Reuters India, India - Feb 1, 2008
"Air force pilots will carry out practice in the areas involving reconnaissance, missile-bombing attacks on a navy attack force of a hypothetical enemy, ...
Russia sends 12 bombers to Atlantic, Arctic Reuters
Russian bombers fly over Arctic region PRESS TV
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Moscow opposes using its radars to reinforce US missile defense ...
Interfax Russia, Russia - 8 hours ago
Speaking about Russian President Vladimir Putin's idea to use the Gabala radar in Azerbaijan in order to safeguard oneself from a possible missile attack, ...

China, Russia warn of world domination

China and Russia eager to monitor and grab the out of control US ...
India Daily, NJ - Jan 27, 2008
... can demonstrate that, it will be remarkable. Most like before that can happen America will take down the satellite with pin pointed multi-missile attack.

World economic crisis will impact Russia, China insignificantly ...
Interfax Russia, Russia - 7 hours ago
"Today, Russia, just like China, will not be significantly subjected to the world crisis. One can say that we will sneeze, and maybe will not sneeze at all, ...
Ukraine may beat Russia to WTO: minister AFP
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Global Military Alliance: Encircling Russia and China
Copy China, says Medvedev
Financial Times, UK - Jan 31, 2008
By Catherine Belton in Moscow Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's most likely next president, yesterday called on Russian business to follow China's lead and splash ...
Copy China and invest abroad, says Medvedev Financial Times
Russia's Medvedev tells business: buy foreign firms Guardian Unlimited
Dmitry Medvedev calls on Russian companies to buy foreign businesses International Herald Tribune
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Russian expert sees broad prospects for Russia-China ties
Xinhua, China - Jan 23, 2008
23 (Xinhua) -- Relations between Russia and China have great potential and broad prospects for development, a leading Russian expert of political science ...

The Moscow Times
Russia's Economy Looks Good From Davos
The Moscow Times, Russia - Jan 24, 2008
Rice, meanwhile, aimed a thinly veiled dig at Russia and China in her speech, saying some economies were prospering despite the crisis. ...

Russia and China: One Common Cause - TIME


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