Sunday, February 3, 2008

Vancouver Sun
Los Angeles Times, CA - Jan 31, 2008
Although many scientists dispute the effectiveness of weather modification, Wang insists that it has been successful in China on a limited scale. ...
Beijing getting set to control Olympic rain The Province
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Rain, Rain, Go Away
Discovery Channel - Feb 1, 2008
Though it sounds like a classroom assignment from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, weather modification programs have been around for more than ...
Spinning the Games, and deaths by a thousand cuts
Newsweek - Feb 1, 2008
(I must say, years ago I enjoyed interviewing a weather-modification cadre at a cloud-seeding base in the Western Hills; she confessed she might have lost ...
China creates another man-made snowfall in Tibet
Xinhua, China - Jan 22, 2008
Technicians with the weather modification authorities fired six rocket shells containing 10 cigarette-sized sticks of silver iodide totaling 1395 grams over ...

Foreign Policy Passport
Battlefield Earth
Foreign Policy Passport - Jan 28, 2008
The 1977 Environmental Modification Convention, produced by the United Nations in response to Project Popeye, prohibits the use of engineered weather or ...

Millions in China face more weather misery
Times Online, UK - Feb 1, 2008
The freak weather has even carpeted the arid Taklamakan desert in far-western China with snow, the state news agency Xinhua reported. ...
Snowstorms and blackouts create chaos in China World Socialist Web Site
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National Post
Troops help stranded Chinese as snow kills 50
National Post, Canada - Jan 29, 2008
The government has ordered almost 500000 troops and paramilitary forces to help millions cut off and suffering shortages of food and power, ...
Troops aid Chinese as snow kills 50
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Jan 29, 2008
Almost 500000 troops have fanned out across China to help millions of people cut off by fierce snow storms that have killed about 50 people. ...
China Deploys Troops to Help Snowstorm Relief Effort (Update2)
Bloomberg - Jan 29, 2008
As much as 1 foot (30 centimeters) of snow was recorded in eastern, central and southern China over two weeks, causing an estimated 22.1 billion yuan in ...
China's Perfect Storm
TIME - Jan 31, 2008
Almost 500000 troops were deployed to help restore transportation links and clean up the devastation, the largest military deployment for a natural disaster ...

CBBC Newsround
Chinese troops tackle snow crisis
CBBC Newsround, UK - Jan 30, 2008
Severe snow has hit central and eastern areas, causing widespread chaos to railways, roads and airports ahead of its busiest holiday season. About 500000 ...

China sends in army to battle snow chaos
AFP - Jan 30, 2008
"The People's Liberation Army has ordered its troops to go all out to help those battling the heavy snow in the southern part of the country," the state-run ...

The Associated Press
China Snow Crisis Shows Vulnerability
The Associated Press - Jan 30, 2008
... industry to a halt and prompting the government to deploy nearly 500000 army troops to assist troubled areas Wednesday. Snow and ice storms in east, ...
800000 stuck in southern city as China battles rail chaos
Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan - Jan 30, 2008
The People's Liberation Army issued its order on Monday for troops to help local governments in affected areas, after heavy snow and freezing temperatures ...
As New Year nears, China is snowed in
Los Angeles Times, CA - Jan 30, 2008
Beijing has mobilized almost 500000 troops to hand out food and clear bottlenecks as coal supplies decline to two days' worth in some cities. ...

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