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A Defiant Pirate Bay Says It's Not Going Anywhere
Wired News - Feb 1, 2008
"The Pirate Bay is not in Sweden," the 29-year-old Kolmisoppi said. "It's a distributed system. We don't know where the servers are. ...
Pirate Bay Charged TrustedReviews
The Pirate Bay founders face prosecution
Pirate Bay four facing jail in Sweden
NewsFactor Network - Guardian Unlimited
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Pirate Bay Operators Charged With Copyright Infringement
Spacelab, MN - 28 minutes ago
They're demanding payment of 1.2 million Kronor, since they've determined that this is the minimum amount that was gained from Pirate Bay. ...
Pirate Bay founders hit with legal action
Telecom Paper (subscription), Netherlands - Feb 1, 2008
Furthermore, the Pirate Bay has 2.5 million registered users. About the trial, the operators commented: "In case we lose the pending trial (yeah right) ...

Sweden Warns Kids Against The Pirate Bay
TorrentFreak - 11 hours ago
... a kids news show on Swedish national television - recently discussed this topic, and warned the youngsters about the dangers of using The Pirate Bay. ...
Who is the Fourth Man in The Pirate Bay Case?
NewTeeVee, CA - 16 hours ago
Lundstrom’s role in the history of The Pirate Bay has always been a point of contention. The Bay’s founders have admitted that Lundstrom initially helped ...

Four Indicted in Pirate Bay Case
Slashdot - Jan 31, 2008
'The Swedish prosecutor listed dozens of works that had been downloaded through The Pirate Bay site, including The Beatles' Let It Be, Robbie Williams' ...
Pirate Bay Future Uncertain After Operators Busted Wired News
Prosecutors: The Pirate Bay makes $4 Million a year
Pirate Bay Officially Charged with Copyright Violations BitTorrent ... Dslreports
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Pirate Bay in the dock
Register, UK - Jan 31, 2008
By Kelly Fiveash → More by this author The Pirate Bay is in court today in Sweden but says the outcome of the case will have no impact on its file-sharing ...
Microsoft quick to kick The Pirate Bay when it's down Mobile Digest
Microsoft comments on Pirate Bay prosecution
Surprise! Pirate Bay found guilty of piracy
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BBC News
Inside The Pirate Bay warship
BBC News, UK - Jan 31, 2008
But to the global media industry The Pirate Bay's actions are costing jobs and costing billions of dollars in lost revenue. It is why the website has been ...
Pirate Bay waters get choppy BBC News
File-sharing website Pirate Bay in legal fight Radio 1
Pirate Bay founders charged T3
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Prosecutors Aim to Blockade Pirate Bay
E-Commerce Times - Feb 1, 2008
By Erika Morphy "Even if The Pirate Bay is taken down, many other sites already offer the same functionality, and they can spring up at any time," noted ...

Big Revenue Allegations against Pirate Bay Were 'Fabricated'
eFluxMedia - Feb 1, 2008
By Alice Turner The Pirate Bay's Peter Sunde says that the allegations which say the torrent site's administrators have reaped big time profits off illegal ...


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