Monday, January 28, 2008

Why the spy satellite won't fall on your head
BBC News, UK - 1 hour ago
By Kathryn Westcott An out-of-control US spy satellite - possibly the size of bus - is believed to be plummeting out of its orbit and is expected to crash ...
Spy Satellite Will Plummet to Earth Wired News
US tracking rogue spy satellite expected to crash back to Earth soon Globe and Mail
US Spy Satellite, Power Gone, May Hit Earth New York Times
Scotsman - AFP
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'Round & 'Round a Toxic Spy Satellite Goes. Where it Will, Fall ...
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 26, 2008
One of our spy satellites mechanically crashed, it's completely out of our control, and will literally crash to Earth sometime around the end of February or ...
Doom! Spy satellite falling to Earth Salon (subscription)
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Enews 2.0
Israel launches advanced spy satellite
Daily Times, Pakistan - 19 hours ago
Israel launched an advanced spy satellite Monday that will be able to track events in Iran, the country it considers its top foe, even at night and in ...
India Launched Israeli Spy Satellite Enews 2.0
ISRO joins big league in space
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Disabled spy satellite falling from orbit may hit Earth soon
Newton Kansan, KS - 5 minutes ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — A large US spy satellite has lost power and could hit the Earth in late February or early March, government officials said Saturday. ...
US spy satellite threatens the Earth
Avionews, Italy - 1 hour ago
(WAPA) - ESA (European Space Agency) is quite worried about a news coming from NASA - the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration: an American spy ...

Product Reviews
Hitting Earth: SPY satellite size of a bus in late Feb or early March
Product Reviews, UK - 5 hours ago
The spy satellite has lost power and currently there is no idea where the US monitoring device will hit on Earth…only that it will. ...
Satellite on collision course with Earth Metro
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India Launches Israeli TECSAR Spy Satellite
TechWhack (press release), India - 15 hours ago
India successfully launched an Israeli spy satellite into orbit on Monday January 21, 200. The launch of the TECSAR satellite by an Indian-made rocket was ...
Special ops teams are assets for falling spy satellite
American Chronicle, CA - 15 hours ago
By Steve Hammons You can bet that US special operations teams will be ready when a disabled and out-of-control American spy satellite comes crashing to ...
Britney Spears Shoots Down American Spy Satellite With Her Vagina
The Spoof (satire), UK - Jan 27, 2008
Los Angeles - Singer Britney Spears has shot down an American Spy Satellite that had been commissioned by the paparazzi to take vagina shots. ...

Cinema Blend
Uncontrolled Spy Satellite Destined To Crash Into Earth
Cinema Blend - Jan 27, 2008
It’s not uncommon for satellites to come out of orbit, but there is a small level of concern over this one

The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling—US Spy Sat To Splat
SatNews Publishers, CA - 15 hours ago
There has been plenty of coverage this past weekend regarding the US spy satellite tumbling to Earth due to an engine failure... the satellite is expected ...

Don't want be a Chicken Little, but ...
Waco Tribune Herald, TX - 3 hours ago
By Ken Sury | Monday, January 28, 2008, 08:28 AM This New York Times story from the weekend caught my eye this morning: A disabled American spy satellite is ...

China and Russia eager to monitor and grab the out of control US ...
India Daily, NJ - Jan 27, 2008
Russian and Chinese military space agencies are closely watching the US spy satellite that lost power and propulsion and could hit the earth in late ...

CBS News
Dead satellite could hit US: military
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 8 hours ago
The US military is developing contingency plans for a large spy satellite which could hit North America when it falls to Earth in late February or early ...
AF General: Spy Satellite Could Hit US The Associated Press
Military developing plans in case spy satellite hits North America Kansas City Star
US prepares for satellite impact The Press Association
Inquirer - Newsroom America
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