Monday, January 28, 2008

By Alexis Madrigal 01.24.08 | 11:00 AM Scientists have built the first synthetic genome by stringing together 147 pages of letters representing the building ...

Washington Post
The synthetic genome
Times Online, UK - Jan 26, 2008
For scientists the benefits of his institute’s synthetic genome are, however, much clearer. Although they have long been able to make synthetic DNA they ...
Entire Synthetic Genome Created National Geographic
Scientists Develop Synthetic Gene
google news commentComment by Paul Rabinow Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
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Venter Institute's Man-Made Genome "Watermarks" Revealed
Wired News - 15 minutes ago
The Genbank sequence for the modified Mycoplasma synthetic genome contains five of these watermarks, and speculation has flown about what they were, ...

From Artificial Genome to Artificial Life: Hold Your (Synthetic ...
Wired News - Jan 24, 2008
As explained by fellow Wired Science wordsmith Alexis Madrigal, JCVI researchers next need to combine the synthetic genome with a cell-to-cell chromosome ...
Scientists Create Synthetic Genome
The Associated Press - Jan 24, 2008
... if this new artificial Mycoplasma genome can boot up, too — by putting the DNA into a living cell to see if takes over and becomes a synthetic organism. ...
Scientists develop synthetic lifeform
Globe and Mail, Canada - Jan 24, 2008
Ensuring the synthetic genome does not essentially reject its host shell is among the hurdles researchers have described. Stephen Davies, an assistant ...
Scientist unveils man-made genome, key to creating life from scratch
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Jan 24, 2008
The synthetic genome contains all the instructions that an organism - in this case, a modest bacteria - needs to live and reproduce. In the next step, ...
Scientists Create First Synthetic Bacterial Genome
Science Daily (press release) - Jan 24, 2008
As a measure to differentiate the synthetic genome versus the native genome, the team created “watermarks” in the synthetic genome. These are short inserted ...

First Synthetic Genome Ready to "Boot Up"
io9, CA - Jan 24, 2008
Getting the synthetic bacteria to "boot up" and reproduce. They must transplant the synthetic genome into another cell so that it can use the existing ...
Scientists Create Synthetic Genome
Hartford Courant, United States - Jan 25, 2008
Caplan anticipates the technological benefits will come faster than what has followed the much-ballyhooed sequencing of the human genome, since bacteria are ...


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