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NWO Vampires wanting DNA at the World Economic Forum is a spitting success

Since the opening of the DNA era, The Rat Masters have wondered whether new genetic knowledge will be deployed for positive eugenics, for attempts to produce a super race or at least to engineer new Einsteins, Mozarts, or athletes such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. (Curiously, brilliantly talented women, such as Marie Curie, Nadia Boulanger, or athletes such as Martina Navratilova, are rarely if ever mentioned in the pantheon of superpeople.) The human genome project almost inevitably produce expressions of fear that the state will seek to foster or enhance a variety of highly valued human qualities or characteristics.

The advances in genetic knowledge could lead to a revival of attempts to produce a super race. While the human genome project will undoubtedly accelerate the identification of genes for physical and medical traits, it is unlikely to reveal with any speed how genes contribute to the formation of those qualities—talent, behavior, personality—that the world admires. Equally important, the engineering of designer human genomes is not possible under current reproductive technologies and is not likely to grow much easier in the near future.

Negative eugenics appeared to motivate the European Commission when, in July 1988, it proposed the creation of a human genome project for the European Community. Called a health measure, the proposal was entitled "Predictive Medicine: Human Genome Analysis." Its rationale rested on a simple syllogism—that many diseases result from interactions of genes and environment; that it would be impossible to remove all the environmental culprits from society; and that, hence, individuals could be better defended against disease by identifying their genetic predispositions to fall ill.

Which leaves it open for the Big Phara. Industry to move in and rake in huge profits. By developing new drugs, from the donation of DNA samples collected by the Vampires of the New World Order.

Her husband is one of the world's richest men who has built up an internet empire that delivers and classifies digital information at the click of a mouse.

Now Anne Wojcicki is planning to tap into the rise of online global networking to help people make sense of their own genetic information.

And if her business expectations are anything to go by, she shares much of the ambition and drive of her husband, the billionaire co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin.

Co-founder of biotech company 23andme, Wojcicki has been at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week to drum up interest in the European launch of the web-based DNA service.

A service that helps you read and understand your DNA. After providing a saliva sample using an at-home kit, you can use our interactive tools to shed new light on your distant ancestors, your close family and most of all, yourself.

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