Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Obama nation the Destroyer a Con-CERN

Scientist producing and trapping Antimatter atoms a Con-CERN

Obama on the cover of Newsweek as SHIVA the DESTROYER

Here is an update to my hit video "Sinkholes in Obamaland" now with Shiva as the Poster Child of the New Whirled Order on Newsweek this month.
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Huge Sinkhole in Germany a Con-CERN

The circular hole, which is about 98 feet across and 65 feet deep, appeared at around 3a.m. in a residential area, reports Der Spiegel, forcing the evacuation of 25 people. Experts are pointing to natural causes for the hole, but they have yet to determine the exact cause.

Sinkholes are often caused by the underground erosion of salt beds or soluble sedimentary rocks, such as limestone or dolomite. Groundwater flows through these rocks, creating subterranean caverns that can suddenly collapse.

In the past year, large sinkholes have appeared in Guatemala City, Tampa, Fla., Quebec, and Milwaukee, Wisc.

Officials from Schmalkalden, a town of 20,000 that was formerly part of East Germany say that they plan to fill the hole with gravel.

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Subterranean Civilization, Cities and Tunnels

Credit for this video goes to clixster | June 18, 2010 Tribes of people seem to be living in deep underground cities, very ancient, in the deep Amazon, Spain, Turkey, and many other places around the world.

Strange tales of subterranean civilizations, cities and ancient technology There is something fundamentally and primally mysterious about caves and tunnels. Maybe it's their darkness or the fact that they open into the very body of the Earth. They are invariably the subjects of adolescent adventure stories, such as the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew mysteries, and R.L. Stine's books. And they serve as backgrounds in exciting stories directed at older audiences as well, such as Jules Verne's A Journey to the Center of the Earth and the Indiana Jones films. Tunnels represent the unknown and touch the fears that reside deep in the primitive human subconscious. I've come across several sites on the Web that tell what some believe are true stories of vast underground networks of tunnels. And they are no less mysterious and fantastic than those used as settings in the fictional tales mentioned above.

It's not that the tunnels merely exist and are unknown to most people, it's what they contain, who built them, and why – and that takes us into the deepest recesses of the unknown. People who claim to have first- or second-hand knowledge or experience with these tunnels make many astonishing claims: that they contain long-lost cities; that they are inhabited by advanced civilizations – perhaps the descendents of Atlantis; that they are bases for extraterrestrials and their flying saucers; that they are bases for secret government installations. The government no doubt has top-secret military installations deep within mountains and perhaps underground, but this, of course, is the least fantastic of the stories.

Here are highlights of some of the more extraordinary claims. Since these stories come without photos or a
ny other kind of verification, consider them skeptically. In any case, they are fascinating.
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Major Earthquake Outbreak near Yemen a Con-CERN

Something Is Not Right with Yemen Earthquakes

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Every seismologist is familiar with earthquake swarms. The ongoing activity near Yemen does not fit anyone's model. Many of you might remember my 2003 investigation with the USGS over a reported 5.3 magnitude earthquake near Yellowstone. When I asked: "what was the cause?" Their answer was "it was most likely mine collapse."

Upon further investigation with USGS headquarters in Colorado, I asked: "if it was a mine blast, what size of underground explosive would cause a 5.3 quake?" The answer: "It would take a small nuclear bomb to cause our seismographs." That's right ... a thermal nuclear devise.

Why, how, when, who --- all good questions, yet not one answer. What I can assure you of, without going into woo-woo land, is a swarm of earthquakes ranging in the 4.5 to 5.3 magnitude suggest something is about to pop i.e. undersea volcano, or foul play is indeed at hand.

The average acknowledged earthquake swarm usually produces magnitudes between 2.0 to 3.5. When a swarm occurs in the area of a volcano or fault line, once the magnitudes reach 4.0, the area is put on alert, and a distance of 10 to 50 miles in circumference is evacuated.

Yemen Quake List - Click Here

Recorded Conversation with USGS - Click Here (scroll to 'Wyoming 5.3 Quake Investigation' and '02/12/04 Jim Berkland')

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Mystery Explosion in Scottish forest

Explosion In Scottish Forest - Meteorite Impact?

Garadhban Forest near Loch LomondAt about midday on Wednesday 17th November, a member of the public reported hearing a loud explosion from the area of Garadhban forest in Gartocharn, near Loch Lomond (near Glasgow) Scotland. Ten years ago, authorities would have responded to a report of an explosion in a forest with puzzlement and an at least semi-open-mind. But the bogus 'terror threat' has closed minds all around the world, and yesterday's event was immediately responded to by the 'anti-terrorism' police. Upon observing the scene and seeing damage to trees over a wide area, explosives were suspected (naturally!)

Mainstream media pundits have exercised due diligence however in exploring the possible causes, with theories ranging from terrorists testing explosives on trees, terrorists testing explosives on woodland creatures, to terrorists testing explosives on themselves:

Terrorist fears after mystery explosion in forest

I can't help thinking that tonight, as this investigation continues, one of these terror-minded securocrats might be inspired to remove his head from his posterior and look up at the night sky. If he did, he might remark on the fact that there seem to be a lot of bright, flashy, light-type things shooting across the sky.

The Leonid meteor shower peaks tonight, November 18th. Traditionally, the Leonids present as high altitude (100kms) 'shooting stars' in the night sky that can reach as many as 3,000 per hour at their peak. This year however, 'the Leonids' appear to be putting on a strangely intense show.

Not your typical Leonid

Three days ago, on November 15th, eyewitnesses in Glasgow and as far South as Birmingham, reported intense white meteorites at about 0540 GMT.

Commenting on the BBC Scotland web site, Douglas Thornton, from Scotlandwell said:
"It was an off-white light with a massive tail behind it... A phenomenal sight. You can see shooting stars every night up where we are, but this was the most enormous streak of light. Enough to back-light the clouds and make them flicker. It was moving at an enormous speed. I first saw it in the direction of Auchterarder and by the time I lost sight of it about two seconds later, it was around the Dundee area."
As he was heading South from the North coast of Scotland, David Wood reported seeing a "bright green, fairly jagged looking, object in the sky":
"It had a very short, but very bright yellow and red trail behind it. It could have only been a few hundred meters above the ground. After my initial view I slowed the car and it broke in two. The larger piece eventually broke up into four smaller pieces which then dissipated into the darkness."
Remember, the Leonids rarely, if ever, fall below 80kms altitude. Clearly, what these Scots and English folks were seeing was either not the Leonids, or the Leonids have decided to change course. Could there be a connection with an explosion in a remote forest area? Come to think of it, I seem to remember a meteorite hitting a remote forest area in the not-too-distant past.

But I digress, the point to remember is that we need not concern ourselves with such trivial and alarming speculation, we have the ubiquitous and equally alarming 'terror threat' to explain away all such mysterious detonations, even in remote Scottish forests, where, as everyone knows, Muslim terrorists just love to hang out and blow up trees. In short, the 'anti-terrorism police' are on the scene, they've found a hole, and they're looking into it. Heck, if they look hard enough, they may even find some 'detonators' lying at the bottom of it.

Sources: BBC Scotland
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Mystery Booms near Cape Fear: Methane? Meteor? Cause unclear

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- A series of mysterious booms over the weekend has some folks in the Cape Fear a little rattled, but they're nothing new.

It's been ten years since former Duke University professor Peter Malin started searching for an answer as to what exactly is causing the booms.

"It's one of those controversies that's been going on for more than a century now, and what one wants is solid evidence not hearsay," Malin said. "I don't think my opinion would weigh any more than the hundreds of people that have heard them, or thousands of people that have heard them at this point, until there was actually some hard record of where one particular event that everybody heard was coming from."

Malin, who now works in New Zealand, invested his time and money into building an observation well at Fort Fisher. A cable runs down through the well, and the equipment can tell if the booms are coming from the air or the ground. But there's one problem: there's no recording device to document the booms.

"Whether or not they're coming from the ground or whether they're coming from the air, it makes an enormous difference in providing a natural explanation for them," Malin said. "If they're coming from the ground, it's indicative of some kind of very small earthquake activity or ground motion. If they're coming from the air, they're indicative of something completely different in terms of whether it's cloud physics or sheet lightning or these kinds of things that would be enormously useful to determine these. They're actually a very interesting scientific phenomena."

Malin didn't get enough interest or financial support, so a recording device was never purchased. He says his research has been inconclusive, but says if anyone wants to pick up where he left off on his project, he would gladly approve.

The Dark Side of 'Smart' Meters

The TRUTH about Smart Meters
SEPTEMBER 14 -- 2010
California Producer: Jazz-elle Lasiuk

Sick from Smart Meters - California Usa

Sick from Smart Meters - Stratford Ontario

Fly by Night Smart Meter Installation Company abandon before protest

'Smart' Meters - Dumb Idea? Pt. I EON

HESA WIFI Hearings OCT 28 2010

Cell Phone Antennas on Apartment Rooftops and their Health Effects

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