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Illuminati are giving birth to a star on Mother Earth in 2012
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Announcing the Son of the Sun God's New World Order

Annuit cœptis Novus ordo seclorum motto on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States is the invented character of Jesus was a Sun god, symbolic of God's 'Sun'... The Light of the World or Thousand Points of Light. This very phrase, Light of the World, was used by the Aryan-Phoenicians to symbolise the 'one true god' thousands of years before the alleged birth of Abraham, the quite wrongly named creator of the one-god concept. They also symbolised the one true god, the Sun, with the 'one true cross' The Christians portray Jesus with a halo around his head and that's exactly how the Phoenicians depicted the rays of the Sun around the head of their Sun god, Bel or Bil. This can be seen on a Phoenician stone dating to about the 4th centurv BC . The Sun was at the heart of the Egyptian religion and at noon when the Sun was at the peak of its daily 'journey'

Sun Worship, and The Illuminati

To understand the true background to the religions of the Son of the Sun God, we need to appreciate the basis of all ancient religion going back to the Phoenicians, the Babylonians and beyond. It was the Sun. The hierarchy focused on the Sun because, as I outlined earlier, they understood its true power as an amazing generator of electromagnetic energy which is affecting our lives and behaviour every second of every day The Sun contains 99% of the mass of this solar system. Just think about that. The Sun is the solar system and when it changes, we change. Understanding these Sun cycles, and the changing nature of the energy it projects, allows you to anticipate how human beings are most likely to react to various events at different times. As with the texts that form the basis of the various religions, there are two levels of knowledge in Sun worship. In the ancient world, the hierarchy focused on the Sun because they knew its effect at a deep level, while the masses worshipped the Sun because its heat and light had an obvious and crucial role in ensuring an abundant harvest. In the same way, an initiate of the esoteric knowledge will read the Bible differently to a Christian or Jewish believer.

The superlab where scientists are creating a star on Earth
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The initiate will recognise the symbolism, the numerology and the esoteric codes, while the believer takes the text literally So the same text acts as a means of passing on esoteric knowledge to the initiated and creates a prison-religion for the masses who are not initiated. Great scam.
The ancients took them circle of the zodiac (a Greek word meaning animal circle) and inserted a cross to mark the four seasons. At the centre of the cross, they placed the Sun. So many of the pre- Christian deities were said to have been born on December 25th because of this symbolism. On December 2lst-22nd, you have the winter solstice when, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is at the lowest point of its power in the annual cycle. The Sun, the ancients said, had symbolically 'died'. By December 25th, the Sun had demonstrably begun its symbolic journey back to the summer and the peak of its power.

(Part-II) Astronomers Couldn't Calculate It - But the Mayans Did

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media '

Now, just ten years into the 21st century, scientific instruments are just catching up to what our ancient ancestors have known, and have passed on through several forms of ancient text.
A fair and penetrating question often will surface which asks: "How could the Mayans (and other indigenous cultures) obtain such far-reaching extensive knowledge without the technology of today's scientific instruments?"

I would suggest the answer is simple yet exhaustedly complicated. I will further explain in (Part-III) Just How Old Are We. But first, let's take a look at what modern science has just discovered in the last few days.
The Herschel Space Observatory - is a European Space Agency (ESA) mission with significant NASA contributions. It is the largest telescope in space and to the surprise of astronomers worldwide, has proven adept at locating galactic lenses that reveal magnified galaxies.

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Herschel-ATLAS is aimed at understanding how stars form inside galaxies and to shed some light on the past history of galaxy growth. "Astronomers believe most galaxies undergo a rapid phase of star-formation where hundreds to a thousand stars are born within a galaxy over one year, with such activity lasting over a total period of a few to several million years," states Professor Asantha Cooray, the lead US (NASA) investigator for Herschel-ATLAS.

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One factor which hindered current science ability to understand the significance of the Mayan calendar and 2012. I believe the Mayans knew of the shift (internal and external) being more affected by what we now call the "Nuclear Bulge" of the galactic center. Just as with the Sun's scorching energy occurring high above the planet/star itself known as the corona, the elevated 'nuclear bulge' is where the pulsing stream of charged particles will emanate.


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