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NOLINKNEWS | November 07, 2010
Looks like they were Staging a Dry Run on the innocent again.

Just like on 9/11 the Federal Gooberment couldn't figure out the difference between Real or Fake during a Training Drill.

When Will U.S. Leaders Confess To The American People That America Carries Out False-Flag Attacks As Part of Its Foreign Policy?

A technological glitch combined with human error triggered a massive lockdown of the NASA Glenn Research Center today. Ideastream's Rick Jackson reports NASA Glenn officials are both embarrassed, and reassured by the episode.

The 'embarrassed' part is understandable.
Safety forces and leadership spent more than an hour securing the facility and searching the sprawling campus for a gunman - who never existed.

Some NASA Glenn employees were terrified; with no one giving them answers as to what was unfolding - or precisely where.
Director Ray Lugo has repeatedly apologized, and says an investigation is underway, even though there was never any actual danger.


Drill mixup locks down Vandenberg AFB for 2 hours

Just like on 9/11 the Federal Gooberment couldn't figure out the difference between Real or Fake during a Training Drill.

Authorities at Vandenberg Air Force Base say a mixup is responsible for reports of a gunman that locked down the Central California facility for several hours.

Col. Richard Boltz tells the Santa Barbara News-Press the base was having a military drill Tuesday when someone blew a whistle—the signal used during a drill to indicate a gunshot from an armed man.

Boltz says there was confusion about whether it was a real emergency because a gunman scenario was not part of the day's drill. Boltz later learned someone not involved in the drill blew a whistle in another area to get someone's attention.

The base reacted to the signal as it would to a gunshot. A 911 call sent Lompoc police, sheriff's SWAT teams and crisis negotiators to the base. The facility was sealed for two hours.

Mystery Sniper triggers lockdowns at Military Targets around D.C

.Pentagon locked down after Mystery Sniper Attacks
With all the news about Fake Terrorism occurring over the next few days now there is Right Wing Extremists to add into the Blame Game.

Is the Gooberment stumped and can't figure out the difference between Real or Fake Terrorism anymore?

Here is another story to add in to the False Flag Terror Attacks being Reported and the Lockdown Training Drills too.

Investigators in Virginia are looking for the person behind five shootings in the past few weeks at the Pentagon and other military locations — all, they say, traced to the same weapon.

"We believe the suspect has a grievance surrounding the U.S. Marine Corps," John Perren, who leads the FBI's Washington field office, said at a press conference last week. "It may be that he feels he's been wronged by the Corps in his professional and/or personal life."

At times, Perren seemed to have only one listener in mind: the shooter himself.

US loses control of 50 nuclear missiles

UK nuke station denies Stuxnet shutdown

A technical glitch Saturday cut off for close to one hour a command facility's contact with 50 Minuteman 3 ICBMs at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, the Associated Press reported (see GSN, Oct. 4).

'Nuke codes went missing for months during Clinton admin.'

New York Daily News - Leo Standora - ‎Oct 21, 2010‎
Former President Bill Clinton's nuke card blunder is described in Gen. Hugh Shelton's 'Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American ...
Jerusalem Post

Sudden Nuke Exercise (11/6 -11/10) Alarms Americans

By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast

HOUSTON, 11/7/10 -- I have curtailed my in-progress weekend column in order to pass critical inintelligence to my publishers and readers. Please forward it to all contacts -- especially law enforcement and military. Immediately below find the key points to justify this dire report. Long experience has taught me that links can vavanish, but titles are more durable. Should any links in this article fail, please search for the title.

Nuclear drill puts national focus on Kings Bay,
  1. Netanyahu to attend Jewish Federations GA in New Orleans, but no Obama meet,
  2. 34 warships sent from US for Obama visit,
  3. Executive Order--Order of Succession Within the Department of Justice,
  4. Unit offline at South Texas nuke plant,


With Obama absent, Biden will be hosting Netanyahu through Tuesday. Between Obama's departure and Bibi's arrival, a long-planned but just-revealed nuclear National Level Exercise began. The most likely attack zone is in the Houston region, inside a triangle between these prominent points

  • Texas A&M (90 miles northwest)
  • Beaumont (90 miles to our east)
  • Bay City (90 miles to our south)

Emergency responders hold drills at Camarillo Airport

NH Air National Guard holds training drill for anthrax exposure

Emergency drill at MCCC today

National Guard Part Of Large Disaster Drill In Md.

Emergency services drill set for Tuesday at NSU

Mock Drill Scheduled for Sunday in Carrabassett Valley

911 was done while the CIA ran a so-called 'drill' of flying planes into buildings.

The London 7-7 bombings were done during a 'drill' of bombings in the very subways where they blew.

RIGHT NOW there is a NUKE 'DRILL' scenario going on while Commie Obamie is out of this country at a cost of $200 MILLION PER DAY! Obama is in India and now 1/4 of our Navy are PRE-POSITIONED near Iran!!!

ZioNAZI Joe Biden will be meeting butchering scumbag LIAR Bibi Netanyahu TOMORROW!

Netanyahu at GA: Iran must face 'credible military threat'

Netanyahu to attend Jewish Federations GA in New Orleans, but no Obama meet,
NWO to 'Neuter Iran' risking WORLDWAR 3 - China will NOT support Wacko US Senator Lindsey Graham!


Combine this with the just announced TRILLION DOLLARS worth of paper money zioNAZI Ben scumbag Bernanke said is being pumped into the economy to CREATE INFLATION. Yeah, HYPER-INFLATION! The nuke attack will be a smokescreen for this attack on our economy.


If you have any doubt whatsoever who actually attacked this nation on 911, you NEED to look at the facts and EVIDENCE here:



911 Terrorists buidling Militias in U.S. for next FALSE FLAG Attack!

Kitat Kohenut and the Israeli Police State in Amerikka
A perpetual state of insomnia may come your way by reading these articles in conjunction with Internet releases chronicling the development of a Jewish paramilitary force in the continental United States, called Kitat Kohenut ("rapid response units"). UNM Israel Alliance's post on this New York-based organization informs the reader that a training camp is being constructed in northern Arizona.
But Kitat Kohenut indicates that this is only the beginning of their plans for armed operations within the United States. They definitively state that:

"Our short term goal is to form rapid response teams in the larger Jewish communities in the US. These include New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Right now we are in the process of building up these Kitot Konenut (response teams) to get to the point where they are entirely self sufficient and able to cover the entire area of Jewish settlement within those urban centers, as well as their suburbs. We are starting in those areas as we see them as being the most visible, and therefore most likely targets of terrorist and antisemitic attacks.

"Our long term goal is to set up response teams in every community – no matter how big or small – throughout the US. These will include smaller communities like Houston, Dallas, Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Chicago, Cleveland, St. Louis, Denver, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, etc."

The tried-and-true methods of the past will be dredged up again. A false flag operation will occur, presumably tied to Iran. Jewish-owned American media consortiums, and Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, will sell the official line on the meaning of the event and the identity of the perpetrators. Executive Orders will end freedom of expression on the Internet, and establish draconian domestic suppression of responsible dissent well beyond that already produced by the USA Patriot Acts and the panoply of similar legislation post-2001.

The most striking feature of this false flag set up is its similarity to another nuclear exercise, which targeted the BP refinery at Texas City, which BP journalists at the Daily News tried to conceal with a revealing attempt at a cover-up article, Nuclear attack warning story dismissed, For an accurate account of the events, refer to the four-story investigative series published by the Arctic Beacon in The 1/31 Nuke:Proof for Ron Paul,

My most recent article was Terror Targets Houston/Chicago, The next most endangered city is Chicago, which is the focus of my incomplete article below:

Houston Nuke & Chicago Code

(Guy Fawkes Day -- Veterans Day?)

Ghost Troop cybercavalry has defined the state of the art in the infowar the same way air-cavalry defined a new set of tactics in Vietnam. We have been anticipating false flag attempts under the Bush and Obama administrations. Ghost Troop analyses have been sizzling lately because of their Houston/Chicago operations model, now six years old, which has nearly always had Houston and Chicago as its primary and secondary targets. Our most recent article is right on target: -- CSM Merlin Neadow, Chief, Cyberrecon

+ + + + + + +

Prologue: Sayanim

Sayanim (singular sayan) are shielded from conventional legal culpability by being told only enough to perform their narrow role. Though their help may be essential to the success of an Israeli operation, these volunteers (sayanim also means helpers) could pass a polygraph test because their recruiters ensure they remain ignorant of the overall goals of an operation.
Much like military reservists, sayanim are activated when needed to support an operation. By agreeing to be available to help Israel, they provide an on-call undercover corps and force-multiplier that can be deployed on short notice. How are sayanim called to action? To date, there’s been no attempt by U.S. officials to clarify that key point. This may explain why Pollard was again in the news on July 13th with a high-profile Israeli commemoration of his 9000th day of incarceration.

Sayanim — Israeli Operatives in the U.S.

HOUSTON, 11/5/10 -- It's a good thing for Ghost Troop and me that there is ample evidence for our case for being spot-on with our analysis and advanced warnings, since it gives us credibility at crunch time. That's where our nation is, with terrorism encroaching upon Houston's schools and Chicago's synagogues, according to the government and mainstream media.

By the blessing of the vpright the citie is exalted; but it is ouerthrowen by the mouth of the wicked. (Proverbs 11:11, KJV 1611)

Barrack Obama jumped right into the story of the current menace on the day it broke, leading many of the Internet Intelligentsia to groan that the script had changed little from the 2004 elections, when Al-Qaeda dropped in for Halloween. From King George to the Kenya Kid there has been little change in the irony of Al-Qaeda, who are forever challenging us whenever our national zealotry for the global terror war begins to waver, doing or saying whatever it takes to keep us motivated. They are constantly threatening us with something bigger and better than 9/11, a 9/11-2B, so to speak.

9/11-2B would be just what the Dr. Strangeloves behind the Terror War ordered to provoke us into a total war right out of Vom Krieg by Clausewitz. They have a lot of nerve, and I think it's curiously ironic that the word that best describes their modus operandi is Yiddish: chutzpah! I think it's even more ironic that Bin Laden himself exculpated Israel of involvement in 9/11, which FOX News thought worthy of an investigative series by its ace reporter, Carl Cameron. The gist of his 12/12/2001 four-story Israeli Spy Ring series was:

  1. Israeli fingerprints were all over 9/11, with intelligence and demolitions.
  2. Our telecommunications industry was hopelessly comprised by Israel.
  3. U.S. intelligence and law enforcement has been ordered to cover it up.

I included both Bin Laden and Fox News ironies in my analysis: 9/11 Was Good For Us!—The Case Against Israel, That sharp elbow of irony was read worldwide, and sparked much healthy debate.

For wee wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darknes of this world, against spirituall wickednes in high places. (Ephesians 6:12, KJV, 1611)

Explosion at Indian Point nuclear power plant
Two Power Plants Face Emergency Shut-Down

Ghost Troop has been reporting that the Bayou City and the Windy City are priorities one and two for the real terrorists who want to plunge whole nations into the terror war. We've been saying and writing that story since 2004, when we came out of nowhere to spoil the operations security (OPSEC) of the intended target, BP's Texas City refinery. Nicknamed was just a half an hour drive southeast of my Houston homebetween Galveston and NASA. The rest is told by Major Bill Fox, a Harvard man and an intellectual Marine whose tireless research into Ghost Troop led him to write a book trilogy, Mission of Conscience , adducing both mainstream evidence to support our unit history: Chicago Cops Dodge Blagojevich/Sears Tower Investigation,

Summary: A collection of alarmed soldiers and police supported a mini-coup invoked by Ghost Troop. The next morning Governor Blagoevich issued a statement that admitted a vast terror exercise to have been scheduled for May 2-4, 2006. The document was damaging, perhaps damning, to Blago, and may well have been the reason for his ouster immediately after Obama's election. At the time of the exercise, Mayor Daley was in Israel, the first time he had gone there.

May 3, 2006, the second day of the exercise, was the 33rd anniversary of the completion of Sears Tower, and was the probable false flag date. Between June 6, 2006, 6/6/06 and the tower completion there were 33 years and 33 days. The people who built Sears Tower had marked it with another Satanic 666 code as well: the zip code 60606. The FBI arrested seven young blacks in Miami the next month, and stirred up the story that the seven had pledged loyalty to (drum roll) Bin Laden and inintended to (another drum roll) blow up Sears Tower! The date of the arrests was as cult-coded as the rest of it: June 22, 2006, or 6/22/2006 (62226), which is another example of a 666 code.

The code, derived from Kabbalah and Freemasonry, and is evident in all the false flag operations that Ghost Troop has opposed. Last year I wrote an open email to a Jewish Ghost Troop veteran about the "Chicago code" (now, ominously, the name for a TV program). The email pulled no punches, and The Price of Liberty banned my future articles. I offer it to the intelligent reader as irresistible irreverent, and stand by every word in it -- especially those that begin with a capital "J": CHICACO, NEW YORK, HOUSTON -- 2009 Top 9/11-2B Targets,

They try to deceive God and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves, and realize it not. (Koran 2:9)

+ + + + + + +

Epilogue: Seraphim

Then, methought, the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censer
Swung by Seraphim whose foot-falls tinkled on the tufted floor.

The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe

(The rest was not perfected. -- CM)

+ + + + + + +

To learn more about Captain May and Ghost Troop, or to acess his articles warning of Chicago and Houston terrorism, refer to the editorial Captain Eric H. May Deserves Congressional Medal of Honor at To volunteer for true service to the United States of America, contact executive officer 1LT Patti Woodard at ghosttroop@spiritone.com61.

ATMs Crash Across The Country After "Bank Holiday" Warning
Twitter aflame with reports of Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America customers being unable to withdraw cash

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, November 8, 2010

Stuxnet False Flag Launched For Web Takeover!

Following rumors of a "bank holiday" that could limit or prevent altogether cash withdrawals later this week, Twitter and other Internet forums were raging yesterday about numerous ATMs across the country that crashed in the early hours of Sunday morning, preventing customers from performing basic transactions.

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