Friday, August 6, 2010

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'Sulfonic Acid' Oil Dispersants being tested for in the food chain

New Orleans TV Reporting That Adult Crabs "Filled With Some Sort Of Black Substance" (They've Never Seen Anything Like This)

Thousands of tiny blue crab larvae collected in the marshes from Texas to Florida show evidence of what could be oil and or oil dispersants.

A Conspiracy Theory caller on the Washington Journal Sunday wanted to ask a Coastal Geologist Professor "Alexander Kolker" " at Tulane University about BP using 'Acid Dispersants' on the OIl Spill Clean up during Night Time Chemical Spraying Operations along the coastal ecosystems and wanted to know if he was a Shill for BP.

Here is what I found on the topic.... shows how much the Professor knows.

Branched alkyl-aromatic sulfonic acid dispersants for solublizing asphaltenes in petroleum oils

United States Patent 6048904

The present invention is an asphaltene dispersant containing an aromatic, a sulfonic acid head, and an alkyl tail containing 16 carbons or more and at least one branch of a methyl or longer alkyl. Preferably, the aromatic is a fused two ring aromatic and the tail is a two, branched alkyl tail of 30 carbons or longer.

Official Gooberment Documents prove Matt Simon's 2nd Well allegation is true

Bp's biggest cover up. We don't even know which well we are looking at...
The Obama Nation doesn't have a single clue WTF happened, that caused all this, yet?
Official Gooberment Documents prove Matt Simon's 2nd Well allegation is true
Who can explain this?
The Press Brief Admiral Allen on BP Tapping Blown out well again
Oil/Gas still Erupting through Fractued Gulf sea floor
Oil/Gas still Erupting through Fractued Gulf sea floor
'Sulfonic Acid' Oil Dispersants being tested for in the food chain
Mississippi Fishermen say much more oil than Gooberment is admitting
Thousands of dead fish washed ashore on Buckroe Beach Wednesday
Disturbing Discovery: 'Bottom Feeders' filled with Tar Bar like substance along Gulf
Dead Oysters found all over Louisiana reefs
Caption This Vid
NOAA: No evidence of 'Oil on Gulf sea floor' and Sea food safe after 2 weeks
NOAA on OIl and Dispersant's entering the Food Chain
Mich. Oil Pipeline firm offers to buy 'Spill Zone' Evacuation Homes
ALLEN: BP Has Finished Pouring Cement down Well as MSM shows it still leaking
Oil Spill Commander (Ret.) got a raise working for 'Big Sis' Janet Napolitano
Oil Spill Commander says he would eat fresh sea food out of the gulf

Oil Disaster Mysteries Solved? - Simmons Right?

This is alleged documentation that there are, in fact, two wells. The video says the well we see on TV is the first well BP drilled and abandoned. The video contains official documents.

WELL A ("Capped")

MC252_A START DATE = 4/15/2009 END DATE=7/24/2009 No. of Days=100


Lat= 28 deg 44' 17.277" N
Lon= 88 deg 21' 57.340" W

WELL B ("Exploded")

MC252_B START DATE = 4/15/2010 END DATE=7/24/2010 No. of Days=100


Lat= 28 deg 44' 16.027" N
Lon= 88 deg 22' 00.581" W


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Earth science: An inner core slip-sliding away

Michael I. Bergman


An ingenious proposal holds that Earth's inner core is solidifying in the western hemisphere and melting in the east. The process is consequent on, and reinforces, its easterly slippage — or translation.

Over the past couple of decades, seismologists have revealed some bewildering features of Earth's solid inner core and liquid outer core. On page 744 of this issue, Alboussière et al.1 offer explanations based on theory and experiment that may help to account for two of those features.

  1. Michael I. Bergman is in the Department of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computing, Bard College at Simon's Rock, Simon's Rock, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230, USA.

Here's the article in case anyone's interested.

Is the Universe Birefringent?

But this one (below) is probably more applicable to the original article (posted tonight):

There's a giant crystal buried deep within the Earth, at the very center, more than 3,000 miles down. It may sound like the latest fantasy adventure game or a new Indiana Jones movie, but it happens to be what scientists discovered in 1995 with a sophisticated computer model of Earth's inner core. This remarkable finding, which offers plausible solutions to some perplexing geophysical puzzles, is transforming what Earth scientists think about the most remote part of our planet.

Is the earth's core moving eastward?

Christian Science Monitor - Lynne Peeples - ‎Aug 4, 2010‎
The earth's inner core is inching eastward, new findings by a team of French scientists suggest. Earth's inner core may be shifting eastward, new research ...

Earth's Moving, Melting Core

Science Now - Kristen Minogue - ‎Aug 4, 2010‎
Core issue. New research suggests that Earth's inner core could be melting and ...

Earth may regenerate its iron heart

New Scientist - ‎Aug 4, 2010‎
THE Earth's solid iron core may recycle itself every 100 million years, melting on one side and resolidifying on the other. That could explain why the core ...

Melting-induced stratification above the Earth's inner core due to ... - 1 hour ago
In addition to its global North–South anisotropy1, there are two other enigmatic seismological observations related to the Earth’s inner core: asymmetry between its eastern and western hemispheres2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and the presence of a layer of reduced seismic velocity at the base of the outer core6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. This 250-km-thick layer has been interpreted as a stably stratified region of reduced composition in light elements13. Here we show that this layer can be generated by simultaneous crystallization and melting at the surface of the inner core, and that a translational mode of thermal convection in the inner core can produce enough melting and crystallization on each hemisphere respectively for the dense layer to develop. The dynamical model we propose introduces a clear asymmetry between a melting and a crystallizing hemisphere which forms a basis for also explaining the East–West asymmetry. The present translation rate is found to be typically 100 million years for the inner core to be entirely renewed, which is one to two orders of magnitude faster than the growth rate of the inner core’s radius. The resulting strong asymmetry of buoyancy flux caused by light elements is anticipated to have an impact on the dynamics of the outer core and on the geodynamo.

Ice core drilling effort involving CU-Boulder to help assess ...

EurekAlert (press release) - 3 days ago
During the Eemian -- the most recent interglacial period on Earth ... of the core that are expected to contain crucial information about how Earth's climate ...
Ice drilling could foretell climate-
Greenland ice core to help assess risks of abrupt climate change- Penn State Live
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