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Give Lucifer a bad name and then keep him all to yourself – so reads the Illuminati manual for co-opting cosmic forces. All anyone needs to do is throw out a symbol and have in mind specifically what it means. This thought immediately gains momentum thereby drawing through the gateway appropriate matching energies.

War is when two or more of these symbolic generators come in to conflict. Bashing each other, they forget that humanity is beyond the archetypes of the psychic plane. With most of each day being spent in the quagmire of the world and the drudgery of the mind, anything fantastic seems overwhelming. A good wizard can assure you that transcendence of the 4th dimension is not only possible, but merely a skipping stone’s distance if seen from the perspective of the moon. Swimming upstream isn’t so bad once you get the knack.

Primal – Emotions – Mind – Holy Spirit – Atman – Aum – Nirvana

Some of the Indigo Children/Transcending Souls/Awakening Star Seeds have to balance down. With an open EYE they see more than their mind can translate based on the tiny lessons of one small life in a body. People who go crazy from LSD suffer from a similar fate. Staring at the face of God, your head could burst into flames.

Step by step and moment to moment, we arrive consciously at the glory we have glimpsed in our highest perceptions. Nobody is going anywhere. The outside catastrophe is just to remind us of the urgency that has always been the case.

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Watch the trailer for 'Devil'
here's the art for the new M. Night Shyamalan film. Fascinating release 9/17 date there.
With all of the hating that’s been projected towards M. Night Shyamalan, I’ve had to change my excuses for him a few times. After LADY IN THE WATER, I said that his problem was that he insists on putting himself into all of his movies and he can’t act at all, so that makes his movies less. But then THE HAPPENING came out and I had to change it by saying that the problem with his movies is that he just can’t write a great script anymore. But then THE LAST AIRBENDER came out and since all he did was direct it, I’m struggling to find something he’s still good at. Maybe producing? We’ll find out with upcoming thriller DEVIL in which a group of people are trapped in an elevator and the devil is among them. On paper, I like the idea, but in the trailer I’m not sure the intensity of the situation came across properly.

The film stars Caroline Dhavernas, who some of you may remember from the wonderfully quirky but short lived series ‘Wonderfalls’. It also stars Geoffrey Arend, Chris Messina, Bojana Novakovic and Logan Marshall-Green. Drew and John Erick Dowdle are directing. Watch the trailer here.

News in Film (blog) - Jeff Leins - ‎20 hours ago‎
Universal has released a poster and trailer for the supernatural thriller Devil, tagged as a “Night Chronicles” production and “from the mind of M. Night ...

DEVIL: M. Night Shyamalan, Polarity, Equilibrium & the Event Horizon?!

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." - Carl Jung.

Slated for a September 17th release, DEVIL is the next film project from the multi-hypenated filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan. It is a supernatural thriller written and produced for an upcoming anthology for his "Night Chronicles" film enterprise. The storyline is built around five characters trapped in an elevator, where it is revealed that the Devil is among them.

Much has been made about Shyamalan's disappointments since the groundbreaking and audacious success of his debut The Sixth Sense and Newsweek's bold pronouncement, declaring that he was the second coming of Steven Spielberg. One writer, Michael Agger of Slate Magazine noted that Shyamalan was following "an uncomfortable pattern" of "making fragile, sealed-off movies that fell apart when exposed to outside logic." Unfortunately, Agger like other critics, will never understand the deep and profound meanings behind the conscious streams of extensive codes and symbols embedded in Shyamalan's work. Their mindset is locked within the neuro-linguistic programming from the matrix construct. The French novelist and essayist Marcel Proust once wrote that "The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes." Through the effective usage of metaphysical themes, Shyamalan's overall work is an odyssey into the richly textured multi-layered narrative of an artist clearly bent on crafting thoughtful and serious drama about the ancient knowledge and its bearing upon the history, evolution and future of humanity.

"Man's task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the unconscious." - Carl Jung.

In movies like Signs, Lady In The Water and The Last Airbender, he uses the Ether or Holy Water to illustrate the sacred and pure substance or the divine essence of the creative consciousness. An inference to the magnetic properties which constitutes our universe. The alchemical "Aqua Vitae." The Water of Life. Allusions to the composition of humanity - water and spirit, symbolized by two interlocking triangles. Just like the Star Tetrahedron, Flower of Life or the Tree of Life, the geometrical mandala of creation and form. Conceptual models of creation that parallels the cycle of life. The manipulation of magnetic fields into a vortex to open a window through the fabric of space, the limitless source of energy from the center of the equilibrium.

Whether told through mythology, folklore, dreams, signs or patterns; Shyamalan's work is tapping into the reconciliation and integration process of this source of energy and the journey of the human soul or subconscious mind. It is essentially the same interactive process as espoused by the scientist Nassim Haramein in his theories on the Holofractographic Universe, where he modifies Einstein's Field Equations to a Unified Field Theory based on the interaction of a Polarized Geometric Structured Vacuum. In essence, what is clearly illustrate is that a divine expanding and contracting consciousness exists within the confines of its own equilibrium to create infinite potential within a finite boundary. Therefore, at the centre of everything are these equally opposite polarized magnetic fields of positivity and negativity. In other words, a state of Equilibrium is created. Haramein term this convergence of opposing forces as the Event Horizon.

“It's not what you look at, it's what's you see.” - Henry David Thoreau.

In Shyamalan's 2000 suspense thriller Unbreakable, the actor Bruce Willis plays a security guard David Dunn, who is the sole survivor of a train crash that kills all of the other passengers, without a scratch on his body. He later discovers from the Samuel L. Jackson character Elijah Price, that he is unbreakable - his body will remain unharmed whatever damage is pronounced upon it. Price is the complete opposite, as his structure is completely filled with fragile bones since birth. Therefore, earning the nickname Mr. Glass. In one conversation, Price tells Dunn that "...[they] seem to be linked by a curve, but sitting on opposite ends..." Despite Dunn's initial disbelief, the theory holds true to the end. This is the essence of Haramein's theory of the magnetic polarity of everything and the conscious force which holds everything together. The main principle of this theory is essentially the same as that put forward by noted physicist Stephen Hawking, who believed that the present is created by the convergence of the future and the past, effectively creating a energetic process of space and time. Positive, negative. As above, so below. Good, evil. This polarity and the equilibrium of the conscious force is littered all over Shyamalan's work from The Sixth Sense to The Village to The Happening. Fragmented aspects of one character, different characters or the entire cast playing out a expanding and contracting sequence in the fusionary process of the soul. The shadow. The reflection. In the final scenes of The Sixth Sense, the child psychiatrist Malcolm Crowe played by Willis resonates this fully, as he must confront his own ghost, to recognize that he was dead the entire time he was trying help a troubled boy.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - Carl Jung.

This understanding, awareness, discernment and awakening to the nature of the creative process is clearly verified in the sequestered knowledge of the organizations like the Vatican, Freemasonry, Knights Templar, and the Illuminati. The hidden and secret knowledge. The masonic tracing board illustrates that everything is dual leading towards the Equilibrium. Polarity. Everything has poles. Opposites, identical in nature. Hot and cold. Light and darkness. Love and hate. Good and evil. This leads to a fuller understanding and appreciation of orders and symbolism. The equilibrium is vibration, where everything moves within this expanding and contracting process, flowing in and out or back and forth like a pendulum. Like the Architect told Neo in the movie The Matrix, it is cause and effect. Male and Female. Sex.

In the opening scenes for the trailer of DEVIL, we clearly see this polarity demonstrated in the inversion of water and other objects or writings, such as the V. This is also seen on the poster above as well. Like an upside down pyramid. The mirror. The reflection. In this inversion, the following words are displayed "Our Lives Are Filled With Chance Encounters And Random Events." The opposite of that is there is cause for every effect and an effect from every cause. Causality. A fundamental concept embedded in our science and philosophy. There is no such thing as chance. Shyamalan wants you to seek and become aware of this side of the polarity.

"Everything happens for a reason."

The camera pans over buildings and we see the number 6 on one of the buildings and we learn from one of the security guards that the elevator is stuck on the sixth floor. From his screen, the display for the number 6 elevator features red arrows pointing in opposite directions. The display also shows that 6 like the Equilibrium lies between 5 and 7. 5+7 = 12. 12/2 = 6. Elevator 5 features the number 24 (2+4 = 6) and Elevator 7 features the number 33 (3+3 = 6). This clearly entrains the Equilibrium and the polarity of the divine consciousness in everything. The number 6 forms into a continuous curve, like a spiral or a foetus moving towards gradual infinity like a meeting of two principles - the essence of the Equilibrium and all of creation.

We Are Movie Geeks - ‎Jul 16, 2010‎
The credits may have these two guys listed as the film's directors, but make no mistake, DEVIL is M. Night Shyamalan's film…even down to his regular crew. ...
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Demons Behind The Music Industry (Ex Illuminati explains)

You can still see my videos at under the name SUPERFIRE702

John Todd, former member of the Illuminati and music industry insider speaks out.

---About KISSs album cover DESTROYER---

I made an interesting discovery which may back up my video Demons Behind The Music Industry. In the video John Todd mentions the album Destroyer by KISS.
If you look on the cover of the album you can see the KISS members standing on rocks (or coals) above what looks like a lake of fire with smoke in the background, and it has a dark sky.

The Bible says:
Revelation 9:2. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

In verses 7 and 8 it goes on to say that the faces of the locusts that came out of the pit had faces of men and hair as the hair of women. If you look at the KISS album cover Destroyer they have faces of men and long hair like women.

The king of these locusts from the pit is called Apollyon. See Revelation 9:11

Now if you check the name Apollyon in the dictionary guess what it means? It means the DESTROYER which is the title of KISSs album. Coincidence? You decide.

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C-Class Solar Flare 7/17/10

SOLAR FLARE: Sunspot 1087 erupted on July 17th (1800 UT) producing a long-duration C2-class solar flare. Click on the arrow to view a 2.5 hour movie from the Solar Dynamics Observatory:

Sunspots = Solar Flares = Magnetic Field Shift = Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents = Extreme Global Changing Weather= Earthquakes= Volcanic Eruptions and Human Disruption aka Solor Max in 2012

The leisurely but powerful eruption hurled a faint coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. Minor geomagnetic storms are possible on or about July 20th when the cloud reaches Earth. Arctic sky watchers won't likely see auroras because of the midnight sun; Antarctic sky watchers, on the other hand, should be alert for Southern Lights.

more images: from Michael Buxton of Ocean Beach, California; from Alan Friedman of Buffalo, New York; from Wouter Verhesen of Sittard, The Netherlands; from K. Snyder and J. Stetson of South Portland, Maine; from Fabio of Imperia, Liguria, Italy

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A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere

Researchers are puzzling over a sharper-than-expected collapse of Earth's upper atmosphere during the deep solar minimum of 2008-09. "Something is going on that we do not understand," says John Emmert of the Naval Research Lab, lead author of a paper announcing the finding. Get the full story from Science@NASA.

NASA-funded researchers are monitoring a big event in our planet's atmosphere. High above Earth's surface where the atmosphere meets space, a rarefied layer of gas called "the thermosphere" recently collapsed and now is rebounding again.

"This is the biggest contraction of the thermosphere in at least 43 years," says John Emmert of the Naval Research Lab, lead author of a paper announcing the finding in the June 19th issue of the (GRL). "It's a Space Age record."

The collapse happened during the deep of 2008-2009—a fact which comes as little surprise to researchers. The thermosphere always cools and contracts when is low. In this case, however, the magnitude of the collapse was two to three times greater than low solar activity could explain.

"Something is going on that we do not understand," says Emmert.

The thermosphere ranges in altitude from 90 km to 600+ km. It is a realm of , auroras and satellites, which skim through the thermosphere as they circle Earth. It is also where solar radiation makes first contact with our planet. The thermosphere intercepts extreme ultraviolet (EUV) from the sun before they can reach the ground. When solar activity is high, solar EUV warms the thermosphere, causing it to puff up like a marshmallow held over a camp fire. (This heating can raise temperatures as high as 1400 K—hence the name thermosphere.) When solar activity is low, the opposite happens.

Lately, solar activity has been very low. In 2008 and 2009, the sun plunged into a century-class solar minimum. were scarce, solar flares almost non-existent, and solar EUV radiation was at a low ebb. Researchers immediately turned their attention to the thermosphere to see what would happen.

How do you know what's happening all the way up in the thermosphere?

Emmert uses a clever technique: Because satellites feel aerodynamic drag when they move through the thermosphere, it is possible to monitor conditions there by watching satellites decay. He analyzed the decay rates of more than 5000 satellites ranging in altitude between 200 and 600 km and ranging in time between 1967 and 2010. This provided a unique space-time sampling of thermospheric density, temperature, and pressure covering almost the entire Space Age. In this way he discovered that the thermospheric collapse of 2008-2009 was not only bigger than any previous collapse, but also bigger than the sun alone could explain.

One possible explanation is carbon dioxide (CO2).

When carbon dioxide gets into the thermosphere, it acts as a coolant, shedding heat via infrared radiation. It is widely-known that CO2 levels have been increasing in Earth's atmosphere. Extra CO2 in the thermosphere could have magnified the cooling action of solar minimum.

"But the numbers don't quite add up," says Emmert. "Even when we take CO2 into account using our best understanding of how it operates as a coolant, we cannot fully explain the thermosphere's collapse."

You need Flash installed to watch this ideo

An NCAR video shows how carbon dioxide warms the lower atmosphere, but cools the upper atmosphere.

According to Emmert and colleagues, low solar EUV accounts for about 30% of the collapse. Extra CO2 accounts for at least another 10%. That leaves as much as 60% unaccounted for.

In their GRL paper, the authors acknowledge that the situation is complicated. There's more to it than just solar EUV and terrestrial CO2. For instance, trends in global climate could alter the composition of the thermosphere, changing its thermal properties and the way it responds to external stimuli. The overall sensitivity of the thermosphere to could actually be increasing.

"The density anomalies," they wrote, "may signify that an as-yet-unidentified climatological tipping point involving energy balance and chemistry feedbacks has been reached."

Or not.

Important clues may be found in the way the thermosphere rebounds. Solar minimum is now coming to an end, EUV radiation is on the rise, and the thermosphere is puffing up again. Exactly how the recovery proceeds could unravel the contributions of solar vs. terrestrial sources.

"We will continue to monitor the situation," says Emmert.

More information: Emmert, J. T., J. L. Lean, and J. M. Picone (2010), Record-low thermospheric density during the 2008 solar minimum, Geophys. Res. Lett., 37, L12102.

Source: Science@NASA

Giant Breach in Earth's Magnetic Field Discovered

Dec. 16, 2008: NASA's five THEMIS spacecraft have discovered a breach in Earth's magnetic field ten times larger than anything previously thought to exist. Solar wind can flow in through the opening to "load up" the magnetosphere for powerful geomagnetic storms. But the breach itself is not the biggest surprise. Researchers are even more amazed at the strange and unexpected way it forms, overturning long-held ideas of space physics. Read More....

Earth’s Magnetic Field Has Massive Breach – scientists baffled

I know. This sounds like a plot of a 1950′s scifi movie. But it is real. From my view, our localized corner of the solar system is now different than it used to be and changes in the magnetic interactions are evident everywhere. First we have the interplanetary magnetic field that took an abrupt dive in October 2005 and has not recovered since and remains at very low level: Read More....


Magnetic Field Hole Could Cripple Communications

The findings have implications for how solar storms affect the our planet. Serious storms, which involved charged particles spewing from the sun, can disable satellites and even disrupt power grids on Earth. Read More....,2933,468268,00.html


Will Compasses Point South?

Some good graphics and animations for veiwing.


Scientists find hole in Earth's magnetic field

The discovery was made last summer by Themis, a fleet of five small NASA satellites. Read more...


Earth’s Magnetic Field Hole as this is not a new discovery but with the story I just read of: by Anonymous,

Millions of Shellfish Beached in Karachi Pakistan Why?

With the topic of Earth’s Magnetic Field being brought up as a possible senario, I thought I would bring this story foward.

UPDATE:Millions of dead shellfish on Pakistani shores after oil spill *VIDEO*

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NATIONAL SECURITY & CLIMATE CHANGE: 6.26.08 Hearing . NEW REPORT 4/21/10 House of Commons
BBC News Report Climate Security 2030 Report!!! out of Washington DC MUST

Geo-engineering The shield of Ra: Of all these "whacky-but-workable" theories the one that has perhaps generated the most interest, both in terms of scientific plausibility and practical implementation, is that of solar reflection.
The basic concept is the same as that underpinning the "white roads" idea -- the development of a technology that can reflect a proportion of the sun's radiation away from the earth's surface and back out into space, thereby cooling the atmosphere and slowing, or even reversing the damaging effects of global climate change.
Several models have been put forward as to how such a feat of "geo-engineering" might actually be achieved, most involving the positioning of a reflective shield of some sort out in space.
As early as 1989, for instance, in an article entitled "Space-based Solar Shield to Offset Greenhouse Effect," James T. Early of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, proposed siting a vast, 2000 km-wide glass deflecting panel at the "inner Lagrange point" between the Earth and the sun, the latter diverting the sun's rays away from the Earth's atmosphere.
Similarly in 1992 the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) put forward the idea of launching 55,000 "solar sails" into orbit around the Earth, each with an area of 100 square kilometers, the sails collectively producing the same effect as Early's single glass panel.
Other "space shield" proposals have included the establishment of a cloud of miniature reflective parasols -- each just 60 cms in diameter -- to shade the Earth from the sun; and the creation of an artificial planetary ring around the Earth composed of passive particles.
While computer-modeling has shown all of these options to be essentially viable, they would nonetheless be technologically complex and hugely expensive.
The miniature parasols idea, for example, envisages at least 16 trillion such parasols, the latter requiring an estimated 20 million separate space missions to get them up into orbit.
Using particles to create an artificial ring around the earth, meanwhile, would cost an estimated $4-6 trillion.
govenment report on chemtrails.

This earth is in Post Glacial Reboud effect, and the earth ocean floor is sinking. .

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Powerful 7.3 and 6.9 Earthquakes Strike Papua New Guinea, Tsunami Warning Canceled

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Two powerful earthquakes measuring 7.3 and 6.9 magnitude, struck the island of New Britain, in Papua New Guinea on late Sunday evening, briefly sparking a local tsunami warning for Indonesia.

The first earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 on the Richter scale struck at 11.04 p.m. local time (1304 GMT), , was centered about 75 kilometers (45 miles) south-southeast of Kimbe, the capital of the province of West New Britain according to ASEAN Earthquake Information Center (AIEC).

A second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 on the Richter scale at 11.35 p.m. local time (1335 GMT), , struck about 107 kilometers (67 miles) east-northeast of Kandrian on New Britain. It struck approximately 26 kilometers (16.1 miles) deep, according to AIEC.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was no widespread tsunami threat based on historical earthquake and tsunami data. It later said in a bulletin that a tsunami had been generated, but quickly retracted the statement and said it was issued in error.

The USGS estimated some 101,000 people likely experienced very strong shaking as a result of the 7.3 quake, which could result in moderate to heavy damage. Some 522,000 others felt weak to moderate shaking.


Serious Consequences Possible to Depletion of Earth's 'Thermosphere'

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

The thermosphere is the biggest of all the layers of the Earth's atmosphere directly above the mesosphere and directly below the exosphere. Radiation causes the atmosphere particles in this layer to become electrically charged.

It appears the source of this record-breaking collapse of the Thermosphere is the result of non-linear planetary waves or tides. I believe what has occurred is in-line with Mayan prophecy as part of our 'Milky Way' galaxy playing out its cyclical role in what the Mayans and Hopi'scall the "Transition". The Mayans speak of it as the "end of the 4th World and the beginning of the 5th World. I need more time to research this more thoroughly and to tap into my sources at NASA, ESA, US Naval Observatory, Royal Observatory, and NOAA Space Weather Center. So let's call this "Part-I" of at least a two part series. Watch for Part-II this week .... Just a few more words of what I already know: Atmospheric tides are global-scale periodic oscillations of the atmosphere. In many ways, they are analogous to ocean tides. Atmospheric tides can be excited by temperature fluctuation of the day/night cycle, the gravitational field pull of the Moon, and by non-linear interactions between tides and planetary waves. Now my hunt is for the possible source(s) of these planetary waves. MORE HERE

Strong earthquakes strike off Papua New Guinea

  1. The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
    SYDNEY — Two strong earthquakes struck off the South Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea late Sunday, a US monitor said. ...
    Two earthquakes rock Papua New Guinea- Sify
    7.3M earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea, no tsunami threat to Hawaii- Hawaii 24/7
    Indonesia lifts tsunami warning after two powerful earthquakes-
    TPI News (blog) - Only Kent (blog)
    all 335 news articles »

  2. Strong Alaska earthquake prompts 11 minor, moderate aftershocks - Andrew Moran - 2 hours ago
    Anchorage - Alaska usually receives minor earthquakes ranging from 2.0 to 3.5-magnitude. However, Alaska was struck by a 6.7-magnitude earthquake followed ...
    Strong earthquake strikes the Fox Islands in Alaska, no damage ...- Channel 6 News Online
    Earthquake hits off Aleutian island chain-
    Strong earthquake strikes the Fox Islands in Alaska- WireUpdate
    Xinhua -
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  3. There's a hole in this possible earthquake pattern

    Los Angeles Times - Rong-Gong Lin II - Hector Becerra - 11 hours ago
    As UC Davis physicist and geologist John Rundle ponders the map of recent California earthquakes, he sees visions of a doughnut even Homer J. Simpson ...
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SINKHOLES - What's Happening to the Earth? Oil Leak, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Sinkholes WORLDWIDE

S IT ALL CONNECTED? Oil Leak, Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Sinkholes WORLDWIDE and if it is all connected then what is going on with the earth.
When you can longer trust the earth under the foundation of your house, then what?
It has been blamed on volcanic activity releasing pressure and on rain and on the "oil spill" oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico but maybe ALL of these events are connected?
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Military Involved with the Gulf Oil Spill From the Beginning

Intel Hub – Here at The Intel Hub we have reported, for over two months, that the Army is actively involved and has been from the beginning. In early May, we were openly attacked for reporting possible troops in Grand Ise, yet now it is an accepted fact. Proof of Military throughout the gulf has been pouring in and nothing has been as clear cut as this.

Now as of July 15…

“About 1,900 Defense Department and associated personnel are deployed to the Gulf. They are providing ongoing support to contain the leak and clean up the spill, including military-owned skimmers and pollution control equipment”, Pentagon spokesman Army Lt. Col. Robert L. Ditchey II said today.

“The military also is providing funding for National Guard support to state governors in the region, as well as staging areas for boom and logistical coordination along the coast and at sea”, Ditchey said………..

“We have been working together closely with the U.S. Coast Guard from the beginning,” Ditchey said. “We are committed to supporting the response effort for as long as we are needed.”

D.O.D Website
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Oil/Gas Eruption from Gulf sea floor!

They're still lying about oil disaster (Pt.1)
They're still lying about oil disaster (Pt. 2)
They're still lying about oil disaster (Part 3 of 3)

This is a video capture of the ROV webcam on the Gulf sea floor at on July 16, the morning after BP said the well was "capped" and right around the same time as the East Coast earthquake. The timing may be a coincidence, but this video shows that something very violent is going on down there that BP doesn't want the media talking about.

Beginning at about the 1:28 time marker (which corresponds to around 5:04 AM in the video), a series of massive, rapid eruptions appears on the webcam.

Is it oil? Methane? Something else? One thing's for sure... it's not just the ROVs kicking up dirt.

After lying to us for more than a month, the mainstream news media via MSNBC has finally dropped the bombshell that we all knew already, the sea floor is leaking near the well head. Not only that, it's methane gas escaping through cracks in the seafloor. Wow! Really? Amazing! Fooled me!


Seep found near BP well, source says

BP reportedly not complying with administration's demand for more monitoring

NEW ORLEANS — Scientists are concerned about a seep near BP's busted oil well, a federal official said Sunday.

Methane might be escaping through cracks in the seafloor, the source said, and that could be a sign of leaks in the well that's been capped off for three days as part of a test of its integrity.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because an announcement about the next steps had not been made yet. Testing had been extended until 4 p.m. ET Sunday, but that came and went without any word on whether it would continue even longer.

The official is familiar with the spill oversight, but would not clarify what is seeping near the well. The official says BP is

not complying with the government's demand for more monitoring.

Government says leak detected 'a distance from' oil well

July 19th

Sea-floor leak found several miles from blown well...

WH: Leaking from cap, too...

Gov't allows BP to keep wellhead 'capped'...

Methane levels 'million times higher than normal'...

...levels only seen during mass extinction events...

REPORT: Drill moratorium to cost $1.8B, 8,000 jobs...

(CNN) -- The federal government's oil spill response director says testing has revealed that there is a "detected seep a distance from the well" and has ordered BP to quickly notify the government if other leaks are found.

"When seeps are detected, you are directed to marshal resources, quickly investigate, and report findings to the government in no more than four hours," retired Adm. Thad Allen said in a letter to BP Chief Managing Director Bob Dudley. "I direct you to provide me a written procedure for opening the choke valve as quickly as possible without damaging the well should hydrocarbon seepage near the well head be confirmed."

more here>

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They’re still lying about oil disaster

Oil expert Simmons insists
‘20 million people are
entrapped in harm’s way’

By John Kaminski

Oil industry insider Matt Simmons blew the whistle on the made-for-TV
capping of the so-called oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday, July
15, during an interview on KPFK radio, the NPR station in Los Angeles.

Simmons, former energy adviser to the second President Bush, explained
that according to his reading of the data from NOAA, the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
, capping of the so-called riser
and the subsequent announcement by U.S. President Obama was “the
biggest con job we’ve ever seen.”

Simmons, creator of an investment bank catering to oil companies, told
radio host Ian Masters that the real problem continuing to gush oil
into the Gulf was not the 6-inch “riser” that apparently has been
capped amid much TV hoopla, but that an open hole or cauldron perhaps
up to 10 miles distant from where British Petroleum’s cameras are
focused which continues to spew 120,000 BARRELS per day, and that BP’s
much publicized effort to drill relief wells in what the company says
is an effort to stop the flow of oil is nothing but a cynical
publicity stunt.

“The dimensions of this lie are beyond belief,” said Simmons,
explaining that the idea of a relief well is “tricky at best,” since
trying to hit a pipe of less than a foot in diameter 35,000 feet below
the surface of the Gulf may be entirely futile because the casing of
the original pipe is not even there, having blown away at some point.

But Simmons noted that both BP and Obama continue to deny that this
open hole, or cauldron, even exists, even though Simmons and others
insist the NOAA data from satellites prove by speed of flow and depth
of light that the amount of oil that has been flowing through the
on-camera riser could not possibly account for the amount of oil that
has spilled into the Gulf.

“The riser is totally irrelevant,” Simmons stressed, adding “and
there’s no way to cap the open hole.” He explained that BP continues
to deny the open hole exists and theorizes the continuing flow of oil
into the Gulf is really just the residue from what has already been
spilled during the first 90 days of the disaster.

“There is denial that there’s even a problem,” Simmons said. “In about
a month or two people will realize that this actually was the biggest
con job we’ve ever seen.”

Simmons also noted an additional danger. “What the researchers now
believe is that basically is that between 4000 and 4500 below the
ocean floor lies an oil lake that’s somewhere between 100 and 120
miles wide and it’s about 4500 feet deep. It’s this toxic waste and
crude and it’s releasing methane gases that are absolutely lethal
which is why all the fish and dolphins and sharks and whales are
dying. And workers too, which is why so many have gotten sick, or
maybe really sick.

“The health problems are so serious,” Simmons said. “When you inhale
methane you just die.”

The only possible solution, Simmons insists, “is a small diameter low
level nuclear device. They insert it down the well 18000 feet, and set
it off. It will fuse the rock and glass, and it’s totally safe, three
miles under the seabed.”

Radio host Masters asked, “When do we get the truth?”

Simmons responded, “Basically the walls are starting to cave in on BP.
there are only so many things you can make up.”

“But here’s the really scary thing,” Simmons told the Pacifica radio
. “If we have a storm, let alone a hurricane, what hurricanes
basically do is they churn up cold water from the base of the Gulf.
This time it’s not going to be cold water, it’s going to be black
poisonous crude. It will also shut down the 18 power plants along the
Gulf Coast.

“So we’re going to entrap 20 million people in harm’s way.”

audio link:

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Dr. Michio Kaku: "This a huge science expeiriment and we are the guinea pigs"

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Water sample exploded when chemist tested for oil; Most likely methane or Corexit

A news crew heads to Alabama beaches to do some testing of what looks like relatively normal waters. They took the water right where the beach-goers go swimming.

What they found is generally not so surprising. But amazingly one sample tested exploded.

....Water and sand along Alabama's coast should contain no more than five parts per million of oil or petroleum, according to Bob Naman, an analytical chemist. But, the samples we collected tested much higher.

From 16 ppm to 221 ppm, our results are concerning. Even more disturbing is what happened to a sample collected from the Dauphin Island Marina near oil containment boom....(source: wkrg news 5)

Some of the tests showed up to 221 parts per-billion of oil in the water.

One sample taken exploded in the chemist's lab. The chemist believes that the explosion resulted from either methanol or the dispersant Corexit in the water.

We should all know that oil contains carcinogenic compounds. One of the worst is benzine.

....Benzene is also a natural part of crude oil, gasoline, and cigarette smoke."ATSDR ToxFAQs cause of aplastic anemia and leukemia. "Aplastic anemia an A3, Confirmed Animal Carcinogen with

Benzene is a known human carcinogen. Work-related exposure to benzene has into acute myelogenous leukemia over time, aplastic anemia, acute It naturally occurs in crude oil and is

One of the chemicals in crude oil that is of highest concern is benzene, because it has long been known to cause rapid toxic effects, and it is carcinogenic and mutagenic. A review the toxic effects and other characteristics of benzene is available at benzene causes leukemia. They also report aplastic anemia a precursor of leukemia, chromosomal abnormalities in lymphocytes and bone marrow cells, damage to the immune system and abnormal development of blood cells....(source: scitech box)

It is known that the oil dispersant Corexit is even more toxic than just the oil. It also has been reported that the oil and dispersant mix is more toxic than either the Corexit or the petroleum. by itself.

The long term health consequences for the people of the Gulf will likely mean an epidemic of cancer and leukemia. Of course, no one in the government or the corporate managed media will admit that the increase in suffering and death was the result of the Oil Disaster in the Gulf.

Oceanographer John Kessler analyzes methane levels from oil spill site

Preliminary results show concentrations at some points to be a million times higher than normal, researcher says John Kessler, a chemical oceanographer in the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M University, is currently analyzing methane levels in water collected from seven miles to 500 meters from the Deepwater Horizon wellhead. | Preliminary results, he says, point to high concentrations of the gas.
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Toxic Corexit 9500 Rains Now Reported in Kentucky

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Scientist Says Oxygen-Depletion Problem in Gulf Is Real
Wall Street Journal - Jeffrey Ball - 4 days ago
Oil spills can reduce underwater oxygen levels in large part because natural ... BP robots attached a new, tighter-fitting cap on top of the gushing Gulf of ...
Methane eating microbes multiply in Gulf oil spill- Vancouver Sun
Oil Spill-Eating Microbes Multiplying In Gulf Plumes- Huffington Post (blog)
all 48 news articles »
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Kindra Arnesen Gulf Coast Whistleblower Says Residents Should Evacuate NOW!

BP and the Federal Government gave Kindra Arnesen unlimited insider access to the the BP Gulf Oil Spill cleanup and response operations. Disgusted by what she saw she turned whistle blower at the Gulf Emergency Summit and exposed the shocking truth of what is really going on behind the scenes of the clean up operations.Kindra Arnesen broke her silence at the Gulf Emergency Summit when she turned whistle blower and made a series of of shocking revelations.

Transcript of Kindra Arnesen’s testimony at Gulf Emergency Summit

This is the testimony of Kristen Arnesen’s testimony, the video keeps being taken down. Please share and save. Copied from Project Avalon, thanks to their volunteer transcribers.


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Congressman Joe Donnelly...... You're Fired!

Walorski for Congress Campaign Update

Jackie Walorski Out-Raises Donnelly in 2nd Quarter

Thank YOU for making this our biggest
fundraising quarter yet!

We're just getting started -
Help us keep up the momentum!!

2nd Amendment Friends -

Please join me and our very good friend, Gun Owners of America President Larry Pratt, for a fun evening this coming Monday, July 19th. Larry and I will be at the Midwest Gun and Range in Elkhart at 7pm for some target shooting and what promises to be lively discussion about our 2nd Amendment freedoms. Additional details can be found in the attached flyer.

I hope to see you Monday night for some shooting, discussion and fun!

As always, thank you for your support!

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El-Chupacabra like creatures found in Texas

El Chupacabra: Myth or reality?

News Provider - ‎Jul 17, 2010‎
El Chupacabra: Two strange animals, similar to dogs or wolves, were shot in the Northern part Texas during the last week. The strange animals are said to be ...

Ugly? Yes. But El Chupacabra? Not So Much

NBC Dallas-Fort Worth - Lita Beck - ‎Jul 14, 2010‎
Some had speculated that the animal was clearly a chupacabra, but others said it looked like a Mexican hairless dog. But tests at Texas A&M revealed that ...

Tioga Police Chief May Have Shot a Chupacabra

KTEN - 2 days ago
TIOGA, TX -- The myth of the Chupacabra continues. Thursday, after airing a story about a Texoma woman who claims she owns a Chupacabra-like pet, ...

Chupacabra speculation swirling in Hood County

Fort Worth Star Telegram - Bill Miller - ‎Jul 13, 2010‎
"They'd take one look and say, 'Yep, you got a chupacabra there,'" Collins said. Actually, said Sgt. Rosemary Moninger of Hood County animal control, ...

Man claims he killed chupacabra

KLTV - ‎Jul 12, 2010‎
NORTH TEXAS (CNN) - A north Texas man claims he has killed a chupacabra. David Hewitt says he shot it Friday when it got too close to his cattle. ...

Is Mysterious Hood County Animal A Chupacabra?

CBS 11 - ‎Jul 12, 2010‎
Could animal control officers in Hood County have found a legendary Chupacabra... or goat sucker? Last week workers shot and killed a mysterious four-legged

Chupacabras: Fact or fiction?

Sherman Denison Herald Democrat - Kathy Williams - ‎Jul 14, 2010‎
In Texas and other areas with significant Hispanic cultures, like Puerto Rico or Mexico, the critter most often appearing in folk legend is the chupacabra, ...

Chupacabra-like animals turn up in Hood County

WFAA - Jonathan Betz - ‎Jul 10, 2010‎
From all indications, it seemed to be a chupacabra." Chupacabra is an exotic name for a mythical blood-sucking creature. "The claws, toenails, nothing like ...
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The Plan to Disappear Canada (into the USA)
'Deep integration' comes out of shadows.
By Murray Dobbin, 8 Jun 2007, in Canada

If the machinations going on in this country regarding so-called "deep integration" were instead a communist conspiracy to take over the country (you will, of course, have to try hard to imagine this) the news media would be blaring the story.

Pundits would pontificate, editorialists would erupt, security forces would be unleashed. Instead, a virtual conspiracy to make the country disappear through assimilation into the U.S. gets barely a mention.

But news of the scheme -- formally called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) -- is finally breaking out of the secret chambers of the ruling elite and the federal government. This is both good news and bad. It's good that ordinary citizens are finally getting a glimpse of the betrayal of their country. The news is bad because it reflects just how much of this scheme is already being implemented.

Given the meetings of CEOs and politicians to advance the scheme politically, as well as all that must go into its actual implementation, there is simply too much activity to keep secret.

Ten dots to connect

Here are 10 developments in the plan to disappear Canada.

1) Pesticides 'harmonized.' The most thoroughly reported story (though even this did not go much beyond the CanWest chain) was the revelation that Canada was about to "harmonize" its regulations, setting limits for pesticide residue on fruits and vegetables. In 40 per cent of the cases, the U.S. allows for higher levels. Richard Aucoin, chief registrar of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, which sets Canada's pesticide levels, said that Canada's higher levels were a "trade irritant."

The downgrading of health protection had been a NAFTA initiative, but is being "fast-tracked" as part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Some 300 regulatory regimes are currently going through the same process.

2) Tory tirade. The next story that broke through the wall of media silence reported on the paranoid reaction of the Harper Conservatives to any criticism of the SPP. The occasion was hearings of the Commons International Trade Committee into the SPP, forced by the NDP.

Gordon Laxer, head of Alberta's Parkland Institute, was testifying on the energy implications of the SPP, warning that eastern Canada could end up "freezing in the dark." He had barely started when the chair of the committee, Conservative MP Leon Benoit, demanded that Laxer halt his "irrelevant" testimony. The Committee members overruled Benoit -- who promptly (and illegally) adjourned the meeting and stomped out. The NDP and Liberal members nonetheless continued without him.

3) Council of corporate power. The SPP initiative began in earnest back in 2002 with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (formerly the BCNI), the most powerful corporate body in the country. It continues it leadership role, but does not promote the scheme just in its own name. It instead has helped create several supportive bodies that now help drive the agenda. Included in these are the North American Competitive Council (NACC), which includes CEOs of the largest North American corporations, and which institutionalizes the exclusively corporate nature of the agreement. The NACC is the only advisory group to the three NAFTA/SPP governments.

4) Secretive summit. The NACC at least is public. But much of what happens in building the elite consensus for deep integration is done in absolute secrecy or very privately, away from the prying eyes of the media. The most secretive of these was held last year from Sept. 12 to 14, in Banff Springs. As The Tyee reported, the gathering was sponsored by something called the North American Forum* and it was attended by some of the most powerful members of the North American ruling elite.

Attendees, according to a leaked list that could not be confirmed, included Donald Rumsfeld, George Schultz (former U.S. Secretary of State), General Rick Hillier, Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor and Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day. The media was not informed of the meeting and it was first revealed by the weekly Banff Crag & Canyon.

Stockwell Day refused to even confirm he was there, but said that even if he was, it was a "private" meeting that he would not comment on. There is no better indication that these meetings, and the SPP itself, constitute a parallel governing structure -- unaccountable to any democratic institution or the public.

5) 'No fly' coordination. Canada will have its own "no-fly" list just like our U.S. "partner."

As the Council of Canadians pointed out: "The no-fly list is very much a Security and Prosperity Partnership initiative. 'The SPP Report to Leaders, August 2006' outlines 105 SPP initiatives. Initiative #93 states, 'Develop, test, evaluate and implement a plan to establish comparable aviation passenger screening, and the screening of baggage and air cargo (for North America).'" (VN: Keep in mind we just saw what would result in foreign occupying psychos ruling without being elected, since that is what happened in the Gulf, BP controlled and it was awful, and how horrible it would be with these bankers and CEO's in charge, even I could have done a better job)

Canada's privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has raised a number of concerns about the plan including the fact that the list will be shared with the U.S., that "false positives" are a virtual certainty, and that there is no evidence put forward by the government that the list will improve airline security.

6) Bye, bye Canadian dollar? David Dodge, the head of the Bank of Canada, told a Chicago audience that a single currency for North America "is possible." That would see a big chunk of Canadian sovereignty and the ability to guide the economy through monetary policy go out the window. It's not the first time Dodge has mused about abandoning the Canadian dollar - or deep integration.

7) Water and oil giveaways. The deep integrationists clearly see Canadian water as a North American resource, not a Canadian resource. At yet another very private meeting, held in Calgary on April 27th under the auspices of yet another forum, it was made clear that water is on the table for negotiation.

Discussion of bulk "water transfers" and diversions took place at a Calgary meeting of the North American Future 2025 Project (partly funded by the U.S. government). The meeting based its deliberations on the false notion that Canada has 20 per cent of the world's fresh water. Actual available supply amounts to only around six per cent -- about the same as has the U.S.

The water (and environment) meeting was preceded by another on April 26th talking about "North American" energy. The beneficiary of these discussions is pretty clear when you realize Canada has no national energy policy. We are the only energy exporting country in the world without a one.

Gordon Laxer told the Parliamentary committee: "The National Energy Board wrote me on April 12: 'Unfortunately, the NEB has not undertaken any studies on security of supply.'" He was also told by the NEB that Canada does not maintain a 90 day energy reserve as other developed nations do. As Laxer points out, "Canada may be a net exporter, but it still imports 40 per cent of its oil -- 850,000 barrels per day -- to meet 90 per cent of Atlantic Canada's and Quebec's needs, and 40 per cent of Ontario's."

Canada exports 63 per cent of its oil production and 56 per cent of its natural gas, percentages that can never decrease under NAFTA.

8) NAFTA Superhighway. State governments in the U.S. are becoming increasingly alarmed at the prospects of deep integration. Earlier this year, Idaho became the first state to pass a legislative resolution directing the U.S. Congress to drop out of the SPP, which is referred to as the North American Union amongst U.S. opponents. Thirteen states in addition to Idaho are calling on Congress to abandon the SPP: Georgia, Arizona, Missouri, Illinois, Oregon, Montana, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington and Virginia.

Part of the opposition is focused on plans for a so-called NAFTA Superhighway: actually a corridor several hundred metres wide including rail lines, freeways and pipelines from Mexico to the Canadian border. There is a growing grass roots movement against the SPP in the U.S., but led by the right over the issue of compromising American sovereignty. (VN: The purpose of the super highway is military as well as trade, its about control of their own supply lines should we rebel, since that is usually the first thing attacked, the second military reason was to separate the country into quadrants where the military could tackle control and occupation one quarter at a time with little or no resistance and keep the rest of the nations people away from the areas under threat. It was suppose to be in place before the Gulf situation, but as you can see it was not and I believe they were too vulnerable to do their so called evacuation without it. These guys are serious and they want this done before the next Presidential election so there will be no election)

9) Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA). While U.S. states, concerned about state rights under an unaccountable "North American Union," are organizing against the scheme, Canadian provinces are either blithely unaware or knowingly complicit in the deal. More Canadians may be aware of TILMA -- the investors' rights agreement between B.C. and Albert -- than they are about the SPP, but in reality they are one and the same.

TILMA is major piece of the deep integration, deregulation imperative and fits hand in glove with the SPP. There is a similar, though more informal, process evolving in the Atlantic provinces, called "Atlantica." And B.C. is now pushing the so-called Gateway Initiative, a kind of regional superhighway project that will see huge and environmentally disastrous expansion of ports, highways and pipelines to further supply the U.S.'s insatiable demand for resources and cheap Asian goods.

10) The next SPP summit. The third leaders summit on the SPP will take place this August 21-22nd in Montebello, Quebec, not far from Ottawa. By the time it does many more Canadian will be aware of it.

Part of the reason that news of the SPP/deep integration issue is finally seeing the light of day is that opposition is growing and groups fighting the SPP are having an impact. The Council of Canadians, the CLC and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives held an SPP teach-in in Ottawa last month and many civil society groups are now taking deep integration to their members. Demonstrations are planned for the summit. The NDP continues to press the government on SPP secrecy and the Green Party's Elizabeth May has said deep integration will be a focus of the party's election platform.

It is hard to think of any other issue in modern Canadian history, especially one that will literally determine whether the country survives or not, that has taken so long to get public attention. I first wrote about it September, 2002.

By the time the SPP summit has come and gone and the fall political season begins, deep integration, the most treacherous plan for the country yet devised by Bay Street, will be increasingly exposed. And by the next election, we could see a repeat of the great "free trade" election of 1988. This time we have to win.

*Correction note: At 12:20 p.m. on June 4, we corrected the name of the forum.

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Talk of TILMA deal censored in the legislature. But not in The Tyee.
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Laura S said...

I'm intrigued by the whole coming-of-the-apocalypse thing, especially when tied to the Mayan culture. There are many who call BS to the 2012 end-of-the-world revelations, but I'm amazed by the precision of the Mayan observation of natural phenomenons.

Consequently, the Mayans did not predict the end of the world. They predicted the end of a cycle, which no one knows exactly what. The doomsayers are just saying it's the apocalypse. I'm not sure what our scientists are saying.