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Overhaul of Dracula's/ "Son of the Dragon" Reputation Underway


telegraph - Vlad the Impaler, the medieval Romanian prince who inspired the character of Count Dracula, was not a blood-thirsty tyrant, he was simply a misunderstood victim of bad Western European propaganda, a new exhibition has claimed.

The show, which has just opened in Bucharest, attempts to rehabilitate Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad Dracula or Vlad the Impaler, who ruled Wallachia in the 15th century.

"Vlad Dracula was doubtlessly cruel, but not more so than other princes of his time," said Margot Rauch, the Austrian curator of the exhibition, entitled "Dracula - Voivode and Vampire".

Vlad was born in the town of Sighisoara, in Transylvania, in 1431. He ruled over Wallachia, now a region of Romania, between 1456 and 1462 and was reputed to have killed thousands of political opponents, common criminals and captured Turkish soldiers by having them impaled on sharp wooden stakes. It is estimated he had 50,000 people put to death.

He is also said to have committed other atrocities, including torturing, roasting, dismembering and drowning his enemies.
But despite the historical evidence, according to Ms Rauch, "In fact he was a victim of bad propaganda".

She said historical studies presented in the exhibition show legends related to Vlad Dracula were "aimed at presenting eastern Europe as a primitive land and a source of evil".

The exhibition includes portraits of Vlad from the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna and the Schloss Ambras museum in Innsbruck, as well as manuscripts which depicted him as a blood-thirsty maniac.

One of the engravings, dating back to 1500, shows him having a meal under the eyes of a dozen impaled men, while others have their limbs lopped off and their heads boiled in cauldrons.

Many Romanians regard Vlad as a hero because he fought the invading Ottoman Turks.

The legends about his rule inspired Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula", published in 1897, and later formed the basis of countless books, films and television dramas.

The famous image of Dracula, with his deathly pale skin, dark cape and blood-stained fangs, came largely from seven Dracula films made by Universal Studios between 1930 and 1960.

"It's time to see Vlad Dracula in another light than that given by Hollywood," said Ms Rauch.
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SECRET JULY MEETINGS: Sun Valley And Bohemian Grove


I-75 Bohemian Grove Billboard Near Georgia/Florida Border

But much about the conference is speculation, as always, as details are often hard to come by. Allen & Co. and Sun Valley Resort keep the guest list, as well as the schedule of events, a secret. And a special guest usually shows up, such as Tony Blair in 2008—who, at that point, had just finished duties as British prime minister.


NEW YORK (Reuters) – As Rupert Murdoch, Bob Iger and other media honchos assemble in Sun Valley this week for some fly-fishing or white water rafting, spirits should be brighter than a year ago: stock prices are up by about a third, after all. That alone provides the currency and freedom to get down to the real business

of the media summit, one that boutique investment bank Allen & Co annually hosts in the shadow of the Pioneer Mountains in Idaho. For the past 27 years, the Sun Valley Lodge has been the spot where blockbuster media deals have been hatched.

Even in 2009, when advertising revenues nosedived, Comcast’s co-founder Ralph Roberts had the moxie to talk to General Electric Chief Executive Jeff Immelt about a deal for NBC Universal.



2008 Map of Bohemian Grove Facilities « Norcaltruth

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre (1,100 ha) campground located at 20601 Bohemian Avenue, in Monte Rio, California, belonging to a private San Francisco-based men’s art club known as the Bohemian Club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a three-week encampment of some of the most powerful men in the world who meet in secret. They’ve been meeting once a year since 1872 and mainstream media has been covering up for them!

Bohemian Grove fund-raiser to feature Grammy Award-winning acts




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Are Apocalyptic Events Closing In On Us?

Hell Has Come to South Louisiana
Clint Guidry is a shrimper from Lafitte, Louisiana. As we sit together, he shows me a picture of his house with 18 inches of water in it as a result of Hurricane Ike in 2008. In his deep voice, he looks me in the eye and says, "My fear is repeating this situation, but with this water with oil on top of it."

Guidry represents all the shrimpers in Louisiana, given that he is the Shrimp Harvester Representative on the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force that was created by the state's governor. Prior to this fishing season, he, like the rest of Louisiana's fishermen, was excited for good season, with the price of shrimp per pound finally weighing more in their favor.

"We were primed for a great season," Guidry says, "And it all got taken away."

Unlike most fishermen who've had their livelihoods decimated by BP's oil disaster, Guidry has chosen not to work for BP doing skimming and booming operations with his boat.

"I worked for Brown and Root in the oil industry," Guidry informs, "I know the dangers of oil and chemicals, so there's no way I'm going to go work out in this stuff. Instead, I'm trying to help make sure BP is paying people, and being safe. But I'm not accomplishing either one yet."

My name is Clint Guidry. I am a third generation Louisiana Commercial Shrimp Fisherman. I am sixty-two years old and a lifelong resident of Lafitte, LA. I am a Vietnam Veteran and the son of a WWII Veteran.

I am on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Shrimp Association and the Shrimp Harvester Representative on the LA Shrimp Task Force created by Executive Order of Gov. Bobby Jindal.

I have been invited here today to testify about the current disaster that is occurring concerning the blowout and oil spill from the British Petroleum (BP) DeepWater Horizon Catastrophe and what effects it is having on the fishermen and the families I represent.

Ladies and gentlemen, HELL has come to South Louisiana. A HELL created by British Petroleum (BP) and a failed U.S. Government response to the disaster.

First of all I would like to put into perspective BP’s role in this disaster and show them for what they are.

BP committed fraud in furnishing oil spill response data required to obtain a permit to enable them to drill the MC 252 location. The reality is they were not prepared to handle or control a blowout and resulting oil spill of this magnitude. Simply put, they LIED.

BP, in their haste to cut corners and save money in the completion process on the well location at MC 252, exhibited willful neglect in their duties to complete the well safely which led to the blowout and explosion that killed eleven people. Eleven souls that will never come back. Eleven families with mothers and fathers and wives and children. Children who will never see their fathers again.

This neglect and loss of life constitutes negligent homicide and all involved should be arrested and charged as such.

So now I have established what kind of people we are dealing with, LIARS and KILLERS. It appalls me that they are still in total control of this disaster after almost a month has passed.

Now I would like to speak about our Federal Response to the disaster.

The first response to the disaster was the U.S. Coast Guard, who has assumed duties of protecting BP and aiding them in downplaying the spill, providing BP representatives with armed guards to keep away the press and TV camera crews and sending representatives to local communities to provide false information on safety and health dangers related to the oil spill and the chemical dispersants used.

The second response came from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who in an effort to minimize the spill and save BP face, unleashed two dangerous chemical dispersants which were injected into the water column at the sea floor and sprayed on the surface over the oil and workers in the areas of the spill and along the coast close to coastal fishing communities. These chemical dispersants contain solvents that are dangerous to marine populations in the Gulf and coastal estuaries and were never fully tested for dangers to humans. In the product sheets for these chemical dispersants, there is always a disclaimer: “This listing does not mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies or authorizes the use of this product on an oil discharge.”

And that IS exactly what EPA did and is still doing with total disregard to marine populations that will collapse because of it and human populations that will get sick and may die because of this decision.

“Kill the Ocean, Save the Beaches,” a “Trade-Off” decision. Under what logic does this work? The Gulf is the Mother and the Estuaries are the nurseries. If the Mother dies, there will be no children to incubate.

The reality is the oil and chemical dispersants are entering our estuaries as we speak. The “Trade-Off” logic FAILED.

As I stated, I represent commercial shrimp fishermen. I have members, friends and family presently working to contain and clean-up the spill. They are relating to me BP’s total disregard for providing workers with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

I have extensive experience working with hazardous chemicals associated with petroleum. In the 80’s and 90’s I worked with Brown and Root Industrial Services as a supervisor, General Superintendent and Area Superintendent. I supervised maintenance work in oil refineries and was responsible for worker safety and getting the work done on time. Safety and health of my workers ALWAYS came first with me.

I am being told by workers and family members that proper respiratory protection is NOT being provided to the fishermen workers.

Petroleum, as it surfaces and spreads over the water and heats, releases dangerous carcinogens and these carcinogens are most concentrated directly over the leaking well and surrounding area where my fishermen are working. There has been NO respiratory protective PPE issued to workers working directly over this most dangerous area, even as a precaution to have available given they are working 60 miles offshore. In fact, when some individuals brought their own respirators, they were told by BP representatives on site that if they wore the respirators they would be released from the job. That disturbs me greatly.

My fishermen are more concerned with losing their jobs and the income they desperately need to pay bills and feed their families than their health. From years of experience I know that, when protected, work in very hazardous environments can be completed safely using the proper PPE.

Is BP sacrificing my fishermen’s health and lives to protect themselves from liability issues at a later date?

How can we believe liars and killers when they say the worksite is safe?

This is the same game plan Exxon used in Alaska 20 years ago and Alaska fishermen ¬never collected a penny in settlements from Exxon for sickness and deaths related to working clean-up after the Valdez spill. Exxon never issued respiratory protection to fishermen in the Valdez spill.

These workers safety issues are my top PRIORITY and need to be addressed IMMEDIATELY.

If we are going to allow BP “We the people” 5th Amendment rights in court and use “Taking of Future Profits” to let them off the hook for full responsibility of this disaster, we will be playing the same part as the Alaskans did in the Exxon Valdez Playbook that BP is using on us.

It is past time for our elected officials, Departments and Agencies to abandon the influence of “Big Oil’s” “Big Money” and do what they were elected and appointed to do, represent and protect “We the People” who voted them in office.

This Administration needs to treat BP like what they really are, LIARS and KILLERS and take control of this monumental disaster.

This administration was elected to office on a platform of “CHANGE.” So far, as it applies to “Big Oil” it is business as usual. The only change we are experiencing in dealing with “Big Oil” is being “Short-Changed.”

On behalf of the Commercial Shrimpers I represent and the coastal communities who are losing their way of life, I ask that you take control of this out of control situation.

Clint Guidry
Louisiana Shrimp Association

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Why BP is Readying a 'Super Weapon' to Avert Escalating Gulf Nightmare

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is facing criticism over his reluctance to activate an additional 5000 National Guard troops.

While the plan would admittedly only be executed if a worst case scenario seemed imminent, some geo-chemists have expressed concerns that detonating a nuke in the Gulf might ignite the methane.

Was The Gulf Disaster Planned At Bohemian Grove?

Methane bubble "doomsday" story debunked

(CHICAGO) - In a desperate attempt to stop a huge area of the Gulf ocean floor from possibly rupturing due to subterranean methane gas (leading to a calamity no human has ever seen) BP has ripped a page from science fiction books.

The giant oil company is now quietly preparing to test a small nuclear device in a frenzied rush against time to quell a cascading catastrophe. If successful they will have the capability to detonate a controlled fusion generated pulse.

While the world watches BP's attempt to contain the oil gusher at the former Deepwater Horizon site, company officials have given the green light on an astounding plan to use what is known as a nuclear EPFCG charge if all else fails.

Sea floor compromised

Reports still indicate that methane is flooding the Gulf waters at a rate one million times more than normal, and the NOAA research vessel, Thomas Jefferson has reported spotting new fissures. [1]

Last week the science ship stunned some reporters with the revelation that the oceanographic team had discovered and measured a rift in the ocean floor miles from the BP wellhead. The rift was reported to be more than 100 feet long and widening. Oil and methane continues to plume from that rift.

BP has also admitted damage beneath the sea floor. [2]

The Omega plan

Most enterprises—whether business, government, or exploration—have a Plan B to fall back on. To date, BP has attempted Plans B through N. Yet it is the last ditch plan-the Omega plan-that hold the greatest risk. Yet that plan may be the final hope to stop what some insiders now consider a catastrophe that could culminate with a world-killing mass extinction event that modern civilization could not survive.

At a super-secret security base-CFB Suffield-located in southern Alberta, Canada, area reports indicate that high level engineers, physicists and military scientists are feverishly working to complete an ‘explosively pumped flux compression generator’ (EPFCG).

According to published scientific papers [see sources below] an EPFCG generator can be powered by a very small, controlled fusion explosion-in other words, a tiny nuclear bomb.

Gulf Oil Spill commemorates Hitler's Birthday

Why the UK based BP has set up operations at CFB-Suffield is obvious: The company already runs three oil rigs on the base, have worked with Canada’s chemical and biological efforts on and off for almost 40 years, and have strong ties to the Commonwealth’s infrastructure.

The CFB Base, which incorporates DRDC Suffield, is one of research six Canadian military facilities and critical to the security of the country. DRDC Suffield is the lead facility for all of Canada’s engineering and weapons systems R&D.

The EPFCG—a Star Wars super weapon

A device that can only be used once, the EPFCG generates a high power electromagnetic pulse. It achieves this by using a powerful explosive, preferably nuclear. Advanced, nuclear driven EPFCGs can instantaneously create up to billions of amperes and hundreds of terawatts. Such raw power exceeds lighting bolts by huge orders of magnitude.

The pulse can be shaped and directed and used to knock out electronics-or more importantly in this case—to fuse virtually any material—including crumbling rock strata deep under the sea. The fantastically energized pulse can also compress objects to very high pressures and densities. [3]

According to engineers familiar with the technology, the devices can generate plasma arcs hotter than the surface of the sun that will melt and fuse materials in nanoseconds.

A special security force manned by members of AEGIS, a UK based paramilitary security corporation similar to the old US Blackwater Security company, is reported to have cordoned off the base. The security lid has clamped down hard while the engineers and scientists work with the nuclear materials.

MSNBC Anchor: “A volcano of oil that will disrupt the natural flow of the Earth for Centuries to come ...

BP’s secret Omega Plan kicked off in earnest on July 7th, 2010. According to sources on the base the British Geological Survey (BGS), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), BP and Halliburton have set up a test site at one of the drill rigs.

While the plan would admittedly only be executed if a worst case scenario seemed imminent, some geo-chemists have expressed concerns that detonating an EPFCG in the Gulf might ignite the methane.

Meanwhile the preparations for the test continue in Canada.

[1] Methane in Gulf 'astonishingly high'-US scientist”

[2] BP Official Admits to Damage Beneath the Sea Floor

[3] Explosively pumped flux compression generator (EPFCG)

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BP may face probe over bomber's release

"Reports have surfaced indicating that a 2007 oil agreement may have influenced the U.K. and Scottish governments' positions concerning Mr. Megrahi's release in 2009," wrote Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey in a letter to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on Monday.

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DOD, National Guard Establish 8 Homeland Response Force Units

Defense, Guard Establish 8 Homeland Response Force Units.

WASHINGTON, July 12, 2010 – Eight more homeland response force units will be established in fiscal 2012, Defense Department and National Guard Bureau officials said here today.

The units are regional forces that will cross state lines when needed. They are part of a restructuring of the nation’s chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive consequence management enterprise.

Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Utah and California each will host a homeland response force unit. On June 3, officials announced Ohio and Washington would receive units that will be operational in fiscal 2011.

Gulf Oil Rig Prepares Path For Invasion of U.S.Part One

Gulf Oil Rig Prepares Path for Invasion of U.S.Part Two

One unit will be based in each of the 10 Federal Emergency Management Agency regions. The units are scheduled to have 270 Guardsmen, and each will have a medical team, a search and extraction team, a decontamination team and very robust command and control capabilities, officials said. The units are arranged in such a way that they will be able to drive to the site of an event within 12 hours.

The units will be key elements of the new Defense Department chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive consequence management enterprise. The enterprise also will include a defense CBRNE Response Force, two consequence-management command and control elements, 57 weapons of mass destruction civil support teams and 17 CBRNE-enhanced response force packages.

When not deployed for consequence-management operations, unit personnel will focus on planning, training, and exercising at the regional level.

The forces are part of a larger reorganization of the Defense Department’s domestic consequence management enterprise recommended in the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review.

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Plan Allows Canadian Forces To Enter The USA during a civil emergency – Vice Versa

U.S. Northern Command News.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — U.S. Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command, and Canadian Air Force Lt.-Gen. Marc Dumais, commander of Canada Command, have signed a Civil Assistance Plan that allows the military from one nation to support the armed forces of the other nation during a civil emergency.

“This document is a unique, bilateral military plan to align our respective national military plans to respond quickly to the other nation’s requests for military support of civil authorities,” Renuart said. “Unity of effort during bilateral support for civil support operations such as floods, forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and effects of a terrorist attack, in order to save lives, prevent human suffering and mitigate damage to property, is of the highest importance, and we need to be able to have forces that are flexible and adaptive to support rapid decision-making in a collaborative environment.”

“The signing of this plan is an important symbol of the already strong working relationship between Canada Command and U.S. Northern Command,” Dumais said. “Our commands were created by our respective governments to respond to the defense and security challenges of the twenty-first century, and we both realize that these and other challenges are best met through cooperation between friends.”

The plan recognizes the role of each nation’s lead federal agency for emergency preparedness, which in the United States is the Department of Homeland Security and in Canada is Public Safety Canada. The plan facilitates the military-to-military support of civil authorities once government authorities have agreed on an appropriate response.

U.S. Northern Command was established on Oct. 1, 2002, to anticipate and conduct homeland defense and civil support operations within the assigned area of responsibility to defend, protect, and secure the United States and its interests.

Similarly, Canada Command was established on Feb. 1, 2006, to focus on domestic operations and to offer a single point of contact for all domestic and continental defense and security partners.

The two domestic commands established strong bilateral ties well before the signing of the Civil Assistance Plan. The two commanders and their staffs meet regularly, collaborate on contingency planning and participate in related annual exercises. http://www.canadacom.forces.gc.ca/docs/pdf/cap_e.pdf

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The ‘acoustic switch’ would have stopped the Gulf oil spill! – Used all over the world except the USA!

YouTube – The REAL REASON Behind the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico – 2010.

Dick Cheney’s deregulation agenda is the real (underlying) reason / cause behind the US oil spill by British Petroleum (BP) in 2010 off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. Deregulation coupled with lax government oversight (lackies appointed by Dick Cheney at the helm) lead to the omission of key safety features and protocols, a free pass for drilling licenses, emphasis on profit over safety, and absolutely NO PLAN for containment of blowouts.

Regulators Failed to Address Risks in Oil Rig Fail-Safe Device


It was the last line of defense, the final barrier between the rushing volcanic fury of oil and gas and one of the worst environmental disasters in United States history.

Its very name — the blind shear ram — suggested its blunt purpose. When all else failed, if the crew of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig lost control of a well, if a dreaded blowout came, the blind shear ram’s two tough blades were poised to slice through the drill pipe, seal the well and save the day. Everything else could go wrong, just so long as “the pinchers” went right. All it took was one mighty stroke.

On the night of April 20, minutes after an enormous blowout ripped through the Deepwater Horizon, the rig’s desperate crew pinned all hope on this last line of defense.

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MASS EVACUATIONS: Governor of Louisiana Requesting Aid from Feds


Mass evacuations I have been talking about are being PLANNED now and in the implementation stages! God bless everyone in the gulf region and if you are reading this.... get out of there before the toxic rains start to fall!

June 23, 2010 · 65 Comments

“The greatest sins are the sins of silence in the face of evil. The action of a prophet is not to prophesy an event that can’t be changed. It’s to prophesy pathways and timelines that you can then decide because you are co-creators of your own future. By bringing these things to light is not to bring terror to the people, but to bring control, to bring a sense of empowerment to everyone who reads this.”
+ + +

For more than a week now, there are whispers of an eventual mass evacuation from the Gulf coast. (See HERE, for example.) Now the Wayne Madsen Report has joined the chorus.

The Wayne Madsen Report (WMR) is a mainly subscription news site ($7/month for “individual reader” subscribers) that claims to provide news ”from deep inside the Washington beltway.” Its editor is Wayne Madsen, a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist, former Navy officer, author and syndicated columnist, with an impressive c.v. Last month, WMR had broken the Obama gay club membership story.

His for-subcribers report today is profoundly disturbing. Madsen’s sources in the federal government are telling him that a 200-mile radius “dead zone” is developing from the damaged BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, which threatens the lives of all marine and land animals, plants, and humans. Due to methane and toxic rain containing the poisonous Corexit oil dispersant, plans are in place for the mass evacuation of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Hammond, Houma, Belle Chase, Chalmette, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Bay Minette, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Crestview, and Pascagoula.


Government insiders: Get ready for the Gulf “dead zone”

Wayne Madsen Report – June 23, 2010

Bad news concerning the Gulf oil disaster continues to come from WMR’s federal government sources in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers. Emergency planners are dealing with a prospective “dead zone” within a 200 mile radius from the Deepwater Horizon disaster datum in the Gulf.

A looming environmental and population displacement disaster is brewing in the Gulf. The oil dispersant used by BP, Corexit 9500, is seen by FEMA sources as mixing with evaporated water from the Gulf and absorbed by rain clouds producing toxic precipitation that threatens to kill all marine and land animals, plant life, and humans within a 200-mile radius of the Deepwater Horizon disaster site in the Gulf. Adding to the worries of FEMA and the Corps of Engineers is the large amounts of methane that are escaping from the cavernous grotto of oil underneath the Macondo drilling area of Gulf of Mexico.

On a recent visit to the Gulf coast, President Obama vowed that the Gulf coast will “return to normal.” However, federal officials dealing with the short- and long-term impact of the oil disaster report that the “dead zone” created by a combination of methane gas and Corexit toxic rain will force the evacuation and long-term abandonment of cities and towns within the 200-mile radius of the oil volcano.

Plans are being put in place for the mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Mandeville, Hammond, Houma, Belle Chase, Chalmette, Slidell, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pensacola, Hattiesburg, Mobile, Bay Minette, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Crestview, and Pascagoula.

The toxic rain from the Gulf is expected to poison fresh water reservoirs and lakes, streams, and rivers, which will also have a disastrous impact on agriculture and livestock, as well as drinking water, in the affected region.

FEMA officials also claim that the $20 billion compensation fund set aside by BP is not nearly enough to offset the costs of the disaster. The FEMA sources say the disaster will cost well in excess of $1 trillion, and likely closer to $2-3 trillion.

End of Wayne Madsen Report

+ + +

Here’s a map of the Gulf showing what 50-200 miles from the Gulf coast (not a 200-miles radius from the roiling oil volcano) looks like, drawn by darkelf of AboveTopSecret.com. The red is 50 miles inland, yellow is 100 miles inland and green is 200 miles inland. Click map to enlarge.

H/t beloved Fellow May.


Drawn by darkelf of AboveTopSecret.com

The BP Oil disaster and what to do during a hurricane is on the minds of many New Orleanians. The possibility of storm surge leaving behind an oil slick is on the minds of officials, too. the new Orleans City Council recovery COmmittee discussed it today.

It's a frightening scenario but one New Orleans Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Director Col. Jerry Sneed says he must consider:

"There's a possibility of getting oil on our shores during a hurricane," said Sneed.

If a storm surge leaves oil behind on New Orleans homes and businesses, Sneed said BP will have to clean it up, but he also told the council that it would further complicate things like the decision when to let people back into the city after an evacuation.

New Orleans Emergency Planners discusses BP Oil Spill Evacuations

"We're not going to allow our citizens back in if it's not safe, but the oil is a different safety factor we have to put in our plan," Sneed said, telling the council that those scenarios are in the plan and ready to go.

The committee also discussed the tar balls recently found in Lake Pontchartrain. Sneed told council members they anticipated getting tar balls in the lake at some point, and warned these are just the first shots in the oil fight.

Tampa sinkhole swallows car, continues to grow [VIDEO]
"It is only the beginning, but hopefully our plan will continue to work adequately," said Sneed.

Sneed says the city's main defense are barges that draw a foot and a half of water and rise a couple of feet above the water line, that if needed can be positioned to close access to the lake in short order.

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‘Bomb’ Found On Gulf Beach
by Christian Stapleton, WKRG, Channel 5 CBS News
Published: Tue, July 06, 2010 - 11:21 am CST Last Updated: Tue, July 06, 2010 - 1:38 pm CST

WKRG.com News


News 5 has a crew on the scene. Authorities tell us that BP workers cleaning the beach found the device around 9 this morning. The device is disk-shaped and about 3 feet wide and appears to weigh about 500 lbs. It was found in the surfline. Crews have cordoned off about 30 yards of beach with construction fence.

Authorities believe it might be an old World War II shell of some sort. (VN: and that big old heavy thing such washed ashore? With all the "record" hurricanes they have had since WW II??? Its only now coming ashore with no hurricanes and only one tropical storm that basically missed the northern part of the gulf and headed straight for Mexico? Right!)

11:21 a.m.

A scary day for beachgoers in Orange Beach after an explosive device is found near Perdido Pass.

Lt. Steve Brown with Orange Beach Police tells News 5 that the device appears to be an underwater bomb. It was found on the east side of the Perdido Pass near the jetties. Orange Beach Police and Fire are on the scene.

A bomb squad from NAS Pensacola is enroute to the scene. We hope to have more information for News 5 at Noon.
Info from Rich Sheridan from 2 sources he trusts, take them for what they are worth. No factual documentation only their word to him and his to us.
"I have it from two very reliable sources that an evacuation of the Gulf coast states must begin.

Two weeks ago my friend in the Seattle area said the government would announce false high benzene concentrations in the air to cause Gulf Coast citizens to move inland. Last night Robert Hoagland announced a crisis situation in the Gulf area, saying that benzene, toluene, and hydrogen sulfide levels at the Gulf coastline were well above the boarderline safe levels of 1 to 10 ppb, and have been measured in the 1000 ppb range(parts per billion.)

Mr. Hoagland and my friend have indicated that this is the heinous work of those who know that their time is up. They can't control us anymore so they will attempt to destroy earth before they leave. Hoagland recommends either evacuating, or the purchase of army issue gas masks and ozonanators. inside the home, ozonators are very effective in quickly oxidizing/eliminating benzene, toluene, and hydrogen peroxide.

We can fix the Gulf of Mexico disaster, but the truth of it must first be revealed. "
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Gulf Oil Disaster: Military Moving In, People Moving Out *VIDEO
Internet Blogger: “Heard a very loud “BOOM” in West Asheville area at 10:15 PM. Watched for flash of light but saw none. Did anyone else in the area hear this? Also, at sunset, saw what appeared to be “HAARP clouds”. They were multi-colored with green, blue, orange and purple. My family was in the car and all saw this in amazement! By the time I cleared room on my camera phone, the colors weren’t as vibrant but it reminded me of the pictures posted right before the Sechuan, China 8+ earthquake. Could they have been HAARP generated?”


Possible National Guard setting roadblocks in Venice?

Day 84: Film maker Matt Smith, who has been in the Gulf for the last three weeks filming the Documentary "Project Gulf Impact", shares reports from his contacts that the National Guard is moving in and setting up roadblocks, on the Phil Webber Show called The Land of Confusion . Matt also reports that people have started evacuating on their own.

HAARP VHF Riometer

The chart below is a plot of the readings taken using the HAARP VHF Riometer. This instrument is a sensitive receiver tuned to a frequency of 30 MHz. The antenna is an array of 4 element "yagi" type elements pointed directly upward to listen to the background or galactic noise. This noise varies from one hour to the next as the Earth rotates and, in the absence of ionospheric absorption, is a constant, repeatable function of Local Siderial Time. Over many observations, it is possible to develop a "quiet day" curve which represents the greatest noise that would be heard for any given hour of the day. By comparing the current noise measurement with the quiet day level, the current 30 MHz ionospheric absorption level can be derived and this number is shown in the figure. Solar-terrestrial events, such as geomagnetic storms are usually indicated by increases in the absorption level. The absorption at lower frequencies in the HF band is usually much higher than the level observed at 30 MHz. Occasional spikes in the received signal that go above the quiet day curve are caused by interference from broadcast signals in the 30 MHz band. Click here for a larger plot without this text.

If anyone has any information regarding this situation, you can report it to Tips@theintelhub.com.

Video by youtube NotForSale2NWO


Matt and Gavin from Project Gulf Impact reported that they have received multiple reports of possible roadblocks in and around Venice La. At the time of the broadcast neither Matt or Gavin had confirmed these reports. At this point we have been unable to confirm the situation as well. We have put multiple calls into businesses and police stations in the area. They have neither confirmed nor denied the reports. It is very possible that this is normal procedure but like Matt we felt the need to release this information. If anyone has any information regarding this situation, you can reach us at Tips@theintelhub.com.

North Carolina, Florida and Missouri residents have all reported unusual phenomenon recently, with much speculation being made about the connections to the Gulf of Mexico. The thread on one website is discussing the possibilities of “A planned saturation of all surface soils and plants with aluminum, a planned release of methane into the atmosphere”, a natural conversion occurs when methane reaches a specific concentration:

“The methane that is entering the atmosphere will be converted to hydrogen by the suns energy (Tungska event happened in 1908, solar maximum year) or even using HAARP energy. (Research “extracting hydrogen from methane”) Hydrogen only has to make up 4% of the atmosphere before it can ignite, unlike methane which needs 5%. And the whole earths atmosphere does not have to reach 4%, just an area over their desired target. It doesnt dispearse instantly over the whole globe right away.

*On June 30th, 1908, something exploded 8 km above the Stony Tunguska river. About 2150 square kilometres of Siberian taiga were devastated and 80 millions trees were overthrown. Up to now, it is not clear whether the great explosion was due to a comet or an asteroid or something else.

Now why chemtrails were made. They are going to cause everything to ignite.

The chemtrails for the last 25 years contain aluminum and barium. The rain that has fallen has made the soil and trees and water tables full of tiny particles of aluminum and barium.

Aluminum can generate more hydrogen, and when the rains have fallen from the gulf oil spill, that contain are acidic from the mixture of oil and corexit, the aluminum in the soil and everything else will begin to produce heat and hydrogen. [link to www.physorg.com]

This is all basic chemistry. Research aluminum and hydrogen and methane. Barium is probably mixed in to add and extra proton to the aluminum or something. I stopped my research at that point. It was all to clear to me to waste any more time trying to make this into a scientific paper or something.

Anyway, here is what we have. A planned saturation of all surface soils and plants with aluminum, a planned release of methane into the atmosphere.(dont forget cows add to the methane amounts), a device called Haarp and a solar cycle to convert methane into hydrogen.”

If you have more information, or knowledge related to such a scenario, please contact us via the “Instant Message” link in the right sidebar. We would like more, solid information about such possibilities.


Film maker Matt Smith, who has been in the Gulf for the last three weeks filming the Documentary “Project Gulf Impact”, shares reports from his contacts that the National Guard is moving in and setting up roadblocks, on the Phil Webber Show called The Land of Confusion. Matt also reports that people have started evacuating on their own. This may be the best news so far – people taking their own lives into their own hands and leaving. Further information on roadblocks suggest everything from drug operations to flooding precautions due to a warning of flash floods possible in the area. Clearly, and as usual there are more questions than solid answers.

One are resident reported that she has lived in the area for her entire 44-year life, and now feels as though she is in Afghanistan, given the military, police and political tensions. For the worst disaster of its kind in the history of humanity, it is more than concerning that the information coming from this massive area is so extremely limited!

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Magnetic Loops Photographed Erupting From the Sun

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Sunspots = Solar Flares = Magnetic Field Shift = Shifting Ocean and Jet Stream Currents = Extreme Global Changing Weather= Earthquakes= Volcanic Eruptions and Human Disruption aka Solor Max in 2012

MAGNIFICENT ACTIVE REGION: Sunspot 1087 has a magnetic canopy that can only be described as magnificent. It's on full display in today's extreme ultraviolet image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory:

The active region could swallow our planet ten times over and still have room to spare. Fortunately, we're 93 million miles away. We could still feel the effects of an eruption, however. The thicket of magnetic loops and filaments harbors energy for M-class solar flares. M-flares can heat and puff up Earth's upper atmosphere, causing satellites to experience extra drag as they orbit our planet; they can also cause waves of ionization to ripple around the planet, disrupting radio communications. There haven't been any big eruptions yet, but the magnificent magnetic field of sunspot 1087 has been restless, as shown in this time-lapse movie spanning four days.

NOAA forecasters estimate a 10% chance of M-flares during the next 24 hours. Readers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.

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UPDATE: Solar Eclipse Complete - Earthquakes Will Follow - BP Con't Lies

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Although last night's 6.2 earthquake which hit Chile could be considered large and significant; it is not the one I am predicting for this current 14-day window. The one expected will be a magnitude 7.0 or larger.

BP Oil is now saying they have a new cap ready, and it will "stop the oil flow". Coming from sources inside BP's tightly gripped circle - and the word is: - this is a "lie". The cap will fail and the oil will continue to gush out. The only hope which still remains at 50/50 is the relief wells sometime in August.

Solar activity remains moderate with sunspot region 1087 continuing to grow, however, occasional accelerated spikes are expected due to recurrent coronal hole high speed streams.

I predict increased earthquake and volcanic activity to occur over the next 14 days. The events I am speaking of will be large to mega events causing high fatalities and significant damage. I would suggest the areas of most interest would be Bay of Bengel, Baja California, Mexico, Puerto Rico Region, Japan Region, and Mediterranean Region.

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History shows at almost all full solar eclipse events, large earth changing events occur within 14 days prior to, and 14 days after the eclipse.



Rosetta Asteroid 'Live' Fly-By w/ Live Streaming Video

On 10 July, ESA's Rosetta will fly past 21 Lutetia, the largest asteroid ever visited by a satellite. After weeks of maneuvers and a challenging optical navigation campaign, Rosetta is perfectly lined up to skim by at 3162 km at 18:10 CEST.

Rosetta is expected to pass Lutetia at a relative speed of 54 000 km/hr, when both are located some 454 million km from Earth. As Lutetia is a major scientific target of Rosetta's mission, most of the orbiter and lander instruments will be on for flyby, studying the asteroid's surface, dust environment, exosphere, magnetic field, mass and density.

FULL ARTICLE - (Live Streaming Video Inside) CLICK HERE



A group of astronomers are now on the mysterious Easter Island, one of the few solid places to stand on Earth where a total solar eclipse will be visible on July 11, 2010. The majority of the eclipse's path is over the ocean, so this will be one of the least observed eclipses ever. "This is one of the most interesting things that is possible for anyone on Earth to see in one of the most interesting places on the Earth that people can go," said Jay Pasachoff from Williams College, who is the Chair of the International Astronomical Union's Working Group on Eclipses.

While the eclipse is thousands of miles long in its is path of totality on Earth, it is just a few hundred miles wide. It will pass through French Polynesia on the Cook Islands, but, Pasachoff said, it doesn't go through any of the main islands. "It misses Tahiti, but there are some atolls off the side of the path, and some eclipse scientists and eco-tourists will be on cruise ships that are going into the path of totality. There will also be a group on an airplane observing the eclipse and we hope to compare all the other observations with the ones we get from Easter Island," he said.



More Lies from BP - Cap Removed, Oil Flowing Freely Into Gulf

Officials say a containment cap over the gushing leak in the Gulf of Mexico has been removed. Oil is now flowing into the Gulf without being collected from the well head.

BP spokesman Mark Proegler says the cap was removed at 12:37 p.m. CDT on Saturday "so a better one can be installed". The hope is to fit a tighter dome that will funnel more oil to collection ships on the surface a mile above. The next steps will prepare the seal for the new cap.


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'Rain of Illuminated beams of Light' appears in the sky of Xiamen Huandao Road

Dozens of vertical luminous beams appeared in the night sky of Xiamen about 11:30pm last Friday, reports Southeast Express.

The singular sight, which lasted for nearly one hour, was first discovered by Mr. Wang's friend, a resident in Huangcuo, near Xiamen’s famous Huandao Road.

According to Mr. Wang, his friend first saw several luminous beams in the sky and then told them to go outside and take a look. They were stunned by the sight before their eyes.

“At first, there were only five of them, hanging very low in the sky, but after a short while, the number increased to about 50, and they were higher and higher, just like a stave hanging in the sky,” Mr. Wang said.

The Xiamen meteorological observatory said no such astronomical phenomenon was monitored by the observatory. “But it was not a meteor shower,” a staff member said.
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King Tut’s DNA is Western European? Is This Another Attempt To Discredit African Races?

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eutimes - Despite the refusal of the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass, to release any DNA results which might indicate the racial ancestry of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, the leaked results reveal that King Tut’s DNA is a 99.6 percent match with Western European Y chromosomes.

The DNA test results were inadvertently revealed on a Discovery Channel TV documentary filmed with Hawass’s permission — but it seems as if the Egyptian failed to spot the giveaway part of the documentary which revealed the test results.

Hawass previously announced that he would not release the racial DNA results of Egyptian mummies — obviously because he feared the consequences of such a revelation.

On the Discovery Channel broadcast, which can be seen on the Discovery Channel website and YouTube, at approximately 1:53 into the video, the camera pans over a printout of DNA test results from King Tut.

Firstly, here is a brief explanation of the results visible in the video. It is a list of what is called Short Tandem Repeats (STRs).

STRs are repeated DNA sequences which are “short repeat units” whose characteristics make them especially suitable for human identification.

These STR values for 17 markers visible in the video are as follows:
DYS 19 – 14 (? not clear)
DYS 385a – 11
DYS 385b – 14
DYS 389i – 13
DYS 389ii – 30
DYS 390 – 24
DYS 391 – 11
DYS 392 – 13
DYS 393 – 13
DYS 437 – 14 (? not clear)
DYS 438 – 12
DYS 439 – 10
DYS 448 – 19
DYS 456 – 15
DYS 458 – 16
DYS 635 – 23
YGATAH4 – 11

What does this mean? Fortunately, a genius by the name of Whit Athey provides the key to this list. Mr Athey is a retired physicist whose working career was primarily at the Food and Drug Administration where he was chief of one of the medical device labs.

Mr Athey received his doctorate in physics and biochemistry at Tufts University, and undergraduate (engineering) and masters (math) degrees at Auburn University. For several years during the 1980s, he also taught one course each semester in the electrical engineering department of the University of Maryland. Besides his interest in genetic genealogy, he is an amateur astronomer and has his own small observatory near his home in Brookeville, MD.

He also runs a very valuable website called the “Haplogroup Predictor” which allows users to input STR data and generate the haplogroup which marks those STR data.

For those who want to know what a haplogroup is, here is a “simple” definition: a haplogroup is a group of similar haplotypes that share a common ancestor with a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mutation.

Still none the wiser? Damn these scientists.

Ok, let’s try it this way: a haplotype is a combination of multiple specific locations of a gene or DNA sequence on a chromosome.

Haplogroups are assigned letters of the alphabet, and refinements consist of additional number and letter combinations, for example R1b or R1b1. Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA haplogroups have different haplogroup designations. In essence, haplogroups give an inisight into ancestral origins dating back thousands of years.

By entering all the STR data inadvertently shown on the Discovery video, a 99.6 percent fit with the R1b haplogroup is revealed.

The significance is, of course, that R1b is the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup in Europe reaching its highest concentrations in Ireland, Scotland, western England and the European Atlantic seaboard — in other words, European through and through.

NOTE: Since the influx of western Egyptologists, there has been an attempt to discredit Africans, especially black-skinned Africans, as being the race of the early and advanced Egyptian dynasties. I truly question the information in this article and leave the interpretation up to you..

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Positive Energy of Pyramids Used to Curb Traffic Accidents in India

afp - They have been credited with supernatural or paranormal properties since the days of ancient Egypt. Now the putative power of pyramids is to be harnessed by Indian police to cut road accidents.

Traffic officers in Nagpur, 540 miles (870 kilometres) west of Mumbai, have agreed to allow small pyramids to be placed at 10 accident-prone sites in the city to see if their claimed positive energy can reduce crashes.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Sahebrao Patil said the road safety initiative came about after a meeting with an expert in Vastu, an ancient Hindu system of construction which is similar to Chinese Feng Shui.

"He told me that he had placed a number of pyramids on roads outside the city and the results were excellent. The number of accidents reduced. He wanted to do it in the city, so I said, 'OK, no problem'," Patil told AFP.

"He's going to be installing them in 10 spots. They won't be on the road directly but at the corner of chowks (squares) or near traffic signals so they won't obstruct traffic."

Vastu expert Sushil Fatehpuria, who offered his services free of charge, said that each 30 centimetre (one foot) tall pyramid will have a copper bottom and five smaller pyramids inside.

"I think the accidents are caused by negative energies. So we need to minimise or convert the negative energy into positive ones," he said.

"I will energise the pyramids. I will transfer my positive thoughts into the pyramids."

Patil said his officers' own, more human, efforts to cut the number of road accidents would continue during the experiment.

"We will see in six months. If it gets positive results then that's excellent," he added.

A combination of an increase in drivers, many of them untrained, poor road planning and lax law enforcement have made India's roads the most dangerous in the world.

More than 114,000 people die each year, according to the World Bank.

Positive Energy of Pyramids Used to Curb Traffic Accidents in India
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