Monday, July 12, 2010

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Queen Gives Marching Orders to the United NationsQueen Gives Marching Orders to the United Nations

US Marines Set to Invade Costa Rica 05 Jul 2010 The online gambling friendly Central American nation of Costa Rica is about to be invaded by US marines. The United States is sending 46 war ships, 200 helicopters and 7,000 Marines to 'help' in Costa Rica's efforts to rid itself of drug cartels, smugglers, gangs and, quite possibly, even a bookmaker or two. Costa Rica does not have an army and its police force has a reputation for corruption. In recent years the crime rate continues to escalate. The Costa Rican press doesn't seem all too thrilled by these latest developments.
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Historians Find King Arthur's Knights of the Holy Grail Round Table

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Researchers exploring the legend of Britain’s most famous Knight believe his stronghold of Camelot was built on the site of a recently discovered Roman amphitheatre in Chester. Legend has it that his Knights would gather before battle at a round table where they would receive instructions from their King. But rather than it being a piece of furniture, historians believe it would have been a vast wood and stone structure which would have allowed more than 1,000 of his followers to gather. Historians believe regional noblemen would have sat in the front row of a circular meeting place, with lower ranked subjects on stone benches grouped around the outside. They claim rather than Camelot being a purpose built castle, it would have been housed in a structure already built and left over by the Romans. Camelot historian Chris Gidlow said: “The first accounts of the Round Table show that it was nothing like a dining table but was a venue for upwards of 1,000 people at a time.

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Global Governance And World Order Studies

There are those in academia and the elite news media who characterize anyone who raises the impending spectre of a coming “New World Order” as a “conspiracy theorist.” Such “researchers” who attempt to document plans for the implementation of an authoritarian world government with far-reaching political and financial control are simply delusional and suffer from status anxiety, psychological projection, fusion paranoia, conspiracism, or producerism. Since historian Richard Hofstadter’s Ur-text in the field, The Paranoid Style in American Politics and Other Essays, was published in 1965 (following the Goldwater presidential campaign debacle); a thriving sub-genre of debunking screeds have appeared in the academic and popular press attacking these alleged “conspiracy theorists.” This has been exceedingly disingenuous and deceptive. During this same period we saw the emergence at universities coast-to-coast of what has been labeled “World Order Studies.” For over twenty five years I have had a copy of Peace and World Order Studies: A Curriculum Guide, published in 1978. It is 476 pages in length, and is a collection of introductory essays, course outlines or syllabi from university faculty across the nation (along with a bibliography of books and periodicals) for teaching global studies leading to the implementation of a New World Order.

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Engineered Global Depression Being Used To Bring In One World Currency


There is absolutely no doubt that we are heading towards the establishment of a new one world global currency system. The latest piece of evidence comes from a new United Nations report released over a week ago calling for the abandonment of the U.S. Dollar as the main global reserve currency. What would replace the U.S. Dollar to serve this function? The answer is that no existing currency would be able to fill that gap. Even the Euro which may have been a viable alternative a few years ago would currently not be sufficient considering the horrendous economic problems of European countries like Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Greece, Spain and others. So what does the United Nations report suggest? You guessed it, the establishment of a global reserve currency managed by the International Monetary Fund. From Reuters: A new United Nations report released on Tuesday calls for abandoning the U.S. dollar as the main global reserve currency, saying it has been unable to safeguard value. The report supports replacing the dollar with the International Monetary Fund's special drawing rights (SDRs), an international reserve asset that is used as a unit of payment on IMF loans and is made up of a basket of currencies...

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The secret code in U.S. Cyber Command's logo

The newly formed U.S. Cyber Command is supposed to centralize and focus the military's ability to wage war over the Internet, but so far it's basically famous for brainteasers. The command's fancy logo contains a super-secret code in its inner gold ring: 9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b22a. Though some people noticed the code late last month, Wired's Threat Level Danger Room blog picked it up Wednesday morning and announced a contest, with a free T-shirt (or a ticket to the International Spy Museum) going to the first reader to crack the code.

[Would new legislation give the president an "Internet kill switch"?]

Trouble is, no one knows for sure yet precisely what the 32-character code means. Or at least no one at Cyber Command appears to know. Lt. Cmdr. Steve Curry, a spokesman, says "it's definitely the mission statement" of Cyber Command. "What part of the mission statement: That's what I'm waiting to find out on from the people who designed it."

Indeed, the heraldry notes accompanying the logo - i.e., explanations of what the symbols mean - say it contains a "computer code that ties the command back to the early days of computer networking; USCYBERCOM's mission statement is encrypted within this code." Curry suspects that the designers used a cryptographic algorithm called an MD5 hash to transform the mission statement into the string of characters, but he doesn't know whether they took choice bits or the whole statement, which reads:

USCYBERCOM plans, coordinates, integrates, synchronizes, and conducts activities to: direct the operations and defense of specified Department of Defense information networks and; prepare to, and when directed, conduct full-spectrum military cyberspace operations in order to enable actions in all domains, ensure US/Allied freedom of action in cyberspace and deny the same to our adversaries.

[Federal embrace of 'cloud computing' scares some experts]

We tried encrypting that entire statement using an MD5 hash generator, and we didn't get a match to the logo code. So it looks like just a portion of the statement has been encoded. Eventually someone will figure out which portion, and win a T-shirt from Wired - at which point the CIA will laugh at the whole episode, because it still has Kryptos, an encrypted sculpture commissioned on the grounds of its Langley headquarters. The code displayed on Kryptos hasn't been fully solved in 20 years and contains one of the world's most elusive cryptographic puzzles. Nice try, Cyber Command!

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Art Imitating Life: Giant Eye To Watch Over Chicago

Open your eyes, Chicago, and meet the gaze of a 30-foot eyeball. That stare--from the 30-foot "EYE" sculpture--officially opens this morning in Chicago’s Loop. Tony Tasset, the artist behind the eyeball--adorned with a blue iris and blood vessels--modeled it after one of his own. For help with his handiwork, Tasset turned to Wisconsin-based Fiberglass Animals, Shapes & Trademarks. Sculptors built and painted the ocular mass by hand, using between 8,000 and 9,000 pounds of fiberglass and another 9,000 pounds of steel. "Tony’s a great guy to work with," says Darren Shauf, general manager of F.A.S.T. "He’s got a great eye." That aesthetic sensibility will be put to the test as the eye is officially unveiled in Pritzker Park. For some, judgment need not wait. "I think it’s awful," says Tony Dreibus, who lives less than a block from the sculpture. He explains: "It’s a giant eyeball, which I guess is art in some people's eyes, but not mine." The installation is funded by the Chicago Loop Alliance, a group of businesses that brings events and pop-up artwork to the area. Along with "EYE," the CLA is also sponsoring Tasset’s "CARDINAL," a collection of 156 red-cardinal adorned street banners. The project cost "a little over the six-figures mark," said CLA Executive Director Ty Tabing in the Chicago Tribune.

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Bomb goes off at Houston oil executive's home

A seemingly anonymous gift left on the front porch of a Houston home owned by an oil company executive has the city's affluent population of oil profiteers on edge this weekend, after that package exploded and seriously injured a 62-year-old woman.

Neighbors of the victim told an ABC News affiliate in Houston that the bomb was disguised as a box of chocolates in a gift bag, left on the home's doorstep around Thursday.

Police refused to release the victim's name and none of the area media stated who the home belongs to or which oil company employs that individual.

However, an examination of the homefront shown on local news reports correlated to images featured on Google Street View. A series of basic searches across a publicly available property database revealed the home's owner to be James Brock Moore III, president of Adams Resources Exploration Corporation (AREC). A separate name listed on the home's appraisal record, one Vennie Wolf, may or may not be the bomb's victim.

The company brags on its Web site that it successfully "exploited" the "Austin chalk," which is a geological formation that's proved tricky to drill under due to its fractured oil and gas stocks. Many companies have adopted advanced horizontal drilling techniques to conquer the chalk and penetrate even deeper into underground Texas mineral reserves. AREC says its areas of interest stretch along the Gulf coast from south Texas all the way to Alabama.

No further details could be confirmed at time of this writing.

Neighbors described the bomb's detonation as sounding similar to a transformer blowing out. One man, Dennis McCoy, who spoke to Houston's KHOU 11 News, claimed to have been asked by the woman if he'd left a box of candies on her doorstep. The box apparently carried a simple note saying, "Thank you."

Initial online speculation centered on whether the bombing may be a targeted hit on someone associated with embattled oil company BP, which is currently held as responsible for the worst environmental accident in humanity's history. A connection of that nature is at least not immediately apparent. Such speculation would appear to be driven only by police refusal to release the victim's name and local media's reticence to give a precise address.

Local reports said that the package note also carried the woman's name, except misspelled.

"I can't believe anyone would do something as terrible and tragic to a person like this lady," Karen Gennity, a neighbor, told ABC 13.

This video is from Houston's ABC 13, broadcast Saturday, July 10, 2010.

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Marines come to Los Afganistan learn how to be Cops

Los Angeles Times (blog) - ‎13 hours ago‎
Marines from Camp Pendleton, soon to deploy to Afghanistan, have been doing ride-alongs with Los Angeles Police Department officers to learn how to deal ...

LA as Afghanistan: LAPD Train Marines to Teach Afghan Police

LAist (blog) - Zach Behrens - ‎29 minutes ago‎
Camp Pendleton Marine Lt. Andrew Abbott, center, looks on as he stands next to Los Angeles Police Sgt. Arno Clair officers arrest a man with $25000 worth of ...

Marines team up w/ LAPD for Afghan training - ‎3 hours ago‎
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- US Marines have teamed up with LAPD officers to learn new skills that can be used in Afghanistan. About 70 Marines trained with police ...

As the owner of a property is for you to ensure the safety of your tenants in the consideration of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes concerns natural, fire or bad winter weather, and it is a duty to inform you of their safe evacuation of your institution to contribute. The key is to stay calm and relaxed when panic strikes, we have more advice from leading property managers experienced help. This is a guide for preparation before, during and after a natural disaster to ensure that you and your neighbors are back on their feet in no time. Residents remember your emergency plan every Stay alert for delays in informing your tenants at the time, to avoid word according to CNN. You may need time to prepare. Ideally, you should ensure that tenants complete evacuation switch forms to you about where they get information and / or who are responsible for their evacuation in case of emergency, “said Candi Atkins , a housing consultant in Las Vegas. This form also informs residents very important information, such as the closure of the building without returning to the case of a mandatory evacuation. (Hint: Examine the shape of the exhaust sample on page 87) A little further: However, Sun residents fill a form, only it’s more. Situated in the event your property to seasonal weather, it is advisable to hold a meeting early in the season to remind the residents of all evacuation procedures and advice to prepare. You can also invite the representatives of the county emergency planning to talk to tenants and to answer questions, recommend , a housing manager in Tampa, Florida.

Real Estate Van Matre said that some of your neighbors are not medically appropriate, or those with pets will be further steps to prepare for evacuation. It helps if you have a profile of the residents who need special accommodations to escape the center of your emergency management department, just to make sure you send left no stones unturned in an emergency. Triple check: It’s entirely possible that some residents needed more intelligent than can sneak into their units, while it is certainly not a bad idea to look at, even if you think that everyone is already evacuated. Check all three buildings safe they really are empty, and not afraid to call the police to tell them, have the need to evacuate your residents, “said Atkins. Keep the light: You should strictly avoid conflicts with the residents fear or anger and try to relax the atmosphere. You or your staff begins to panic, it will only exacerbate the situation. “We have a very happy happen to explain atmosphere, we have a great sense of humor here, “she said.” Stay calm and collected, what can or what will happen. “Their job is to reduce stress is to add something,” advises Van Matre. Partner with local agencies for additional support If the evacuation is not through the local job and you decide, shelter residents in your facility, make sure you are ready for the long term. You will find useful if you to take additional precautions for situations such as power failure, that other people can rage. Making Friends: It’s always good to know that you have the people in the community to look in difficult moments. After Hurricane Gustav hit Houston this year, this support was needed, “said Charlotte Motley user , a property management for seniors. She said that when she ran out of fuel, has it been on the list of emergency fuel enrolled at a nursing home. It was this group, the other more well has a grill in the alley, where the power was not restored during days have. In addition, some Jewish families helped many residents find housing services during the construction Motley announced uninhabitable. “In terms of management must make sure that your plan and you know that the plan could work, but in addition to that, we need to know how to use the Community” connect, get the help you need, “said Motley. Drag the pieces together just If the storm is over, you have to assess the damage, and remain in constant contact with local people to return you to normal life as soon as possible.planning their return: “When I go home?” is the overriding issue for all residents after the storm passed. You have to stay in touch. you can talk and constant interruptions, so the device can be avoided by the tenants of charge, for current information call is certainly a good idea suggests Atkins. Make sure you update the recorded daily news updates about the units that are ready for the return of tenants or information about damage and delays. Tip: Guaranteed that the number at another location, the should not deal with this natural crisis resident.’s Transport Organization: Check your log-in which the residents evacuated to make sure if someone need a return ticket home , proposes Atkins. You can find that many shelters offer no public transport and can therefore, your institution must use the bus or other vehicle, all to bring them home. In a nutshell: While natural disasters can be certain unexpected, you must not be taken unawares. If the above steps, it will certainly ensure that the response and recovery are a little easier for you and your neighbors.
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Phonecall to FEMA (Texas 28/06/10)
Compartimentalised Fema-Worker explains why there's absolutely nothing with the Feds. The Sheriff will have to ask for it first. That's how Operation Soft Death is called Swift Fox.
Here's Tom with the Weater..
"Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration -- that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves."
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NOAA - Emergency Managers to Test Atlantic/Gulf Tsunami Warning and Response

UNITED STATES of America - It can now be reported that sources close to the Joint Chiefs of Staff are reporting that the U.S. Military, using the special Naval Code, has ordered an immediate mass evacuation of the Gulf Coast region that is currently being effected by the ecological disaster that was created by the British Petroleum-Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate domestic 'terrorist attack' against the American People. ...Air tests from the Louisiana coast reveal human health threats from the oil disaster. The concentration threshold for hydrogen sulfide is about 5 to 10 parts per billion. Last Thursday, the EPA measured levels at 1,000 ppb. [link to] The Gulf of Mexico has turned into the Gulf of Methane with the health and lives of the entire southeast portion of the United States at risk. We can also divulge that U.S. Military is in the process of taking over the treasonous FEMA and the treasonous Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who have now both been connected to the TERRORIST BLACK OP committed in the Gulf of Mexico. This unprecedented move by the U.S. Military is the first move on the U.S. chessboard to politically decapitate a corrupt U.S. Government that continues to shred the U.S. Constitution, LOOT the U.S. Treasury and can no longer protect their own people from a foreign oil company and enablers, both in the U.S. government and the corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly, oil-soaked media that has brought the United States to the brink of destruction.

Residents and visitors along the Atlantic coasts of the United States and Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands should not be alarmed when they hear tsunami test messages broadcast over their televisions and radios on Thursday, April 2, 2009. That day, at 9:00 a.m. EDT (8:00 a.m. CDT), officials will test the region’s communication and response plans to help communities prepare for a tsunami.

Co-sponsored by NOAA and the U.S. National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, this is the first region-wide tsunami warning test to include the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts of the United States, Canadian Atlantic Provinces, and the U.S. Caribbean Territories and Commonwealths.

Jul 12, 2010
Melvin Kaku, director of the city Emergency Management Department, said the updates, still in draft form until they are presented to the public, will not affect flood insurance rate maps ... Melvin Kaku, director of the city Emergency Management Department, said the updates, still in draft form until they are presented to the public, will not affect flood insurance rate maps. (Honolulu Star-Bulletin)

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California Notified Of Massive Gulf Evacuation Plans

A well-placed source in California told WMR that the California Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) has been briefed by its counterpart agencies in the Gulf coast states that there are plans to conduct a mass evacuation of millions of Gulf coast residents due to the catastrophic environmental and public health effects of the BP oil disaster. CEMA officials have been briefed on the planned evacuations by counterparts in the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and the Florida Division of Emergency Management. The Gulf states’ emergency planners stressed to their California counterparts that they are dealing with a disaster of unprecedented proportions and that contingency plans are being constantly updated and revised on ways to deal with the transformation of the Gulf of Mexico into a deadly “toxic soup” of oil and Corexit 9500 oil dispersants and the atmosphere into a dangerous mixture of hydrocarbon gases. CEMA was briefed on the impending mass evacuation since California would be expected to absorb a large number of evacuees from the Gulf states. CEMA officials did not say how the state of California, which is virtually bankrupt, would pay for the influx of hundreds of thousands and perhaps greater numbers of evacuees from the Gulf coastal region.***** http://surfacereflections.wordpress....vents%c2%a019/
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