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China's Triassic Dragon

The "China dragon fossils", were recently exhibited in the Xinwei Ancient Life Fossils Museum in Anshun, Guizhou.

When archeologists first stripped the clay off the fossil, they found the dragon had a pair of horns above its head and the shape of the dragon was very like the legendary animal often described in books and stories.

Dragons have often appeared in Chinese legends. The dragon with two horns on its head is regarded as a totem. The totem was first invented by Chinese ancestors and worshipped by the Chinese people. Therefore Chinese people are also called the "descendents of the dragon".

For a long time, scientists thought that the dragon was a fictional animal existing only in stories.

The dragon fossil was found in Guanling County, Anshun City, in 1996, and has been kept in a good condition. It is measured 7.6 meters long. Its head is 76 centimeters long and the neck is 54 centimeters long. The body is 2.7 meters in length and 68 centimeters in width, and the tail is 3.7 meters long.

The dragon’s head is in a triangle shape. Its mouth is 43 centimeters long. The widest part of the head is 32 centimeters long. The horns project from the widest part of the head, and are symmetrical and 27 centimeters long. They are a little bit curved and tilted, which makes the fossil look very much like the legendary dragon.

The China dragon was a reptile animal living in the ocean in Triassic Period about 200 million years ago. It was an amphibian. It spent most of its time living in water, although sometimes it walked on land. It also laid eggs on land. The animal lived on fish and small reptile animals.

This is the first time that China found a dragon fossil with a pair of horns. Its discovery provides some evidence to prove that dragons might really have horns. The fossil provides important scientific information for people to trace the origin of the Chinese legendary dragon.

NOTE: this article came out of China in 2007 and, frankly, I don't really know if it's bogus or not...though a couple of news agency recently ran it again. Doesn't really look like a 'fossil' but looks too 'defined' to have been photoshopped...Lon

China's Triassic Dragon
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New Species Of Ancient Flying Reptile Discovered

An ancient reptile with a 9-foot wingspan was soaring over the sea in what is now North Texas some 95 million years ago when — plop — it fell into the water and died.

That paleo-death tale comes from a fossilized jaw that was discovered embedded in soft, powdery shale that had been exposed by excavation of a hillside next to a highway in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2006.

Analysis of the jaw now suggests it belongs to a new-to-science genus and species of flying reptile or pterosaur, now called Aetodactylus halli after its discoverer Lance Hall, a member of the Dallas Paleontological Society who hunts fossils for a hobby.

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Astrotheology (part 2)

Why do the same stories, dates, numbers, and symbols show up repeatedly in religious myths and texts all across the ancient world?

“This is related to the winter solstice or midwinter festival when the Sun is at the least powerful point in its cycle in the northern hemisphere. They said that on the solstice, our December 21/22nd, the Sun had 'died'. Three days later - the 25th - they said the Sun was born or born again. Thus we have a long line of Sun gods given the 'birthday' of December 25th. The Jesus of the Gospels is a symbol of the Sun and the stories include a host of other Mystery school knowledge and esoteric concepts. -David Icke, “Tales from the Time Loop”

“For three days, December 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, the Sun rises on the exact same latitudinal (declinations) degree. This is the only time in the year that the Sun actually stops its movement northward or Southward in our sky. On the morning of December 25th the Sun moves one degree northward beginning its annual journey back to us in the Northern Hemisphere, ultimately bringing our spring. Anything steadily moving all year long that suddenly stops moving for three days was considered to have died. Therefore, God’s Sun who was dead for three days, moves one-degree northward on December 25th and is symbolically born again!” -Jordan Maxwell,

Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, is the star in the East. On Dec. 24th it aligns with the three brightest stars in Orion’s belt which are called (and have been called since ancient times) the “three kings.” The three kings line up perfectly with Sirius pointing to the exact spot in which the Sun will rise the next morning. The larger constellation in which this takes place was known to the ancients as the “manger” or the “cradle” which is visible just before dawn on Dec. 25th. So the three kings or three magi effectually “follow” the star in the East to the manger, the birthplace of God’s Sun at the Winter Solstice. “Easter” also derives from the Eastern Star Sirius. The three gifts of the magi are Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. Frankincense is an amber resin that was burned at solar temples, Myrrh was known as “tears of the Sun,” and Gold too long represented the Sun in the ancient world.

The recurrent “virgin” theme represents the constellation Virgo, which is Latin for virgin. “The ancient glyph for Virgo looks like an M which explains the M names of “virgin mothers” like Jesus’ mother Mary, Adonis’ mother Myrra, Buddha’s mother Maya, and Horus’ mother Isis-Meri. Virgo is also called the House of Bread and the zodiacal symbol shows a woman holding a chaff of wheat, representing the August/September time of harvest. Bethlehem also means “House of Bread” and is a reference to the constellation Virgo, not a place on Earth. At its lowest point the sky on Dec. 22nd the Sun resides in the Southern Cross or the Crux, a cross formed by stars symbolizing the crucifixion. After steadily traveling downward since the last solstice, the Sun stops movement at the Southern Crux for 3 days then rises again - the Son dies on the cross and after 3 days is resurrected.

“No people of the ancient world believed the Sun to be God. That belongs in the disinformation file. In point of fact, every ancient culture and nation on Earth have all used the Sun as the most logically appropriate symbol to represent the glory of the unseen Creator of the heavens. Here it is important to remember two points. First, with the exception of Japan, the ancient world mythologies always understood the Sun to be masculine in qualities, and the moon feminine. Second, the English language is derived from the German. In the Germanic, the word Sun is spelled Sonne (Son). The two words can (and have been) used interchangeably … Ancient man saw in his male offspring his own image and likeness, and his own existence as a father was proved by the person of his son. Thus, it was assumed that God’s Sun was but a visible representative of the unseen Creator in heaven. So it was said, ‘when you have seen the Son, you have seen the Father.’ Said another way is ‘The Father is glorified in His Son’ … The ancient peoples reasoned that no one on Earth could ever lay claim of ownership to the Sun. Such a magnificent heavenly body must belong to the unseen Creator of the universe. It became, figuratively speaking, not man’s but God’s Sun. It was only a short hop and skip to the understanding that God’s Sun was ‘The Light of the World’ … Logically even if man himself dies, as long as the Sun comes up each day, life on Earth will continue forever. Therefore, it was said in the ancient texts that everlasting life was ‘the gift’ that the Father gives through his Sun.” -Jordan Maxwell,

To ancient man the most dangerous, feared enemy was the unknown darkness of night, thereby making the Sun, the light, heaven’s gift to the world. Without its light we cannot see, without its warmth we cannot move, without its energy our food cannot grow. Our very lives depend on the energy emitting from the Sun, making it our life and savior. God so loves the world that he has given his only begotten Sun so that we may have ever-lasting life. That is why in Deut 4:24 and Heb 12:29 God is “consuming fire in heaven.”

The Prince of Darkness is the Dark Evil, the D-evil, Devil. God is the Good; God’s Sun is the Light of the World, and the Prince of Peace. The Peace he brings is Solace – Solace again from the word Solar, meaning Sun. In the Egyptian personification, the Prince of Darkness was known as “Set” and the Sun was known as “Horus.” So every night at Sun-Set the Dark Prince overtakes the world. But every morning the Sun is born again at Sun Rise, Horus is risen on the Horizon. This is where we get the word “Hero,” the cheer “Hooray!” and also why an interpretation of the zodiac is a Horo-scope.

“At daybreak this wonderful newborn child, God’s Sun is Born Again, Horus is Risen. Even today when the Sun comes up we see it on the ‘Horus-Risen’ or ‘Horizon.’ His life was also divided into 12 parts or steps across Heaven each day: 12 Horus = 12 Hours. This is the origin of the modern 12 Step Program. Horus is the (new-born) Sun, or the Bringer of the Light. In Latin, Light Bringer is Lucis, or Lucifer, or Luke … God’s Sun brought His wonderful light to the world, and distributed it over 12 months. So it was said, God’s Sun had 12 companions, or helpers, that assisted His life-saving work. So it was, God’s Sun had 12 apostles (or months) that followed Him religiously through His life. Incidentally, now you know why the American jury system has 12 jurors who help bring the truth to light, with the ‘Light of Truth’ ... Keep in mind God’s Sun symbolically represented the light of truth, but was condemned by His enemies who could not endure the light of truth in their life. When we are confronted with the harsh realities of life, the light of truth, which we do not wish to face, and which runs counter to our views, such truth is judged in your mind, or judged in the temple area of your brain, and put to death in your head! Therefore God’s Sun –The Truth and The Light – is put to death at Golgotha, or Place of the Skull, located somewhere between your ears! This putting to death of the light of truth in your mind is always accompanied by two thieves: Regret for the past and Fear of the future. And of course God’s Sun goes to His death wearing a corona – Latin for Crown of Thorns.” –Jordan Maxwell,

So your “temples” or at the Golgatha (which means Place of the Skull), God’s Sun, the light of truth, is judged and crucified along with the two thieves of past and future. The Sun’s corona, the plasma atmosphere around the Sun, is then allegorically used as the Son’s (Latin translation) Crown of Thorns.

Cultures all over the ancient world kept track of time and seasons based on the movement of the Sun. They invented circular sundials and sun calendars which recorded daily and yearly time (lunar calendars recorded months). This method of circular solar-based time keeping was used by the ancient Mexicans, Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Celtics, Aryans and more. ( Out of these circular, pictorial Sun calendars developed the Holy cross. The Sun is portrayed on a cross – a circle with perpendicular lines intersecting in the middle, the horizontal axis representing the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, the vertical axis representing the Summer and Winter Solstices. This is the reason you often see a circle around Christian, Celtic, ancient and modern crosses.

“Since the Earth experienced 4 different seasons, all the same and equal (in time) each year, the round Sun calendar was divided into 4 equal parts. This is also why we have, in the Bible, only 4 Gospels. Of this point, there can be no doubt. The 4 Gospels represent the 4 seasons which collectively tell the entire story of the life of God’s Sun. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This is why the famous painting of ‘The Last Supper’ pictures the 12 followers of the Sun in four groups (of three) the seasons!” -Jordan Maxwell,

The Book of Mark is the Book of Mars. The planet/archetype Mars is the ruler of Aries which makes the Book of Mark, in zodiacal terms, the Book of Aries. The word “arise” comes from Aries, as it is the first house of the zodiac where the sun arises during the spring equinox/Easter. Aries month is April which comes from the Latin “aperio,” meaning to open or begin. Just as Aries is the first zodiacal sign, April was (and still is in many cultures) the first month of the calendar year. To the ancients, the spring equinox was a more appropriate calendrical beginning because it is when the day-time hours officially overtake the night-time hours. The Sun is resurrected, its light triumphs over darkness, and Gaia begins to bloom again.

The Book of Luke is the Book of Leo. Luke is Latin for Lucius meaning Light and the House of Light is Leo the Lion. Lions are used the world over to symbolize the Sun and its rays which resemble the lion’s yellow face and flowing mane. Christ (the other Sun symbol) is often called the “Lion of Judaea.”

“In Celtic Ireland the name Leo was Lugh, another solar hero and mystic. In Wales he was Llew, to the Romans Lugus, to the Sumerians Lughal. Its not the same dude on walkabout, it’s the Astrological sign of Leo. In the Christian iconography we have one of the Evangelists represented by a Lion. In the Nativity scenes we see 4 animals around the cradle of the Son/Sun king. One of these is also a Lion. Christians probably believe that there was one in the area and just happened to wander into the inn to take a peek at sleeping Jesus. Good thing it wasn’t very hungry. -Michael Tsarion, Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology

The Book of Matthew or Matt is actually Maat, the Egyptian Goddess. Maat is almost always symbolized blindfolded holding the Scales of Justice which relates astrologically to Libra. Libra was the last sign officially added to the zodiac, which is why Matt was the last of the 12 to join. He is also symbolized by the Eagle in Christian iconography because Aquila the Eagle is the closest animal constellation to Libra.

“Maat is pronounced Mayat. She is the Mahat of the Brahmins, the Meath of the Celts, the Tiamat of the Skalds, the Maia of the Romans and the Mara of the pagans. Now in the Bible, we read that Matthew was the disciple that the other 11 did not want to accept. The reason for this was that he was a tax-collector, (perfidious company in any age). However behind all the hyperbole, we have a secret concealed. The symbol of the tax-collectors has always been the scales or balances. This is because they did not only want currency, but they took grain and livestock also, and their lackeys would carry large scales around. It is the same today in rural, eastern communities.” -Michael Tsarion, Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology

Finally, the Book of John is the Book of Aquarius. John is for January which is the month corresponding to Aquarius. The symbol for Aquarius is a man carrying/pouring a pitcher of water which is why we have Baptism and John the Baptist. John’s death by beheading is another astrological allegory whereby on August 29th, John’s (Aquarius’) head/star moves just above the horizon, while the rest of his body/constellation remains below the horizon. At exactly this time, on dusk August 29th, the sun sets in Leo (the kingly sign representing Herod) and so Herod beheads John.

“John comes from Jahan or Jahn, which comes from the earlier Ionnes, Oannes (the Fish god). Jahan or Jahn gives us other names, like Jane, Joan, Janus and even Jasus or Jesus. It eventually gives us the word Jahnuary or January … During January (Aquarius), the Nile waters were the purist, so the Egyptians would collect it for use in telestic rites. The sign of Aquarius became associated with baptism, cleansing and purification by water. This was borrowed by the Israelites and finds its way into the Christian traditions. So now we see the gospels clearly detailed as signs of the zodiac. The sun-king must pass through these signs. They are his ‘chroniclers’ (‘chron’ means time specifically relating to the round of the zodiac). They are his measurers, his ‘Apostles’ (‘post’ means demarcation post, a colure of the zodiac). They are his ‘Disciples’ (‘disc’ means round circle, as is the zodiac).” -Michael Tsarion, Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology

“The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun.” -Thomas Paine

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This Week Is Anniversary Of The Birth Of The Order Of The Illuminati In 1776
Their calendar was based upon the Zoroastrian religious calendar, commencing from the ascension to the throne of Yazdegerd III (1377 years ago), and is still in use today in Iran. (1377 and 233; posted at 7:44 pm? A synchromystic numerologist may have something to say about that.) Adam Weishaupt had grand illusions about clothing the higher mysteries of his Order in fire worship. “The Order, in the higher grades, will be called again: the Cult of Fire, the Fire Order, or the Order of the Parsees,” he wrote to his disciple Cato-Zwack on 6 Pharavardin 1779. “The ultimate aim of the Order is for the Light [or Enlightenment] to blaze bright; we fight against the darkness; this is the Cult of Fire,” Weishaupt reiterated (Einige Originalschriften des Illuminatenordens, pp. 330-1). As I wrote before (and a bit more in Perfectibilists): that May 1st was chosen as the date for instituting the Illuminati is a semiotic stroke genius. In hindsight, it’s obvious that, for the Illuminati May 1st had significance as the day in which the “cult of fire” was/is celebrated throughout Europe and Britain as Walpurgisnacht and Beltane...

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Tom Horn Explains Occult Significance Behind Numerology 11:11 In New Book Apollyon Rising 2012
From Christians to New Agers, skeptics to historians, the world is presently enthralled with the meaning of the year 2012," Horn says. "In general, the excitement [or dread, as the case may be] surrounds a variety of predictions made by ancient and modern sources concerning a portentous moment in time. Mankind is on course toward unprecedented global upheaval, according to these experts, when the earth and all life on it will undergo transformation marked by the end of the thirteenth baktun of the Mesoamerican Mayan Long Count. The exact end date of the Mayan calendar is December 21, 2012, when during the winter solstice at 11:11 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) the sun will align with the galactic center of the Milky Way galaxy, an event that occurs only every thirteen thousand years. The precession of the equinoxes will conclude a twenty-six-thousand-year cycle, bringing the astrological Age of Pisces to an end and introducing the beginning of Aquarius, when the next cycle begins and the sun rises out of the mouth of the Ouroboros (great serpent of the Milky Way). "This is the sun rising in Sagittarius, the centaur with a bow—the symbol for Nimrod coming out from the mouth of Leviathan and the sun ‘god’ rising again—Nimrod/Osiris/Apollo," Horn adds.

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How Do They Control The World?

[ I did not compile this, and don't remember where I recieved it, but thought it important enough to post here. I added a couple of links.
The picture is a new ziggurat in Dubai]
____________ _________ _

How do "they" control the world?

The quick and thorough explanation of everything.

military industrial banking intelligence complex

This is a simple explanation of how "they" control the world. This will explain how and why "they" killed John F. Kennedy, what "they" were doing in Vietnam, not to mention explaining one hundred years of unexplainable foreign policy and wars. You will see who "they" are. Also, you will learn how "they" control what the people think, and how "they" do it.
Ten thousand years ago when civilization began, commerce was simply trading. Trading goods is a reliable economic method, because the value of your economy always equals the value of goods within the economy. There is no such thing as debt spending, or trade deficits, or monetary policy. You simply produce and trade what you produce.

Trading was simplified with coins, but value of trade was still maintained. Many coins had value of their metal, so they stayed intrinsically stable. The big change of civilization began when a group of people called Goldsmiths began to print receipts for their gold holdings. These receipts supposedly had the value of the gold in deposit. Of course, unchecked corruption began unchecked gold receipt printing, and thus for the first time, "shadow" control of economies.

Proving control by this shadow government is simple. One simply needs to look at the latest Forbes' richest person list. One will find that a software giant like Bill Gates can top the list with a measly $20 billion dollars, while the owners of the largest international banks and oil companies aren't even billionaires. How can this be possible? The trillions of profit dollars a year from world's national debts and oil far exceeds the millions made in software. The yearly interest on national debts around the world (just US national debt is $7 trillion) could buy out Bill Gates' Microsoft without breaking a sweat.

The power and control of the money printers, or "bankers" wasn't always in the shadows. During the 1800s, their blatant and arrogant control over governments and foreign policy began to outrage the public.

The repercussions of the backlash called for a new secretive control system inflicted upon the planet during the 1900s. In the late 1800s, the prevalent anger of these bankers in Europe (who happened to be mainly Jewish) is what sparked the anti-Semitism which led to the holocaust. The irony being that the Nazi Party was funded and supported by these bankers (Jewish or not) which proves they care more about profits than their fellow man.

In these early years, the media and leaders had openly discussed bankers by name, and their excesses in power. In Germany, Otto Van Bismark said,
"I fear that Jewish banks with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and will use it to systematically corrupt modern civilization. The Jews will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos in order that the earth should become the inheritance of Israel." (Interview by C. Seim, La Vieille France, March, 1921.
The German leader specifically was talking about the Rothschild banking family.

Do our national debt payments go to international bankers? If one out of every 20 American citizens held the bond debt of the United States, those U.S. citizens would each have on average 60 million dollars in bonds. Any reasonable person knows this isn't possible. This debt is owed to private banking institutions, and anybody can prove this themselves with simple research.

Now we can address a crucial piece of information, which is that the Federal Reserve Bank is not part of the Treasury Department, or any branch of government. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private bank, privately owned. This is not classified, one can simply ask them, check their web site, or find out in a number of ways. The Federal Reserve Act was initially brought to Congress as the Aldrich Act, named after the banker who wrote it.

The power to print money is arguably the most powerful ability on the planet. Americans owe their worth to pieces of paper which say "Federal Reserve," a private bank established in 1913.

During the 1800s, the central bank was the biggest issue of the United States. Although we aren't taught this in school, much of the writings from Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, to Abraham Lincoln are entrenched with their opinion of these bankers' power.

For some reason, this has been written out of history, despite the fact that the coming and going of central banks has been the basis of elections for the first hundred years in this country.

Andrew Jackson, who ran exclusively on the banking issue and won, killed the central bank for the second time in 1836! One could claim that the end of the First National Bank, and the immediate followup of the 1812 war was a coincidence. Wars are never a coincidence.

Congressman Charles Lindbergh said about the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, "When the President [Wilson] signs this Bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized."
Why is it so important to be the one who prints money?

This should be obvious, but has outstretching reaches further than most people could imagine. I already mentioned that there was a time when the money printing was a receipt for gold that actually existed. Now the money doesn't actually have any value, so it can be simply printed at will.

Even if we still were still on a gold standard, the bankers own and control the price of gold. Having the ability to print money at will through Federal Reserve loans and non-backed "foreign support" is the regular practice of the international private bankers. This means that an economy can simply be boomed or busted by a whim of a banker. What popular economists call the "business cycle" should actually be called the "banker cycle."

If you printed your own currency, you would be locked away.

During the Great Depression, Automaker Henry Ford said,
"It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."

How do these bankers keep an entire world secretly brainwashed?

It's not as difficult as one might think, especially for somebody who controls every aspect of the world's economy.

The control is as simple as this: Fund what you need, bankrupt/discredit what you dislike. Its that simple.

It applies as large scale as governments of nations, and as small scale as talk show hosts. It applies to elected officials, CEOs, foreign officials, media companies, and the list goes on. Having the media and elected officials in your pocket means you can create policy, persuade populations, or choose a Federal Reserve chairman. The ambition of this monarchy doesn't stop there.

Bankers created the Civil War in America simply by funding the separatists in the south. With research, one can find that every nation, whether "friend or foe," has been funded and put in power by those in the driving seats of the banks. If you search education and Public Broadcasting, you will see the many bankers providing the funds: Rockefeller, Carnagie, Warburg.

This gets a little more complicated, when we cover foreign policy. If a banker wanted country A to attack country B, they would need to do three things.....

One is convince their "elected" officials. Two is convince to public. Three is to create the "justifications" which slip these mindsets into actions.

Creating justifications (these include Pearl Harbor, the sinking of the Louisiana, blowing up the Maine, September 11, etc) demonstrates the bankers' control over the military, and especially the "National Intelligence" sector of the military. This is extremely important, and once again, not very difficult for those who have top public officials in their pocket.

In 1962, the Department of Defense created a now declassified document called "Operation Northwoods, the justification for military intervention in Cuba." The cold hearted manipulation of a "justification" can be summarized in one line of the document which reads, "Blow up US ship, blame Cuba." It seems mad, yet this is standard operating procedure of our Military Industrial Complex.

It is too simple to say that "they" control the CIA, or they control the president. You can say that "they" stack the White House with their goons, as they stack every institution or nation.

Using influence, they put their goons in the CIA. This explains why the CIA is stacked with criminals, from every drug dealing Mafia of the world. Since "they" are criminals, "they" need criminals with National Security clearance to perform their tasks.

This also explains why nobody can figure out who killed JFK. Was it the Mafia? Was it the CIA? Was it anti-Cuban nationals from the failed Bay of Pigs operation? YES. The Mafia criminals on the CIA payroll who worked on the Bay of Pigs operation, such as Johnny Roselli, were in charge of the JFK assassination operation. Consequently, Johnny Roselli ended up dead when the 1978 Select Congressional Assassinations committee requested his presence. Apparently, the evidence linking to the real killers isn't nearly as hidden as the media has been convincing the public.

Why did "they" kill the president? Well, the president must have figured out who "they" are, because in his last few months alive, he tried to destroy the Federal Reserve Bank and reign in control of the CIA.

[Speech given by JFK ten days before his assasssination - society-speech.html ]

I still haven't mentioned the ongoing institutions that have been crucial for broad control over media, government, and education. These secret institutions have big names and nefarious origins. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is often at the top of any conspiracy theorist's list.

This institution, started by the banker J.P. Morgan in the early 1900s, has members including every media spokesperson, every major CEO, much of Congress, University Professors, and anybody with any political sway.

This is one method to control information. One can also notice that all the president's advisors are on what's known as the Trilateral Commission. In addition, every morning the President gets his "intelligence briefing." This carefully planned presentation seeds the thoughts of the President's entire day. The criminal Yale fraternity known as the "Skull and Bones," which is practically protected by Act of Congress, seeds powerful institutions of our government in the highest aspects. These institutions combined with monetary control and funding are the principle methods used by bankers to convince the public to comply with their plans.

Am I crazy enough to say that without these bankers, there would be no war? No, it's not crazy, but war is long outdated. Wars were once fought for tangible property, both for the Lords and warriors. Now, a complicated world of economics and interests groups has the entire planet plunged in a world of chaotic battles and wars, with the real reasons for each fight hidden from the public.

Its crazy to think that a few poor fundamentalists can create a hi-tech terrorist group, or run a nation. Every "rogue nation" or "terrorist group" has a huge network of funding and connections. One can often easily trace funding of terrorist groups to some national resource, such as diamonds, cocaine or opium. Maybe the fact that the diamond mines funding "terrorists" are owned by international bankers is just a coincidence?
Is it also a coincidence that the cocaine/opium dealing Mafia around the world works in close connection with major nations' Intelligence Agencies? CIA agents often call this "an evil alliance of necessity for National Security."

Whose necessity? There is always a discrepency between the media's vision of the world, and the CIA's daily alliances. One perfect example would be the 1972 Munich Olympics, where PLO operative Ali Hassan Salameh murdered the Israeli athletes. Mossad then killed Hassan with a car bomb. "But it is now known that the assassination robbed the United States of its chief contact" (Newsweek, 11/9/98, page 36).
Before Martin Luther King Jr was shot, he began speaking against the U.S. policy of creating civil wars. In his own words at New York's Riverside Church on April 4, 1967:

"...the United States came and started supporting a man named Diem, who turned out to be one of the most ruthless dictators in the history of the world. He set out to silence all opposition. ...The peasants watched as all this was presided over by United States influence and then by increasing numbers of United States troops who came to help quell the insurgency that Diem's methods had aroused....we increased our troop commitments in support of governments which were singularly corrupt, inept, and without popular support... Now they languish under our bombs and consider us.. their real enemy. They move sadly and apathetically, we herd them off the land of their fathers into concentration camps... They know they must move or be destroyed by our bombs."
Is it also a coincidence that the United States with "good intentions" put many enemies of the last 50 years into power? Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan, Noriega in Panama, and future enemies are put in power everyday.

The Northern Alliance in Afghanistan is a brutal drug dealing Mafia. The KLA in Yugoslavia is also a drug dealing brutal Mafia regime. The United States has recently been entrenched with the task of putting cocaine dealing fascist dictator in Columbia. Whose interests are we really working for? Besides creating wars, banks also heavily profit from drug laundering (probably more than oil).

Drug trafficking also helps prevent the poor for empowering themselves as they are busy fighting their own inner city street wars. Its no wonder our government is filled with a drug trafficking protection force.

The radical right accuses former President Clinton of protecting the Mena Arkansas drug trafficking trade, and ignores the fact that Iran-Contra was the formation of that drug trade. Arkansas Governor Clinton was protecting his fellow Yalie George Bush's and Oliver North's drug trade.

John Stockwell, CIA Agent, member National Security Counsel, explains:
"...we were not attacking the Soviet Union and CIA's activities, we were attacking people in the third world. They undertake operations in every corner of the globe. They undertook the license of operating totally above and beyond U.S. law. They had a license to kill, license to smuggle drugs... meanwhile, battled to convert the U.S. legal system in such a way to give them control of our society.... 3,000 major operations and over 10,000 minor operations, everyone of them illegal, everyone of them disruptive of the lives and societies of other peoples, and many of them bloody and gory beyond comprehension. Extensively we manipulated and organized the overthrow of functioning constitutional democracies in other countries. We organized secret armies and directed them to fight in just about every continent in the world. We encouraged ethnic minorities to rise up and fight."

Its quite a coincidence that the creation of the state of Israel in Palestine was 1947, same year the Central Intelligence Agency was created. Many are frustrated with the continuous climate of fighting in Israel, even though Israel was offered as a land of peace for Jews.

The bankers will never allow peace, because the Rothschilds did not create Israel to be a land of peace, but rather a tool for perpetual divisions between the semitic peoples of the Middle East, and the incoming European and Russian jews. When all efforts to encourage war were curbed by Rabin, Israeli Intelligence had him killed. On November 13, 1997, Lyse Doucet explains to the BBC a recently declassified report, "The report says Mr Raviv [Israeli Secret Service] knew of his friends intention to murder the Prime Minister. There have been accusations that the Shin Bet secret service was involved in a conspiracy to murder Mr Rabin..."

This makes sense when the goal of Israel is to manipulate the Jews as a tool for division and war. This plan is documented at least as far back as 1917, the Balfour Declaration, a letter to Lionel Rothschild.

[ Proof of Rothschild influence in Israel - ]

The United States has conveniently bottled itself in all peace negotiations. The BBC article, "Arab press upbeat on peace hopes," reports 7/17/99: "remarks made by Mr Barak to The Washington Post newspaper in which he called for the USA to reduce its involvement in the peace process from a major to a minor role." Then New York Times explains, "two months after the Camp David peace talks had failed, [Barak] proclaimed that he and Mr. Arafat would be the ultimate Israeli-Palestinian peace parters..'more so than Rabin'" (7/26/01, Deborah Sontag). Then immedately after, Sharon was railroaded in as Prime Minister.

The real source of division is a very few people who are orchestrating continual fighting. Arafat has stated,
"Hamas is a creature of Israel which, at the time of Prime Minister Shamir, gave them money and more than 700 institutions, among them schools, universities and mosques." December 12, 2001 in the Italian paper, L'Espresso, Arafat is quoted as saying, "Hamas was constituted with the support of Israel. The aim was to create an organization antagonistic to the PLO. They (Hamas) received financing and training from Israel. They have continued to benefit from permits and authorizations, while we have been limited even [for permits] to build a tomato factory. Rabin himself defined it a fatal error. Some collaborationists of Israel are involved in these [terrorist] attacks. We have the proof and we are placing it at the disposal of the Italian government too."
Why create wars?
George Orwell says in 1984 that war keeps the structure of society intact. This is done in a number of ways, partly by the destruction of the advance of civilization in a fair way.

Probably even more important is the creation of debt. A country will borrow massive amounts of money from international bankers for war. In addition, it's easier to change policy (like remove civil liberties) in times of threats.

It doesn't matter who wins the war, bankers lend to both sides of every war.

Debt moves power from the people directly to the bankers, continuously. Their systems of world control are thorough, and refined, and are being improved every day. Controversial organizations such as the World Bank and World Trade Organization, which are the focus of massive modern protests, are simply international organizations which further breakdown national sovereignty towards international banker control.

As I said at the beginning, there was a time when none of this was secret. Our founding fathers were well aware of who the real enemy was, and spoke often of them. They even spoke of them in the context of the causes for the American Revolution. They also laid down the tools to protect the people. These tools have been ignored, and faded over the years, as the United States has gone from bankers' biggest enemy, to their strongest tool.

Our founding fathers gave our government the Constitutional right to print government currency, and keep power out of the hands of the bankers. This tool was only utilized by the great President, Abraham Lincoln, but retracted soon after his assassination. Lincoln said
"The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspire against it in times of adversity. The banking powers are more despotic than a monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. "
It should upset the population that the WTO's rulings supercede national sovereignty of our nation, yet the media hasn't brought up this issue. George Washington said, "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world."

When did that policy change? By coincidence, we took a major turn at time of the creation of the Federal Reserve, which was immediately followed by World Wars, the Cold War, and then Terrorism Wars. The pattern is clear. World Wars allowed the world progression to break down for Cold War, which allowed the systematic rape of every third world country into chaos. Stronger nations were militarized. This allowed the preparation for the one world government, seeded by the Cold War established world terrorism networks.

James Madison said, "History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible, to maintain their control over governments, by controlling money and its issuance."
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Secretive Group of Illuminati Bankers to form a World Government?

THE world's top central bankers began arriving in Australia yesterday as renewed fears about the strength of the global economic recovery gripped world share markets.
dailytelegraph. business/secret-summit-of-top-bankers... - 63k

ECB President tells insiders that secretive group of international bankers – responsible to no nation state – will become primary engine of world government

In a speech before the elitist Council On Foreign Relations organization in New York earlier this week, President of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude Trichet called for the imposition of global governance to be bossed by the G20 and the corrupt Bank of International Settlements in the name of safeguarding the global economy.

In an address entitled “Global Governance Today,” Trichet proclaims how the elite need to impose “A set of rules, institutions, informal groupings and cooperation mechanisms that we call “global governance”.

During the course of the speech, Trichet uses the term “global governance” well over a dozen times, outlining how “global governance is of the essence” to avoid another financial crisis.

Section one of Trichet’s speech is entitled, “Why we need global governance,” and from then on he constantly invokes the economic downturn as a justification for empowering secretive, undemocratic and corrupt global institutions with the power to rule the world.

A full transcript of the speech was also carried by the Bank for International Settlements, an international organization of central banks that has constantly lobbied for a centralized global currency to replace that of nation states. Trichet praises the BIS as being “ahead of the curve” in dealing with the financial crisis during the speech.

The primary outfit that will boss the institutions of global governance, according to Trichet, is the Global Economy Meeting (GEM), which regularly meets at the BIS headquarters in Basel. This group, states Trichet, “has become the prime group for global governance among central banks”. The GEM is basically a policy steering committee under the umbrella of the Bank for International Settlements.

The BIS is a branch of the of the Bretton-Woods International Financial architecture and closely allied with the Bilderberg Group. It is controlled by an inner elite that represents all the world’s major central banking institutions. John Maynard Keynes, perhaps the most influential economist of all time, wanted it closed down as it was used to launder money for the Nazis during World War II.

Financial website Investors Insight describe the BIS as “the most powerful bank you’ve never heard of,” labeling it “the most powerful financial institution on earth”.

The bank wields power through its control of vast amounts of global currencies. The BIS controls no less than 7% of the world’s available foreign exchange funds, as well as owning 712 tons of gold bullion.

“By controlling foreign exchange currency, plus gold, the BIS can go a long way toward determining the economic conditions in any given country,” writes Doug Casey. “Remember that the next time Ben Bernanke or European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet announces an interest rate hike. You can bet it didn’t happen without the concurrence of the BIS Board.”

ECB President Favors Global Governance

The President of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, told Forbes that global governance is extremely necessary if we want to prevent another financial crisis. In his prepared printed and spoken remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations, Trichet emphasized that politicians, economists, and financiers must work across the Atlantic and collaborate on methods to create an international set of standards. It is his belief that through global governance, the resiliency of the global financial system can be assured, noting that ultimately it was governments’ use of taxpayer’s money, equivalent to around 25% of GDP on both sides of the Atlantic, that prevented another catastrophic great depression from occurring. With the backdrop of a U.S. financial regulation bill being stuck in the Senate, he argued three main points in support of creating internationally agreed rules.

Former Nazi Bank To Rule The Global Economy

Prison - ‎Apr 30, 2010‎
European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet's announcement that the Bank for International Settlements is to become the primary engine for global ...

Global governance reform should reflect new balance

1) First, the principle of subsidiary is essential. No rule should be imposed at a global level or supranational level that cannot be more or equally effectively set at the national or local level.

2) Second, it’s not easy to create a complex set of rules in a complicated and often obscure field like finance, but that it is absolutely critical if we want to create stable financial markets.

3) Finally, global rules can be limiting from country-to-country, but that it is imperative now more than ever, because financial innovation has spiraled out of control in a negative way.

Trichet Calls For Corrupt BIS To Boss Global Government In CFR Speech

Prison - ‎Apr 29, 2010‎
In a speech before the elitist Council On Foreign Relations organization in New York earlier this week, President of the European Central Bank Jean-Claude ...

Additionally, he stressed that the financial emergencies created by investment banks and governments creates some contradictory issues.

“On the one hand it has unleashed a tendency to reengage in financial nationalism if not mercantilism; on the other hand it had contributed to the recognition that a very high degree of interdependencies between economies called for a much higher level of cooperation.”

In the end, Trichet believes it’s the financial sector’s responsibility to respond to economic challenges.

“While financial liberalization, deregulation, and innovation all have the potential to make our economies more productive and more resilient, the financial sector must not forget that its purpose is to serve the real economy, not the other way around.”

Trichet calls for strengthening global governance amid recovery

Xinhua - Mu Xuequan - 5 days ago
The crisis showed that gaps in the system of global governance, in terms of both efficiency and legitimacy, have to be filled, Trichet said in a keynote ...
ECB's Trichet:Global Governance Bolsters Recovery;To Continue‎ - Market News International
Trichet: Global Coordination Key; Greece Solution Near‎ - Wall Street Journal
The good news is that the global economy has now turned the corner-ECB‎ - Business News
all 134 news articles »

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Staged Car bomb scares Times Square but fails to explode during NLE 2010 False Flag Training Event

Big Explosion to follow in Times Square

5 posts - 4 authors - Last post: 55 minutes ago
A local station (Channel 9 in NYC) just broke in with the following info. A phone call placed to police at 4:00AM this morning warned that the incident at Times Square last nite was just a diversion. The caller claimed that the "BIG ONE" was on its way. Just on TV about five minutes ago. ...

Local NYC Channel Reports: Failed Bomb At Times Square Was A "Diversion" For Massive Explosion

Rep. Suggests NY Bomb May Be Retribution For "South Park" Episode | "Meet The Press" Roundtable On Oil Slick, Immigration | Napolitano Responds To Critics On Obama's Slow Response To Oil... | "This Week" Panel On Immigration Debate | "FOX News Sunday" Panel On Arizona Immigration Law | Sec. Salazar On The Worst Case Scenario Of Gulf Oil Spill | Rubio Addresses Credit Card Scandal | Napolitano On NY Bomb: No Evidence "Anything Other Than A...

NEW YORK — Police found an "amateurish" but potentially powerful bomb that apparently began to detonate but did not explode in a smoking sport utility vehicle in Times Square, authorities said Sunday.

Thousands of tourists were cleared from the streets for 10 hours after a T-shirt vendor alerted police to the suspicious vehicle, which contained three propane tanks, fireworks, two filled 5-gallon gasoline containers, and two clocks with batteries, electrical wire and other components, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

"We avoided what we could have been a very deadly event," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. "It certainly could have exploded and had a pretty big fire and a decent amount of explosive impact."

The bomb appeared to be starting to detonate but malfunctioned, top police spokesman Paul Browne said Sunday.

Firefighters who arrived shortly after the first call heard a popping sound, said Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano, who described the sound as not quite an explosion.

"I think the intent was to cause a significant ball of fire," Kelly said.

No suspects were in custody, though Kelly said a surveillance video showed the car driving west on 45th Street before it parked between Seventh and Eighth avenues. Police were looking for more video from office buildings that weren't open at the time.

May 2, 2010

Who would have believed it? Only days after a warning of an Israeli "false flag" bombing against the US "in the works" a massive car bomb is discovered in Time Square! Better yet, though no intelligence organization in the world could discover anyone claiming responsibility for this embarrassing failure, SITE Intelligence, a group rumored as the "voice of the Mossad" has placed the blame on the Pakistani Taliban. This is the same group that has come up with numerous bin Laden "audio" tapes, seemingly, though tiny and nearly totally unstaffed, whenever it is convenient for Israel to point a finger at someone, magically Site Intelligence, run by former IDF soldier Rita Katz, whose father was executed as a spy by Saddam Hussein, makes another "unbelievable" intelligence find. Site Intelligence finds are not only timely for Israel, when the world is focused on claims they have been planning a `dirty bomb' attack to send the US to war against Iran, but always tend to support mysterious organizations run from the caves of the Afghanistan/ Pakistan border region.


After the demise of Iraq, victim of falsified intelligence, now eliminated as an Israeli competitor, all eyes turned to Pakistan, Islam's only nuclear state. To establish footholds to destabilize Pakistan, a pro-Indian/Israeli government under President Karzai was installed in Kabul. After 9 years, no evidence of any terrorist activity involved in 9/11 has been found in Afghanistan. The great "net" meant to catch Osama bin Laden and armies of Al Qaeda terrorists came up empty. Instead, we are told from reliable sources that Arab nations friendly to the US released criminals, transporting them to Afghanistan. These "foreign fighters" actually little more than "extras" in a massive global theatre, kept the small US forces engaged for years, all without any purpose other than to establish that a terrorist organization must have been in Afghanistan because there certainly was one after 2002.


In addition to installing a government that would work directly with Israel and India to organize terrorist attacks on Pakistan, funding to destabilize the oil and gas rich republics of the former Soviet Union had to be raised. Opium production under the Taliban had been eliminated. The new government quickly began a resurgence of opium production and heroin processing. Aided by agents of the Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad, the governments of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan quickly fell under the influence of the 65 billion dollar a year Afghanistan drug empire. Though the drugs may have been from Afghanistan, multiple intelligence agencies from Israel, India, Turkey and others, aided by military contracting firms contracted to the CIA, carried this plan forward. Continual news stories tying Pakistan to failures to suppress terrorism or rumoring involvement in terrorism themselves flowed onto the world scene through western mainstream media, providing a clear footprint of a classic Mossad operation.


With the demise of Al Qaeda, an unnamed Taliban organization with a website only visible to one person on earth has now declared a mysterious and shadowy war against the United States, in New York City, a city under tight security but one with a very large Israeli/Mossad presence. This was the same city where the "dancing Israeli's," celebrated 9/11 after filming the attacks. Their advance knowledge of the attacks has been one of the many puzzle pieces tying Israel to 9/11. However, it wasn't until the "crotch bomber" of last Christmas that the breadth of Israel's penetration of US security was demonstrated with Abdulmohammed' s attack tying directly to Tel Aviv. Anyone who visits New York is aware that security there, especially in Time Square is the highest of anywhere in the world. The intelligence organizations protecting New York, including the world's best police force, leave only one organization as capable of this kind of effort, an organization with massive resources in the area, numerous Israeli/American assets and many residual relationships with Gulliani/Kerik/ Bush era friends, friends conveniently "asleep at the switch" on 9/11.


Recent intelligence leaks from several agencies have warned of an impending "9/11 style" attack on a high value target in the US or Europe. Reports indicated that a conventional bomb enhanced with nuclear material would be used. Such a weapon would indicate sufficient "WMD" credentials in whipping up the necessary war frenzy to get the American public to overlook the history of falsified intelligence that drove them to war in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, a quickly thrown together "prank" terror attack taking advantage of the environmental disaster in the gulf and the president's presence there, when coordinated with the press campaign already in motion attempting to smear the Obama administration with the Katrina failures during the Bush presidency, is just too convenient. With Iranian president Ahmadinejad and Secretary of State Clinton both scheduled to be in New York in the next 24 hours, and recent stories out of Israel trying to tie Iran to the Taliban, the issue of "timing" is a critical one. The "managed press" aspect of this attack, the phony "web based" confession, the "keeping you safe" scare tactics and the continual drumming of Islamophobia is unmistakable.


The group blamed in the Site Intelligence/ Israeli report, the Pakistani Taliban has been responsible for hundreds of attacks in Pakistan, killing thousands of citizens. However, reliable sources have tied this group directly to Mossad/RAW training camps inside Afghanistan and Balochistan. The Pakistani Taliban have long been allies of Israel and India with 2000 terrorist trainers inside Afghanistan arming Pakistani Taliban terrorist group. This has been confirmed, not only in direct briefings with the Pakistani ISPR and ISI but US military intelligence sources as well, who dispute the number of terrorist trainers, not their presence.= Terrorist groups inside Balochistan, the remote Pakistan province said to be a haven for Mossad attacks against Iran, claim to be headquartered in Israel. These groups work directly with the Pakistan Taliban and are another indication of this current "stunt" turning back on non-Islamic planners.


With Iran taking the propaganda offensive to the United States, a nation increasingly distancing itself from, not only the idea of supporting an Israeli attack on Iran, but Israel herself. Israel is under pressure to reestablish itself as America's partner in a long discredited "war on terror" that has been a huge embarrassment to the US. A "very public" attack like his is a message to President Obama. "We can go where we want and our control of the press will put the blame on anything we do, on you." With over 90% of America's terror arrests turning out to be innocent bystanders, some tortured for years, untold numbers "disappeared, " Bush era failures have soured public support for hunting terrorist leaders who have increasingly been either captured by Pakistan or have been found to be negotiating with US forces. The "war on terror" had become an "Israeli franchise," making billions in increased military aid, some covertly transferred to Israel through "weapons replenishing" and fat military contracts taken from American firms.

The Marines in Afghanistan are using MRAP vehicles built in Israel, a country with nearly one million guest workers while America has over 30 million unemployed and an unused technology and industrial base better equipped for such production.

With the signature of this bombing being so close to that of the "crotch bombing," an attack with Israeli fingerprints from Nigeria to Yemen to Amsterdam, the "superfast" accusation against a Pakistani group was no surprise. ONGOING INVESTIGATION/ FOX "ISRAELI ASSET" NEWS ATTACKS OBAMA - With New York police discounting the Pakistan connection to the bombing immediately, Fox News has unleashed an attack on the Obama administration in a well orchestrated manner, accusing democrats of "failing to protect the American people." With both Site Intelligence and Fox News tied directly to Israel and the signature and timing of this attack showing clear Israeli fingerprints, Fox may be right. America may be unable to protect itself from a nation still seen by most Americans as a close ally. No other nation has the capability of such an attack or the influence to orchestrate the news, an act already in motion. bIf any finger is pointing anywhere, Fox News is telling us "Israel did it."

Gordon Duff

Pittsburgh Marathon Course Altered by Bomb Scare

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that officials are treating the incident as a potential terrorist attack. The mayor said earlier Sunday, "We have no idea who did this or why" but said it's not surprising the city is a frequent target of terrorism.

Suspicious Device Detonated Near Marathon Finish Line Outside Greyhound Bus Station

"These things invariably ... come back to New York," Bloomberg said.

Police defuse 'car bomb' in New York's Times Square --FBI agents have joined NYPD investigators at the scene. 02 May 2010 New York City police have defused a car bomb parked in Times Square, one of the city's busiest tourist attractions, officials say. They say propane tanks, fireworks and a timing device were removed from a parked SUV... The security alert was triggered when a street vendor saw smoke coming from a black Nissan Pathfinder parked on 45th Street and Seventh Avenue at about 1830 (2230 GMT) on Saturday... "There were explosive elements, including powder, gasoline, propane and some kind of electrical wires attached to a clock," police spokesman Paul Browne told reporters early on Sunday.

NYC mayor: Vehicle contained explosive device

NYC mayor: Vehicle contained explosive device 02 May 2010 New York mayor Michael Bloomberg says a suspicious vehicle in Times Square "did indeed contain an explosive device." Police found the device in the smoking sport utility vehicle Saturday evening. They then cleared the streets of thousands of tourists milling through the landmark district so they could dismantle the device. The mayor spoke at a news conference early Sunday.

Times Square cleared as bomb found in parked SUV

Times Square cleared as bomb found in parked SUV 02 May 2010 Police found an "amateurish" but potentially powerful bomb in a smoking sport utility vehicle in Times Square, then cleared the streets of thousands of tourists milling through the landmark district so they could dismantle it, authorities said Sunday. "We avoided what we could have been a very deadly event," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. "It certainly could have exploded and had a pretty big fire and a decent amount of explosive impact." Investigators removed three propane tanks, consumer-grade fireworks, two filled 5-gallon gasoline containers, and two clocks with batteries, electrical wire and other components, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said at a news conference early Sunday. A black metal box resembling a gun locker was also recovered.

NY police confirm car bomb caused Times Sq. evacuation

Breaking: NY police confirm car bomb caused Times Sq. evacuation 01 May 2010 The New York Police Department said on Saturday the incident that caused Times Square to be evacuated was what appeared to be a car bomb, which was being dismantled by officers on the scene. "This appears to be a car bomb that the bomb squad is in the process of dismantling," police spokesman Paul Browne said... Browne said an NYPD mounted policeman spotted a box smoking in the back of the sport utility vehicle and that the area was evacuated shortly after that.

Suspicious Package Halts Times Sq. After Car Fire

Breaking: Suspicious Package Halts Times Sq. After Car Fire --Bomb Squad Using Robot to Inspect Suspicious Package In Vehicle's Back Seat

01 May 2010 An police investigation after a car fire is disrupting traffic, both on the roads and the sidewalks, in Times Square. Officials say there were no injuries in the car fire, but that there was a suspicious package in the vehicle's back seat... Bomb squad personnel then suited up and went in. Sources tell CBS 2 that gunpowder and gasoline were found inside the vehicle.

The SUV was towed early Sunday to a forensic lab in Queens, where it was being "thoroughly checked for prints, hairs and fibers," Browne said Sunday. Napolitano said fingerprints had been recovered from the vehicle.

The T-shirt vendor alerted police at about 6:30 p.m, the height of dinner hour before theatergoers head to Saturday night shows.

Smoke was coming from the back of the dark-colored Pathfinder, its hazard lights were on and "it was just sitting there," said Rallis Gialaboukis, 37, another vendor who has hawked his wares for 20 years across the street.

A white robotic police arm broke windows of the SUV to remove any explosive materials. A Connecticut license plate on the vehicle did not match up, Bloomberg said. Police interviewed the Connecticut car owner, who told them he had sent the plates to a nearby junkyard, Bloomberg said.

Heavily armed police and emergency vehicles shut down the city's busiest streets, choked with taxis and people on one of the first summer-like days of the year. Times Square lies about four traffic-choked miles north of where terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in 1993, then laid waste to it on Sept. 11, 2001.

The car was parked on one of the prime blocks for Broadway shows, with seven theaters housing such big shows as "The Lion King" and "Billy Elliot."

The curtain at "God of Carnage" and "Red" opened a half-hour later than usual, but the shows were not canceled, said spokesman Adrian Bryan-Brown.

Katy Neubauer, 46, and Becca Saunders, 39, of Milwaukee, were shopping for souvenirs two blocks south of the SUV when they saw panicked crowds.

Pakistani Taliban Claims Responsibility

"It was a mass of people running away from the scene," Neubauer said.

Said Saunders: "There were too many people, too many cops. I've never seen anything like it."

Bloomberg left early from the White House correspondent's dinner Saturday night. President Barack Obama, who attended the annual gala, praised the quick response by the New York Police Department, White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said.

He has also directed his homeland security and counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, to advise New York officials that the federal government is prepared to provide support.

Brennan and others will keep Obama up to date on the investigation, Shapiro said.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York responded along with the NYPD, said agent Richard Kolko.

The latest terror threat in New York came last fall when air shuttle driver Najibullah Zazi admitted to a foiled homemade bomb plot aimed at the city subway system.

The theater district in London was the target of a propane bomb attack in 2007. No one was injured when police discovered two Mercedes loaded with nails packed around canisters of propane and gasoline.

Officials said the device found Saturday was crudely constructed, but Islamic militants have used propane and compressed gas for years to enhance the force of explosives. Those instances include the 1983 suicide attack on the U.S. Marines barracks at the Beirut airport that killed 241 U.S. service members, and the 2007 attack on the international airport in Glasgow, Scotland.

In 2007, the U.S. military announced that an al-Qaida front group was using propane to rig car bombs in Iraq.

Times Square has been a frequent target, if not for potential terrorists, then for rabble-rousers.

In December, a parked van without license plates led police to block off part of the area for about two hours. A police robot examined the vehicle, and clothes, racks and scarves were found inside.

In March 2008, a hooded bicyclist hurled an explosive device at a military recruiting center, producing a flash, smoke and full-scale emergency response. No suspect was ever identified.

Police have spent years trying to crack down on street hustlers and peddlers preying on tourists. But there have been two major gunfights in recent months. A street hustler armed with a machine pistol exchanged shots in December, shattering a Broadway theater ticket window, before police fatally shot him.

Four shootings and more than 50 arrests on a mile-long stretch of Manhattan last month around Times Square prompted the mayor to call the mayhem "wilding."

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Daily Mail - ‎May 1, 2010‎
By Daily Mail Reporter Police are hunting a man who fled his high-rise Los Angeles penthouse 'Jason Bourne style' leaving weapons, counterfeiting equipment ...

Jason Bourne's evil twin is on the run

Kansas City Star (blog) - ‎Apr 30, 2010‎
In Los Angeles, police are looking for a guy who might be the next best thing to Jason Bourne, KTLA reports. When authorities busted into his apartment over ...

LA police hunt man with 'Bourne-like' identity

AFP - ‎Apr 30, 2010‎
LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles police are hunting a mystery man who fled as they raided his apartment, leaving behind piles of bogus cash, ...

A room with a view to one big mystery

Los Angeles Times - Andrew Blankstein, Richard Winton - ‎Apr 29, 2010‎
It started 11 days ago when a resident at an upscale downtown LA high-rise tower smelled fumes coming from a neighboring apartment. ...

Associate of suspected LA counterfeiter arrested

San Jose Mercury News - ‎Apr 29, 2010‎
AP LOS ANGELES—Los Angeles police have arrested an associate of a man suspected of manufacturing illegal weapons and printing counterfeit currency in a ...

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Minot AFB airman identified

Minot AFB airman identified --The base Safety Office is 'investigating' the accident. 01 May 2010 Officials at Minot Air Force Base have identified the airman who died Thursday after being struck in the head by a training missile during routine training at the base. Senior Airman Richard Allan Gallelli Jr., 22, was a member of the 17th Munitions Squadron, said 2nd Lt. Kidron Farnell, deputy chief of Public Affairs at the Minot base. Gallelli had been in the Air Force for three years and three months.

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Gulf oil spill: The Halliburton connection

This came from but you have to be a member to access it. Here is this jist of it:

The Oil Mess

12 days into the oil rig 'accident' events continue to evolve and weather is slowing down efforts to contain things, we have two interesting items to report that are not in the MSM yet...OK, three then.

1. While there are many reports on the 'net that the rig disaster was an attack by a North Korean mini-sub, and other such fanciful things, we have heard that a supply ship arrived just before the explosions and it was reported to be 'manned by all new people, nobody aboard was from the 'usual supply crew'. This purported industry source continues: there were a total of 14 explosions and these could have been cutting charges. Moreover, the shut off valve below the surface (5000 feet down) on the seabed is no longer controllable. Still, lots of disinfo and speculation scampering around the netosphere. While this is bad, it gets worse.

2. A reader who is an engineer of considerable experience says watch this one evolve carefully because it is destined to continue to grow and he shares this long (but worthy explanation why:

"Heard your mention of the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico this morning, and you (and most everyone else except maybe George Noory) are totally missing the boat on how big and bad of a disaster this is.

First fact, the original estimate was about 5,000 gallons of oil a day spilling into the ocean. Now they're saying 200,000 gallons a day. That's over a million gallons of crude oil a week!

I'm engineer with 25 years of experience. I've worked on some big projects with big machines. Maybe that's why this mess is so clear to me.

First, the BP platform was drilling for what they call deep oil. They go out where the ocean is about 5,000 feet deep and drill another 30,000 feet into the crust of the earth. This it right on the edge of what human technology can do. Well, this time they hit a pocket of oil at such high pressure that it burst all of their safety valves all the way up to the drilling rig and then caused the rig to explode and sink. Take a moment to grasp the import of that. The pressure behind this oil is so high that it destroyed the maximum effort of human science to contain it.

When the rig sank it flipped over and landed on top of the drill hole some 5,000 feet under the ocean.

Now they've got a hole in the ocean floor, 5,000 feet down with a wrecked oil drilling rig sitting on top of is spewing 200,000 barrels of oil a day into the ocean. Take a moment and consider that, will you!

First they have to get the oil rig off the hole to get at it in order to try to cap it. Do you know the level of effort it will take to move that wrecked oil rig, sitting under 5,000 feet of water? That operation alone would take years and hundreds of millions to accomplish. Then, how do you cap that hole in the muddy ocean floor? There just is no way. No way.

The only piece of human technology that might address this is a nuclear bomb. I'm not kidding. If they put a nuke down there in the right spot it might seal up the hole. Nothing short of that will work.

If we can't cap that hole that oil is going to destroy the oceans of the world. It only takes one quart of motor oil to make 250,000 gallons of ocean water toxic to wildlife. Are you starting to get the magnitude of this?

We're so used to our politicians creating false crises to forward their criminal agendas that we aren't recognizing that we're staring straight into possibly the greatest disaster mankind will ever see. Imagine what happens if that oil keeps flowing until it destroys all life in the oceans of this planet. Who knows how big of a reservoir of oil is down there.

Not to mention that the oceans are critical to maintaining the proper oxygen level in the atmosphere for human life.

We're humped. Unless God steps in and fixes this. No human can. You can be sure of that.

US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig

It's been a tough week for "drill, baby, drill" partisans. Even if they've managed to avoid getting press-ganged into scrubbing pelican feathers by Bill Maher, they're left staring disconsolately at cable TV images of a malign giant spreading oil slick, a catastrophe sure to change the debate about offshore drilling for years to come. Betrayed by the irresponsible private sector -- again!

But then came the news Friday afternoon that a second oil rig has "overturned" near Morgan City, Louisiana. Details were sketchy in the immediate aftermath of the news breaking, but who needs details?! An epidemic of dark muttering swiftly broke out in some of the more conspiratorially minded neighborhoods of the Net.

"There is no such thing as a coincidence. Something's up," declared one poster at Free Republic.

"Earth to Obama!...Do you know something you're not telling us???"

"If only one jet had flown into the WTC on 911 we would all still talking about what a tragic accident it was......"

"It just fell over, all by itself... Nothing to see here. Move along, move along...."

Yes, it must be true: "The USA is under attack by oil rig destroyers." Environmental whacko saboteurs are on the loose! Can't you see? The signs of a classic Communist plot are everywhere: Destroying the ecology of the Gulf in the cause of destroying the American energy industry! Paging Michael Crichton: You were right!

OK, I admit, I took that last quote from the site Godlike Productions, which explicitly defines labels itself as "UFOs, Conspiracy Theorists, Lunatic Fringe." So maybe a grain of salt is in order. On the other hand, as any observer of American political discourse in the past few years knows all too well, the distance between the lunatic fringe and the floor of the Senate has never been shorter.

News flash from the real world: The Associated Press is now reporting that it's not clear the second rig even contains any oil or fuel -- and wasn't actively drilling.

Officials say an oil drilling rig on its way to a scrap yard has overturned in Louisiana... The rig overturned about 80 miles west-southwest of New Orleans. The Coast Guard said in a news release Friday that the drilling unit overturned in the Charenton navigational canal.

It can carry about 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel, but Coast Guard officials did not know how much fuel was on board. Coast Guard investigators say no fuel leaks have been found.

Rats. I guess we aren't under attack by oil rig eco-terrorists. But now that the theory has been broached, I'm betting it doesn't go away. After all, there are just too many unanswered questions about the Deep Water Horizon disaster.

Gulf of Mexico oil disaster called an environmental Armageddon

Gulf of Mexico oil disaster said to be ‘out of control’

New document shows BP didn't plan for major oil spill

Gulf oil spill: The Halliburton connection 30 Apr 2010 Investigators delving into the possible cause of the massive gulf oil spill are focusing on the role of Houston-based Halliburton Co., the giant energy services company, which was responsible for cementing the drill into place below the water. The company acknowledged Friday that it had completed the final cementing of the oil well and pipe just 20 hours before the blowout last week. In a letter to to Halliburton Chief Executive David J. Lesar on Friday, Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Beverly Hills) chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, called on Halliburton officials to provide all documents relating to "the possibility or risk of an explosion or blowout at the Deepwater Horizon rig and the status, adequacy, quality, monitoring, and inspection of the cementing work" by May 7.

Levin: SWAT Team Response To Oil Spill Is Government Takeover Plot

Prison - ‎Apr 30, 2010‎
Levin labeled the response to the oil spill “a stunner,” asking, “What are these SWAT teams going to do….doesn't this sound like Hugo Chavez to you – we ...

Right wingers fuel outlandish Obama, SWAT takeover theories

Raw Story - Muriel Kane - ‎Apr 30, 2010‎
On Friday afternoon, for example, a headline at the Drudge Report proclaimed, "Obama Sends SWAT Teams to Oil Rigs..." It linked to a CBS News story from the ...

and this from the Alaskan Citizen Militia and their commander Norman Olson-a 22 year Air Force Officer-retired:
There is an huge bubbling torrent of superheated oil erupting from the
gaping hole remaining after sabotage destroyed the pumping rig, 1 mile
of pipe line to the bottom of the canyon, and the check valves able to
control the flow. The exploratory bore hole, approx 24" in diameter pierced the rock
5,000 feet below the surface, to reach a vast and immeasurable dome of
oil under great pressure beneath the floor of the Gulf.
The hole, now enlarged by the past ten days of scouring, is calulated
to become much larger, as long as the great pressure on the dome, by
the weight of the water in the gulf continues. Essentially, the pressure will
not subside until the hole in the oil dome is patched. Such a patch job
has never been attempted. Nor can anything be built large enough or
fast enough to deliver and install it in time enough to even hope to slow the flow.
It is thought also that near simultaneous explosions both at the well head,
the great check valves, and the pumping station on the rig, were calculated
to blow a crater at the well head. That crater itself is growing larger as
the oil flow continues to increase along with the diameter of the drill hole.
Geologic dynamics include what is called the "Rebound Theory" which
means that the earth will rebound after it has been bent and broken, such as
in the case of an earthquake. After the slip or upheaval, the earth will
return to it's former topography. If this were the case in the Gulf, the
oil will empty from the dome until the weight of the water equalizes the pressure.
When this happens, the earth dome will begin to rise once again, causing a
vacuum in the now empty dome. This vacuum will draw water down into
the dome where it will be superheated. A huge explosion MAY occur, larger
than any thing we've ever seen before, possibly setting off a string of earthquakes,
including a collosal one along the New Madrid fault running from Chicago to
New Orleans. Think of what happens when a tennis ball with a small hole bored
in it is pushed below the water. Now squeeze the ball. Air will bubble up as
long as the pressure remains on the ball to force the air through the hole. Now enlarge
the hole and increase the pressure. Soon the inside pressure and the outside
water equalize, but you still have to deal with the rubber chararacteristic of the
ball. The ball will attempt to rebound to it's former shape, when that happens,
a vacuum begins to pull water into the ball through the hole. The larger the
hole the faster this happens. But what if the center of our "tennis ball" is
10 times the boiling point of water 10,000 feet below sea level. What would
The timing of the sabotage was critical. BP estimates say that the hole
cannot be patched for up to 3 months. If unchecked, the dome could release
nearly 100 million barrels of oil into the gulf. The economy of all Gulf states
would be wiped out. The destruction of the rig coincided with the onset
of hurricane season. By the end of July as the near peak of the hurricane
season approaches, there will be a crust of oil many thousands of square miles
in size, nearly 3 inches thick float along the coast when the first of the great
hurricanes hit.
There is no way to stop the bore hole's enlarging every day.
Later this year, unusual plant life will begin to grow along the coasts where
oil has been washed and blown ashore. Dryland oil drillers do not freely
talk about the plant seeds and other material that gushes from oil wells since
any exotic or rare plant life would result in shutting down the operation by
federal endangered species agency order. Once spore reach the warm
climate of a Gulf Coast summer, they will sprout and bloom.
The question will forever remain, who sabatoged the BP operation?
Someone picked the best possible location at the best possible season
and with the best possible destruction anyone could possibly imagine.
High ranking officials at BP face one of two possible scenarios. Either
they announce that the destruction was sabotage and escape some of the
financial devastation due to lawsuits, or they remain silent and end up
totally broke. I suspect that we will begin hearing about terrorist sabotage
within just a couple weeks.
Hundreds of platforms. Dozens of companies, Hundreds of subcontractors.
Skilled laborers and technician teams coming and going. People from all
different middle eastern counties working on rigs. These repair and operation
team members are not given extensive security checks. They work for
the lowest bidding contractor. Background investigations cost money and
to win the bid, expenses are shaved.
Only a very brilliant mind could have chosen a act of sabotage so devastating.
Norm Olson, Commander

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Obama Nation jokes about Burf Certificate

Obama takes digs at birthers, GOP, his advisers

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama shared some words of wisdom on Saturday, saying there a few things in life harder to find and more important to keep than love. | "Well, love and a birth certificate," Obama quipped at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner, poking fun at those who question his place of birth. "I happen to know that my approval ratings are still very high in the country of my birth." Obama was born in Hawaii, but birthers question whether he was born overseas.

Dr. Manning: We have proof of Obama's ineligibility

ATLAHWorldwide 22 April 2010Hon. James David Manning, PhD states Wayne Madsen Is Not My Source. Recorded on Wednesday, 21 April 2010. Follow us on twitter at

Click here for more information on the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition And Treason Trial:

Click here to print the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition And Treason Trial Flyer: Distributed by Tubemogul.

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The US military has built at least 140 Deep Underground Military Bases (known as D.U.M.B.s because the general public is too dumb to realize). Worldwide there are nearly 15,000. Reportedly under construction since the 1940s, these bases are on average the size of a small city, 10 - 30 miles across with an average depth of 4 miles. They are carved out by massive nuclear powered laser drilling machines and connected by underground mag-lev train lines. The bases are stocked with food/supplies and have the ability to grow crops with artificial lighting. Why do you think governments around the world are building huge networks of underground cities? Why are they secret? Where do you think the money comes from to build these?

MOSCOW — Russia introduced a plan Wednesday to build a tunnel between Siberia and Alaska under the Bering Strait, saying the $65 billion project could be used to export Russian oil, natural gas and electricity to the United States.

While two officials at the Ministry of Economy endorsed the idea, they made clear that the Russian government had not signed off on it, other than to agree to a study on how to bridge the 93 kilometers, or 58 miles, of icy water that divides the Eastern and Western Hemispheres at their closest point.

Plans for a land link over the strait were first floated in the 19th century and have periodically been revived since; the latest twist is an emphasis on the link's being used for exporting energy and natural resources, the mainstay of the Russian economy.

The Russian national electric company and state railroad endorsed the plan Wednesday, adding a patina of credibility to an idea often dismissed as a colossal waste of money, even if it were found technically feasible.

Earlier justifications for the project, from creating a transportation corridor to building a symbol of political unity between Russia and the United States, have met with little sympathy in either country.

This time, it is being promoted as an economic, not a political, project, said Viktor Razbegin, a deputy head of industrial research at the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and longtime proponent of a bridge or tunnel for the roiling strait.

"It is a strategic for us to develop this land," he said of Russia's poor northeastern district, Chukotka, and neighboring areas in Siberia. "We cannot do it without a railroad."

The tunnel would link the Russian towns of Provideniya and Chukotsky, with a combined population of 9,700 people, with Nome, Alaska, population 3,590.

The tunnel would be dug from Cape Dezhnev in Siberia to Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska. Officials in Moscow said it would extend 103 kilometers and would surface twice, on the two small Diomede Islands in the middle of the strait. It would include a rail, highway, oil and gas pipelines and fiber optic wire. The total length would be about twice that of the Channel Tunnel between Britain and the Continent and, according to Razbegin, would cost between $10 billion and $12 billion.

Further complicating the project, however, the tunnel would require building a total of 6,000 kilometers of railway to connect it to the nearest railheads on both sides of the strait. The railway links would add about $55 billion, making up most of the final cost.

The land link between Siberia and Alaska, first conceived as a bridge, is one of the world's more enduring infrastructure ideas, for all its improbability, and is among the grandiose Russian ideas to unlock the riches of Siberia.

Over the years, seemingly no idea has seemed too grand. The Soviet Union studied reversing the flow of Siberian rivers to irrigate Central Asia. It also realized some large-scale ideas, including improbable industrial triumphs in the Arctic like exporting metal ore via nuclear-powered ice breaker.

As far back as the late 19th century, proponents of linking Asia and North America envisaged a bridge, an idea that then, as now, was met with skepticism because of the winter ice conditions.

Even if a link were engineered, the nearest rail links on both sides of the strait would be very far from it - at Yakutsk in Russia and at Fort Mason, British Columbia.

Undaunted, the ministry officials are organizing a conference in Moscow on Tuesday on the tunnel, called Megaprojects of the Russian East, according to Andrey Podderegin, an organizer. The tunnel, he said, would tap "huge unused potential" in gold, coal and other riches in the Russian Arctic.

The organizer's Web site says the tunnel would also "bring about the sociopolitical and economic unity of the Russian state and reinforce its geopolitical influence" while also encouraging investment in Siberia.

The highest-ranking Russian government official scheduled to attend the conference Tuesday is Kiril Androsov, a deputy minister of trade and economic development, Podderegin said.

"It's a corridor of development," Podderegin said.

As with most supporters of the project, he is thinking big.

"The most effective is to lay a multitransit tunnel," he said, "with a highway, railway and oil and natural gas pipelines. This potential must be used."

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