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Signs of a Coming Magnetic
Pole Reversal

Ask a Physicist 5. Geomagnetic Reversal (The End of the World?)

Video explaining magnetic pole reversals and their likely effects on us. For more information see: The Earths magnetic field: Magnetic field reversals: (US Geological survey) (British Geological survey) (journal article from nature, adressing many aspects of Geomagnetic reversals. You would have to pay to see it. I wouldn’t bower) -Interview with scientist from the US Geological Survey: -Article on possible patterns in magnetic field reversals: The Solar Wind: Auroras: (picture) Magnetic Substorms: (Video) More information on why The Core is a stupid movie: Special thanks to Professor John Shaw from the University of Liverpool.

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

I have set up an interview with one of the worlds leading geophysicists specializing in Earth Core dynamics. His name is Dr. Peter Olson, Professor of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Dr. Olson, along with Dr. Gary A. Glatzmaier, Dr. Robert S. Coeb, Dr. Peter E. Driscoll, and Dr. Paul H. Roberts have recently published their discoveries in the scientific journal 'Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors'. Their research has been acknowledged and supported by the National Science Foundation.

Why you need to read this and understand what it means:

I have been interviewing the top scientists of the world in various scientific disciplines. I can tell you - Dr. Peter Olson and Dr. Gary Glatzmaier are two of the leading geophysicists in the entire scientific world community regarding the Earth's core. When they talk - everybody listens.

In my brief phone conversation with Peter Olson in setting up our interview which will be held later this month, he mentioned as part of their recent findings, they may have charted the illusive signs and symptoms of a "pole reversal".

What you need to hear - is a pole reversal may occur sooner than anyone conceived. Furthermore, their findings suggest is far less time between the beginnings of a reversal event, and the event itself. It was originally thought we would witness a decade or two of a 'bouncing North Pole' prior to a full reversal event. Now it is believed it could happen in short order.

What I will write below - is a very brief definition of what has been discovered. I will be doing this in "scientific-ese" to address those of the scientific community who follow Earth Changes Media. Next week I will write a more complete article in a way most everyone will understand --- and I must say --- you really do need to understand.

The scientific team of Olson et al, have analyzed more than two hundred and forty magnetic polarity reversals and excursions over forty million years of time from numerical (1)dynamos with (2)heterogeneous boundary heat flux.

Comparisons between a dynamo with uniform boundary heat flux - dynamos with boundary heat flux patterns consisting of a single spherical harmonic - and dynamos with (3)tomographic heat flux patterns proportional to the large-scale lateral variation of seismic shear wave velocity in the lower mantle reveal that boundary heat flux (4)heterogeneity, tends to increase the average frequency of polarity reversals relative to uniform boundary conditions, particularly if the heterogeneity increases the average equatorial heat flux.

*** Watch for next weeks article on the Earth's core and coming Pole Shift -


(1) Dynamo - The dynamo theory proposes a mechanism by which a celestial body such as the Earth or a star generates a magnetic field. The theory describes the process through which a rotating, convecting, and electrically conducting fluid can maintain a magnetic field over astronomical time.

(2) Heterogeneous - an adjective used to describe an object or system consisting of multiple items having a large number of structural variations.

(3) Tomographic - imaging by sections or sectioning, through the use of waves of energy.

(4) Heterogeneity - an adjective used to describe an object or system consisting of multiple items having a large number of structural variations.

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Polar Reversal NASA – Pole Shift And Magnetic Pole Reversal

April 30, 2010 by man

Doomsday scenarios are nothing new, they have been around since 300 B.C, perhaps even farther. What is interesting though is that these prophecies have experience revival in recent history. But are the expert opionions about these prophecies. Of greater importance, what does NASA say about polar reversal NASA?

Space dispersion feature of the conduction electron spin resonance in two-dimensional electron systems caused by the absence of 'up-down' symmetry

First things first, is it possible for a polar shift to occur?

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration, it is not. However, it is possible with our friendly star, the Sun.

As for our planet, a polar shift is still quite questionable. Scientists are still to find conclusive data that a polar shift has indeed happened in the past and will likely happen sometime in the future. Even our Sun has no known record of a polar shift, although geomagnetic flip is quite very common. This means that the magnetic poles flip but the locations of the poles are stationary. This phenomenon happens periodically, approximately every 11 years when the solar cycle ends. The previous cycle ended in 2001, another is expected to occur in 2012.

The phenomenon of magnetic pole reversal is not exclusive to the Sun, however. Our planet’s magnetic poles flip from time to time, at a very irregular interval. The most recent magnetic polar flip happened 780,000 to 790,000 years ago, scientists say we will be experiencing another in the not so distant future.

Anyone who has been around a compass knows that there are magnetic fields converging at both ends of the Earth, at the North and South poles to be precise. Based on the evidence gathered by NASA’s Magnetic Field Satellite and various scientific records, the current state of our planet’s magnetic hangs by a thread. This has been the going on since the last 150 years in which period it is believed that about 10% of Earth’s magnetic field has been reduced. Another study seem to suggest that in the past, the Earth has shifted some 6 degrees per day.

If these evidences are in any way indicative of the Earth’s future activities, scientists fear that we are fast approaching a time when the Earth will flip on one side.

Wide scale disruption, if a polar shift happens, may be experienced world wide. On both on land and in the water, creatures may undergo disorientation. Earth may be stripped off the shield that protects us from cosmic bodies. And if the Earth’s crust is displaced, we may, as many theorist predict, plunge into the oceans. Entire cities, especially those that lie in the coastal areas, may leave no trace of their existence on earth save for the remnants that are buried in the sea. Even the very existence of our civilization may hang by a thread. Our civilization could be likened with the lost city of Atlantis, engulfed by the seas, and forever lost.

Polar reversal NASAcan be expected to occur though, but not the type that can wipe all living creatures off the face of our planet. When it happens, and many say it will happen, strange things may begin to happen. What are they? No one knows for certain.

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Facts About The 2012 Polar Reversal

that even the Earth’s magnetic fields are now modifying their natural characteristics and completely giving way to a new discovery on Earth. The geomagnetic reversal or the 2012 Polar Reversal is essentially the magnetic field of the Earth being in the opposite place where it should be. This means that the magnetic field which can be seen in the North can actually be found in the South, and vice versa. However, people should not be puzzled with this concept. The North and South poles are not really shifting their places but only their magnetic fields.

Although such a phenomenon may seem very simple to some people, it can definitely cause very dangerous and serious effects to the world and can destroy the very core of people’s lifestyle.

In other words, when this hypothetical theory turns out to be real and valid, then it is beyond doubt that people will have to suffer the destructive upshots of the apocalypse.

Causes of 2012 Polar Reversal

Pole Shift 2010: Chilean Quake Shifted Earth's Axis, NASA Scientist Says

Even though there have been a lot of speculations regarding the 2012 polar reversal, there has been no proof yet on what actually causes it to happen. As a matter of fact, there have been so many theories about polar reversals being a natural occurrence on Earth.

Besides, there is yet another theory about polar reversal; that it may be actually brought about by certain external factors and energies coming from the impacts of approaching comets. Truly, it would be very difficult to determine not only the causes of such phenomenon, but also its possible effects. This may be credited to the fact that the very previous polar reversal which took place happened about 780,000 years ago. During such time, human beings do not yet have the mechanisms or equipment needed in order to predict the effects it may have to our world.

Effects of 2012 Polar Reversal

Pole Shift Prompts Doomsday Warning

However, because the people survived the preceding incidence of the polar reversal, a lot of scientists and people are now in the hopes that after the last one, people will still survive the forthcoming polar reversal in 2012. And regardless of such an optimistic frame of mind, it does not give you any assurance that no one will die from such an event.

It is still envisaged that people will have to put up with various destructive consequences to be brought about by such phenomenon. In fact, at present, scientists and theorists can only hypothesize what can possibly happen to people when the polar reversal occurs in the year 2012.

One evidence that we are already experiencing the 2012 polar reversal is when you see there is a tremendous increase in the cosmic radiation hitting our planet. Such rise in the incidence of cosmic radiation would mean more and more of people getting exposed to the cosmic radiation which is known to be extremely injurious to people as well as on electronics.

Engineering the climate Nasa aims to move Earth

Also, such 2012 Polar Reversal may prompt the climate to change suddenly; thereby, leading to serious effects such as intense lightning, blasting of bombs without any human interference, and many others. Indeed, with all of the effects of such a phenomenon gathered in one planet, it can be drastic to its people.

Shields down! Earth's magnetic field may drop in a flash and do a flip flop

Although the 2012 Polar Reversal may seem like a simple matter too easy for you to understand, make sure that you do not take for granted the precautions you may read as well. Really, paying attention to the survival tips you may come across online would help you survive the massive destructions of Apocalypse 2012.

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Stephen Hawking: How to Build a Time Machine

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