On 15 April 2010, the Indiana Sons of Liberty was forwarded an email generated by the commander of the Indiana Militia Corps, William A. Flatt. This email was not addressed to the ISL specifically, but Mr. Flatt made a number of patently false allegations which this reply will specifically address.

ISL's beginnings

The roots of the ISL are based in the IMC. The majority of the original, founding members of the ISL, were at one time IMC officers and members, roughly 13 in all. The reasons regarding the creation of the ISL were very specific, and every reason was based on a general distrust and lack of leadership from the top of the chain, that being specifically William A. Flatt.

Member Security

All competent, security-minded militia groups understand the value of information security, and that collecting massive amounts of personal data on your members is a huge liability for the security of the group. The Michigan Militia learned this lesson the hard way, with the compromise of personal information of its membership, circa 1995.

Mr. Flatt has disregarded this lesson from history, and possesses a huge collection of personal information of the IMC's membership. The IMC's application is three pages in length, requiring information that no militia group should ever ask. In addition to the application, copies of the applicant's CHL, DD214, and a host of other documents, prior to admission into IMC. Once said information is received, IMC history demonstrates that one can expect to wait for an extended period of time for approval, ranging from three months to two years.

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From: William A. Flatt (part 1)

Date: 15 April 2010

"What happened to Hutaree was; they were infiltrated from the beginning (just like ISL), and which is why I have warned people about the "Indiana Sons of Liberty".

ISL Response

After scouring media and law enforcement sources, there is no information of specific law enforcement intelligence activities regarding the recent "Hutaree" incident. Law enforcement authorities do not generally comment upon ongoing investigations, especially investigations of this magnitude. This quotation is baseless in fact at this point in time, just as the baseless accusations leveled against ISL by Flatt. No incontrovertible proof has ever been offered by Flatt to support this, or any other of his claims.

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From: William A. Flatt (part 2)

Date: 15 April 2010

"Now, one last thing: I have had hard condemnation for the group known as Indiana Sons of Liberty, and it is justified. But this condemnation does not extend to each and every individual who has become involved with ISL, because that would be unfair to the people who joined ISL out of ignorance for the people who started it, and what they're all about. Some people have left ISL and joined us, so we need to be kind to those who don't share the values that the ISL founders hold. But I condemn them for reasons that some of the veteran members & leaders of our militia were witness and privy to, and all of whom I am sure will corroborate my statement of facts, either in part or in whole:"

ISL Response

The condemnation and justification that Flatt is referring, is his own, personal vendetta. The ISL leadership is not aware of any of its membership leaving it ranks, to specifically join IMC; save ex members that hold politically or racially charged views inconsistent with the ISL mission statement to support the Constitution and the Republic. However, to further answer Flatt's claims: There are many more people that have, in fact, left the IMC, to specifically become a part of ISL.

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From: William A. Flatt (part 3)

Date: 15 April 2010

"The facts: The founders of ISL personally communicated to me that they considered the police to be the enemy, and that extended essentially to ALL government employees, even if they were not involved in law enforcement, and regardless of whether their duties did not involve the enforcement of tyranny upon the people".

ISL Response

Except for the letters of resignation from the ISL leadership, there has been no communication, official or otherwise, with Flatt. Furthermore, ISL has assisted law enforcement in a number of instances since its inception. ISL's ranks are filled with prior service military, EMS first responders, medics, nurses and members of law enforcement, all dedicated to their respective professions. The individual, core values of ISL's membership, are what ISL is built upon, and Flatt's statements indicating otherwise, is a slap to the face of every individual who places others over their own personal gain.

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From: William A. Flat (part 4)

Date: 15 April 2010

"Our intelligence gatherers then pieced together for me a very disturbing picture: ISL leaders, aside from expressing an interest in targeting police; aside from expressing an interest in targeting non-sworn government employees; aside from personally threatening me; have also been discussing the making of B-O-M-B-S and are CURRENTLY UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION. I personally looked at this and was able to get a confirmation of sorts regarding federal infiltration and investigation of ISL: my source told me that there is "no denial" which is essentially the same as saying "yes we are".I expect Indiana Sons of Liberty to be "the next Hutaree". Because of this, we need to be extra ready, extra steady, and have our commo plans laid down right!!"

ISL Response

As with the federal investigation of the Hutaree, discussed above, how would Flatt have any information of an ongoing federal investigation? The above written statements, as with most other statements made by Flatt, are again, patently false to the point of being libelous. Additionally, the ISL leadership's position upon illegal activities, which include the making of explosives, as well as the planning or making overt threats to others, are quite clear: It will not be tolerated!

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From: William A. Flat (part 5)

Date: 15 April 2010

"Not coincidentally, our high standards and refusal to associate with these ne'er-do-wells is why we are held in high regard by so many militias nationwide, why I was commissioned by the 3rd Continental Congress, and why the founders of ISL worked so hard to subvert and destroy our organization, and malign me in particular!! Since their failed effort to either take over or destroy IMC, they have taken up the tactic of copying (almost verbatim) our policy positions. They couldn't recruit people honestly on their own, and they couldn't organize and develop a policy without plagiarizing. People should be aware of the fact that they have a public face that mirrors our policy positions, and a private face that speaks to the contrary when they are not among mixed company."

ISL Response

The ISL has at least one member of the 3rd Continental Congress within its ranks, and the general opinion, according to said member of Flatt, is that he is the subject of much laughter. It cannot be confirmed that Flatt has ever been "commissioned" by anybody, let alone the 3rd Continental Congress. Furthermore, a claim found at:


, stating Flatt to be the "Interim Secretary of Defense" for the 3rd Continental Congress, gives further rise of the dubious nature of Flatt's claims. As such, ISL has endeavored to further separate the perceived influence of IMC, by insisting upon its own unique positions and perspectives, independent of its beginnings.

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IMC's Beginnings

Flatt's patriotic past, as well as the beginning of the IMC, was not without turmoil and stress. Prior to the IMC, Flatt was a member of the Indiana Constitutional Volunteer Militia. Flatt was the webmaster for ICVM, maintaining the website, and responsible for collecting information on all new recruits applying through the website. After a period of time, the ICVM leadership terminated Flatt's membership within the ICVM.

In a gentleman's agreement after his dismissal, Flatt would turn over the website to the ICVM, as well as all of the names collected during the time that the website was operational. Flatt reneged on his promise, utilizing the website and the recruit information obtained, for his own personal use as a launching platform to create the IMC.

The ISL has never attempted, nor ever had any intention to become complicit in IMC's destruction, or change in leadership. This decision is largely due to the IMC command's belief that, with specific exceptions, the remaining personnel within the IMC are "damaged goods", and thus considered undesirable. Most, if not all the membership of ISL that departed IMC, had hoped that they would never have to deal with Flatt's intrusions again. Clearly, we were wrong.

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IMC Training History

Training was, and continues to be a major problem within the IMC. One particular day's training, typical of such, Flatt held a map reading and land navigation course, that the attending membership had incorrectly assumed that the distances to be covered would be rather large. The training exercise was little more than shooting compass azimuths between clay pigeons, distanced less than 50 feet apart in a city park. Those that attended had brought all of their field gear, including weapons and rucksack.

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The above information represents only a small percentage of the internal characteristics of the IMC, along with the interactions between William Flatt with other patriot groups and individuals. The text of Flatt's email, has been chosen to give a summary of the more egregious portions of his words, without changing the entire document's meaning. As such, it is the feeling that Flatt's correspondence would have only been a waste of bandwidth to reply in every detail.

The ISL has an open-door policy of its membership. Members may come and go as they please, but obey the lawful orders of the leadership while they are engaged within ISL. Within the time since the inception of ISL, the leadership has deemed it necessary to eject three of its members for cause. This remains a small percentage of the overall membership of this organization.

It's not entirely known why Flatt views ISL as a threat, as he has never attempted to make contact with ISL directly since its inception in April, 2009. Perhaps it's due to the ISL's membership opinion of the regard in which they hold him, due to his demonstrated lack of performance and leadership. Aside from the false allegations from him, the command staff of ISL is actively considering his presentation of the "Recruiting officer of the year" award to William Flatt, as his actions and words very often result in the Indiana Sons of Liberty receiving it's influxes of new members.

Thank you, Will. Please keep up the good work!

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