Thursday, March 4, 2010

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NASA's Fermi Probes "Dragons" Of The Gamma-Ray Sky
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One of the pleasures of perusing ancient maps is locating regions so poorly explored that mapmakers warned of dragons and sea monsters. Now, astronomers using NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope find themselves in the same situation as cartographers of old. A new study of the ever-present fog of gamma rays from sources outside our galaxy shows that less than a third of the emission arises from what astronomers once considered the most likely suspects - black-hole-powered jets from active galaxies. "Active galaxies can explain less than 30 percent of the extragalactic gamma-ray background Fermi sees," said Marco Ajello, an astrophysicist at the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC), jointly located at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University, Calif. "That leaves a lot of room for scientific discovery as we puzzle out what else may be responsible." Ajello presented his findings Tuesday at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society's High-energy Astrophysics Division in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

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Strange Earth-Lights Preceded Chilean Earthquake?

Less than 24 hours after the premiere of the new National Geographic program Paranatural, which featured my colleagues and I from the L.E.M.U.R. team studying atmospheric phenomenon and Earth lights in Western North Carolina, news is beginning to surface regarding similar phenomenon said to have occurred just prior to the recent 8.8 earthquake that struck Chile.




One of the most credible reports of such phenomenon stems from a Chilean news reporter, Cecelia Lagos, who was interviewed by MSNBC and CNN networks. Lagos described “seeing the sky change colors outside her window as her house shook.” Lagos describes “I saw through my window, while I was still in bed, I saw the sky changing colors, it was absolutely surreal. I really thought it was the end of the world…I don’t know I hope you understand me because I’m not exaggerating really because I saw it through my window like that. That was the most terrifying thing seeing the sky changing colors with the terribly, amazingly, strong movement of the earth, I thought, ok…this is mother earth… the earth opened up and buildings crumbled into the earth …like in the movie 2012…”

Magnetosphere Simulation for 3/3/10

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Obvious comparisons have begun to be made to 2012 prophecies, especially with the apparent recent proclivity for earthquakes around the world at present. One observer in the Western United States (who prefers to remain anonymous) shared the following observations with the Gralien Report:

We (not necessarily you) are living right on the fault here, and a lot of us cannot sleep lately, at all. By ‘a lot’ I mean like 60% of the people I know around here, and by ‘lately’ I mean the past 45 days. There are a lot of other symptoms besides sleep loss. Here’s the basic problem however. The USGS maps have, for about the past 60 days, shown a shocking upsurge in activity to put it lightly. At least a 400% increase in earthquakes in general.

HAARP Induction Magnetometer Signals Recording for Mar 2nd

Notice the Expolsion sounds in the footage and how they occur the exact time of the Earthquake in Taiwan 6.4 ?

Zero warnings from the USGS. There’s a lot to this story and it began prior to Haiti when I started telling people that the USGS maps showed that the ENTIRE PACIFIC PLATE was in motion and no one was paying attention! People utterly scoffed at me. Then we had a 4.0 in milpitas. Some days later, -while I was writing a craigslist post- asking people to prepare and explaining this situation, there was a 6.5 off the coast of Eureka. Then, short time later, Haiti 1.

Doctors in our area do not know what’s happening and are starting to seriously wonder, because -everyone- has been sick, mothers and children more than the men in general (children are more sensitive and women have -wombs- essentially a natural Earthquake detector). None of the people I know have connected their malaise to the plate activity, and usually when I suggest it they simply look sickly or yell at me. This isn’t going to work.

Meanwhile, scientists have discovered a new ‘deep tremor phenomenon’ which essentially indicates a likely 9.0 quake somewhere near puget sound in short order.

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Strange Clouds 2009-2010

While it is wrong to stir panic unnecessarily, I consider it absurd to remain silent when something this obvious and this serious is clearly happening right now. There are probably other causal factors, maybe many, but this particular vector appears common, obvious, and largely unacknowledged – probably due to these factors.

Certainly, large amounts of geomagnetic activity could be a factor in sickness or other disorientation that might occur in conjunction with (or in this case, leading up to) earthquakes. Similar to the earlier reports of colored lights and strange phenomenon reported earlier in Chile, are any readers privy to information regarding similar illuminations or other activty occurring in the Western United States?

Special thanks to Reality Sandwich for the link to CNN transcripts.

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Tsunamis, such as the one spawned by the recent 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile, are often mistakenly called "tidal waves." In fact, tides and tsunamis have little in common. One is caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon; the other is caused by the rumbling geology of our own planet.

To find a real tidal wave, go to the Severn river in Gloucestershire, UK:

Caught On Tape: Wave Crashes Into cruise ship...

"On March 2nd we experienced a 'five star' tidal bore on the river Severn," reports photographer Jamie Cooper. "It was caused by a large spring tide combined with the funneling effect of the Severn Estuary. There was a carnival atmosphere with hundreds of spectators watching and surfers risking life and limb to ride the wave! News organizations covered the event extensively."

"This is all a result of the sun and moon, of course, so I hope it qualifies as space weather." Indeed, responds the editor, space weather reaches even into the rivers of England. Click here for more images.

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Published - Mar 03 2010 08:09PM EST | By ALICIA CHANG - AP Science Writer | LOS ANGELES -- Just 50 miles off the Pacific Northwest coast is an earthquake hotspot that threatens to unleash on Seattle, Portland and Vancouver the kind of damage that has shattered Chile. | The fault has been dormant for more than 300 years, but when it awakens -- tomorrow or decades from now -- the consequences could be devastating.

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German ProSieben TV Channel Finds 500 Gram Tungsten Bar At W.C.Heraeus Gold Foundry With Bank Origin

German TV station ProSieben finds what appears to be some evocative proof of gold counterfeiting, in the form of tungsten gold substitutes coming to the W.C.Heraeus foundry, which is the world's largest privately-owned precious metals refiner and fabricator, located in Hanau, Germany. The foundry has isolated at least one 500-gram tungsten bar due for melting, originating from a (so far) unnamed bank, which as the head of the foundry stated made the unpleasant discovery that "not all the glitters is gold."

Published on 03-02-2010

Source: Zero Hedge

Why not name the bank that it came from?

The English translation on the ProSieben video is very rough. Cryptogon has many readers in Germany. I think we would all would appreciate a high confidence German to English translation of what is being said in the video.

Note that this is not a London Good Delivery bar. It’s too small. The minimum weight of a London Good Delivery gold bar is, “350 troy ounces (approximately 10.9 kilograms).” The tungsten/gold bar shown in the video is 500 grams.

Via: ZeroHedge:

German TV station ProSieben finds what appears to be some evocative proof of gold counterfeiting, in the form of tungsten gold substitutes coming to the W.C.Heraeus foundry, which is the world’s largest privately-owned precious metals refiner and fabricator, located in Hanau, Germany. The foundry has isolated at least one 500-gram tungsten bar due for melting, originating from a (so far) unnamed bank, which as the head of the foundry stated made the unpleasant discovery that “not all the glitters is gold.”

What appears to be the first documentation of counterfeit gold bars made of plated tungsten was noted today by Zero Hedge as having been reported by a German television station. The counterfeit bar reportedly is in the possession of the W.C. Heraeus gold foundry in Hanau, Germany, said to be the world's largest.This sort of thing might shake the gold market even more than, say, the International Monetary Fund's confession that it really doesn't have any gold and that it has been selling only bookkeeping entries all this time.

|By Adrian Douglas
I have written several articles recently that have discussed how much “paper gold” has been sold, principally through the unallocated accounts of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) although there are other vehicles that achieve the same end such as pool accounts, unbacked ETF’s, futures, and derivatives etc, but the LBMA dwarfs them all.I estimate that as much as 50,000 tonnes of gold has been sold that does not exist. That is equivalent to all the gold reserves in the world that are yet to be mined, or put another way, 25 years of gold production. That is the grand-daddy of all short positions! The fractional reserve operation of the LBMA is likely to be the next Madoff scandal, except multiplied by 100…a 5 trillion dollar fraud as opposed to a 50 billion dollar fraud.

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Millennium Foundation/ Illuminati announces 'MASSIVEGOOD' Communist Agenda at the United Nations/ New Word Order

Notice the Capstone imagery ovar their left shoulder in the clip below as if they were Right hand Men of the Throne of Satan?

MASSIVEGOOD - - is an innovative fundraising movement that combines micro-philanthropy with social media. MASSIVEGOOD will let travelers make a small donation ($2/€2/£2) through a simple click each time they buy a ticket, whether online or through a travel agent. MASSIVEGOOD relies on the network effect of its members to spread the word about the solution. The more MASSIVE the movement, the more MASSIVE the GOOD.

UNITAID Statement on Launch of MASSIVEGOOD

Business Wire (press release) - ‎28 minutes ago‎
Launched by the Millennium Foundation, a Swiss based foundation supported by UNITAID, MASSIVEGOOD brings together leading companies in the travel industry ...

UN asks fliers to donate $2 to fight AIDS - ‎30 minutes ago‎
The money goes to the Geneva-based Millennium Foundation and the UN-funded UNITAID, which have been seeking innovative ways to finance UN health goals.

UN to ask world travellers to donate $2 to fight disease

South Asia Mail - ‎10 hours ago‎
The UN said MassiveGood was created by the Millennium Foundation and donors, and will raise awareness of "citizen solutions" to meeting the UN goal of ...

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Ancient Egyptian Queen's Burial Chamber Found

French archaeologists working at Saqqara have unearthed the burial chamber of a 4,000-year-old queen, Dr. Zahi Hawass, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), announced today. Badly destroyed, the 33-by 16-foot burial chamber belonged to Queen Behenu, wife of either King Pepi I or Pepi II of the Sixth Dynasty. It was discovered as sand was removed from Behenu's pyramid in South Saqqara, west of the pyramid of King Pepi I. Although the mummy of the queen was destroyed and little remains of the burial, the team found two inner walls which contain hieroglyphics engraved on white stone known as the "Pyramid Texts." The oldest body of Egyptian religious writings, Pyramid Texts were widely in use in royal tombs during the 5th and 6th Dynasties. They are basically special prayers to protect the dead and ensure sustenance in the afterlife.

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A renowned exorcist in Rome recently released a book of memoirs in which he declares to know of the existence of Satanic sects in the Vatican where participation reaches all the way to the College of Cardinals. A second demonologist, also residing in Rome, entered the debate this week, clarifying the origins of the information and defending the Vatican's clergy as an "edifying and virtuous" collection of prelates. In a book of memoirs released in February, the noted Italian exorcist Fr. Gabriele Amorth affirmed that "Yes, also in the Vatican there are members of Satanic sects." When asked if members of the clergy are involved or if this is within the lay community, he responded, "There are priests, monsignors and also cardinals!" The book, "Father Amorth. Memoirs of an Exorcist. My life fighting against Satan." was written by Marco Tosatti, who compiled it from interviews with the priest. Fr. Amorth was asked by Tosatti how he knows Vatican clergy are involved. He answered, "I know from those who have been able to relate it to me because they had a way of knowing directly. And it's something 'confessed' most times by the very demon under obedience during the exorcisms." The famous Italian exorcist was also asked if the Pope was aware of Satanic sects in the Vatican, to which Fr. Amorth replied, "Of course, he was informed. But he does what he can. It's a horrifying thing."

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White House Land Grab Will Favor Animals Over People

You'd think the Obama administration is busy enough controlling the banks, insurance companies and automakers, but thanks to whistleblowers at the Department of the Interior, we now learn they're planning to increase their control over energy-rich land in the West. A secret administration memo has surfaced revealing plans for the federal government to seize more than 10 million acres from Montana to New Mexico, halting job- creating activities like ranching, forestry, mining and energy development. Worse, this land grab would dry up tax revenue that's essential for funding schools, firehouses and community centers.


Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) offers an amendment to stop President Obama from seizing more public land by designating them as "monuments." Such action would immediately halt use of the lands for mining, forestry, ranching activities, and energy development which would negatively affect employment and local tax bases.Following his speech, the Democrat majority voted against the amendment, 58-38.

President Obama could enact the plans in this memo with just the stroke of a pen, without any input from the communities affected by it. At a time when our national unemployment rate is 9.7 percent, it is unbelievable anyone would be looking to stop job-creating energy enterprises, yet that's exactly what's happening.

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Internal RNC document on how to appeal to donors especially in the tea parties.


Hmm.. way to call me a reactionary. Isn't that ... oh i don't know.. what progressives use to attack conservatives through out the ages. Good luck getting my vote... EVER!

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Obama Giving Control of Internet to Gun Hating United Nations

Rememberrrrrrrrr the UN is traced back to the NWO
diversified metals v IRS Open IT n read the first of the top 3 links
Sunday, February 21st, 2010 at 11:53 am
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Obama Giving Control of Internet to the Gun Hating United Nations
United Nations and IANSA would stop at nothing to ban, block, reduce access too or tear down pro gun websites…
By Fredy Riehl
Mite as well be a monument to what the United Nation would do to pro gun websites on the internet if handed control by Obama White House.

This might as well be a monument to what the United Nation would do to pro gun websites on the internet if handed control by Obama White House.

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

Washington, DC – -( - In a recent article titled Obama Surrendering Internet to Foreign Powers by Bradley A. Blakeman, a former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush, he exposed the current plan in motion by the Obama administration to “show the world how inclusive, sharing, cooperative, and international America can be” by moving quietly to cede control of the Web from the United States to foreign powers like the United Nations.
Why should that matter to Gun Owners?
Because as we all know the the United Nations, and in particular powerful international groups like IANSA, would stop at nothing to ban, block, reduce access too or tear down pro gun websites.
“[The] Obama administration [has] set off on a plan to surrender control and key management of the Internet by the U.S. Department of Commerce and its agents.
The key to the control America has over the Internet is through the management of the Domain Name System (DNS) and the giant servers that service the Internet.
Domain names are managed through an entity named IANA, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. The IANA, which operates on behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is responsible for the global coordination of the DNS, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources.
In short, without an IP Address or other essential Internet protocols, a person or entity would not have access to the Internet.”
What does that mean for you and me?
For one thing surfing to our favorite pro gun websites could be restricted under various schemes or “protocol”. From blocking access to particular IP addresses, refusing to register or renew domain names or blocking access to domain names that include particular gun phrases, IE: Ar15, NRA, Ruger, Glock, Remington.

The following domains could all be black listed:
What dose that mean for freedom?
As gun owners we understand that by having the right to keep and bear arms means we ARE FREE and we promise to make it extremely costly for anyone politician, government or world organization to try and take that from us because of the arms we legally have under our beds and concealed on our persons.
Yes, I understand that the internet is more complicated than my example above but the fact is if you give a body like the Gun Hating United Nations control of IANA you are opening up the opportunity for them to stamp out freedom like we have in the USA and by extension freedom like we have on the internet.
“America needs to wake up. If we lose control over the management of the
Internet, we have given away one of our nation’s greatest assets with nothing
in return to show for it.
The Obama administration’s actions will set in motion a slow and complete takeover of the Internet by the United Nations or some other equally U.S.-hostile and unfriendly international body. And once it is gone, it will be gone forever.
The surrender of the Internet will spell disaster for our nation, financially, as well as for safety, security and our standing as a great power that values freedom and the free exchange of ideas and information.”

I more than agree with Mr Blakeman when he says “America is still the last best hope for a more peaceful and prosperous world and our president should not be looking for
ways to weaken us. Rather, his job is to work to strengthen us and protect our nation’s greatest asset our people’s creativity and ingenuity.”
America is the last hold out for freedom and guns make it that way.
Contact you congressmen or senator and let him know it is unacceptable to let our president hand-over the core operations having to do with the internet to any group that is not 100% under American control!
Distributed to you by - – The Shooting Sports News source.

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Behold The Technocratic Dark Horse Of The New World Order

According to the United Nations Governing Council of the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP), "our dominant economic model may thus be termed a 'brown economy." UNEP's clearly stated goal is to overturn the "brown economy" and replace it with a "green economy": "A green economy implies the decoupling of resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth... These investments, both public and private, provide the mechanism for the reconfiguration of businesses, infrastructure and institutions, and for the adoption of sustainable consumption and production processes." [p. 2] Sustainable consumption? Reconfiguring businesses, infrastructure and institutions? What do these words mean? They do not mean merely reshuffling the existing order, but rather replacing it with a completely new economic system, one that has never before been seen or used in the history of the world. This paper will demonstrate that the current crisis of capitalism is being used to implement a radical new economic system that will completely supplant it. This is not some new idea created in the bowels of the United Nations: It is a revitalized implementation of Technocracy that was thoroughly repudiated by the American public in 1933, in the middle of the Great Depression. The Technocrats have resurfaced, and they do not intend to fail a second time. Whether or not they succeed this time will depend upon the intended servants of Technocracy, the citizens of the world. Indeed, the dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy.

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