Sunday, January 3, 2010

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Today MovieSet sat down with Hercules and Andromeda star Kevin Sorbo to learn about his new sci-fi/action movie The Illuminati. We also had the opportunity to interview the film’s director, David Winning, and we’ll have those two exclusive video interviews on the site in a little while. For now we want to debut the world’s first look at the comic book tie-in series that will accompany the film and tell you what it’s all about.

To help publicize the soon-to-be-filming movie, Sorbo will be a guest at Comic Con 2009 to talk about the film, comic book and a video game all based on the Illuminati premise. Sorbo, who has never attended the conference for either Hercules or Andromeda, told MovieSet that this time around he will be there in person to see the comic get started.

Following the release of the four-issue comic book series release and the subsequent video game, currently in production by Manifest Games, Sorbo hopes the feature film, only then to be released, will spurn his next big television series.

The comic is being penned by Sharron Scott, the self-confessed “genre girl” who also authored More Than Mortal, Tales of the Darkness and The Witch Finder.

“I am so excited about this project,” she said. “It’s a really unusual situation when the director of the film and the writer of the comic can collaborate like this.”

In The Illuminati Kevin Sorbo plays Thomas Mant, a battle-hardened martial arts warrior who serves as the enforcer to the secretive group. Mant is a cold-blooded killer thanks to the lifelong training process known as “partitioning” which buries all human feelings, leaving the practitioner absolutely faithful to his superiors and also immune to feeling any emotion or sympathy to his targets. But when a coup takes place within the Illuminati Mant is forced to fight against his mentor and his partitioning begins to shatter. Now on the run and forced to confront his burgeoning humanity, Mant starts to assess what he has done and what he holds within his power to do to save himself from assassination.

The movie is currently scheduled for release in late 2009 but right now MovieSet is the only place where you can have a three-page preview of the forthcoming comic book series based on the screenplay by Mark Sevi with artwork by Dietrich Smith, plus we got Kevin to sign his John Henry on a piece of promo artwork for the comic. Enjoy the preview!

Speaking of which, there's the new Percy Jackson trailer, part of a godly blitzkrieg which will bring a new Clash, Thor and Hercules to the big screen. This is all part of the Digital Apotheosis- computer technology bringing the rich psychic tapestry of Mythology to life in ways not seen since the Mycenaean Age. It's going to be a lot of fun tracking what kind of aftershocks this will have in the culture at large, particularly as these stories become increasingly immersive with 3D and IMAX. You kind of get the feeling that the gods are having the time of their lives these days, able to play out their eternal dramas across these giant movie screens without constantly being bothered by supplicants and petitioners whining for this miracle or that blessing, bla bla bla. But we can talk about all of that sometime in the near future. UPDATE: Just to bring it all full circle, Reader Justin points us to an article linking the Twilight mythos to Etruscan mythology. Which I'm going to guess is unconscious. Bonus sync: the article is written by a Bija Knowles.

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2010: The Year We Make Contact?

December 23, 2009

Revelations will return on January 6. 2010 is a year filled with symbolism and significance, both real and bogus. The internet is full of warnings and stories, but which ones are true and which have genuine meaning? Christopher Knowles has a profound understanding of what might be real and what is bogus.

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice trailer (UPDATE)

Similar establishing shots to the Percy Jackson film, only showcasing the Chrysler Building as opposed to the Empire State. Interesting.

Watch it large here.

Bonus factoid: Nic Cage's birthday is 1/7. According to the wiki Google maps link, the Chrysler's zip code is 10017 and sits on 40.7517º North.

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The lost Symbol of Ra

The EYE of Saturn
* 123» 6
Aka Satan Aka Lucifer


If you are new to this website... then this is where the story begins. But you will need to see the introduction and full story of Egypt... Click here. But if you would rather go straight to the sacred star pattern in brief then here it is. Focus on the star patern of the Pleiades and its important Sun-like star nearby... this is an obsession shared by virtually all ancient civilisations.

Wayne Herschel contends that all 50 pyramids in Lower Egypt replicate the prime stars on one side of the Milky Way. He also confirms Robert Bauval’s theory that the three main pyramids of Giza conclusively represent Orion, however he identifies a new scale interpretation very different to that of Bauval’s. If one were to look for clues as to why the ancient Egyptians only represented one side of the Milky Way in their pyramid star map, what becomes evident is that all the stars, except for one, are not Sun-like. Also, it hardly seems coincidence that all except for one monument do not display the distinctive pyramid shape. It is the obelisk shaped Sun Temple of Ra near Abusir that exhibits this very unique scenario. It turns out that the pyramids at Abusir represent the Pleiades and that this nearby ‘sun’ monument may explain the reason for the entire star map.

For the full story on this 'New and very complete Orion interpretation' seen here and the comparison to Robert Bauval's original 'partial' Orion interpretation... Click here.



* 123» 7

* 123» 25

The Sun Temple of Ra at Abusir divides the entire pyramid field along the River Nile proportionately into two distinct halves on either side of it. With each side displaying an ingenious independent layout scale intentionally encrypted into it! The reason for this will be covered in the book. The Sun Temple itself forms the epicentre of the entire star pyramid field. Gauging by what so many of the Egyptian texts say and from an apparent global obsession with this particular cosmic area, the star represented by this unusual pyramid undoubtedly qualifies as the ‘x’ that marks the spot on the star map.

This monument correlates with one of three nearby Sun-like “G” classification stars in this the Pleiades star field area, appearing in this position at a very ancient epoch 17250 years ago. It is no coincidence that it was called a 'Sun' Temple… but it was not our Sun that was being revered in the beginnings of Egypt... it was the star of their 'gods'... our human ancestors!

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For December 2009 Author of the Month, the Forum is pleased to welcome back author and researcher Andrew Collins, presenting an article on the underworld of Giza, both literal and symbolic. Beneath the Pyramids Egypt's Greatest Secret Uncovered is the title of his latest book, evidence from which is featured in this exclusive Graham Hancock Forum article, Giza's Cave Underworld Rediscovered - It is the Entrance to the Tomb of Hermes?

Andrew Collins is a science and history writer, and the author of various books that challenge the way we perceive the past. They include From the Ashes of Angels (1996), which shows that the Watchers of the book of Enoch were shamans responsible for the Neolithic revolution, and that their homeland-the biblical Eden-was southeast Turkey, where archaeologists have recently found the oldest stone temple in the world; Gods of Eden (1998), which reveals that Egyptian civilization is thousands of years older than is conventionally believed; Gateway to Atlantis (2000), which demonstrates that Plato's Atlantis was located in Cuba and the Bahamas, and The Cygnus Mystery (2006), which argues that veneration of the Cygnus constellation was responsible for the world's earliest sky religions. Andrew, born in 1957, lives with his wife Sue near Marlborough, Wiltshire.

For more information go to

On March 3rd, 2008 I entered a large, yet little understood tomb on the Giza plateau. It was a place I had explored a year earlier, and on that occasion I had found nothing of consequence - no hieroglyphs, no evidence of burials - just strange letterbox-like slots in the walls, where the mummies of embalmed birds might well have been left in honour of some local deity over 2,000 years ago. I had come here again to this neglected area of the plateau, some 806 yards (740 meters) due west of the Great Pyramid, following new information that was set to challenge everything we know about the evolution of Giza's famous pyramid field.
Fig. 1. Giza's Tomb of the Birds, designated NC 2 by George Reisner's team in 1939. They drew a rough plan of the site, but failed to record the presence of the caves.

British Egyptological researcher Nigel Skinner Simpson, a friend and colleague, had been studying the memoirs of Henry Salt (1780-1827), a former British Consul General in Egypt, rediscovered in the basement of the British Museum in 2005, and published two years later by the British Museum Press (Usick and Manley, 2007). Salt was an avid explorer and collector of Egyptian antiquities. What most excited Nigel was the brief but tantalizing mention of Salt and his employee, the redoubtable Italian explorer and former sea-captain Giovanni Battista Caviglia (1770-1845), entering a vast network of "catacombs" that stretched beneath the plateau, a story he had first seen mentioned, if only briefly, in an old biography of Salt (Halls, 1834). However, this had not said where the catacombs were located, only that they lay west of the main pyramid field. This time the information was much more specific, with the site of the catacombs alluded to on Salt's rather distorted plan of the plateau.
Fig. 2 - Henry Salt (1780-1827)

Inside the caves, Salt and Caviglia had journeyed for an estimated distance of "several hundred yards", crawling on hands and knees where necessary, before eventually coming across a spacious chamber that connected with three others of equal size, from which went various labyrinthine tunnels. Yet because the two men were unable to locate anything of value - no gold or treasure - Salt had given up the search, leaving his Italian colleague to continue on his own. This Caviglia did, taking one of these new cave tunnels for a distance of "300 feet further", before giving up himself.

What concerned Nigel most was the fact that no one in the Egyptological community had ever picked up on the significance of this account dated 1817, which describes an extraordinary cave complex existing beneath the Pyramids themselves.
Explorations at Giza

The next people to have possibly come into contact with these caves after Salt and Caviglia was the British explorer Colonel Howard Vyse (1784-1853) and his colleague, the engineer John Shae Perring (1813-1869). They would appear to have chanced upon the tomb containing the caves during their routine explorations of the plateau in 1837.

Vyse records how during their excavations there, his team carefully removed from its interior a mummified bird of great size(Vyse, 1840). Nothing more is known of what Vyse and Perring found here, although a detailed plan of the plateau prepared by Perring shows the tomb's deeply-cut façade in the rocky north cliff, with dotted lines indicating its interior compartments, next to which is the legend "Excavated tombs and pits of bird mummies" (see also Perring, 1839-40). Whether or not Vyse and Perring explored the cave system is debatable, although Perring's published plan does hint at the fact that they at least went beyond the tomb into the complex's entrance chamber.

After this time no one is known to have visited the rock-cut tomb until American Egyptologist George Reisner came here with his team in 1939, and designated it the identity NC 2, with two other smaller tombs, also found in the north cliff, becoming NC 1 and NC 3. At least two rough plans were drawn of NC2 by Reisner's team, although neither indicate the presence of the caves, a strange oversight in itself. Nothing was written about the tomb, although a comment on one of Reisner's plans offered the thought that it might date to the eighteenth dynasty of Egyptian history, c. 1575-1307 BC. It is a theory that could well have some merit, since the exterior façade is similar to that of at least one key tomb dating to the Amarna period. This said, their interiors are entirely different in style. Whatever the age of the tomb, it seems likely that access to the caves would already have been possible, since they most likely broke through into the plateau's northern cliff face, prior to them being used to create a new tomb.
Fig. 3 - Geological map of the Giza plateau, showing the approximate location of the Tomb of the Birds (NC2) and cave entrance.
Rumours and Stories

There is no question that what Salt and Caviglia found in 1817 is of immense importance to the Egyptological world, for rumours of the existence at Giza of a vast underworld of the pharaohs are as old as the Pyramids themselves. Ancient Egyptian creation texts, as well as an assortment of funerary literature, i.e. books of the dead, speak repeatedly of a realm of darkness existing beneath the earth, guarded by demons and snakes. It was through this confusing labyrinthine realm of the night, known as the Duat, that the deceased, in his (or her) role as the sun-god, had to navigate in order to enter an afterlife among the stars. Only by learning and using a series of different spells outlined in these texts, and left on tombs, sarcophagi or in papyrus form, could he hope to handle a sequence of trials and tribulations, involving pits of fire and venom-spitting snakes, before exiting the Duat via its eastern gate on the dawn horizon. From here the pharaoh's ba, or "spirit", usually represented by a hieroglyph showing a human-headed bird, would be free to journey on into the starry firmament.
Underworld of the Soul

Egyptologists have always considered the Duat as a purely mythical concept, meant to strike fear into those hoping to gain any easy passage to heaven. Yet there are clear indications that a physical representation of this nocturnal realm existed somewhere near the Giza Pyramids. This was the conclusion of Egyptian-born Egyptologist Dr Selim Hassan (1893-1961), who for ten years was director of excavations on the plateau on behalf of the Egypt University, Cairo, and later the Service des Antiquités de l'Egypte. He proposed that the Duat's Fourth and Fifth Hours (each of its twelve compartments were represented by one of twelve symbolic hours of the night) seemed different to the rest, and bore the name Rostau which was the ancient name for Giza. Hassan therefore concluded that the descriptions of these particular "hours", as portrayed in a 3,500-year-old text known as the Am-duat, the "Book of that which is in the Underworld", were once part of a quite separate tradition that in some manner related directly to the topography of Giza (Hassan, 1946).
Fig. 4 - The Fifth Hour of the Duat Underworld from the Am-duat text, dating from the New Kingdom period, c. 1575-1087 BC. It is known as the Duat of Memphis, also Rostau, the name given to the Giza necropolis in pharaonic times.

Moreover, the hidden realm of darkness in the Fifth Hour was ruled over by the falcon-headed god Sokar, who in the Am-duat text is shown standing on a massive two-headed snake. Sokar was the patron god of the sprawling cemeteries and pyramid fields that served the ancient city of Memphis, and in particular those at Rostau, ancient Giza. In the area once known as Upper Rostau - Giza South as it is known to Egyptologists today - textual evidence of the former presence there of an important shrine to Sokar have been unearthed (Pasquali, 2007, and Pasquali, 2008). This now lost structure featured in an annual festival involving the falcon-headed god, which celebrated the existence thereabouts of a mythical site called the Shetayet, quite literally the "Tomb of God". Ancient texts tell us that the dweller of this underground sepulchre was none other that the god Osiris, Lord of the Underworld, who lies in a secret chamber somewhere north of Memphis, i.e. in the vicinity of Giza. Other texts preserved on the walls of the temple of Edfu in southern Egypt refer to this same chthonic realm as the Duat n Ba, or "Underworld of the Soul". Here, we are told, mythical beings in an age known as zep tepi, the First Occasion, came in order to celebrate the act of First Creation around the time of a great catastrophe brought about by an "enemy snake" called the Great Leaping One (Reymond, 1969).

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NASA's Kepler mission looks for new planets

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As the story goes, on Christmas night 2,000 years ago, wise men followed a star in the night sky to reach the baby Jesus. NASA-Ames is following the stars too, looking for life on other worlds, and astronomers have a new celestial tool to help them.

"If we're going to be looking for planets, earth-like planets are the key," Foothill College Astronomy Department Chair Andrew Fraknoi said.

Fraknoi has loved astronomy since childhood. He says NASA's Kepler mission is one of the most exciting in quite some time.

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Is NASA About to Announce A 2nd Earth Found?

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

The Kepler Mission is specifically designed to survey our region of the Milky Way galaxy to discover hundreds of Earth-size and smaller planets in or near the habitable zone and determine how many of the billions of stars in our galaxy have such planets.

Kepler Mission scientists will reveal the space telescope's latest discoveries at a news briefing in Washington on Monday, Jan. 4, 2010. The announcement will be made at 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) at a news conference during the 215th national meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park hotel.

News media may participate remotely via a live audio conference call. Although the news conference will not be broadcast live on NASA Television, Kepler video will be aired on NASA TV immediately following the news briefing on the media channel.

ITEM: While strange objects from space are turning night into day, the Atlantis Shuttle (flight STS-129) is working on the International Space Station. One of the astronauts-Marine Lt. Colonel Randolph Bresnik (born 9/11/67 in Fort Knox, KY)- became a new father during the mission. He and his wife adopted a Ukrainian child in 2006. Bresnik's wife hails from Pompton Plains, NJ, night across Interstate 287 from Wanaque Lake, site of a major UFO flap in 1966.

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Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: The Moscow Pyramid (UPDATED)

This is pretty dramatic- NatGeo has a special on the discovery of what may be the legendary Shambhala, aka Shangri-La.

The unusual treasures have led Coburn and his team to suggest that the Mustang caves could be linked to "hidden valleys" thought to represent the Buddhist spiritual paradise known as Shambhala.

"Shambhala is also believed by many scholars to have a geographical parallel that may exist in several or many Himalayan valleys," Coburn said.

"These hidden valleys were created at times of strife and when Buddhist practice and principals were threatened," Coburn said. "The valleys contained so-called hidden treasure texts."

All of which reminds me of my old favorite Three Dog Night song, just to show how symbol-soaked the early 70s were, pop-culturally speaking. Then of course there is the Sirius connection to all of this, seeing that Alice Bailey associated Shambhala (or Shamballa, as she calls it) with Sirius:
Shamballa receives energy from various solar and extra-solar Entities or centres of emphatic and energetic life; i.e., from Venus, from the Central Spiritual Sun, from the current conditioning constellation through which our sun may be passing, from the Great Bear and other cosmic centres. Sirius, so important a factor in the spiritual life of the planet, brings its energies to bear direct upon the Hierarchy, and energy from Sirius does not normally enter our planetary life via Shamballa.

Shamballa is the head centre, speaking symbolically, of our planetary Life, focussing will, love and intelligence in one great and fundamental Intention and holding that focussed point throughout the entire life cycle of a planet. This great Intention embodies current purpose and expresses itself through the medium of the Plan.
For my money, anything that comes of the Bailey/Theosophic axis is by definition apocryphal, but others may not agree with me. And it's interesting that this expedition is from 2008, the Year of Sirius.

See? I told you this story will never end...

The excitement of the Norway "missile" was such that a lot of people overlooked another event that may or may not have occurred at the same time - a pyramid-shaped UFO floating above Moscow in footage taken on a cell-phone (allegedly).

William Henry and I were talking tonight about the Norway thing and how it's suddenly be thrown down the memory hole, dismissed as a failed missle test. That could very well be true, but on a gut level something seems a bit off to me. Not being a rocket scientist, I can't really speak definitively on it, but it certainly kicked off a week of weirdness culminating in that Stargate ritual archaeological media event in Egypt.

I wanted to quickly revisit the pyramid UFO, since it was straight out of a movie regular readers all need to see: Enki Bilal's Immortal aka Immortel Ad Vitam. A pyramid UFO is at the center. The film is a bit tough to navigate on first viewing- it seems clunky and melodramatic. It reveals itself on repeated viewings. And as you can see from the trailer it hits on many of the themes we've explored in other films in the text and not the subtext, which is kind of refreshing.

Postscript: Was the pyramid footage actually taken the same day as the Norway spiral? Veteran UFOlogist Michael Salla smells a coverup:
The Moscow UFO pyramid appeared for several hours on December 9 and raised the possibility of a link with the Norway spiral lights. Was the failed missile test caused by extraterrestrials wanting to signal to the Russian Federation that nuclear weapons development was not in the best interests of Russia or the world? Did the extraterrestrials responsible for the failed test and/or linked to the Norway light spiral, then appear over Moscow’s seat of political and military power - the Kremlin? The alleged failed missile test, the Norway Spiral lights, Moscow UFO pyramid, and Obama’s Peace Prize speech, point to a startling conclusion. Extraterrestrials have begun to openly act in ways that directly influence the national security policies of the world’s two major nuclear powers: the US and Russia.
Whether any of this is true or not, it most certainly puts the events of the past week in a whole new context.
UPDATE: How can it possibly end? It turns out all of the Oannes and water symbolism wasn't idle chatter after all. Michael Schact reminds us that the official symbol of Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid:
The Little Mermaid is the most famous and popular tourist attraction in Denmark. The statue, situated on Copenhagen's waterfront, is a national landmark and synonymous with the city.
Here's info from Great Dreams on Sirius and the Mermaids.

UPDATE: Curiouser and curiouser- photos of a Baikonur rocket test. Not much of a resemblance, but look further:

At 05:14:37 Moscow Time a space logistics spacecraft Progress M-03M was launched from the Baikonur launch site.

The objective of the launch is to provide support needed for further functioning in orbit of the International Space Station (ISS) in accordance with the Russian commitments under the ISS project, as well as to continue developmental testing of the logistic spacecraft of the new series.

So, we see what may well be a test of a rocket for ISiS (see similar footage from other tests here) on the 9th and on the 17th (numbers well familiar to longtime readers) we see the retrieval of part of the gate of the Temple of Isis (Sirius).

That fascinates the hell out of me. See also ISiS spreads her wings on the equinox.

UPDATE: Mike C! notes that the Copenhagen mermaid (flipped here) is oddly reminiscent of the statue-looking object found a while back on Mars...

I'm still agog that Copenhagen's city symbol is the mermaid. This series has been extremely sync-laden. To think it all began with my struggle with an I Am Legend post. But I have been told by an expert that what I'd described synchronicities are in fact precognition. Interesting theory, at least.

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Bonus Picture Parade

Well, it's been quite a week here on The Secret Sun. The Stairway to Sirius, Revisited series looked at the reemergence of symbols familiar to longtime readers, starting with the weird Norwegian aerial event, and ending with the retrieval of a pylon from the gateway of the ancient Alexandrian temple of Isis, herself identified with the star Sirius. In between we looked at a whole host of topics- Will Smith, Barackobamun, Indiana Jones, Masonic tracing boards and of course, the 17 meme.

I guess the 17 meme was so potent this week it carried over to the 18th. Yahoo (of course) had this puffpiece on its front page- an IBM employeee who's decorated his yard with 17,000 lights.

Speaking of Christmas lights, the old War on Christmas meme is back. Yeah, I know, ho-hum- but do I see a weird arboreal rendering of the Sirius hieroglyph there, or it that my imagination working overtime?
The BBC Day in Pictures feature today had a super-phallic shot of the Soyuz TMA 17 rocket, due to blast off to ISiS next week...

..and predictably also had a picture of an Egyptian coffin, proving the Secret Sun axiom that whereever you have space travel, ancient Egypt is never far behind. Note the name Nekhet-Iset-Aru; Iset is an Egyptian rendering of Isis.

Speaking of mummies, I came across this story, dealing with a CAT scan performed on a mummy. Note those nifty Solar disks there (I'm assuming this is somewhere on the Stamford campus). Where did I find this shot?

On this site for the latest in teen fiction, Secret Society. Dan Brown for the junior high school set? It doesn't seem to be burning up the Amazon charts- maybe it's more of a boy meme (see The Skulls, The Covenant, etc).

Teenaged girls already have secret societies more insidious and vicious than the Illuminati ever dreamed of being- they're called 'cliques'.

Back to Sirius, a reader pointed out that the opening credits for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull run to strains of Elvis(h) Presley's classic, "Hound Dog." Sure enough, the first action we see in the film is a prairie dog, popping out of a vaguely pyramidical dirt mound.

Crystal Skull is a film that defies subtext, given that all of the high weirdness is in the text, but is all this dog stuff a little wink that the aliens are in fact extraterrestrials from the dog star Sirius?

As you might expect after a week of intense semiotic analysis, bizarre synchronicities have been popping up- A reader linked us Paul Schaffer on Jimmy Fallon's show, teasing the Roots about hiding their keyboard players on "the 17th floor." Where were the musicians in question? the top of a spiral staircase.

And as I was writing these words; "Keep watching- there's no reason to believe to believe the syncs are ending," a tune called 'Egyptian Gardens' popped up on the Technicolor Web stream.

The latest Filer's Files has Sirius-like binary UFO from Montauk, of all places, in today's headlines.

Check out the temperature on this link that Alan directed us to- the new year numerals being biked through Times Square on a gold and a blue bike. Click to enlarge for the usual semiotic blitzkrieg. The funny thing is that the camera position here.... a bit wider angle on this shot here, that we looked at Monday.

We talked a lot about Oannes and water in regards to Sirius and Yahoo had this interesting shot, as well as a story on a deep-sea volcano and both Barackobamun at the Copenhagen clownshow and the bluefolk of Avatar.

Here's Oannes himself- you don't suppose that's a sturgeon he's wearing, do you?

We saw this beauty shot of Obama and his halo, and copious servings of electric blue.

Reader Flossy noticed it too, and pointed us to vids of this installation from Copenhagen, a giant globe/projection screen for all of the useless CO2 being generated inside the summit itself. Note the Ferris Wheel.

Hey- what's the Stairway to Sirius doing on that giant Earth model there (which is a "bit like magic," apparently)? And in blue-and-gold, no less? As a bonus, the vid name-drops Apollo 8 and references the seen-from-space meme. Interesting time-code there, no?

Kind of makes you wonder - what's this Copenhagen thing really about? Perhaps there's some other purpose to it that has nothing to do with CO2 or the NWO. And maybe the people there aren't even aware of the true purpose.

Maybe no one knows who shot that "rocket" over Norway, but would prefer you to think they did and are covering it up.

In fact, I'm starting to have my doubts that the people ostensibly putting some of this symbolism out there are even consciously aware of it and what it all means.

But that's a topic for another day.

UPDATE: Reader Superjudge links us to a pretty astonishing picture parade from The Globe & Mail from yesterday- almost seems to be telling a similar story to what we've seen here, in the requisite dream-logic language...

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Conclusion

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.
There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light. - Luke 8:17

This whole semiotic/synchronistic adventure started in Norway, with a strange aerial display and a host of symbolic aftershocks in its wake. It should be no surprise then that on the 17th we found ourselves in the ancient waters of Egypt, lifting up a stone pillar from the Gate of the Gods. The symbolism is so potent, it almost seems surreal.

Some of you might have been confused about the Sirius themes we've been covering this past week, and I admit that the initial connections of the Dog star to the Norway event were more a matter of intuition than anything else. The subconscious is always making connections the conscious mind is oblivious to.

But there was a whiff of the ritual theatrics we saw around the 2008 election with the Nobel charade, and the presence of Will Smith turned out to be a synchronistic bridge between the symbolism we saw in I Am Legend and Hancock, both of which planted subconscious 'Superman' memes that bolstered Barackobamun during the campaign (and which Obama was certainly not shy about playing into himself).

But here we are - Isis-Sirius in the news on the 17th- exactly a week after Obama's Nobel speech. 17 is a number I've been talking about since the earliest days of this blog (and I still have no clue what the real meaning behind it is), but has certainly become more and more prevalent in the news in the past year.

We've also been talking about the strange symbolic conjunctions on the Yahoo! front page for quite a while now, and sure enough we see the gateway of Sirius and yet another fluff story about a dog. Moreover, CNN celebrated the 17th with a pictorial on religious stonemasonry, something we'd looked at just the day before.

The AP story itself is bursting at the seams with the kind of symbolism we've seen over and over this past year as well.
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – Archaeologists on Thursday hoisted a 9-ton temple pylon from the waters of the Mediterranean that was part of the palace complex of the fabled Cleopatra before it became submerged for centuries in the harbor of Alexandria.
The pylon, which once stood at the entrance to a temple of Isis, is to be the centerpiece of an ambitious underwater museum planned by Egypt to showcase the sunken city...
"The cult of Isis was so powerful, it's no wonder Cleopatra chose to make her living quarters next to the temple," said coastal geoarchaeologist Jean-Daniel Stanley ...
(Egyptian authorities) are hoping the allure of Alexandria, founded in 331 B.C. by Alexander the Great, can also be a draw.
(Egyptian Antiquities honcho Zahi) Hawass has already launched another high-profile dig connected to Cleopatra. In April, he said he hopes to find the long-lost tomb of Antony and Cleopatra — and that he believes it may be inside a temple of Osiris...

"If the study shows it's possible, (the underwater museum) could become a magical place, both above and underwater," Hawass said.

The underwater aspect of this story and it's connection to Sirius tie in with many of the themes we looked at this past week. Remember the links with Sirius to Oannes and the Nommo, the Sirens (Sirians) and all of the rest of water-beings Robert Temple wrote of in The Sirius Mystery. From
...Temple describes the Nommo as amphibious beings sent to Earth from the Sirius star system for the benefit of humankind. They look like Merfolk, Mermaids and Mermen. They called the Nommo "Masters of the Water", "The Monitors", "The Teachers or Instructors", "Saviors", and "Spiritual Guardians".

The ancient historian Berossus wrote extensively of Oannes, who was based in the Persian Gulf, itself the center of so much excitement these days.

"(Oannes) was accustomed to pass the day among men; but took no food at that season; and he gave them an insight into letters and sciences, and arts of every kind. He taught them to construct cities, to found temples, to compile laws, and explained to them the principles of geometrical knowledge.
- Berossus, from Ancient Fragments
Berossus describes Oannes much the same way as Plutarch describes the worship of Osiris:
That when Osiris reigned over the Egyptians he made them reform their destitute and bestial mode of living, showing them the art of cultivation, and giving them laws, and teaching them how to worship the gods.
Plutarch reports that the ancient Greeks and Egyptians identified Osiris with all forms of water, and here again we see the identification of Sirius with water:
Of the stars, they hold Sirius to be Isis’ Water-carrier, they honour the Lion, and decorate the gateways of temples with gaping lions’ heads, because the Nile swells:— "When first the Sun doth with the Lion join."
Plutarch also notes that the ancients "hold and believe the Nile the issue of Osiris, so do they regard the earth as the body of Isis." And here a whole new kettle of fish is opened...

Isis-Sirius-Demeter, kept in a Vatican Museum (where else?)

Apparently the etymology of Ceres- the Roman name for Demeter (meaning "Earth Mother") is uncertain. But considering that the Greeks identified Demeter with Isis (the Vatican holds a statue of Isis-Sothis-Demeter from Hadrian's villa, Sothis being another name for Sirius), it seems pretty obvious to me that Ceres is a Roman adaptation of Sirius:


And apparently the rising of Sirius was celebrated at the Telestrion of Demeter at Eleusis. The Romans had a Sirius ritual to the goddess Robigo meant to protect the crops from wheat rust. Wheat rust is a fungal cousin of the rye ergot that some believe was the psychoactive component of Demeter's kykeon.

But some scientists today literally believe Ceres- the asteroid, that is - might in fact actually be the Earth's mother- that life was seeded to a barren, post-bombardment Earth from DNA-laden space debris arriving from Ceres:
At the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life conference in Florence, Italy, Joop Houtkooper from the University of Giessen divulged a theory that life could have originated on an object in the asteroid belt named Ceres.

Ceres was considered to be a planet when it was discovered in 1801, but it was later downgraded to asteroid status. With the latest planet definition from the International Astronomical Union, the round object is now considered a dwarf planet. Is there a chance that this exotic world is home to extraterrestrial organisms?

Whether panspermia or AAT, DNA is the great mystery here - it may in fact be a kind of cosmic pollen travelling the Universe in search of suitable hosts.

The entheogen-inspired discovery of this cosmic contagion (short version- Francis Crick was tripping on LSD when the inspiration for the helix came to him) has sent alt-historians looking back at all of the caduecii and the trees of life and all of the other intertwined spirals in ancient art. And it seems the earlier in what we accept as human history that you go, the more you seem to find these enigmatic icons.

As we saw, this is the earliest and the most compelling - the Sumerian god Ningishzida, the "Lord of the Good Tree," who is the god of nature and fertility and "messenger of the Earth Mother."

Which brings us back to the idea of DNA as the messenger of the Ceres asteroid
- or maybe some other, more exotic heavenly body that Ceres is just acting as a politically-correct stand-in for.

Francis Crick himself has been quoted as saying this:
“Life did not evolve first on Earth, a highly advanced civilization became threatened so they devised a way to pass on their existence. They genetically-modified their DNA and sent it out from their planet on bacteria or meteorites with the hope that it would collide with another planet. It did, and that's why we're here."
I have no proof as yet, but my gut tells me that a lot of powerful and influential people agree with Crick. Where this is all going, we may very well soon see...

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 6 - Indiannunaki Jones

No matter how far afield things might get here sometimes, I want to reiterate that The Secret Sun is a pop culture blog, that explores esoteric topics in the context of entertainment. Why do I cover political topics here? Well, I agree with the late Frank Zappa, who said American politics is the entertainment wing of the military-industrial complex.

It's no surprise then that all of the strange symbolism we've seen in entertainment over the past 30 years or so begin to manifest itself in the political realm, as we explored in the Very Sirius Election and Stairway to Sirius series. Of course, that process has gone supernova with the rise of Barack Obama, or Barackobamun as he's known around these parts.

Now, the symbolism behind the Obama election got me looking at Sirius symbolism, which led me to study the Masonic tracing boards. Yesterday, I showed you that that the tracing boards seem to mirror the basic steps of ancient astronaut theory- arrival, DNA manipulation and departure and legacy. I say 'mirror' rather than 'symbolize', because the Masons have a totally different explanation as to their meaning.

The funny thing is that all of this sprung from two strange UFO-type events- the appearance of strange orbs over an Obama rally in Philadelphia and then the blue spiral over Norway before Obama's Nobel speech. All of this has been surrounded in time by all sorts of semiotic insanity. As I've said the ripples are always bigger than the splash.

Now, it seems like forever ago, but at the same time that Barackobamun was nearing victory in the 2008 Democratic primaries, the long-awaited Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull premiered in theaters. The film was savaged by some critics (and fans) but was a monster box office smash. And as we discussed here the film was a Synchromystic goldmine- Roswell, remote viewing, interdimensional aliens, AAT, you name it.

But there was another aspect to the film we looked at here, something not in the script itself. And that was the weird parallels of key plot points in Crystal Skull to, yes, the Masonic tracing boards.

Only in reverse.

The reversal motif always fascinates me, since it was an important part of the rituals of the Shemsu Hor- guiding the soul of the Pharaoh backwards in time to the Zep Tepi, or first time. As Hancock and Bauval wrote in The Mystery of the Sphinx:
An awareness of the effects of precession on the part of the ‘Followers of Horus’ (and the later priests of Heliopolis) would have included an intense focus on the stellar background at the vernal equinox and an understanding that the sun’s ‘journey’ towards Horakhti-Leo, as calibrated at this ‘governing moment ‘ of the year, would by definition have been a journey backwards in time through a succession of ‘world-ages’—i.e. from the Age of Taurus, circa 3000 BC (when the sun on the vernal equinox rose against the stellar background of the constellation of Taurus) to the Age of Leo, circa 10,500 BC, when the sun on the vernal equinox rose against the background of the celestial lion.

So when we read in the Pyramid Texts that the ‘Followers of Horus’ are urging the Horus-King to travel from Taurus to Leo it is possible that they may have had in mind something rather complex and clever.
This 'reversal in time' motif is not unique to the Egyptians; the Greeks had their obsession with the Golden Age, Dicoletian sought to restore the old Rome with its Imperial cult of Jupiter, the Jewish messiah was to restore the throne of David, Christians have their New Jerusalem (in which Christ- the new Adam- rules the earth as Jehovah once did), radical Muslims seek to return to the Caliphate and radical Jews and Fundamentalist Christians have talked of rebuilding the Third Temple. We've seen that return motif in any number of artistic and cultural movements. In this context the reversal literally leads to the ancient gods, who just happen to be aliens.

So here's what we looked at in Crystal Skull article- this version of the Third Degree board...

...mirrored by this notorious scene (the "nuke the fridge" scene), complete with what is called a "deathtrap" coming open, revealing Indy. Note the parallel flashes of light and the branches as well. It's important to note this is a nuclear test here, something that UFO cultists in the 70s and 80s claimed attracted the attention of the 'space brothers'.

Counting down, we have the Second Degree board, which has the water and a the spiral staircase inside what looks like a temple (Solomon's Temple - revered by the Masons - was said to have a "winding staircase").

In Crystal Skull, we also have a memorable waterfall sequence, where we are told "three times it drops". This eventually leads Indy and his entourage to....

...a spiral staircase.

Last but not least, we have the angels/aliens descending their staircase from Sirius to Earth- and straight into a Masonic temple, so it appears.

Completing this reversal motif we see the aliens, now back atop their staircases, ready to return to their other-dimensional realm. In other words, the reversal of time symbolized by the backwards journey through the tracing boards takes us to, yet again, alien gods.

As silly as this story may present itself as being, there's a whole host of very obscure occult and esoteric doctrines being played out here...

...such as Irina returning the venerated Baptist head to the 13th alien (we've looked at Baptist motifs in sci-fi film here before. He we are back to the Oannes motif we looked at in the context of I Am Legend. Theosophist author G.R.S. Mead wrote this about the Baptist:
“...early apocalyptists and allegorists, who were probably Jews of the Babylonian or Syrian dispersion, could conceive of their preexistent Messiah as in such a way associated with the figure of the ancient Hani (Oannes, Iannes, Ioannes) and expected the Redeemer of Israel to arise from the depths of the great waters, it is not improbable that in those days when the interplay of mystical association was so prevalent and eagerly sought out some of the most enthusiastic followers of John may have believed that his baptizing ‘fisher of souls’ was the expected manifestation.”
Is this line the giveaway as to the "reversal of time?" The scientific name for the ox is bos taurus, which ties us back to the Shemsu Hor and their rituals tracing the Age of Taurus back to the Age of Leo. The Age of Taurus saw the glory days of Egyptian civilization, from the rule of the Horus Kings through the Pyramid Age and beyond.

We hear Indy explicitly reference the ancient Egyptians (and their beliefs) but more importantly, Egypt's early period. So "welcome back, Ox" has all sorts of interesting subliminal connotations in the context of this film.

It also saw the rule of Narmer, who we discussed in an earlier Oannes syncstream. Narmer may or may not have been the legendary Scorpion King, who we also looked at this year- and who himself has semiotic links to Obama. Above is legendary Narmer stele, whose tiered format brings us right back to where all of this insanity started...

...the Oslo mural.

The stele also gives us yet another ancient depiction of a double helix, using those strange, almost-alien animals.

DNA, yet again? Where it doesn't belong?

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 5, The Real Lost Symbol

Ancient Astronaut Theory is just that - a theory.
We obviously don't have access to the ancient astronauts themselves, so it's up the various researchers to present their theories based on the evidence as well as the gaping holes in orthodox theories of human civilization and evolution.

In Secret Sun parlance a theory is a query, and I don't view any of the various AAT researchers as authoritative. I'm not always interested in their answers, either- it's the questions that fascinate me. Those questions that keep the denialists and the theologians up in their beds at night, sweating and grinding their teeth.

Opinions vary, but the basic narrative behind Intervention Theory- the term many researchers prefer to AAT - is that a technologically-advanced race traveled to the planet Earth, perhaps in search of precious minerals like gold, platinum, and diamonds. Or maybe just for the adventure of it.

In some accounts, the space-race needed an intelligent race of workers to help extract resources. None was available, so the space-race experimented with primates/protohominids to create a thinking, manually-dexterous race of workers and trained them. They did so by recombining their own DNA with the apes' over a long period of time (millennia actually). Eventually modern humans emerged and were taught the rudiments of civilization by aliens who were eventually worshiped as gods.

Researchers point to civilizations all across the world- North Africa, Mespotamia, Mesoamerica- but most of these alleged visitations seem to have happened in hot climates, often near large bodies of water. From there there are a host of different theories and variations, depending on the author.

For our purposes
, here is the basic AAT narrative in three easy steps:
1. A race of alien beings with unimaginable advanced technology comes to the Earth.

2. Through the genetic engineering of primate DNA, they create an intelligent, dexterous race of workers.

3. At some point the aliens either destroy each other in a terrible war, or simply return to their home planet. Either way they are gone- the alien "gods" are dead, but they have left behind their advanced knowledge in their myths and artifacts.
It all gets a lot more complex from there on in, but various researchers have also pored through those ancient texts and claim that not only are those alien gods due to return, they left behind a secret class of priestly servants, who are responsible for preserving the legacy of the 'gods' in lieu of their return. This ties directly into the Shemsu Hor- the Followers of Horus, the last god-king of Egypt- who we've discussed several times on this site as being the spiritual descendants of groups like the Dionysian Artificers and the Freemasons.

The apparent goal of the Shemsu Hor was to guide humanity back to the Zep Tepi- the 'First Time', the time of the Rule of the Gods. For some reason, architecture and stonework- as well as the use of arcane symbolism- was the primary interest of the Shemsu Hor, though their exact secrets have been lost to history- orthodox history, at least.

Now, here are your typical modern Freemasons. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I think it's a safe bet these boys aren't the guardians of the great secrets of antiquity, And for those of you who've read The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown doesn't seem to know much about those secrets either.

But what if some trace of the original revelation - the teachings of the Shemsu Hor - remained in Masonic symbol
, but had been lost to corruption and misinterpretation even to the most advanced Freemasons? Let's go back to the tracing boards for evidence.

As we've discussed here before, the First Degree tracing board depicts a stairway descending from the star Sirius, upon which are a group of angelic beings coming down to a lectern or altar. In other versions symbols of learning and technology descend down a ladder.

So, what was the first step of the AAT narrative again?
1. A race of alien beings with unimaginable advanced technology comes to the Earth.

As we discovered recently, there is a spiral staircase- now used as a symbol of the DNA double helix- in the Second Degree board.

This lies inside what looks to be a temple or castle, or even the entrance to a royal laboratory - and there are two armed guards at the building's entrance. Outside we see a waterfall. Remember that the protector god Ea/Enki/Oannes/Osiris - was identified with water (we've also see the waterfall in other, similar contexts, haven't we?).

So here we see here a symbolic parallel to the second stage of the AAT thesis:
2. Through the genetic engineering of primate DNA, they create an intelligent, dexterous race of workers.
This is a good time to take another look at the DNA helix alongside a Second Degree tracing board created by Lady Freda Harris, designer of Crowley's Thoth tarot. Unbelievable.

Created well before Crick & Watson's discovery of DNA, in case you were wondering.

The Third Degree depicts a casket, alongside some of the sacred symbols of Masonry. This implies an inheritance; the spiritual leader (Hiram Abiff, in Masonic mythology) is dead, but has left behind the tools, information and laws vital to human evolution.

Waldo, if you will - the third AAT step...?
3. At some point the aliens either destroy each other in a terrible war, or simply return to their home planet. Either way they are gone- the alien gods are 'dead', but they have left behind their advanced knowledge in their myths and artifacts.
Let's review the parallels again:

AAT01 - Landing of alien colonists
First Degree - Descent of winged beings from Sirius

AAT02 - Genetic engineering of primate DNA
Second Degree - The spiral staircase, resembling the double helix

AAT03 - Gods 'die' but leave behind knowledge, artifacts
Third Degree - Coffin, sacred symbols of knowledge, law

You still with me? Let's proceed, then...


Leaving aside Freemasonry (which, after all, has only a symbolic connection to actual masonry), we have a long tradition of sacred stonework throughout history, particularly in Egypt. So the obvious question becomes, why this obsession with stonecutting and megaliths and all of the rest of it? Why has carving gigantic structures in stone been the highest expression of devotion in religious traditions all across the world- Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and on and on?

Let me answer that question with a question. Hypothetically, say you were yourself an intelligent, space-faring being who zoomed around the cosmos, leaving colonies and settlements in your wake. You're aware that the Universe is a violent place, especially on water planets close to their star like the Earth. All trace of your presence could be wiped away in a heartbeart.

But still, you want some trace of your planetary accomplishments left behind. Either that or you want your 'children' to know about their 'parentage', or you may even want to leave messages for them whether about your existence or even your eventual return. How would you do that on a violent planet like the Earth?

You'd write your messages in stone.

Maybe you'd carve gargantuan blocks at precise angles difficult for modern machinery to achieve and move them for distances that no pre-industrial race could possibly dream of doing, no matter what the ridiculous denialist shills might claim. Stones sometimes weighing hundreds of tons apiece, I might add.

Or you'd design massive structures set to precise alignments, whether geographic...

...or cosmic. Cosmic and geographic alignments we are now just discovering the existence of, I should add.

You might even leave behind traces that your progeny might only be able to discover once they'd mastered the art of high-altitude flight. It might take a long time to decipher (and might be buried under centuries of message-corruption) and the shills and the stooges might muddy the waters and make the process more difficult, but maybe your message would eventually get through.

And then what?


DISCLAIMER: I'm fully aware that the Masons themselves don't interpret the tracing boards this way, and some might get quite annoyed at me for doing so. Let the record state that I'm simply making an interpretation based on the images themselves and not taking any other interpretation of them into account.

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 4

The basic story of I Am Legend is this - an Army microbiologist named Robert Neville is working to reverse a plague that wiped out most of the Earth's population, and left many of the plague's survivors in a feral, cannibalistic state, totally lacking in higher brain function. Using his own blood Neville is trying to develop a vaccine, which he perfects just prior to his death in a lab explosion (shades of Jack Parsons). He hands the vaccine to two survivors, a woman and a boy- to take to a mountain sanctuary where plague survivors are working to restore humanity.

We looked at the Osiris symbolism in relation to the film, but there is also the more obvious Christian symbolism as well, itself preceded (if not derived) from the Isis and Osiris Mysteries. But Osiris/Asar and his equivalents (Ashur, Anshar, Ahura, Arthur), and his wife Isis/Aset and her equivalents (Asherah, Astarte, Ishtar, Inanna, etc), as well as his son Horus/Heru and his equivalents (Helu/Helios, Surya, Mitra, Heracles/Hercules) are themselves drawn from even more ancient archetypes from Sumer and other cultures in Mesopotamia. Those antecedents themselves might be mythologized renderings of even earlier characters.

When you look at the iconography of these figures, you can't help but notice that A., a lot of them are winged, B.. others are identified with flying disks or boats, and C., many of them are associated with strange apparatuses that look like machinery.

Which in this day and age makes the whole prospect of studying these characters a bit touchy, since if you even bring up the possibility that these figures may not have been "gods" but technological-advanced extraterrestrials, you face the prospect of being forever branded a heretic by the scientific establishment. Even though the science for AAT exists - at least in theory - by this point.

Even so, starting with Charles Fort, up through Morning of the Magicians and Chariots of the Gods?, heretical freethinkers have been looking at the ancient myths in the context of modern science and drawing the obvious parallels. And thus "Ancient Astronaut Theory" was born.

AAT was widespread in the 70s (TV stars like Rod Serling and William Shatner both starred in AAT documentaries), but then a funny thing happened: at the exact time that AAT gathered momentum, hundreds of millions of dollars - if not billions- began pouring into Fundamentalist religious movements, as well as into very powerful telecopes and other space detection technology.

Then an army of so-called "skeptics" arose bashing memes like AAT, but conspicuously avoiding any criticism of established (read: 'majority') religious systems. Following them was a coterie of Fundamentalist conspiracy theorists who demonized not only UFOs and AAT, but UFO and (particularly) AAT researchers as well. Almost as if someone wanted to study this mystery but scare everyone else off.

Wholly unrelated phenomena? Maybe.

But here's the thing- after years of near-total invisibility AAT has begun creeping back into TV shows, movies and video games in the past few years, concurrent with the implosion of the Fundamentalist movement in America. Coincidence again? Even stranger, we've also heard pronouncements from the Vatican about the spiritual nature of ETs, even though they've not given us any evidence that said ETs exist.

So last year we looked at all of this in light of all of the Sirius double-entendre and Phoenix symbolism thrown about. I said last year that there seemed to be a subliminal effort to identify Obama with King Tut, which certainly was confirmed on his Egypt trip. Assuming this isn't all pure coincidence, it may in fact speak to an uncertainty on the part of some of these players- ritual behavior is usually the result of anxiety.

Call it a hunch, but I genuinely believe that the PTB have no real idea what's going with UFOs or with the possibility of alien visitation, but like the rest of us they sense something might be coming. I won't argue here whether that sense is justified or not, but the rush to build all of this new space hardware during a worldwide economic crunch may well be a contigency move, at the very least. I've been through all of this before, so I'm not keen to make any predictions. Partly because predictions on UFOs are almost always wrong and partly because I've no real idea what's going on.

So what does this crazy-talk have to do with I Am Legend? Well, we looked at Will Smith here before, and the explicit connections to Horus in his superhero (read:Heru) film Hancock. And we looked at the Osiris symbolism in I Am Legend, or at least the Osiris parallels. Given that some of the same people are involved in both films, it's not unreasonable to wonder if the two films are companion pieces.

What's important here is that Osiris was seen as the creator of civilization in the ancient mythology, and was often identified with Oannes, the fish god of the Persian Gulf that we've also looked at. Both these characters figure into the AAT continuum (as well as John the Baptist lore, which we'll look at another time).

And if you look again at the basic plot of IAL, you could make the argument that it's an Intervention Theory allegory: an alien scientist using genetic engineering to create thinking human beings out of feral protohominds, exactly as Neville is trying to do with the zombie/vampires in IAL.

Again, that's my personal interpretation, but not an unreasonable one. Let's at least agree that the parallels are there, intentionally or not.

Now, back to the Obama synchronicity in Norway. All of this Sirius business began for me with Obama's campaign, and the strange UFOs floating near the Franklin Institute (where I saw the Tut exhibit in Philadelphia) during an Obama rally. And now we have another odd - if not unexplainable - aerial phenomenon over the skies of Norway just prior to his acceptance of the Nobel prize. Something which I'm happy to say people are generally skeptical of. But we still don't know it was and we still don't know what it might have meant to whomever was responsible for it. Wouldn't it be funny if it was in fact some kind of extraterrestrial manifestation?

Equally important for my syncstream was the mural under which Obama delivered his speech. Not only did it picture decidely non-Norwegian looking blue-skinned deities, but the composition was highly reminiscent of Egyptian murals, particularly those that depicted everyday activities in a tiered fashion, all lorded over by the gods who are often situated in the same spot that those strange blue creatures were as well. Again- maybe all a coincidence, but the coincidences keep piling up, don't they?

What also fascinated me is the sync of Will Smith tagging along with Obama in Oslo and then his odd statement that "the idea of Obama" represented an "evolutionary flashpoint for humanity." I still have no idea what he meant by that and I can't help but wonder if it was scripted by somebody else.

But for our purposes it ties right into both Intervention Theory (literally) and I Am Legend (figuratively)- the genetic transformation of feral prehumans into thinking human beings certain represents an 'evolutionary flashpoint', no? And again, the parallels to Sirius symbolism with the two celebrities is pretty astounding in the overall memestream we're wading in here.

But while working on all of this I suddenly remembered another reference to the Stairway that we've looked at in the past, and how that ties into this overall constellation of symbolism and scientific speculation. Come back tomorrow and keep your seatbelts fastened.

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 3, The Spiral Staircase

"Hey honey, look at that crazy blue spiral in the sky!"

In the previous entry in this series I mentioned the strange synchronicities that coincided with Barackobamun's Nobel speech, as well as Will Smith's appearance at the Nobel festivities at a time when I was struggling through an analysis of his 2007 film, I Am Legend. Additional syncs pertaining to spirals (the odd aerial event the day before the speech) and stair imagery tied into the "Stairway to Sirius" meme I saw repeated throughout the Will Smith film.

But perhaps the reason I was struggling was that there was a missing piece to the puzzle- the spiral. Luckily, the Russians or HAARP or God knows who else were kind enough to bring that one to my attention...

In the second part of this series we saw Will Smith's character Neville in the real-life Temple of Dendur- which was dedicated to the Egyptian Trinity of Osiris, Isis and Harpocrates. And in the alternate ending we see him in the temple with his new companions- a woman and young boy, both in from Mary-land.

What's more, both of his new friends have the AN cognate in their names, AN meaning "heaven" in Sumerian. And they responded to Neville's calls to meet him at Manhattan's South Street Seaport "when the Sun is highest in the sky." Interesting symbolism there as well.

So are Neville, ANna and EthAN the film's new Holy Trinity? After all, Neville is working for the salvation of all humanity (through the manipulation of DNA, no less). Let's run the symbols...
We first see Neville hunting deer running through the streets of Manhattan...

...and Osiris was identified with the star Orion, also known as the Hunter.

We also see Neville growing cereal grains (corn, in this case) in a vacant lot in Midtown (just like in the colonial days)...
...and cereal grains were said to grow from the body of Osiris.

We see photos of dead vampire-zombies (or whatever) up on the wall of Neville's wall, which he uses to judge the effectiveness of his various vaccine formulas. In other words, he's evaluating (read: 'judging') the dead in his underground lab.
...and Osiris judged the dead in his underworld kingdom.

We see Neville caught in a snare at Grand Central Station (a temple of Hermes, remember) and suspended in a pose much like the Hanging Man trump in Tarot...

...which has been identified with Osiris by many occultists, including Aleister Crowley. Note the green sun motif at the top there.

Distraught by the death of his incredibly awesome dog, Neville tries to commit suicide-by-zombie. Here we see the car-as-coffin motif we saw in the latest X-Files movie, as well as the car/river conjunction we saw in Pushing Tin (Osiris' first death came when he was locked in a coffin and thrown into the Nile).

Just as Osiris was rescued in his coffin by Isis, Neville is rescued in his about-to-be-coffin by ANna (read: Inanna) and EthAN. Note that ANna and EthAN used ultraviolet lights - sunlight, in other words - to drive away the zombies. Familiar yet powerful symbolism there.

...and ANna then fixes him up some eggs, also sacred to goddess figures - particularly those like Inanna/Ishtar/Easter.

Continuing the Sumerian motif here (which we'll see is vital to the story arc), we see ANna dressed in the sun....

...which was also identified with Inanna. Note the lion- they appear out of nowhere in this film as well.
I knew exactly where this scene was going right away- EthAN watches Shrek in the living room...

... and Neville identifies himself with the "green man" by mouthing his dialogue. Remember that Osiris is green, and the ancient Celts worshiped him as the "Green Man", a trenchant fact given Shrek's Scottish dialect.

Osiris died and rose and died again (by dismemberment) and descended to rule the Underworld. After his symbolic death, Neville has his actual death (dismemberment, surely) in his underground lab as he sacrifices himself (in the theatrical version) so that ANna and EthAN can get his vaccine to the sanctuary in Bethel, VT.

Again, the central motif here is DNA, which Neville is depicted as the master of.

Here we see ANna hand over the vaccine, which Neville created on 9/9. Fascinating to see those numbers again (there were nine major gods in the Egyptian pantheon), particularly in a sync-string that ties back to Barackobamun, the man Smith recently referred to as an "evolutionary flashpoint." A bizarre choice of words and another fascinating sync, as we'll see later.

In the alternate version, Neville escapes with ANna and EthAN to Bethel and takes what road? No surprise there.


But Bethel is fascinating, not only because it lies near the birthplace of Mormon founder Joseph Smith, it's named after the place in the Bible where Jacob had his vision of the ladder reaching into heaven. Jacob's Ladder may or may not also be the original inspiration for the Masonic First Degree tracing board.

Note here that Gnostic visionary William Blake depicted Jacob's Ladder as a spiral staircase, which was obliquely referred to in the first part of this series.

So maybe now we can understand the meaning of all of the stairways and ladders and steps in I Am Legend. Neville's profession is a microbiologist, and what's the primary focus of people in that line of work?

DNA. The original spiral staircase.

Even though the DNA double helix wasn't discovered until 1953, double helixes show up all over the place in ancient art, more so the more ancient you get. And unfortunately for denialists, this icon of intertwined snakes show up in very specific instances, often to do with medicine and/or royal bloodlines. So it can't be dismissed it as random coincidence (though, of course, it always is). This particular image is identified with the Sumerian god Ningishzida, who shares many attributes with Osiris.

And here is a caduceus of Osiris himself. This is part of the reason why ancient mythology - the Egyptian Trinity in particular - is still so important in our culture. We don't realize exactly why just yet, but with the rise of highly advanced science - genetic engineering, space travel, cybernetics- all of the old mythologies are starting to resonate in our subconscious in ways we don't fully understand.

It could also be why Fundamentalists - both scientific and religious- are circling the wagons and readying themselves for a protracted propaganda war (and both spending millions of taxpayer dollars to do so). Perhaps they sense that a massive paradigm shift is coming pertaining to human origins, and are trying to muddy the waters as best they can to protect their own power.

Maybe the story of our true origins is the real disclosure.

Stairway to (the house of) Heaven
Back to the stairs- as we saw, there are several shots in the I Am Legend film that picture the dog Samantha at the top of steps or stairs, signifying the Stairway to Sirius. And the penultimate battle between Neville and the zombie vampires takes place on his seemingly endless staircase, which, though not spiral, is certainly winding.

But my conclusions about I Am Legend sent me back to first principles. My interest in the election or in Obama himself was the symbolism being tossed out like confetti- the Hercules temple, the Victory column, the Phoenix and so on. The Sirius symbolism in the campaign logos turned my attention to the Sirius meme, and the symbolism in the First Degree Masonic tracing board.

So, despite what the Masons themselves believe is the AAT narrative - the descent of alien beings from Sirius or Nibiru* - somehow encoded in that tracing board? Mind you, answering "yes" doesn't necessarily mean you subscribe to AAT yourself.

If so, what about the second part of the story- the alien manipulation of protohominid DNA? Could I find that in any of that in Masonic iconography?

Well, these things are always subject to interpretation, but there is a spiral staircase on the Second Degree tracing board.

How's that for a coincidence?


* Robert Temple translates Nibiru as Neb-Heru, or 'Lord Horus' in The Sirius Mystery. Which makes a lot of sense to me.

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 2

The Smiths meet the "evolutionary flashpoint"

Synchronicity as Research Tool

We saw Barackobamun making his appearance in Norway preceded by that strange aerial phenomenon, which may or may not have been a failed missile test. The funny thing is that I'd actually considered ignoring the blue spiral story when it first appeared. Why? Because I'd been wracking my brains trying to decode the dense layers of ostensibly contradictory symbolism in the 2007 Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend.

Sounds silly, right?

But something struck me about the Oslo story- a gut feeling that somehow these two stories were connected. Imagine my shock when I discovered that Will Smith was in Oslo with Obama, hosting a Peace Prize concert with his wife and kids in tow. The syncs didn't end- or start- there.

I was poking around the web yesterday for material for the series and took this screengrab, picturing Will Smith and that beautiful, awesome, amazing dog, Sam. Note the visual conjunction to the Sun-shaped mirror- Sam seems to emerge from that 'blazing star'.

So I hope skeptics will forgive me for tagging Sam as a stand-in for Sirius, the Dog Star.

Right on schedule- here's a screenshot of the Yahoo! front page, also taken yesterday, showing us the Sun and a dog in a oddly similar visual conjunction to the IAL grab (almost Hoaglandian, you might say).

I gave the 'Celeb' headline a double take- Caleb means 'dog' in Hebrew. In the Bible, Caleb was part of the Exodus from Egypt with Moses. The connection is even more interesting given that like Egyptian, Hebrew doesn't have vowels. So practically speaking, Celeb and Caleb are identical.

Even stranger, 'celeb' here is a synonym for 'star'- so we have a kind of etymological pun:

Celeb - Caleb -Dog / Celeb- Star = Dog/Star

Hell of a sync there, no?

In this case Sam is short for Samantha, as we discover in a heart-ripping scene (can you tell I'm a dog person?). And as mentioned before, not only is this film jam-packed with stairs we see Sam atop them here at Neville's* Washington Sq townhouse door...

...and here atop the USS Intrepid in the Hudson River, which is also featured in National Treasure and the Flight 1549 ritual drama....

...and most importantly, here in the Temple of Dendur in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Dendur made a previous appearance here on the Sun, back when I Am Legend appeared in the theaters.

Jake Kotze and I were subconsciously synching at the time, putting up similarly-themed posts almost simultaneously, which inspired the Dendur-themed post "K2= Kotze/Knowles," which not only has pix of the missus and I frolicking around Dendur, but also has a central Sirius theme as well.

Here's Mrs. Wibble (lower right corner) admiring the Met's astonishing Dendur display, which I later learned was dedicated to Osiris, Isis and Harpocrates.

The entrance to the Dendur temple not only has the flying saucer winged sundisk, it also has what very much looks like two Kundalini snakes guarding the doors, side by side with stylized depictions of the human spinal column.

But Osiris, Isis and Harpocrates, eh? The appearance of Anna and Ethan in the film did catch my eye, especially since Ethan doesn't seem to have a word of dialogue in the theatrical cut of the film. And both An-na and Eth-an have the AN cognate, AN being the Sumerian word for Heaven.

Or outer space, if you prefer.

Lo and behold, here are Neville, Anna and Ethan in Dendur, taken from the alternate cut. As far as I can tell, this is the only time Ethan speaks at all.

Did I happen to mention Harpocrates was seen as the god of silence and personification of the Mysteries?

And in that alternate version, the Trinity Neville, Anna and Ethan escape to Bethel ("House of God"), Vermont ("green mountain") on which route?

Route 17, of course.

That sound you're hearing is all kinds of cans of worms being opened...

Stairway to Sirius, Revisited: Part 1

Synchronicity - significant coincidence - is a powerful thing. I've come to realize just how powerful it is and how unacceptable that power is to many people, even though they experience it themselves. A lot of people dismiss it (as a lot of you are aware of) and others strain for agency; acausality (or apparent acausality) contradicts everything we're conditioned to believe. I think a lot of people aren't wired to process it at all.

For the past couple of weeks I've been wracking my brains trying to work up an very untimely analysis of I Am Legend. The film is incredibly dense with symbol, and has parallels to a number of different mythologies and belief systems.

But what caught my eye about the film was the ubiquity of stairs, as well as that beautiful German Shepherd both my wife and I fell in love with. Of course the way my brain works, I think stairway, dog: Stairway to Sirius. Not a symbol non-Secret Sun readers generally look for, but those who do realize just how powerful it is. All well and good, but I wasn't sure if it was enough to warrant anything but a minor post for a two year-old film.

Of course, the big story this week was the bizarre aerial phenomena just prior to Barackobamun's Nobel War Prize speech. There's a lot of theories as to what the event was, and the generally-accepted theory now is that it was a failed rocket test. But it got me to pay attention to Barackobamun's Nobel speech, most importantly the visuals.

The picture above is cropped, but shows Barackobamun at the Oslo City Hall accepting the prize. What caught my eye was- again- the staircase, but also the enormous mural that hung above his head. We'll get back to that momentarily.

While in Oslo the Obamuns stayed at the Grand Hotel- the hotel's site has that pic on it's front page. I thought the design was interesting (vaguely reminiscent of a winged sundisk) but the next page I clicked on - the "About" page- had an even more interesting symbol....

...a stairway.

And even more sync worthy were the spiral designs
, given the spiral in the sky over Norway (Andre has more aerial spirals on tap at The Alien Project). Not having visited the site before, I can't say when that photo went up, but I'm going to assume it was well before the rocket even the other day.

And when you zoom in on the spirals, there's an interesting solar design, with what could be interpreted as a point in circle design. This cuts right to the heart of the issues I'd been mulling over with I Am Legend- the strange connections of our Sol with the star Sirius, at least as pertains to the ancient symbology I'm struggling with.

And of course that aerial event had a bright sphere at the center of the spiral as well, which then seemed to turn into a black hole (or black hole sun, as the old song goes). All well and good, but a minor sync, maybe for an offday post.

But tonight as I was pondering both the Nobel events and the I Am Legend post, I took a break to check the news. And as if summoned there's Will Smith, with his daughter Willow. As you can see, the headline really gave no idea what the context of the story was here...

...but it turns out that Smith and his family are in Oslo, and hosted a peace concert on Friday night.

I got a chuckle out of this picture, because it spoke to one of the themes of the theoretical I Am Legend post, that the film (as well as Hancock) primed America to identify Obama - a thoroughly uncharismatic political plodder- with Smith, probably one of the most preternaturally charismatic personalities in American history. Obama was so surrounded by starpower during his campaign (Bruce Springsteen, to name another) that America was unprepared to discover Obama's utter lack of charisma once the campaign ended.

But of course, the campaign was filled with strange symbolic manipulation, some of which dealt with Sirius. What exactly this symbolism all means I can't say, but I am starting to suspect that it's simply a kind of obsessive-compulsive (or even superstitious) behavior, in which politicians (their handlers, rather) play out these symbolic rituals the same way that baseball players do. Of course, Politics is itself about the manipulation of symbols. The real decisions aren't made in Congress, a fact a lot of people are quickly waking up to.

That being said, I was fascinated to see young Willow Smith wearing a five-pointed star (identified with Sirius/Sothis/Ceres) at one of the Nobel functions.

And just to refresh everyone's memory, all of this started when I noticed that taken together the elements for the hieroglyph for Sirius were embedded in the campaign logos for Obama and McCain. I noticed the stairway after the fact. Some other sites hijacked my work without crediting me (which happens too often for my liking), but long-time readers heard it here first. And of course, we had the charade with Obama and the "major issue" of the dog, who had to have "star quality" and all of the rest of it. You can read (or re-read) the whole election series here.

The symbolism got me looking at the Masonic first degree tracing board, which has angelic beings descending from the "blazing star" of Sirius. The Masonic literature is pretty useless in explaining the meaning (or history) of it, but the picture speaks for itself. Especially in the context of ancient astronaut theory, which probably isn't taught in the lodges. Well, the ordinary ones, at least.

Which brought me back to that Oslo mural. Apparently the mural is meant to symbolize various aspects of Norwegian culture and history, but I couldn't quite account for the blue people in the top center. They don't look like Norwegians- they look like gods. They also look like the angels in the tracing board, and if you look in the lower right corner there's a stairway as well.

The blue people in the center are a mother, father and child- a trinity, if you like. Their skin color rung a bell, since that is more associated with Hindu gods than Nordic ones. But this all tied back to the central conundrum inspired by I Am Legend- the common ancestry of the ancient pantheons, and how a core revelation occurred somewhere in Mesopotamia and rippled out to the rest of the Earth Island- including India, Egypt and Scandinavia- and became mythology. This sounds like standard stuff, but only when safely tucked away in the realm of history. Once you start making connections to current reality, that's when things get ugly.

And if you scroll back up you'll notice that aerial phenomena was a blue spiral.

The Second Coming of Sisk-O-Bama

The gift that keeps on giving...

The grand final of the Norway missile/rocket event is not only fascinating because of its proximity to the Nobels and the weird synchronistic emanations that resulted from it, it also struck as being strangely familiar visually... the wormhole in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You see a bit of it here in the opening credits (towards the end), but you may want to watch the show itself to get better shots of it. The pilot is particularly recommended.

As is the series itself. DS9 got short shrift, sandwiched between the mighty Next Generation and the insanely shiteous Voyager, but was/is a tremendously interesting show. The entire arc of the story is centered around the apotheosis of Benjamin Sisko, or the realization of his alien/godhood identity in the context of the show's mythos. The show is essential religious- based on the worship centered on these disincarnate, interdimensional aliens.

As we discussed in a previous post, Sisko was conceived by a human father and a human mother who was possessed by a Prophet walk-in, an eternal, interdimensional being who controls the wormhole in the proximity of Bajor, a planet liberated by the Federation from Cardassian occupation. David Icke fans will note that the Cardassians are a reptilian race of alien humanoids.

Interesting parallels here- we see the similarity of the Norway missile to the wormhole, and the Moscow pyramid (whatever it was) to the hovering pyramid in Immortal- and both stories deal with alien walk-ins worshiped as deities.

More interesting parallels- in the DS9 episode 'Rapture', Sisko rebuilds the Prophet's monolith (CE3K style), and gets zapped and endowed with psychic and healing powers (Alien Dreaming-style, I might add). 'Rapture' marks a turning point in the storyline, in which Sisko begins to take his role as 'Emissary of the Prophets' more seriously.

He also discovers the lost underground Bajoran city of B'hala while under the influence of the monolith (which is not unlike the gateway pillar dredged up in Alexandria last week). If 'B'hala' sounds vaguely familiar, it's because the lost city of Shambhala was reportedly found, which we looked at just over a month ago.

You'll notice the presence of Kai Winn in the trailer, who is Sisko's own Sarah Palin in the series.

Of course, we first looked at DS9 in the context of Obama, who owes his Senate election to a timely release of the divorce papers filed by Jeri Ryan, who played 7 of 9 on the aforementioned atrocity Star Trek: Voyager. Things were a lot different then, weren't they? A billion-dollar, star-studded campaign raised Obama to near-messiah status, something that seems hard to believe just over a year after his election. Now, even Will Smith has to distinguish between Obama and "the idea" of him in Oslo. Obama isn't seen by anyone as a messiah these days- other than Wall Street, that is.

Maybe that's the real connection between Sisko and Obama. They're both fictional constructs.

UPDATE: As a bonus, a magnificent shot of old Sol, courtesy of Yahoo...

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Posted on: December 31, 2009, by: Gazrok
The existence of the Majestic 12, MAJIC, or MJ-12 has long been a subject of debate or even ridicule. However, if you accept the premise that the U.S. government has a recovered alien craft in their possession, then at some point, people would have been mobilized to study the artifact. In addition, you would have to concede that there would be some trail, no matter how secretive, of the creation of this group.
Alleged Majestic 12 members
What follows is an attempt to put together a timeline or history of the establishment of this alleged group. I will add the disclaimer that while supplemented with other references, much of the information comes from the still hotly debated Majestic documents that first surfaced in the early 1980's, but I will also stress the research on authenticating the documents. While some of the documents can be shown as possibly falsified, the overall...

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