Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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The International exposes the NWO Banking Cartel

Released in a post-globalization economy teetering on the brink of a depression, THE INTERNATIONAL admirably stays in step with its time. Screenwriter Eric Singer hangs this man-against-the-machine action-thriller not on the Russians, North Koreans, or turncoats in the C.I.A., but on the I.B.B.C., an international bank that wields power through crippling debt. With villains like these, viewers fretting over their own mortgage rates will find themselves rooting zealously for these crooked financiers to fall hard. Interpol agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) and his partner, New York Assistant D.A. Eleanor Whitman (the somewhat underused Naomi Watts), are consistently stonewalled by local law enforcement in their attempt to close in on the banks insiders. The conflict deepens two-fold as Salinger discovers not only how wide the banks nefarious influence spreads, but how loosely he will act within legal boundaries to get his man. Owen elevates the at-times standard espionage plot devices with his now trademark (but always riveting) me-against-the-worldisms: his hard-edged focus and steely moral clarity. Armin Mueller-Stahl also stands out in the cast as a weathered ex-communist revolutionary now finding himself in the epicenter of capitalist corruption. With spirited but tight direction, Tom Tykwer (of RUN, LOLA, RUN and THE PRINCESS AND THE WARRIOR fame) emphasizes longer action sequences and a more developed narrative arc than many contemporary post-BOURNE IDENTITY thrillers. The films centerpiece--an incredible shoot-out in the Guggenheim Museum with flying plaster, shattering installations, and shifting loyalties--reads like a disaster movie for the highbrow set as art lovers everywhere will experience a perverse thrill watching the museums famed spiral shot up by I.B.B.C. thugs
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Armored Cars Fight Crime

Shame on you Cops, who Use Old Brink's Armored Trucks for violating individual's privacy. — Peoria, Ill. has found a new way to fight crime: Park an unmanned former Brinks truck bristling with video cameras in front of the homes of troublemakers. Police here call it the Armadillo. They say it has restored quiet to some formerly rowdy streets. Neighbors calls for help have dropped sharply. About half of the truck's targets have fled town.
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Ugly, Obnoxious Armored Car Fights Crime With Cameras and Shame - Sean Fallon - ‎21 hours ago‎
Perhaps the fleet of Armadillos will expand and take on different, recognizable forms that tie into the offense—like parking an armored ice cream truck in ...

Armadillo Plays Well in Peoria, So Why Not St. Louis?

Riverfront Times - Chad Garrison - ‎Aug 18, 2009‎
Their solution? An unmanned armored truck that the police park outside the homes of drug dealers and other bothersome neighbors. The truck -- a retired bank ...

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