Tuesday, August 18, 2009

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Occult America

Want to know more about the 'occult history' of the United States? Next month will see the release of Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation (preorder from Amazon US and UK), by one of our very good friends, >Mitch Horowitz:

It touched lives as disparate as those of Frederick Douglass, Franklin Roosevelt, and Mary Todd Lincoln--who once convinced her husband, Abe, to host a séance in the White House. Americans all, they were among the famous figures whose paths intertwined with the mystical and esoteric movement broadly known as the occult. Brought over from the Old World and spread throughout the New by some of the most obscure but gifted men and women of early U.S. history, this “hidden wisdom” transformed the spiritual life of the still-young nation and, through it, much of the Western world.

Yet the story of the American occult has remained largely untold. Now a leading writer on the subject of alternative spirituality brings it out of the shadows. Here is a rich, fascinating, and colorful history of a religious revolution and an epic of offbeat history.

I've been lucky enough to have a read of an advance copy of the book, and can say its superbly researched and written. Not only does it reveal a lot of hidden history about America's romance with mysticism, I think it also gives some good insights into the evolution of the American psyche due to the influence of these factors.

Mitch has previously posted some fascinating blogs here on TDG in the past, as well as contributing an article on Ouija to Darklore Volume 1. He's also currently Author of the Month over at Graham Hancock's website - you can read an article about Occult America over there, and chat to/question Mitch directly on the Author of the Month messageboard. Already some fascinating topics being discussed there (if I find time, I'd love to take part myself), so if the topic is of interest to you I recommend joining in.

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Oliver Stone revealing 'Secret History of America'

Oliver Stone is making his most ambitious stab at American history yet.

The controversial director is creating a 10-part documentary series for Showtime titled "Secret History of America."

Narrated by Stone, the series promises to focus on events that "at the time went under-reported, but crucially shaped America's unique and complex history of the last 60 years," according to Showtime.

Subjects will include President Harry Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, the origins of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, to "the fierce struggle between war and peace in America’s national security complex."

The project includes "newly discovered facts and accounts" from the Kennedy administration, the Vietnam War and the great changes in America’s role in the world since the fall of Communism in the 1980s “through this epic 10-hour series, which I feel is the deepest contribution I could ever make in film to my children and the next generation, I can only hope a change in our thinking will result," Stone said in a statement.

The sure-to-be-discussed project will premiere on the network in 2010.

"We are very happy that Oliver Stone has chosen Showtime as the home for his provocative series about key unknown moments of American history,” Showtime programming president Robert Greenblatt said. “Not only has his name become synonymous with visionary filmmaker, but Oliver is also a fascinating storyteller always striving to shed new light on the human experience. His continuing curiosity about real events of the 20th century has now led him to a documentary series unlike any other, which is why it's perfect for our premium audience."

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White House Blames E-Mail Controversy on 'Sinister Conspiracy ...

FOXNews - ‎7 hours ago‎
"Despite reports by some bloggers and others in the media that have invoked a variety of sinister conspiracy theories, more people signed up for updates ...

Video: Glenn Beck conspiracy theories become so crazy his own ...

Examiner.com - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎

Sometimes silence speaks louder than words. In the video clip below the silence is deafening as Glenn Beck's handpicked friendly panel does not know how to respond when Beck completely goes off the deep end with one of his conspiracy theories.

Glenn Beck tries to illustrate his massive conspiracy theory with a tree drawing. He then thinks he has unlocked the big mystery behind the Obama takeover of government. Beck says, "may I make a connection and see if anyone agrees with it?" After making his brilliant "connection" between the green movement and health care Beck asks for confirmation from his panel. And then, we are left with nothing but silence. Finally Beck pleads with his panel, "anybody?"

Beck then goes on to continue and try to explain his crazy theory to the panel a second time around which only again dumbfounds his panel. Beck should take this moment of silence as sign that even his minions are no longer understanding his senseless rants about the alleged Obama takeover of government.

The Tin Foil Hat Brigade Strikes Again

ECNmag.com - Jason Lomberg - ‎Aug 17, 2009‎
The fact that the incident occurred on and around a military base has sustained the conspiracy theories. The term “military cover-up” is as ubiquitous as ...

New book explores sports' conspiracy theories

Newsday - Neil Best - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
It's called "The 30 Greatest Sports Conspiracy Theories of All Time," on sale today, in which Elliott Kalb and East Northport's own Mark Weinstein discuss ...

Freemasons to 'Birthers': rise of DC conspiracy theories

Christian Science Monitor - Alexandra Marks - ‎Aug 4, 2009‎
Once firmly in the fringe, political conspiracy theories have become more mainstream in the past few decades, say some. By Alexandra Marks | Staff writer/ ...

Release of Dying Lockerbie Bomber Causes Anger, Conspiracy Theories

ChattahBox - ‎Aug 15, 2009‎
... the mystery behind the bombing of Pam Am Flight 103, will remain unresolved to become fodder for conspiracy theories and leave British families wondering.

9/11 Truther Film Festival Brought To You By ... The San Francisco ...

SF Weekly Blogs - Joe Eskenazi - ‎20 hours ago‎
When asked if the Guardian supported conspiracy theories that the Bush administration brought down the towers and slaughtered thousands of Americans to ...

Birth wrongs: Conspiracy theories on Obama beyond silly

Houston Chronicle - ‎Jul 29, 2009‎
By Jupiter!: Jovian scoop shows amateurs can compete They're the folks, mostly on the zany end of the political right, who don't believe that Barack Obama ...

Russia Says It Holds Hijackers of Cargo Ship

New York Times - Michael Schwirtz - ‎10 hours ago‎
The spotty information has provided rich soil for conspiracy theories, like the suggestion from a columnist, Yulia Latynina, in the on-line Daily Journal ...

Where Do Conspiracy Theories Come From?

Atlantic Online - Patrick Appel - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
... most information traveling by word-of-mouth, you'd have to think the conspiracy theories were more prevalent and harder to combat hundreds of years ago. ...
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Kistner Pharm filed the patent of H1N1 vaccine on 28 AUG 2008 before the virus was spread!

This is the US Patent office document:
Go to Page 7 #0056 and see for yourself!

How could the vaccine come before the virus?
Don’t believe me, look it up for yourself!
Repost and email everywhere!

What is the difference between a needle shot in your arm and a bullet shot through your brain?
With a bullet shot through your brain, your death will be quick and painless.
With a needle shot in your arm, your death will be slow, painful, and very profitable for drug companies. More people have died from the vaccination than from swine flu.
Polio vaccine was contaminated with cancer causing SV40 monkey virus
Cancer-causing monkey SV40 virus contaminated POLIO vaccine
Eventually, sixty different labs confirmed the results.
Polio Vaccine Contaminated With Cancer Given to Millions of Americans
Vaccine scandal revives cancer fear
AIDS was spread by Small Pox vaccination ADMINISTERED BY The United Nations.
Inside the United Nations (Paperback) by Steve Bonta
Military to administer vaccinations!
Total control of America about to occur!
Military may backup FEMA for pandemic quarantines and Forced vaccinations
You will have to fight your own Army or die from vaccination
The United Nations has published its goal of reducing the world's population:
Here is the Obama Propaganda on the Depopulation Plan:
The Myth of Over-population (Paperback) by Rousas John Rushdoony


Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1206807/Swine-flu-jab-link-killer-nerve-disease-Leaked-letter-reveals-concern-neurologists-25-deaths-America.html#ixzz0OLvnJgSH

There are two above ground biological warfare research facilities in the world:

One is at Ft. Dietrich, Maryland. The other is at Sverdlosk, Russia.
Both of these are supervised by the United Nations.
Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak

Authorities may require the vaccine for school attendance, but you should be able to avoid it like any other vaccine.
Pentagon video on national guard, HS prep for H1N1


"Physicians Warranty of Vaccine Saftey" link for what it's worth


Tell AARP Socialist Health Care Betrays Seniors


Global Tyranny...Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order (Paperback) by William F. Jasper


United Nations Exposed - Part 1


The United Nations Exposed (Paperback) by William F. Jasper


National Health Care will require a Real ID card


Visit the ultimate resource for defending liberty


1. Links to liberty defending organizations
2. Links to liberty defending web pages
3. Links to A MASSIVE assortment of liberty defending videos
4. A stream lined system for contacting legislators with suggested letters
5. Links to liberty defending egroups
6. Links to magazines, literature and other materials

Censorship of these kind of links is rampant. Adding spaces is the usual method.
If the link is not clickable try pasting it into the address bar.
Remove extra spaces if need be.
Or try clicking on the link as it appears in the blog at:
Surf the REST of the blog while you are there.
Oppression of expression is confession
When I started sending this out it was for comments, and I had doubts about it.
The INTENSE efforts at censorship have removed all of those doubts.

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Business Week - August, 17 2009

BusinessWeek - World's leading business magazine. Timely, useful, provocative, innovative. (US)

Each issue of BusinessWeek features in-depth perspectives on the financial markets, industries, trends, technology and people guiding the economy. Draw upon Business Week's timely incisive analysis to help you make better decisions about your career, your business, and your personal investments.

Read more
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My local 'Campain for Liberty' Health care reform rally

To: ronpaul-412@meetup.com


There's a little grass roots news coverage on the objection to Obama's health care bill that channel 15 News/ Wayne TV did this morning.
They got a great picture of my "No Socialism" sign, but out of an interview that was several minutes, they picked one sentence from me to air.
I wish they would have aired what I had to say on the Constitution, or that the 9th and 10th Amendments strictly limit the federal government's jurisdiction, and that it has no authority to get involved in our private lives.... but, I guess one line is better than nothing. :)
It was an inspiring morning. There were a lot of people that came out, considering it was a Monday morning and a stormy one at that.
Fortunately, I think God smiled on us, gave us a window, and stopped the rain for our rally.
I spoke personally with Congressman Souder afterwards and asked him "Since Indiana has passed SR 42, recognizing the 9th and 10th amendments, stating that we would stand up to the federal government if it attempted to push something unconstitutional on us, will Indiana do so if, for some reason, Obama's health care bill gets passed"?
His answer went something to the effect that since we have hospital patients who come into our state from another state, (crossing state lines) that that then allows for the federal government to seek intervention. So, his answer almost sounded more of a surrender if the bill passes. However, I don't consider people as "commerce", so I believe that view of federal government intervention is a bit weak, and I wish our representatives had the guts to make the federal government stay in its own sandbox, so to speak.
On another note, we were honored with a speaker from Ireland who has now been in the states for 15 years, and can compare Ireland's socialized health care to what we now have here. I got to speak with her individually after the rally as well. She is very interesting, and her comparisons are great. For one, she shared that although the Obama supporters may "think" they will be getting health care for all, they won't, and that if they think we will have as good as care or better than we presently do, but free, they are deceived.
Why? Because with socialized health care, the doctors are under such great federal regulations and liabilities, that they quit. The incentive is reduced for them to the point that they decide it is not worth it for them to pursue that career. So, less doctors equals a longer wait to see one. You may wait several months just to see a doctor, and then several more to be actually treated.
Also, since the payment is being made by the government, and funds are limited, ways to reduce the cost to the government are enforced. One of those ways of course is to reduce the drain on the system. While opening health care up to "all", making it available supposedly to everyone, the ones who appear to have less need, wait for those who seem to have more. The ones who seem to have less value, wait on those who have more. Who decides ones value?
She can see such an improved system here in the states. She mentioned that she knew 2 people back in Ireland who needed a hip replacement. One person had to wait months and months to even be seen. Another was fortunate enough to know somebody who knew somebody that helped her get in within a few weeks. So, if you don't have a personal connection,
medical attention may be just a dream.
Here in our country, not everyone has health care, yet no one is actually refused in an emergency either. In fact the one thing that is putting an undue burden on our system is that we have so many "illegal" aliens taking advantage of our health care system at everyone else's expense. We could start reforming our system right there.... by addressing our "illegal" alien activity, and penalizing instead of rewarding "illegal" activity, and securing our borders. Just a thought.



Join Stoopid Politics with host Melissa Lineberry with guest speaker Rachel Grubb who is running for Congress in 3 Dristict in Indiana
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Dear CEO Rand:
Socialist Health Care degenerates into euthanasia. While I am still healthy enough to speak I say leave me out. Government is motivated to let seniors die, and stop paying social security.
I have learned that AARP is supporting government controlled health care, which would limit our choices and raise our taxes. Why would you do this? I think Dick Morris gave us the answer. He said you were doing it with the hopes that AARP expects to profit from it. He said AARP is now helping ObamaCare gut the medical care of its constituents.
Uncovered Video: Obama Explains How His Health Care Plan Will ‘Eliminate’ Private Insurance
Sola Civis
US Soldier Demands Apology From Senator Claire McCaskill at Town Hall
People in townhall meetings across the country protest ObamaCare:
They can fix the elections with their electronic vote counting computor programs:
Rigged USA Elections Exposed
They can rig the polls to make it look like the elections are honest.
They are still working on what happens when the people come together and express their TRUE ideas about what is happening in this country. So far all that they can do is try to intimidate. They find this particularly embarrassing when people make videos and put them on the internet.
Margarida Jorge, a former SEIU organizing director who now serves as national field director for the deep-pocketed, left-wing coalition Health Care for America Now, sent out a memo to her foot soldiers last week on how to counter Obamacare opponents. “You must bring enough people to drown them out and to cover all our bases so as to marginalize their disruptive tactics,” she exhorted.
The Purple Shirts are going to walk into the wrong meeting one day and find themselves confronting a group of Concealed Carry activists.

You just don't bring a stick to a gunfight.


Violence at Town Hall Meetings Could Escalate



CBS News reporting that 60,000 people have dropped their membership in AARP, over it's support of ObamaCare.
Many are joining an alternative group called American Seniors Association. In fact, they are really giving a boost to this organization, which is strongly opposed to ObamaCare.
Obama Depopulation Policy Exposed! Red Alert

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To everyone who thought the special about Obama was going to be on
Hannity. It was taken off. Here are the segments. You better watch now
before hey are removed too.
Yes, the program was not aired Sunday so it was googled and found
the segments had been taken off of the internet as well. Wonder who did
Wonder who blocked this? Is this our NEW Government protecting

Here are the 6 segments if they haven't been removed before
you get to them.

* *Part 1 - http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=rthv8QmJLUw

Part 2 - http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=kJNhKZh8mGY&feature=fvw
<http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=kJNhKZh8mGY&feature=fvw>

Part 3 -
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=95XFUi8PrTs&feature=related
<http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=95XFUi8PrTs&feature=related>

Part 4 -
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=gl4twMf1xyM&feature=related
<http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=gl4twMf1xyM&feature=related>

Part 5 -
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=CKzFtKEysjw&feature=related
<http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=CKzFtKEysjw&feature=related>

Part 6 -
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=EmEmRbRJFLU&feature=related
<http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=EmEmRbRJFLU&feature=related>*

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Earthquake Games

By Bonnie Ramthun
  • Publisher: Jove
  • Number Of Pages: 352
  • Publication Date: 2001-11-01
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0515131776
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780515131772
Product Description:

Detective Eileen Reed-"the savviest heroine since Kinsey Millhone" (Carolyn Hart)-returns in a shattering new thriller... After a freak Colorado earthquake, two people are found murdered. When Detective Eileen Reed and her partner make a frightening connection between the murders and the tremors, they must accept the possibility that this earthquake was not an act of God, but an act of government. "Great characters, great story, great writing...what more could you want?" (Lee Child) Captivating...Fascinating, multilayered characters." (Denver Post)

Amazon.com Review:

It takes a while before Eileen Reed, a homicide detective in Colorado Springs, makes the connection between an earthquake in a place where earthquakes don't usually happen and a series of other strange events. There's a suicide at a military base and the discovery of the mutilated corpse of a young woman scientist in the Colorado Great Sand Dunes, the locale of the infamous Taos Hum, which is believed by ufologists to be evidence of alien visitations. But once Reed and Dave Rosen, her partner, realize that the suicide was a murder and the victim was connected to a secret project overseen by an ex-senator who may be manipulating the climate to further his own megalomaniacal ambitions, Eileen begins putting the coincidences together.

Eileen is carrying some heavy personal baggage. She's recently killed a criminal who, although he richly deserved it, is still causing her nightmares. She's deep into denial about a series of traumatic events in her childhood that make her unable to trust the man in her life or accept the fact that Alan Baxter, a retired professor who was on his way to meet the slain woman in the dunes, may be her long-lost father and may also be a murderer. When a friend in the CIA tracks down documents involving the construction of an earthquake machine hidden in dusty Pentagon files, and Eileen draws a line between the secret project and information her boyfriend decrypts from the computer of the murdered military man, she uncovers the outlines of a fiendish plot to cause the deaths of thousands of innocent people and pave the way for a political takeover of the U.S. In a thrilling, fast-paced conclusion, she manages to find and disable the device, and in so doing to save the nation as well as solve the mystery of her own origins. Author Bonnie Ramthun evokes the mysterious landscape of the desert Southwest with good descriptive touches and creates characters with interesting backgrounds and more emotional and intellectual texture than is usual in novels on the theme of criminal masterminds bent on world domination. There's even enough science to make the plot seem credible. Earthquake Games is a lively and suspenseful read with a heroine you'll want to meet again. --Jane Adams

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Russia Detains Eight in Hijacking of Ship Arctic Sea

By Paul Abelsky and Diana ben-Aaron

Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Russia’s navy detained eight suspected hijackers of the Maltese-flagged freighter Arctic Sea after a 25-day odyssey that ended in the Cape Verde islands off west Africa, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said.

The eight hijackers are citizens of Estonia, Latvia and Russia, Serdyukov told President Dmitry Medvedev today in comments published on the Kremlin’s Web site. The armed group boarded the Arctic Sea on July 24, then forced the crew to change course toward Africa and to shut down the ship’s navigational equipment, he said. The freighter had been en route from Finland to Algeria.

Russia learned of the Arctic Sea’s location “several days ago” and kept that information secret to give its warship, the Ladny, time to navigate the Cape Verde archipelago and catch the hijackers by surprise, Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the government’s newspaper of record, reported. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization provided logistical support, the newspaper said.

The disappearance of the Arctic Sea, owned by Helsinki- based Oy Solchart Management AB, sparked international speculation about its fate, including a reported sighting at the Spanish port of San Sebastian, a possible second attack off Portugal and a Finnish police report of a ransom demand.

Reported Sightings

Serdyukov said yesterday that Russian forces had found the Arctic Sea and were debriefing its 15 Russian crewmembers. Media including the Financial Times Deutschland had reported sightings of the boat off Cape Verde on Aug. 14.

The freed members of the Russian crew haven’t contacted their families because the investigation is still under way, Russian state television station Vesti reported, citing Sergei Portenko, head of a Russian naval trade union. All 15 sailors were hired in Arkhangelsk near the White Sea, Vesti said.

Estonia has received no information about the arrest of Estonian citizens in the incident, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet told reporters in Tallinn today. Latvia also has no information about its citizens being detained, Foreign Ministry spokesman Gints Serafinovics said.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta said the 98-meter (320-foot) Arctic Sea was hijacked in the Baltic Sea and steered to the Cape Verde area because the waters there are difficult for submarines to navigate. Russia initially planned to involve its submarine fleet, the newspaper said. Radio contact was lost when the freighter was off the coast of Portugal.

Timber Cargo

Defense Ministry spokesman Alexei Kuznetsov said by phone in Moscow today that he couldn’t confirm or deny the Rossiyskaya Gazeta report that NATO cooperated in the investigation. He said the crew was aboard the warship Ladny near Cape Verde and was being questioned. Carmen Romero, a spokeswoman for NATO in Brussels, couldn’t be reached for comment immediately.

The freighter was en route from Finland to Algeria with a cargo of timber valued at 1.3 million euros ($1.8 million). The seller was Rets Timber, a joint venture between Europe’s largest papermaker, Stora Enso Oyj, and UPM-Kymmene Oyj, Kari Naumanen, chief executive officer for Helsinki-based Rets, said by phone today. Most of the lumber came from other companies, he said.

Rets knows “nothing more than what’s public,” and wasn’t contacted by the hijackers, Naumanen said.

Finnish police didn’t contact Rets before going public with their investigation and haven’t shared internal information, he said. “They have not put one single question to us.”

Swedish Attack

The vessel will continue to Algeria to deliver its shipment, which is the property of three importers in Algeria, Naumanen said, declining to identify them. Rets has used Solchart for shipments to Algeria and Egypt for about 13 years, he said.

Swedish police said July 30 that the ship’s Finnish owner reported the vessel was boarded on July 24 in Swedish waters by a group that claimed to be police officers, and allegedly tied up the crew, then fled in an inflatable speedboat, the Associated Press reported.

Finnish investigators have been cooperating in the probe along with Malta and Sweden, Superintendent Rabbe von Hertzen of the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation said.

“At the moment the Russians have a part of the key to the investigation in their hands,” von Hertzen said by phone from Vantaa, Finland. “The jurisdiction in which this case will be pursued is still not known.”

President Medvedev last week ordered Serdyukov to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident and to inform “all interested parties,” including the media, of the results. Russia used satellites and naval vessels, led by the Ladny, to search for the freighter.

To contact the reporters on this story: Paul Abelsky in St. Petersburg at pabelsky@bloomberg.net; Diana ben-Aaron in Helsinki at dbenaaron1@bloomberg.net

Last Updated: August 18, 2009 08:36 EDT
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CIA's Black Helicopters End Up In Court

Source: Wired

More than seven years ago a group of Americans traveled to Siberia to buy a pair of Russian Mi-17 helicopters for the CIA’s post-9/11 clandestine operations in Afghanistan. As with many “black” programs, the contract had elements of craziness: Contracting officials paid the multimillion-dollar contract on a credit card at a local El Paso bar and then used the credit card rebate to redecorate their office; the team traveled under the guise of being private contractors; and the charter crew transporting the group abandoned the team in Russia in the middle of the night.

Ultimately, a five-year investigation into the mission led to the conviction of the Army official in charge and the contractor who bought the helicopters on charges of corruption. The two men, currently in federal prison, are appealing their convictions.

At first glance, it’s a simple case: A few days after returning from Russia, the contractor paid off the second mortgage of the Army official in charge of the mission. Prosecutors argued that the contractor, Maverick Aviation, was unprepared for the mission, and the Army official helped cover up the problems in exchange for a payoff. The defendants at trial were barred from mentioning the CIA, Afghanistan or even 9/11.

In an article for The New York Post, this author looks at what really happened in Siberia based on over two dozen interviews with people involved in the mission and trial. It’s a story, that in some respects, is very different than the portrait painted by the government at trial.

One interesting comparison not mentioned in the article is worth noting in light of recent purchases of Russian helicopters: In 2001, Maverick Aviation was paid $5 million for two freshly overhauled Mi-17s and spare parts, as well as travel and logistics for team of Army/CIA personnel, and got the helicopters out of Russia in under 30 days. In 2008, ARINC, a major U.S. defense contractor, was paid $322 million dollars to buy 22 Russian helicopters under a U.S. foreign military sales contract.

Guess how many helicopters ARINC has delivered to Iraq after 18 months? Zero.

Check out the full story at the New York Post.

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Fed Hiring of Concentration Camp Guards: AD NOW WITHDRAWN!


Would you like a job putting people into concentration camps?

Your government's "help wanted" ads say that you can earn while you learn to be a "Internment / Resettlement Specialist"

Definition of Internment- SEE Wikipedia: Internment
Internment is the imprisonment or confinement[1] of people, commonly in large groups, without trial.

Here was where the Army National Guard had their actual video:



We were particularly interested in the part about bringing in “detainees” to reeducate and return them to productive life! The thought criminal's mind will be cleansed of all unauthorized thoughts. YEAH!

Here is the CURRENT main index of jobs:


At this time a search on this page, for the word Internment, shows no matches.

Here is a discussion of the ad:


Here is where the ACTUAL ad was:


This redirects to jobview.monster.com

This NOW directs to the following message:

"We're Sorry.
This job has been removed from the site and is no longer available for viewing."
Thank the Lord for the internet; shedding the light of day on the building of tyranny before it is too late! A small amount of exposure does a big job.
BUT, please do not assume that they are not still trying. They will just be more careful now. They will just try not to be so obvious.
BUT, they will not be able to undo what we now know. They will not be able to undo what we can now prove about their goals. The "cat is out of the bag". It is too late. THE PLAN HAS BEEN EXPOSED!
Here is the text of ad that they have now withdrawn:
National Guard
Job Title: Corrections Officer – Internment/Resettlement Specialist
  • Company: Army National Guard
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Job Status: Part Time
  • Job Category: Security/Protective Services
  • Career Level: Student (High School)
  • Experience: Less than 1 Year
  • Occupations: Correctional Officer
    Military Combat
    General/Other: Security/Protective Services
National Guard
Job Description

As an Internment/Resettlement Specialist for the Army National Guard, you will ensure the smooth running of military confinement/correctional facility or detention/internment facility, similar to those duties conducted by civilian Corrections Officers. This will require you to know proper procedures and military law; and have the ability to think quickly in high-stress situations. Specific duties may include assisting with supervision and management operations; providing facility security; providing custody, control, supervision, and escort; and counseling individual prisoners in rehabilitative programs.

By joining this specialty, you will develop the skills that will prepare you for a rewarding career with law enforcement agencies or in the private security field.

Earn while you learn

Get paid to learn! In the Army National Guard, you will learn valuable job skills while earning a regular paycheck and qualifying for tuition assistance.

Job training for an Internment/Resettlement Specialist requires approximately 19 weeks of One Station Unit Training, which includes Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training. Part of the training is spent in the classroom and part in the field. Some of the skills you'll learn include military laws and jurisdictions; level of force procedures; unarmed self-defense techniques; police ethics procedures; interpersonal communications skills; close confinement operations; search and restraint procedures; use of firearms; custody and control procedures.


· Paid training

· A monthly paycheck

· Montgomery G.I. Bill

· Up to 100 percent Tuition Assistance for college or vocational training (up to $4,500 per fiscal year, 1 October – 30 September)

· Retirement benefits for part-time service

· Low-cost life insurance (up to $400,000 in coverage)

· 401(k)-type savings plan

· Student Loan Repayment Program (up to $50,000, for existing loans)


· High School Diploma or GED (If you do not have a diploma or GED, you may still apply – ask a recruiter about how the Army National Guard can help you earn your GED.)

· Must be between the ages of 17 and 35

· Must be able to pass a physical exam and meet legal and moral standards

· Must meet citizenship requirements (see http://www.nationalguard.com/monster / for details)


Apparently they were able to get this ad off of their own web page quickly, but as we write, this ad still exists in a few other places:

More copies of the ad:







It is still in the Army Study Guide:





FEMA Concentration Camps Legislation:

National Emergency Centers Establishment Act H.R. 645

Text of H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act
HR 645: Congress Seeks to Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camps

National Guard asked to explain 'internment' jobs
Campaign recruiting for workers at 'civilian resettlement facility'

FEMA camps: Not just for April fools anymore



Undercover FBI agent Larry Grathwohl told us of people whom he described in this way:
"They felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the Southwest, where we would take all of the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them how things were going to be. I asked, well what is going to happen to those people that we can't re-educate that are die-hard capitalists? The reply was that they would have to be eliminated. When I pursued this further they estimated that they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers. When I say eliminate, I mean kill … 25 million people.

I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people. And they were dead serious."


Why does the US Army have regulations for running a concentration camp?
Army Regulation 210-35
Civilian Inmate Labor Program
14 January 2005 Unclassified
This new regulation is dated: 9 December 1997
Chapter 3: Establishing Civilian Inmate Prison Camps on Army Installations
Changing Commands: The Betrayal of America's Military (Paperback) by John F. McManus (autographed copies available)


Gulag Archipelago Excerpt on resisting tyranny


An excerpt from "The Gulag Archipelago" ... on how to resist fascism & tyranny. The lesson that is just as important today as it was half a century ago.

"During an arrest, you think since you are not guilty, how can they arrest you? Why should you run away? And how can you resist right then? After all, you’ll only make your situation worse; you will make it more difficult for them to sort out the mistake.

And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family?

Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?

The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! We did not love freedom enough. Every man always has handy a dozen glib little reasons why he is right not to sacrifice himself."

The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago?


FEMA inquired to where mass graves could be placed in the county and would they accept bodies from elsewhere.

Concentration Camps in USA?

Who believes that this is true? You judge it for yourself.
I did not pass this along because I have no way of verifying that it is true. After the high level of interest that was expressed at the meetup, I have concluded that people should at least have the chance to judge it for themselves. These videos are presented WITHOUT ANY CREDITS BEING GIVEN. These videos are supposedly produced by someone on the inside; who found his OWN NAME on a list of people to be liquidated, and then decided to tell the public. The voice is electronically altered. You judge it for yourself.
Gee, why didn't we see this on TV? (Duh?):
Confession of a CIA Agent about FEMA - Important
FEMA CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Locations and Executive Orders
Visit the concentration camps near you and see what you can learn.
Clinton Evades Question: FEMA Camps
Oliver North Questioned - Rex 84 Exposed During Iran Contra
Unhidden Agendas: Off To Camp FEMA
Concentration Camps being built for U.S citizens
This has happened in many other places.
Of course, "It can't happen here". Right?
Personally, I am not going anywhere.
BUT if I wind up in a concentration camp, I am not going to have to remember a day when I should have done more to defend liberty.
I will save this country or die trying.
My Destiny: Survivor of the Holocaust (Paperback) by Georgia M. Gabor


The Hiding Place (Paperback) by Corrie Ten Boom with John and Elizabeth Sherrill



List of concentration and internment camps:
The Guinness book of world records shows the largest mass killings in the history of man kind to have happened in China, under Mao.
The Guinness book of world records shows the largest slave labor camps to be Russian.
There is always a government shill who is ready to tell us that we should not believe what we see with our own eyes. His usual routine is to tell us that there is something magic about our time, or our location that makes it different from all other times and places. Sometimes he will claim that a new technology makes us safe. Governments are usually ahead of the little people on making use of new technologies.
This happens over and over again, and the main reason that it happens over and over again is because people will not face the simple horrible reality, and deal with it.
People are predisposed to ignore a horrible reality.
Even people who KNOW that this happens over and over again just keep saying "It can't happen here."
This is pure madness, but it is also sometimes the result of clever government propaganda. The government shills will spin the awareness of the people into ignoring the horrible reality.
It does not matter if we are hearing pure madness or clever government propaganda. In either case it is fatal to deal with government shills or ignorant dreamers.
The usual procedure is that ten or twenty stormtroopers take one man, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. If he still has a gun, his gun never comes out, because it happens too fast. He does not even wake the neighbors. Usually he thinks that he will be able to work it out in court.
Since an entire ARMY of stormtroopers focuses on one town at a time,
the next morning thousands of people are gone.
WHOEVER IS LEFT IS SCARED TO DEATH, AND THEY ARE JUST GLAD THAT THEY WERE NOT TAKEN. The people in the next town never know what happened until it is their turn. Communications systems "fail" as soon as it begins.
Increases in technology work to the benefit of tyranny. High tech systems cost too much for the little people, but not too much for government. Ask what is left of the Branch Dravidians in Waco.
At the time that the Feds came to snatch Elian Gonzalez every cell phone stopped working. They can also turn off electricity and come in with night vision equipment. Battery operated strobe lights might be a good purchase. Do not be quiet. Sound an alarm. Wake the neighbors. Loud sirens of security systems, fog horns or bells might be nice.
Tell those people who just keep saying "It can't happen here" to talk with an American Indian or a Japanese American. It has ALREADY happened here.

Watch this video and hear these exact words from Rep Michael Burgess 26th District of Texas:
"Mr. Speaker I understand that we are under martial law, as declared by the Speaker last night!"

Rep. Burgess: Congress under Martial Law to pass banker bailout bill
What we chose to ignore - the plans to suspend the constitution

Foreign Troops Gearing Up for Martial Law In America

How Long Will Americans Stay Apathetic To The Reality

Top Ten Signs Your Country May Be Going Fascist
Naomi Wolf, author of "The End of America"
Billy Vegas - The Militarization of Our Police
The Militarization of Our Police
a somewhat humorous discussion of a serious subject
Ray Taliaferro - Directive 51 Dictator Bush
One spin that is being put forth is the assertion that "martial law" was just a figure of speech. This assertion is that Rep Michael Burgess was referring to martial law under the rules of Congress. Look at the passion of Rep Michael Burgess and see if he could possibly be responding to a "figure of speech", or some of the rules of Congress.
A part of this spin is that the idea that this martial law only applies to the Congress, not to the American people.
Would this really be important if this was true? This is like being told that you are not being killed, BUT you are just having your heart removed.
If you know nothing else about Roman history you know that Caesar left the Senate functioning as a semblance of the old Republic.
The important change was that the only function of the Senator was to do exactly as Caesar said to do.
Notice this:
"The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, selfappointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. "
James Madison
What do we have if the only function of the Senator is to do exactly as Caesar says to do?
Watch the rest of the videos on this message.
You will find a full legal definition including the specific executive orders and statutes,
which provide for martial law over the whole American people.
In this video: What we chose to ignore
You will see YET ANOTHER discussion (in the SENATE) about the plans to suspend the constitution. You will see quite a bit of obfuscation about this using the claim that this subject is "classified". Everything about the creation of tyranny is always "classified".
It is not at all ambiguous.
The Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and a few hundred Executive Orders that are detailed in the videos, were not passed by Pelosi. Pelosi simply invoked these. If you look and see who it was that put these things in place you will know that this has nothing to do with partisan politics. The enabling legislation is all in place.
Watch this one:
directive 51
I thought it was interesting to learn that Hitler had a law that said the same thing, and that Hitler's law was ALSO CALLED directive 51.
By the way: Most dictatorships are created as a "temporary emergency" measure.
Life is temporary.
Martial law is not a piece of paper.
Martial law is not an edict from on high.
Martial law is not possbile unless the people accept it.
Wake the people.
It is not enforceable, just because they say so.
They do not even have the courage to say so openly.
It is "classified" and only being said to the conspirators who are supposed to implement it. The plans to suspend the constitution have always been "classified"
as you can see in the video where Col. is questioned about it:
You may have seen the "Representative John Haller" video that was produced by TheOnion News, (not c-span) and is a very realistic sounding spoof. The Onion is meant to be humor, but if you are not aware of it's logo (a stylized onion) you could believe it to be real, as they try to mirror the craziness that is happening in society.
A REAL video from the congressional cross examination of Col. Oliver North is provided here.
In Cold Blood: The Communist Conquest of Afghanistan (Paperback) by Abdul Halim Sham


By the way, this may scare a few people. I have actually heard people say that this is a reason for which we should not tell them.

Picture this:
You are a German citizen in the late1930's or early forties,
under Hitler's reign.
Most people do not have a clue about what is coming,
and spend all available time in silly amusements.
may ALREADY be wondering if it is too late.
The Department of Homeland Security already has the power to oppress you
in the name of protecting the Fatherland
Can you really picture it?
Need we say more?
The watchman on the wall
Ezekiel 33
Ezekiel a Watchman
1 The word of the LORD came to me:
2 "Son of man, speak to your countrymen and say to them:
'When I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman,
3 and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet
to warn the people,
4 then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not take warning and the sword
comes and takes his life, his blood will be on his own head.
5 Since he heard the sound of the trumpet but did not take warning, his blood will be on his own head. If he had taken warning, he would have saved himself.
6 But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet to warn the people and the sword comes and takes the life of one of them, that man will be taken away because of his sin, but I will hold the watchman accountable for his blood.'
Imagine this scenario:
Two watchman on the wall lookout across the horizon and see a massive army approaching. One grabs the trumpet and raises it to his lips to warn the people. The other says:
"Now, wait a minute. If you blow that trumpet you are going to scare a lot of people. The people are asleep now. Would it not be better to let them sleep peacefully until this army is actually inside the city killing people, and setting the city on fire? The people are not ready to hear about this yet. This army has not killed anyone yet. Have they? What can the people do about that army anyway? I think it would be better if we just organize a study club to debate about the issues.
Adolf Hitler killed 6 million. There are 300 million Americans. If you fail to warn the American people you will have more blood on your head the Hitler. Life is short. Eternity is not.
"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." --- Henry David Thoreau
The FEMA Leadership is shown as the FEMA web page at
It is as follows:

FEMA Regional Administrators:

If you suddenly stop hearing from me,
you may assume that the "Thought Police" have come for me.
When I emerge from the "Ministry of Love",
I may be uttering strange confessions.
These strange confessions will be nothing more than the creative writing of the "Thought Police" written on the shell of human frailty.
Brothers and Sisters!
Welcome to The New World Order!
If you do not understand these terms

Older BBC Version:

What you see in this message:
1. The US Army National Guard's help wanted ad for "Internment / Resettlement Specialists" in text.
2. Definition of Internment- imprisonment or confinement[1] of people, commonly in large groups, without trial.
3.The US Army's regulation's for managing a concentration camp right from the US Army's own web site.
4. Videos of some of the Foreign Troops that are already here.
5. Videos of a few of the concentration camp's that have already been built.
6. Video of Undercover FBI agent Larry Grathwohl telling how he sat in on the meeting discussing liquidation (Internment Resettlement) of Americans in "re-education camps".
7. Videos before the House and Senate showing testimony on the plans to declare martial law.
8. HR 645: To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camps right from the federal site

Are you looking for a book about defending liberty?

Many rare and out of print books are still available.
Look here:
Then look here:
Visit the ultimate resource for defending liberty


1. Links to liberty defending organizations
2. Links to liberty defending web pages
3. Links to A MASSIVE assortment of liberty defending videos
4. A stream lined system for contacting legislators with suggested letters
5. Links to liberty defending egroups
6. Links to magazines, literature and other materials
Censorship of these kind of links is rampant. Adding spaces is the usual method.
If the link is not clickable try pasting it into the address bar.
Remove extra spaces if need be.
Or try clicking on the link as it appears in the blog at:
Surf the REST of the blog while you are there.
Oppression of expression is confession
When I started sending this out it was for comments, and I had doubts about it.
The INTENSE efforts at censorship have removed all of those doubts.
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Report: militia activity on the rise in US

Christian Science Monitor - Arthur Bright - ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
Right-wing militia groups are on the rise in the United States after nearly a decade of obscurity, according to a new report from the ...

Extremist militias on the rise in US

Hindustan Times - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
The number of extremist militias are on the rise again in the United States, according to a new report. Fifty new right-wing militia training groups have ...

Report Says Militia Groups on the Rise in US

Voice of America - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
By VOA News A US legal organization says right-wing militia groups with anti-government agendas are regrouping across the country and growing rapidly. ...

Conservative Groups Dismiss Report on Rise of Militias

FOXNews - Judson Berger - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
Right-leaning groups say the evidence of a distinct rise in militia-type activity is spotty and that the Southern Poverty Law Center is unfairly lumping ...
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Blackman carries assault rifle to Obama protest...


Video Click the play button on the video window to the see the story

PHOENIX -- President Barack Obama criticized the defense industry and a free-spending Congress during a speech in downtown Phoenix Monday.

In a speech to tens of thousands at the National Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention, the president told veterans our tax dollars were being wasted like America was still in the Cold War.

Read the FULL text of the speech

See the FULL video of his speech

His speech, in the convention center in downtown Phoenix, was respectfully received by the veterans, who frequently interrupted him with polite applause.

Outside the Phoenix Convention Center, protesters held signs against Obama's health care proposals while others are calling for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

One protester who didn't want to give his name was walking around with a rifle in full view.

One protester who didn't want to give his name was walking around with a rifle – in full view.

"I'm exercising my right as an American in Arizona," he said. "I'm actually totally against healthcare in this way, in this manner, stealing it from people. I don't think that's appropriate."

The man also carried a hand gun on his hip and a round of ammunition in his back pocket, all completely legal.

He said he's fighting both health care and his right to carry a firearm in public.

"I come from another state where open carry is legal, but no one does it, so police don't really know about it, and they harass people and arrest people falsely," he said. "In America, people have the ability to fight back and resist."


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NASA Wants To Move The Earth


UNO UPDATE: NASA engineers and American astronomers are working on a plan to use comets and asteroids to nudge our planet out of its orbit.


UNO UPDATE: Does Meteor Spashdown cause 9.0 Earthqauke and Tsunami?

4 UNO UPDATE PART DUO: Does Meteor Spashdown cause 9.0 Earthqauke and Tsunami?

And when worlds collide said George Pal to his bride… More here on this recent planetary collision.

Move the planet… now I heard everything

Scientists have found an unusual way to prevent our planet overheating: move it to a cooler spot.

All you have to do is hurtle a few comets at Earth, and its orbit will be altered. Our world will then be sent spinning into a safer, colder part of the solar system.

This startling idea of improving our interplanetary neighbourhood is the brainchild of a group of Nasa engineers and American astronomers who say their plan could add another six billion years to the useful lifetime of our planet – effectively doubling its working life.

‘The technology is not at all far-fetched,’ said Dr Greg Laughlin, of the Nasa Ames Research Center in California. ‘It involves the same techniques that people now suggest could be used to deflect asteroids or comets heading towards Earth. We don’t need raw power to move Earth, we just require delicacy of planning and manoeuvring.’

The plan put forward by Dr Laughlin, and his colleagues Don Korycansky and Fred Adams, involves carefully directing a comet or asteroid so that it sweeps close past our planet and transfers some of its gravitational energy to Earth.

‘Earth’s orbital speed would increase as a result and we would move to a higher orbit away from the Sun,’ Laughlin said.

Engineers would then direct their comet so that it passed close to Jupiter or Saturn, where the reverse process would occur. It would pick up energy from one of these giant planets. Later its orbit would bring it back to Earth, and the process would be repeated.

In the short term, the plan provides an ideal solution to global warming, although the team was actually concerned with a more drastic danger. The sun is destined to heat up in about a billion years and so ’seriously compromise’ our biosphere – by frying us.

Hence the group’s decision to try to save Earth. ‘All you have to do is strap a chemical rocket to an asteroid or comet and fire it at just the right time,’ added Laughlin. ‘It is basic rocket science.’

The plan has one or two worrying aspects, however. For a start, space engineers would have to be very careful about how they directed their asteroid or comet towards Earth. The slightest miscalculation in orbit could fire it straight at Earth – with devastating consequences.

It is a point acknowledged by the group. ‘The collision of a 100-kilometre diameter object with the Earth at cosmic velocity would sterilise the biosphere most effectively, at least to the level of bacteria,’ they state in a paper in Astrophysics and Space Science. ‘The danger cannot be overemphasised.’

There is also the vexed question of the Moon. As the current issue of Scientific American points out, if Earth was pushed out of its current position it is ‘most likely the Moon would be stripped away from Earth,’ it states, radically upsetting out planet’s climate.

These criticisms are accepted by the scientists. ‘Our investigation has shown just how delicately Earth is poised within the solar system,’ Laughlin admitted. ‘Nevertheless, our work has practical implications. Our calculations show that to get Earth to a safer, distant orbit, it would have to pass through unstable zones and would need careful nurturing and nudging. Any alien astronomers observing our solar system would know that something odd had occurred, and would realise an intelligent lifeform was responsible.

‘And the same goes for us. When we look at other solar systems, and detect planets around other suns – which we are now beginning to do – we may see that planet-moving has occurred. It will give us our first evidence of the handiwork of extraterrestrial beings.’


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Zombie ants controlled by fungus

msnbc.com - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
In a bizarre parasitic death sentence, a fungus turns carpenter ants into the walking dead and gets them to die in a spot that's perfect for the fungus to ...

Brain-jacking fungus turns living victims into 'zombies'

Register - Lewis Page - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Scientists say they have discovered a horrific flesh-eating fungus which is able to infect living creatures and ...

Fungus Learns to Control Ants Through 'Zombification' The insects ...

Softpedia - Tudor Vieru - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Naturalists and biologists were amazed at the discovery of one of the most dangerous, invasive and subversive species of ...

Parasitic Fungus Turns Carpenter Ants Into Its Own Personal Zombie ...

io9 - Stephen Goldmeier - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
By Stephen Goldmeier , 3:30 PM on Wed Aug 12 2009, 3809 views Scientists have discovered a fungus in Thailand that takes over ant brains, compelling them to ...

Parasite manipulates 'zombie ants' to die in an ideal place

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Kim McGuire - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
A recently published study provides new details about how a fungal parasite infects carpenter ants and manipulates them to do their bidding. ...

Parasite Causes Zombie Ants To Die In An Ideal Spot

Science Daily (press release) - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
ScienceDaily (Aug. 13, 2009) — A study in the September issue of The American Naturalist describes new details about a fungal parasite that coerces ants ...

Parasite steers zombie ants to the perfect spot to die

Examiner.com - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
There is little doubt that parasites are among the most intelligent infections a being can acquire. But scientists are still learning just how specifically ...


Fungal parasite grows by causing ants to die in the right spot

Newstrack India - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Washington, August 12 (ANI): Harvard University researchers found that a fungal parasite causes ants into dying in just the right spot-one that is ideal for ...

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