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Notice the Chinese Riot Squad Troops in Mexico?

One Snake to Rule them all.


WHO fears complications if HIV and H1N1 viruses combine...

Bob Chapman's commentary on the Truth Movement

The Truth Movement has become a real thorn in the side of the Illuminati. So many people are now finally catching on to their sinister plans that their usual strategies are not working. The facts and predictions divulged to the public via the Truth Movement have proved to be too accurate for the Illuminati to counter with their usual bogus rhetoric because no one believes them anymore. The public, via the elitist-controlled fane-stream media, has listened to Illuminist marionettes, Buck-Busting Ben Bernanke, Hanky Panky Paulson, Caligula (Bush, Jr.), Dead-Eye Dick Cheney, and now our "beloved" Emperor Romulus Augustulus (Obama) and Tiny Tim Geithner, continue to lie to them pathologically, make ridiculous predictions that never come true and regale us with inane platitudes and silly pep talks about things like "hope," "change," "we see signs of improvement" and "recovery is just around the corner," when they know darn well that not only are things getting worse, these miscreants are doing everything they can to intentionally make matters worse by order of the Puppet Masters.

People have caught on to the fact that the economic statistics produced by our government and its various agencies have no basis in reality, and that most of the so-called economists, shills, pundits and moronic talking heads on the fane-stream media are almost always wrong because being right means a trip to the unemployment lines, which are growing ever larger by the minute. So the sheople are now finally starting to look to the people who have demonstrated more accuracy and integrity, and who are still miraculously given coverage by the fane-stream media, such as Jimmy Rogers, Peter Schiff, Michael Hudson, Joseph Stiglitz, Rick Santelli, Meredith Whitney and Elizabeth Warren, to name but a few. These people are becoming virtual folk heroes because they are among the few people given wider coverage by the media who can still be looked to for some reasonable answers and explanations.

The Illuminati now basically have three ways by which they attempt to discredit the Truth Movement, the third having been added recently because the first two have more or less fizzled out as the public wises up.

The first strategy to discredit the Truth Movement is to simply make direct attacks on the people getting the truth out and on the message they are disseminating. This is done by putting their professional Illuminist mouthpieces on media presentations to refute what the Truth Movement is asserting while they dig up dirt on the speakers for purposes of orchestrating character assassinations. This is not working by the simple fact that most assertions by the Truth Movement have proved to be true while those of the Illuminist mouthpieces have proved to be false. The character assassinations don't work when the assertions of the speaker being attacked turn out to be true and the character assassins turn out to be the ones who are lacking in integrity. It is like the pot trying to call the kettle black when the kettle is made of stainless steel.

The second strategy is one where the Illuminati attempt to associate the facts and assertions of the Truth Movement with government operatives and disinformation specialists who are either media hosts or guests and who intentionally espouse crazy theories about things like space aliens, pseudo-science and New Age drivel. These operatives mix crackpot theories with real "conspiracy theories" which we all know to be true. As an example, they will talk about space aliens, and then move on to the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve and the New World Order. The idea is to make it look like only crackpots wearing tinfoil hats and who also believe in Martians could ascribe to these ridiculous "conspiracy theories." These media hosts and guests are well paid via handsome salaries, off-shore bank accounts, generous advertising contracts and all the airtime and coverage they could hope for, while they also cash in on web site advertisements, books, tapes, CD's and other items related to their shows. Many of the so-called "callers" on these shows are also government "plants" who are used to "innocently" raise certain issues, which their host-operatives want to elicit. The Internet is now so loaded with these masters of misdirection that you can hardly believe any of the content anymore. That is why you need the IF, to help you separate the truth from the fiction. But once again, because the so-called "conspiracy theorists," like us, are having their assertions confirmed so often now, people are able to separate the truth from the quackery. The fiendish Illuminati went overboard with this strategy, and it has now back-fired on them because it is so blatant and obvious and the goofball theories being mixed with legitimate theories are simply over-the-top.

The third strategy is relatively new and shows how desperate the Illuminati are now. Their pathological lies have largely been exposed, so they have no alternative now but to try to hijack the Truth Movement and make it their own. They are now using certain elements of the fane-stream media, such as its so-called "conservative" talk-show hosts, who are really liberal socialists and fascists playacting as conservatives, to embrace certain elements of the Truth Movement, while watering it down, leaving out salient facts and then injecting it with enough kernels of disinformation to throw people off track so they can't get to the bottom of who is really behind all of this. They will be coming up with all sorts of scapegoats now, just watch and see, who they will blame for all the problems predicted by the Truth Movement. People like Buffett and Cramer have already been doing this to some degree, trying to give you insights similar to what the Truth Movement is asserting, but that are usually somewhat off the mark to throw you off track, which they use to manipulate non-insiders so that the PPT and Illuminist insiders are able to enlist their sheople-sucker- dupe-investors to move the markets around in whatever direction suits them at the time.
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International Military Force Lands on Florida Beach

“Our country is involved in many international operations involving the United Nations, that are joint operations,” explained Uruguayan Rear Admiral Oscar Debali. “Joint operations are the operations of the future.” The U.S. military is also involved in “international operations” under the United Nations, despite the fact that the UN is dominated by dictators, leaders hostile to U.S. interests, and other assorted undesirables. Ecuador, for example, which participated in this year’s UNITAS, has been accused by its former foreign minister of aiding leftist-terrorist groups in Latin America. It is also in the process of what its president calls a “Socialist Revolution.”

Holding these multi-million-dollar "multinational" training exercises is not only a waste of money, it’s dangerous. Training foreign militaries — especially ones with track-records like Mexico and other Latin American countries — will not help our “security.” Allowing these nations’ armed forces to witness how the U.S. military operates doesn’t make much sense either.
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This is a story I am copying and pasting from my email today about claudia who is leaking out this story to our 'Campaign for Liberty' team.

I told you this is all about money and the power which comes with it. Let me give you one good very recent example, before I end this for today: CCA (known as Marion County Jail II), had a sewage problem, just the day before yesterday. Instead of calling in professionals, at a cost of perhaps close to $1000, they ordered the inmates (most have not been found guilty of any crime) to go into the hole where raw sewage was overflowing. The inmates were forced to clean up the waste from humans as it poured out of the pipes. No one wore protective clothing and no one had special equipment. The inmates were told it was against the law, so they had better tell no one or they would get into big trouble. Can anyone imagine the disease causing possibilities inherent in such an unprotected task? Tim was very sick after the disgusting job. The corporation saves money at the cost of the health of the prisoners. I dare not suggest that the

International Red Cross visit this prison/jail. They and the likes of the ACLU are far more concerned with the rights of those who now inhabit GITMO.

Watch this story about Tim Treacy and the Indianapolis Corruption show 1 pt1 show 1 pt2 show 1 pt3 show 1 pt4

First of all,as a member myself, I wish to thank those of you who have felt the indignation as I have. I only have one issue to clarify. This story actually began in 2005 when 9 Indianapolis Police Officers broke into my son's home without a warrant. There were witnesses.

The sewage shoveling event occurred during Timothy's incarceration in CCA, the private jail, sometime during the summer of 2007. I believe this event is even the subject of a lawsuit in which CCA nurses do mention having to walk in sewage. The event is documented.

Our ordeal spans over two years. I have documented EVERYTHING. I have recordings. I contacted the Police Complaint Center and Leslie Sourwine, the Administrative Services Director has taken a personal interest in this story. Presently, she is working to send a new complaint to our new Department of Justice in Washington, as well as to Senator Patrick Leahy, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. She will ask for an investigation of judges and the prosecutor's office here in Indianapolis. After being present in several court situations, I am able to state more that one judge is involved in conspiracy. I am personally familiar with several cases where total innocents are sent to jail and then to prison. One man, Armand Robinson,Jr. , who is also an American Patriot was given 50 years in prison based on fake evidence and false testimony by police. His Motion for Speedy Trial was thrown out of the court, because they knew they had gone too far. I have never met the man, but have tried to assist him and others through the mail. I personally filed the Speedy Trial Motion which he wrote and mailed to me after the judge in his case refused to accept it in court. Arman Robinbson, Jr. is the son of Armand Robinson, Sr., a former Indianapolis Policeman who sucessfully sued the City of Indianapolis in Federal Court.

My son's case has been to the U.S. Appeals Court in Chicago. This was an appeal on the District Court's refusal do do anything. Tim's case was dismissed on a technicality. He failed to respond in a timely manner. Why? The private jail (CCA) actually stole his mail and we can prove that statement. They also said he failed to exhaust state remedies. There are none. I have tried everything imaginable. I tried the Indiana Supreme Court. I was told Indiana does not have Habeas Corpus.

On Monday 4/27/09 I filed a new Petition of Writ of Habeas Corpus in Federal Court. This was also an emergency request. OK. Today is 4/03/09 and I have thus far seen no response. There is no way I can detail everything we have done here in an email. I am pasting below a letter I wrote in June 2007 to Judge Reuben B. Hill. At that time I was hopeful that the judge was not crooked. I am sad to report that after two years of experience, I know he is a crooked judge. These devils are conspiring with the prosecutor's office to incarcerate innocent men and women for their own gain. Officials inside the jail work with them to make their rapacious greed a certain reality.

If they want someones house, their money, their inheritance, or if there is just a grudge, the IMPD (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department) work with them to arrest anyone they might want to pick up. I have seen people arrested in the court room for nothing. I have been arrested for the crime of actually going into the Court F18 office at the request of the Federal Court to ask for a Certified Copy of the Court Docket.

My son's home has been literally stolen from him in a fraudulent foreclosure scheme. He was NEVER allowed to be heard in court. Filings into the case were thrown into the garbage right in front of my eyes. An ex parte hearing was held to falsely re-arrest my son on trumped up charges. He sits in jail again now after being arrested on 4/7/09 for failing a Urine Analysis on 2/17/09. A private test done at the suggestion of the probation officer, proves that the 2/17/09 state run testing was inaccurate. Tim is also being tested by EMS (Electronic Monitoring Services), a private company owned by a friend of the judge. Although they have tried to violate Tim, their efforts to do so failed miserably and have actually backfired.Tim is currently being threatened with incarceration for his failure to pay the $1200+ bill from EMS. I am told there is no debtor's prison and this is "not a debt, but a bill." It is a crime not to pay a "bill."

Tim has no job to speak of. He had been helping my husband with his work. No one could possibly hold any Job under such circumstances. He was on an electronic monitoring device. The constant and "random" drug tests would cause anyone to be fired. Tim has no car and no transportation except his parents. A 32 year old man does not wish to depend upon his parents. The court has declared Tim is "not indigent." If a man owns nothing, has a discharged Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, has no job, has spent the better part of two years locked up in jail, how can be be anything other than "indigent?" Tim did not have an attorney. Judge Reuben Hill demanded in court, with many witnesses, that Tim hire a private attorney or be locked away in a mental institution. Tim pointed out to the judge that he had already passed one insanity test. "This time" the judge said, "I will be able to control the results."

So now we (parents) are are being so totally bankrupt ourselves. The attorney is not acting in Tim's interest. Someone has appointed a retired judge, Evan Goodman, to hear these cases. On 4/29/09 the prosecutor, Christopher Gilley, walked into the court and stated "Everyone in here is insane." I gladly pointed out to Mr. Gilley that he was also "in here." (This is about Sovereignty now. We have been told our "theories" of law are invalid and that we are insane.) Tim's attorney allowed the prosecutor to accuse Tim of a string of crimes in open court. All statements were downright lies, yet there was no objection from his attorney. The judge finally said "over-ruled" thus implying an objection. The rest of us, including Tim had been non-verbally indicating our objections.

Tim was to go to court on 4/24/09 for the probation violation. He has had over 40 pre-trial conferences. He was hauled into court on 4/08/09 after not being allowed a phone call. The probation hearing was already scheduled for 4/23/09 as stated on the probation violation report dated 4/7/09. Tim was supposed to go to trial on 4/23/09, but that was canceled. Then, Tim was told he was to appear in court for the probation hearing at 9 am 4//29/09. Several friends and I were about to leave for the court when we received a call from his counselor in CCA...a very nice man. He told me Tim was not taken to the court for the hearing. Shortly thereafter Tim did call me to tell me he was re-scheduled for court that afternoon instead.

A good friend and I decided to appear in court for the 9 am "show," I wanted to see if his attorney showed. He did not. That tells me he knew what was going on. He never called me to tell me. Calls to him during the day, went unanswered. On the court bulletin board was a notice of a hearing for Tim was set for 1:30 THAT AFTERNOON. There were no other cases to be heard. Tim's case was the only one set for court. No one expected us to be there. God was with us. Six of us, including God, my husband and I were there. The court officials were in shock as we could see by their faces. Tim's attorney did not arrive until nearly 2 pm. It was a kangaroo court. Even though we had evidence the state falsified the UA, the prosecutor who has no proof at all, would not accept the tests we had. He said they needed to be CERTIFIED. Tim was locked up until 5/20/09 when he goes back to court once again.

I want everyone to know that this is a FULL TIME JOB. In addition, the state had obviously sent a man to supposedly help us. The man, who calls himself Scott Bodley, conned all of us into allowing him to live in Tim's home. Then he stole my car. The police will not make a report. Once I was given a police report number, but after I received notice that my license plate was seen in Florida, and that I was required to pay a fine, I sent them an affidavit of the circumstances. Florida asked for the police report, so I thought I would get it. I discovered the police report was not made and every effort I have made to contact the police department has ended in a dead end.

I paste the letter to the judge below: I do this because it really sets the stage for what was to come during the last two years of nightmarish events:

The Honorable Judge Reuben Hill

Criminal Court 18

Marion County


Judge Hill:

Since I was unable to complete my letter to you, I will now attempt completion. Let me apologize if this appears disorganized. I have too many facts in my head and am trying to sort them out and state as few as possible. I am doing this at the last minute as a courtesy to you. The facts are even more complicated than I have attempted to write as follows:

My intent is to give you facts. I was in the court office at the request of my son. He had asked me to fire his attorney. It had become apparent to Timothy that his lawyer had failed to represent him properly. It was not until we discovered the attorney was himself on probation that we understood what was happening. You will find a request in your file to have James R. Recker removed from the case. I also attach a power of attorney given to me by my son on his behalf.

I am not making any allegations here. Let it be sufficient here for me to state there are too many facts in these cases before your court which do not “add up” to anything good. Timothy’s problems began with the theft of $1500 in cash. I was on the other end of the telephone. He was very scared. He told me the police stole his money, while he was evidently being driven around in the police car. Both my husband and I heard the officer tell my son he was at the intersection of Washington and State Streets…only three miles from my son’s home. My husband even left home in the middle of the night, to go to the intersection, because we knew something was very wrong.

An hour later I was still on the phone with Tim and I did not like what I heard. There is no way Tim could have been at 30th and Martin Luther King Drive. Even the wrecker statement is suspect. There is no way the trip could be made to Speedway in seven minutes. I ask why an underage passenger was placed in Tim’s car. The allegation later showed up. There was no passenger period and the prosecutor and the police have no passenger. There is also a phantom passenger in the car at the incident on April 21st. Why was a State Trooper from the Putnamville Post in downtown Indianapolis at that time of the morning, and with a young woman? Even at that time, the place of arrest seems to be in dispute. I was given one location by the State and another by the Indianapolis Metro Police. In addition, I was told my son’s money from his job was in the property room in the City-County Building. When I went to get it, there was no record…just like there is no record of the arrest…just the probable cause affidavit. My son is accused of having marijuana, which he did not have and for which there is no lab report. Please allow me to point out that Tim did pass his drug test in March. I went to the State Police office in the State Office building and I did not like what I found there either. No one has an automatic telephone line to Putnumville. Why is it the “lady of the evening” who has been attempting to destroy my son’s life is from Putnam county? Why is it she has cashed two checks for which she has recently given my son’s address? The checks total $2400. She knows Tim is in jail, so she can use his address. She does not live there. She lives in Zionsville now.

I wish to know why someone broke into my son’s home immediately after his last arrest. Even the police officer who came to make the report, said to me the burglary was not about theft, but about sending a message. Someone smashed the fence to get into his home. Someone demolished the electric meter to prevent the alarm from sounding. Someone demolished the back door to get into Tim’s home. When they got inside the home, whoever was responsible for the crime, set about to wreck my son’s home. His dogs were let loose. We found two the day of the burglary. The last dog was discovered at the pound a week later. Timmy has valuable items inside. The only item “stolen” was a television. Tim is a musician. He owns several costly musical instruments and sound equipment. None of that was touched. I wish to know why Mr. Recker came to visit my son at his home shortly before the last arrest. I know of no lawyers who make house calls…but the attorneys I know have offices. Also, when my husband went to pick up Tim’s car on March 3, 2007, the car had sustained damages which were not present when Tim had visit us at our home earlier that same evening. It appeared someone had taken a hammer to the passenger’s side of the car. I have photos. The damage could not have been caused by Tim running into anything. I might add here the car belongs to my husband.

Why is it on May 16th my daughter, who was at my son’s home feeding his dogs, was scared half out of her wits by someone on a bicycle, with a gun, a badge, and a microphone, pretending to repair a bicycle? Why am I being followed? Why did someone attempt to block my way on a road, while another SUV followed me from the rear? Why was I nearly run off the road in broad daylight on Meridian Street, as I headed down to the court? My telephone company told me my phone was “bugged.” Stranger than all is the behavior of this Mr. Recker, who says he is a lawyer. What a letter he writes to my son and sends it to his home when he knows my son is in jail. As I stated in my previous note to you, the man evidently has no office. Even Timothy tells me Mr. Recker met him in Broadripple at Kinko’s. He lied to me about his office phone. I was downtown and called to see if I could drop by his office. When he answered his office telephone, he told me he was in his car heading home. Timothy and I have paid him a total of $2800. He told me he filed several motions. I see no evidence of any motions. I can understand his reluctance to communicate on a daily basis, but two phone calls in six weeks or more is ridiculous. I received one email from him. He asked for information about the lady of the evening. Mr. Recker said his brother was going to investigate. This man’s behavior is not the behavior of an attorney. He is not representing my son and he never did. A lawyer friend called the court before Tim’s last court date. He was told Timothy was represented by a court appointed attorney. At that time, Mr. Recker’s name was not on the record.

Please allow me to point out one very serious issue. On May 24, 2007, after having returned from my oldest daughter’s wedding in Seattle, I had to pay $200 to another attorney just to get the court’s records. Until that time, neither my son, Timothy, or I, had any idea WHY he was in jail, or the charges he was facing. It was on May 24, 2007, that it became very clear Mr. Recker had been compromised. Timothy went to court on May 16th. My oldest daughter, Nina, was present. Unfortunately, due to the wedding, my husband and I could not be in court. My daughter, Nina, remained in Indianapolis, so that a family member could view the legal process as it related to Timothy. To assist Nina, my husband and I took Nina’s eleven month old son (our grandson) with us. On that day in court, the prosecutor and Mr. Recker were given two weeks to further consider the cases before the court. Mr. Recker asked for a month. My daughter tells me it was you, The Honorable Judge Hill, who scheduled court on May 30th. My daughter approached Mr. Recker at that time. Mr. Recker told Nina he would be visiting Tim in jail later that day. The visit never occurred. Mr. Recker did not visit my son in jail until AFTER my first visit to the court office…after I had written my first letter to you at the suggestion of court personnel. Many emails and telephone calls were made to Mr. Recker, for the purpose of determining what was happening with my son. He knew how stressed we were to be unable to remain in Indianapolis and be present in court. What should have been a joyous occasion for our entire family, turned into an extremely stressful nightmare. Any human being with a scintilla of moral fiber would have taken even a few minutes to send an email, if a telephone call were not possible. I had let him know I had taken my computer with me. When Mr. Recker finally visited Timothy in jail, he came with some plea agreement, which he said the prosecutor had most likely forgotten. He told Timothy he should sign it or go to the D.O.C. for a long time. Tim’s reaction was not to sign or admit to something he did not do. Mr. Recker told my son he would return to see him on Memorial Day. He never made that visit. Tim had told Mr. Recker he no longer wanted to be represented by him. Still, Mr. Recker attempted to convince my son there was “no way out.” Frankly, I am amazed at how my son has handled his incarceration. I would not be able to remain so calm. He is losing ALL for which he has worked. My husband, who has tried not to allow this to get to him, was in court on May 30th. He was extremely angered at what he saw before him that morning. This case is about something more than we know. The defendants who appeared that day were treated differently than my son. They were given respect. One young man had broken probation and had even failed to show for his drug test. He was out of jail. When my son’s turn came, the prosecutor stood up to say “We do not do that in this court room.” I might have quoted in slight error, but that is what I heard. Tim was to return in two weeks. To this day, we know nothing more, except Tim and I had a three way telephone conversation with Mr. Recker, He promised to see Tim in jail the next day. He also promised to call me. Neither promise was kept. He never addressed the fact he had been dismissed as Tim’s counsel.

Then there is the bond woman. That is a whole story in itself. The “lady of the night,” by phone, attempted to coerce me to post Tim’s bond the Thursday of April 26th. I won’t go into the entire story, because I am tired and it is very late, BUT if I had done as she asked, the bond woman would have been correct in her demand to keep my $5000. She never thought I would check the time the additional charges were added to Tim’s rap sheet. The woman lied to me. The charges were added at 4:41 PM, if I recall correctly, on the day before I posted bond. What was this all about?

I won’t even go into the previous charge. Tim did have passengers…of age passengers…and accordingly the police tried to run them off the road. I do know Tim’s Constitutional rights have been severely violated. I do know the Constitution of the United States of America and the INDIANA Constitution. I carry copies with me at all times. That is another story and that will come later. Right now my son is being treated in a threatening manner. He was told he could visit the law library today. He was denied that right and then he was unjustly treated by a guard in the jail. He was cruelly forced into a cell because he wanted to work in shoes and not slippers. He is not even being given the mail I send him. I do believe something is wrong here. He is being denied all aspects of the real law. The legal system is about greed power and arrogance. The system cares not for the human being. It is a sad case when our leaders are allowed to commit heinous crimes while those who try to seek to earn a living (instead of stealing one) are made into slaves by those who do not speak for God.

I write all this so you will know why we are demanding the real law be strictly followed. The Constitution of the United States of America is still in force until President Bush carries out his further plans. Until that time, we are Sovereign. The STATE OF INDIANA is only a corporation. Our legislators have”legislated” the office of “person.” My son is a human being and by real law, a person and a human being are not one in the same. This is no joke, as some would like to believe. We now turn to truth and the true law. Mr. Recker states in his letter no one would believe a conspiracy. There is one, but I do not know who is behind it. A man in your office suggested I may be paranoid. If paranoia is the ability to put seemingly unrelated facts together to come to a conclusion, then yes, I am paranoid. My conclusion is I smell several rats.

This morning, June 5, 2007, I received my second email from Mr. Recker. I am attaching this email and a copy of his letter to Tim, which was mailed to his home last week. In the email he refers to the agreements he wants Tim to sign. (Also attached to his letter is my son’s power of attorney.)When I approached Mr. Recker in court on May 30th, he became very angry. We went into the hall to speak. I asked him why he failed to keep his promise to visit Tim; he told me all deals were off the table. Now we have more deals. Tim refuses to sign anything where he admits to any act he did not do. He has sent a hand written note to the court to advise them he has fired Mr. Recker. The mail I send to the jail does not get to Tim. I question if out-going mail has a similar fate. The “legal system” has failed my son. Up until now, I have let my son live his own life. I have made suggestions which his has ignored. That is his right. Truth is truth and there is only one version of the truth. I have attempted to refrain from making too many judgments in this letter. I will end this letter to you with some of my favorite quotes:

It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. - Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia – 1787

History is full of people who out of fear, or ignorance, or lust for power has destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all. We must not let it happen again. - Carl Sagan, Cosmos

Reason and free inquiry are the only effectual agents against error... They are the natural enemies of error, and of error only... If [free enquiry] be restrained now, the present corruptions will be protected, and new ones encouraged. - Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia, 1782.

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be ... The People cannot be safe without information. When the press is free, and every man is able to read, all is safe. - Thomas Jefferson

All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; Second, it is violently opposed; and Third, it is accepted as self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer


Claudia Beck Treacy

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Claudia Beck Treacy said...

All I can write at this time is "thank you" to whomever had the courage and the insight to realize that LIGHT and LOVE (by any name) is all we have left in our country at this juncture. This is all we need if we all unite as one. WE should forget the false differences the slave masters have forever attempted to insure that we never forget. WE ARE ALL ONE. Eventually, the 100th Monkey theory will proved to be correct. We WILL together overcome evil.

With Universal Love and Light,

Claudia Treacy