Thursday, April 30, 2009

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just a feeling..? If...?...-->
The #1 archaeologist in Mexico and Central America is/was...
archaeologist Felipe Solis...
was infested by new flu/virus...
Q.---> Did he visit site ?
Q.--->Have anybody else from that site ...Sick ?
KEY----> SEE:....from 1:00---> 1:07
( animals...put into graves)...

This reminds me a nanobot mini nuclear time bomb too me....

This area needs to be sealed-off ASAP!!!
and tested...checked...ASAP!
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Obama Security Agent Has Suspected Case of Swine Flu
30 Apr 2009 An Energy Department employee who was part of the advance team for President Obama's recent trip to Mexico is suspected of having contracted the swine flu virus and transmitting it to his family in Anne Arundel County, the White House said today. The man is on the security staff of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who traveled with Obama to Mexico on April 16.

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Swine flu virus traced back to Mexico pig farm

SWINE FLU: The outbreak of the deadly virus has been traced to a Meixcan farm.

The swine flu outbreak has been traced back to a pig farm in Mexico. The first known case of the virus emerged a fortnight earlier than previously thought in a village called La Gloria, where residents have long complained about the smell and flies from a nearby pig farm. Locals in the community of 3,000 believe their town is ground zero for the swine flu epidemic, even if health officials aren't saying so. More than 450 residents say they're suffering from respiratory
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Flying pigs, Tamiflu and factory farms

If we are to believe what our trusted international media report, the world is on the brink of a global pandemic of a new deadly strain of flu, H1N1 as it has been labelled, or more popularly, Swine Flu.

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Children herded like cattle into Maryland courthouse for forced vaccinations as armed police and attack dogs stand guard
I posted this back in '07 as an attempt to show the incremental infringements on our Freedoms as we get whipped up in to Biological Full Panic Outbreak.
Think it cannot happen to you Huh? This has the force of law folks. The Homeland security allows for the force vaccination of people. Here is recent proof that they are going to do it to you, your children to any ¨person¨ that they say they must!

People get ready there´s a train a coming, you bet ask no questions and just get on board. There is still a chance for you to repent. Now is the time to see that the end of an age is at hand.

SOURCE: [link to www.naturalnews. com]

(NaturalNews) Following the State of Maryland's threats against parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated, children were herded into a Price George County courthouse being guarded by armed personnel with attack dogs. Inside, the children were forcibly vaccinated, many against their will, under orders from the State Attorney General, various State Judges and the local School Board Director, all of whom illegally conspired to threaten parents with imprisonment if they did not submit their children to vaccinations.

The State of Maryland has now turned to Gestapo tactics to force its medical will upon the People, stripping parents of any right to decide how they wish to protect their own children from infectious disease. Health authorities there have already announced their intent to essentially kidnap parents and throw them in jail, removing them from their children for up to thirty days if they continue to refuse to have their children vaccinated. This will all be conducted at gunpoint, with armed personnel and attack dogs at the ready, making sure nobody steps out of line, and suppressing any attempt at public dissent against the Orwellian vaccination policies.

The entire campaign against these parents is blatantly illegal. There is no law in Maryland requiring the vaccination of children, thus parents who refuse to do so may not be legally charged with violating any law. Instead, Maryland health and school authorities are using Gestapo-like tactics, threatening to charge the parents with child truancy violations, criminalizing them for daring to protect their children from the dangerous chemicals found in vaccines (including thimerosal, a chemical additive containing a neurotoxic form of mercury).

The desperation of organized medicine is becoming increasingly apparent
As more and more parents are becoming informed about the dangers of vaccinations and their link to autism, state health authorities are increasingly turning to "Gunpoint Medicine" to force the People to submit to the poisons of conventional medicine. Parents who attempt to save their children from deadly chemotherapy chemicals are being arrested and having their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services (see [link to www.NaturalNews. com] ), and oncologists who used to be armed only with radiation machines and chemotherapy injectors and now arming themselves with U.S. Marshals and other local law enforcement authorities who are using loaded firearms to enforce "the will of the State" against parents who resist.

Even the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) announced its strong opposition to the Maryland "Gunpoint Medicine" vaccination campaign. In a press release published Nov. 16, the AAPS states:

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons today condemned the “vaccine roundup” executed in Prince George’s county Maryland this week, and promised to do everything it can to support parents who refuse to immunize their children.

“This power play obliterates informed consent and parental rights,” said Kathryn Serkes, director of policy for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), one of the few national physician groups that refuse corporate funding from pharmaceutical companies.

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The swine flu outbreak raises a lot of fears. Here’s one you might not have thought of yet: The Pentagon may be taking over more and more of our civil society in this crisis. Back in 2002, President Bush created NorthCom, the Pentagon’s Northern Command, which has jurisdiction over the United States. And NorthCom has been running preparedness drills in the event of a flu pandemic for at least the past three years. Making things more alarming, NorthCom got assigned its own fighting unit six months ago—the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, which had spent much of the last five years battling things out in Iraq. The assignment of that fighting unit alarmed the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “This is a radical departure from separation of civilian law enforcement and military authority and could, quite possibly, represent a violation of law,” said Mike German, ACLU national security policy counsel.

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The Swine Flu scare has boosted the stock market values of Big Pharma. Following initial reports from Mexico on the influenza outbreak, the demand for anti-flu drugs has skyrocketed. Supported by media disinformation, an atmosphere of fear and intimidation has unfolded. Health “emergencies” have been declared in various parts of the US. The most sought after influenza drugs are Tamiflu and Relenza. Treatment courses by the US government have been released from the national stockpile “to make sure health care providers are ready for any escalation in cases.”

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One Step Away From Pandemic: WHO Raises Threat Level, Say Mass Swine Flu Outbreak Imminent

The world has been put on an unprecedented alert that a swine flu pandemic is imminent. It came after the first cases of person-to-person transmission of the deadly virus outside Mexico were reported. The World Health Organisation last night raised the alert to level five - only one below the highest level - for the first time in its history. Three more countries today confirmed their first cases of the killer disease as it showed no sign of abating. WHO director general Dr Margaret Chan said: 'Influenza pandemics must be taken seriously, precisely because of their capacity to spread rapidly to every country in the world. 'All countries should immediately now activate their pandemic preparedness plans. It really is all of humanity that is under threat in a pandemic. 'Countries should remain on high alert for unusual outbreaks of influenza-like illness and severe pneumonia.' Level 5 means the WHO has decided there is widespread human infection. The sixth and final level denotes a full-blown global pandemic.

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US, Japanese Researchers Mix Samples of 1918 Flu Pandemic to Recreate Deadly Code

Compiled By Lori Price 30 Dec 2008 Researchers recreate 1918 flu pandemic virus --Why? And, why is no one *asking* why? 29 Dec 2008 Researchers have found out what made the 1918 flu pandemic so deadly -- a group of three genes that lets the virus invade the lungs and cause pneumonia. They mixed samples of the 1918 influenza strain with modern seasonal flu viruses to find the three genes and said their study might help in the development of new flu drugs. The discovery, published in Tuesday's issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, could also point to mutations that might turn ordinary flu into a dangerous pandemic strain. Most flu experts agree that a pandemic of influenza will almost certainly strike again. No one knows when [the US unleashes it] or what strain it will be but one big suspect now is the H5N1 avian influenza virus.

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Fulton County 'Ready to Vaccinate a Million People In 48 Hours'
--CDC has passenger quarantine facilities at 20 US airports
30 Apr 2009 (GA) Ever since all of the bird flu cases four years ago, county health departments across Metro Atlanta have been holding drills and meetings every month, practicing and discussing every imaginable scenario of a flu pandemic. "We've been planning for this for years," [Oh, I'm sure you have!] said Dr. Kim Turner, the director of public health in Fulton County. "We're prepared to vaccinate a million people within Fulton County within 48 hours." Another line of defense is at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport -- the CDC's medical quarantine station at the airport. CDC physicians are in contact with arriving flight crews, and board every plane that has an ill passenger, as soon as the plane is parked at the gate. The physicians determine on the spot whether to quarantine that patient and all the other passengers. The CDC quarantines them at the CDC's sealed rooms on E Concourse.

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Flashback: CDC to Mix Avian, Human Flu Viruses in Pandemic Study
One of the worst fears of infectious disease experts is that the H5N1 avian influenza virus now circulating in parts of Asia will combine with a human-adapted flu virus to create a deadly new flu virus that could spread around the world. That could happen, scientists predict, if someone who is already infected with an ordinary flu virus contracts the avian virus at the same time. The avian virus has already caused at least 48 confirmed human illness cases in Asia, of which 35 have been fatal. The virus has shown little ability to spread from person to person, but the fear is that a hybrid could combine the killing power of the avian virus with the transmissibility of human flu viruses.

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Swine Flu Outbreak Illuminated By Avian Flu Research

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Swine Flu and the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse
For those familiar with Bible prophecy, the sea of face-masked people in Mexico City and widespread fear of a global flu pandemic brings to mind the image of the pale, or sickly, horse of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, as described by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation. The first three horsemen of the apocalypse symbolize religious deception, war, and famine. Along with the fourth horseman, pestilence, these riders represent the end-time culmination of the most traumatic problems endured by a rebellious mankind. They picture one of the most ominous scenarios ever. “And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth” (Revelation 6:7-8). The key to the identity of the last horseman is the word pale, which often makes us think of someone who is feeling sick, having an anemic-looking appearance. Pale is translated from the Greek chloros, which we would normally take to mean the color of chlorophyll, the property that gives plants their healthy green appearance. When used biblically, however, chloros means the sickly pale green color of sickness and disease.

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Moving Toward 666

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Bible prophecy students who hold to a literal interpretation of prophecy yet future –futurists, as we are sometimes termed — have long speculated how America might figure into the ultimate system of control of the beast regime. That Antichrist economic/worship system is foretold in the following: “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six”...

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UNO UPDATE: Deciphering the DNA of Jesus and cloning another Christ

Cloning Experiment Could Bring About The Second Coming Says Physician In New Thriller

Modern science meets the religious past in His Kingdoms Come: The Parousia Project. Scientist Miles St. Clair has a special talent for repairing damaged or incomplete DNA chromosomal strands. When his initial cloning of an ancient Merovingian king suddenly evolves to include experiments with the DNA found on a sacred religious relic, St. Clair struggles with the ethical and spiritual ramifications of engineering the Second Coming itself. Kiger has said that he wrote this thriller because of his own fascination with the quest for the Holy Grail. He also wanted to explore the ancient myth of a sacred marriage, which was supposedly covered up for centuries by the religious community. Using poems and a book-within-a-book, Kiger examines major world and ancient religious events, intending to craft a startlingly fresh look at the prophecy of Christ's return. "In the vein of The Da Vinci Code comes a fictional work that raises challenging questions about Christianity in a tale featuring suspense, intrigue... [Readers] will be treated to fantastical revelations from other pawns in the plan...

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FEMA's "Scary Thing"

Agency's web site yanks coloring book depicting 9/11 terror attack

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APRIL 29--The Federal Emergency Management Agency has removed a children's coloring book from its web site following criticism over its inclusion of drawings of the September 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. The coloring book, titled "A Scary Thing Happened," is geared towards helping kids "cope with disasters," and was prepared by a Minnesota crisis response team. Until yesterday, the coloring book could be downloaded from the FEMA web site. As seen below, the coloring book's cover montage includes a drawing of one of the Twin Towers on fire as a plane approaches the second building. A similar image, which children could color in, appears on page 12 of the book. If you'd like a copy of the entire 25-page coloring book, click here to download a PDF. The coloring book was created in 2003 for the Freeborn County Crisis Response Team and was illustrated by Marlys Jentoft, a 68-year-old grandmother of 10. In an interview, Jentoft, pictured above, told TSG she was unaware of the recent criticism of the coloring book, but would redo the drawings if asked. Jentoft, who volunteers for the Red Cross and church and crime victims groups, said that she did not give much thought to including the 9/11 images since, "I feel like it was happening in the world and kids saw it. It is life." (2 pages)

FEMA's 9/11 Coloring Book Aims to Teach Kids About Tragedy

ABC News - ‎5 hours ago‎
By EMILY FRIEDMAN A children's coloring book designed to help kids cope with traumatic events was pulled from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Web site last week.

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Group Defends Coloring Book With Smoldering Towers
The coordinator behind a children's coloring book that was pulled from FEMA's Web site last week is standing by her work — despite its controversial cover, which shows a child's drawing of New York's Twin Towers on fire with a plane flying toward them. "A Scary Thing Happened," a downloadable coloring book designed to help children cope with disaster, was developed by Minnesota's Freeborn County Crisis Response Team following a local tornado in 2003. It was posted on The Smoking Gun Web site after FEMA took it down last week.
Coordinator Rose Olmsted said the coloring book has been distributed to "thousands" of children as a way to help them deal with disasters. Even children in Australia colored its pages following that nation's recent wildfires, she said.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009
White Man's Burden

The New American Century Has Not Been Cancelled

I can't imagine why the locals aren't thrilled.

Lots of people
aren't buying into the cover story, either.

Wait a minute, let's get this straight: Neither Mayor Bloomberg nor President Obama KNEW that USAF fighter jets would be pursuing a mock-up of Air Force One over the Statue of Liberty???

Bloomberg and Obama are starting to look like proles and drones themselves.

What the hell is going on there? Who runs your country, and its biggest city? The f-king generals? Or King Dick Cheney?

Not proles and drones. Figureheads and puppets.
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'Sheer Coincidence'

What Do You Call it When a Four-Week Civil Contingency Exercise, to Prepare for a Flu Pandemic, Has to Be Cancelled Due to the Outbreak of a Flu Pandemic? A 'Sheer Coincidence'

This was in the Scotsman last week: Rehearsal of Flu Pandemic Set to Begin:
A FOUR-WEEK exercise to prepare Scotland for a flu pandemic is to start next week, it was announced yesterday.
The Scottish Government will be running the emergency exercise, called Cauld Craw, involving health boards, the ambulance services and other organisations who will be key to managing a severe outbreak of flu.
For several years experts have warned it is only a matter of time before a flu pandemic arrives.
Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill said: 'Although there has been no change to the level of risk of a flu pandemic, an outbreak has been identified as one of the main risks Scotland could face.
Exercise Cauld Craw will test how ready we are and help us strengthen our plans for the future.”

And now…
Ms Sturgeon also disclosed today that Cauld Craw - a four-week civil contingency exercise involving hospitals, ambulance services and other agencies to prepare the country for an eventual flu pandemic had been delayed because of the swine flu outbreak.
She told the Good Morning Scotland programme that Cauld Craw - Scots for Cold Throat - had been due 'by sheer coincidence' to start this morning. 'Obviously that has now been suspended,' she said.
Research Credit: CS

More than 100 US schools closed because of swine flu

Biden Warns Americans To Stay Off Subways During Swine Flu Panic

US scientists struggle to understand swine flu virus

Pentagon confirms Marine is ill with swine flu, 39 confined

Russia bans raw pork imports from 2 more US States

US slams Russian moves to block meat imports

China warns of swine flu ahead of major holiday

Chinese insurers say to give compensation on swine flu

EU warns against swine flu panic as ministers prepare for emergency talks

Merkel assures Germany over swine flu precautions

Mexico asks citizens to stay in as swine flu worsens, death toll reaches 176

Mexicans braced for National shutdown everything

Mexico to shut down government in flu fight

Mexico faces deeper recession on swine flu outbreak

City of Fear: How the swine flu is terrorizing Mexico's capital

Mexico nabs ‘most-wanted’ Zeta drug gang leader

Calderon receives consolatory message from Chinese leader over swine flu

Mexico says swine flu toll stabilizing as death toll hits 159

Flu sends Mexican Congress behind closed doors
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The Return of the Liberated Market

Paul Krugman notes that they're back at their essential social function of liberating you from your money, of course. But at least that's not socialism, is it?

Money for Nothing

On July 15, 2007, The New York Times published an article with the headline 'The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age.' The most prominently featured of the 'new titans' was Sanford Weill, the former chairman of Citigroup, who insisted that he and his peers in the financial sector had earned their immense wealth through their contributions to society.

Soon after that article was printed, the financial edifice Mr. Weill took credit for helping to build collapsed, inflicting immense collateral damage in the process. Even if we manage to avoid a repeat of the Great Depression, the world economy will take years to recover from this crisis.

All of which explains why we should be disturbed by an article in Sunday's Times
reporting that pay at investment banks, after dipping last year, is soaring again — right back up to 2007 levels.

Why is this disturbing? Let me count the ways.

First, there's no longer any reason to believe that the wizards of Wall Street actually contribute anything positive to society, let alone enough to justify those humongous paychecks.

Remember that the gilded Wall Street of 2007 was a fairly new phenomenon. From the 1930s until around 1980 banking was a staid, rather boring business that paid no better, on average, than other industries, yet kept the economy's wheels turning.

So why did some bankers suddenly begin making vast fortunes? It was, we were told, a reward for their creativity —
for financial innovation. At this point, however, it's hard to think of any major recent financial innovations that actually aided society, as opposed to being new, improved ways to blow bubbles, evade regulations and implement de facto Ponzi schemes.

Consider a recent speech by Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, in which he tried to defend financial innovation. His examples of 'good' financial innovations were
(1) credit cards — not exactly a new idea;
(2) overdraft protection; and (3) subprime mortgages. (I am not making this up.) These were the things for which bankers got paid the big bucks?

Still, you might argue that we have a free-market economy, and it's up to the private sector to decide how much its employees are worth. But this brings me to my second point:
Wall Street is no longer, in any real sense, part of the private sector. It's a ward of the state, every bit as dependent on government aid as recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, a k a 'welfare.'

I’m not just talking about the $600 billion or so already committed under the TARP. There are also the huge credit lines extended by the Federal Reserve; large-scale lending by Federal Home Loan Banks; the taxpayer-financed payoffs of A.I.G. contracts; the vast expansion of F.D.I.C. guarantees; and, more broadly, the implicit backing provided to every financial firm considered too big, or too strategic, to fail.

One can argue that it’s necessary to rescue Wall Street to protect the economy as a whole — and in fact I agree. But given all that taxpayer money on the line, financial firms should be acting like public utilities, not returning to the practices and paychecks of 2007.

Furthermore, paying vast sums to wheeler-dealers isn’t just outrageous; it’s dangerous. Why, after all, did bankers take such huge risks? Because success — or even the temporary appearance of success — offered such gigantic rewards: even executives who blew up their companies could and did walk away with hundreds of millions. Now we’re seeing similar rewards offered to people who can play their risky games with federal backing.

So what’s going on here? Why are paychecks heading for the stratosphere again? Claims that firms have to pay these salaries to retain their best people aren’t plausible: with employment in the financial sector plunging, where are those people going to go?

No, the real reason financial firms are paying big again is simply because they can. They’re making money again (although not as much as they claim), and why not? After all, they can borrow cheaply, thanks to all those federal guarantees, and lend at much higher rates. So it’s eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may be regulated.

Or maybe not. There’s a palpable sense in the financial press that the storm has passed: stocks are up, the economy’s nose-dive may be leveling off, and the Obama administration will probably let the bankers off with nothing more than a few stern speeches. Rightly or wrongly, the bankers seem to believe that a return to business as usual is just around the corner.

We can only hope that our leaders prove them wrong, and carry through with real reform. In 2008, overpaid bankers taking big risks with other people’s money brought the world economy to its knees. The last thing we need is to give them a chance to do it all over again.

It should come as no surprise that a full professor of the University of Chicago seeks more than anything else to preserve the consensual reality of Chicago School economics.

In fact, that's what he was $elected for. Oh, I remember all that chatter about Hope and Change, but that was simply the sales pitch to get his foot in the door of the DINOcratic party.
Larry Summers and the people that backed him frankly don't care whose name is on the desk of the Oval Office as long as they follow orders. The policy is a foregone conclusion.

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New Hate Crimes Bill Unconstitutional and Threat to Religious Freedom?

Rep. Hastings Lauds Passage of Hate Crimes Bill

American Chronicle - ‎13 hours ago‎
(Washington, DC) Today, Congressman Alcee L. Hastings (D-Miramar) voted in support of the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 (HR 1913) ...

The Lincoln Tribune - ‎2 hours ago‎
by Jim Kouri Wednesday night, while President Barack Obama held his televised press conference marking his first 100 days in office, the federal hate crimes ...
Hate crimes bill moves Denver Daily News

Human Events - ‎1 hour ago‎
In yet another Democrat move toward the doubleplusungood Orwellian state, the House voted to pass federal hate crimes legislation yesterday that elevates ...
State a step closer to gay marriage

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Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) said he was “disturbed” by President Barack Obama’s request to have the symbolic name for Jesus Christ – IHS – covered from a pediment that was visible behind him when he spoke at Georgetown University’s Gaston Hall on April 14. “I join many Christians in expressing my outrage at this request,” Fleming said after requesting one minute to speak on the House floor. “This administration has no problem spending money imprinted with the phrase, ‘In God We Trust,’ but won’t have our president speak with any symbol of Christ in public view,” Fleming said.

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Members of the U.S. House today approved a plan to create a federal "hate crimes" plan that will provide special protections to homosexuals and others with alternative sexual choices, but leave Christian ministers and pastors open to prosecution should their teachings be linked to any subsequent offense, by anyone, against a "gay." The vote was 249-175, and came despite intense Republican opposition to the creation of the privileged class. Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. of the High Impact Leadership Coalition also condemned the action, offering a warning about the future of the United States.

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The Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday approved an expansion of federal "hate crime" laws -- an effort that former Republican President George W. Bush had opposed. On a vote of 249-175, the House passed and sent to the Senate a bill backed by the new Democratic White House to broaden such laws by classifying as "hate crimes" those attacks based on a victim's sexual orientation, gender identity or mental or physical disability. "Hate crimes motivated by race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and identity or disability not only injure individual victims, but also terrorize entire segments of our population and tear at our nation's social fabric," Hoyer said.

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Sacrifices for the Jaguar God

Joe Bagent speaks to a psychology class and suggests the blood and fresh still beating hearts aren't needed: I am with you good people asking myself the first logical question: What the hell is a redneck writer supposed to say to a prestigious school of psychology?
Why of all places am I here? It is intimidating as hell.
But as Janna Henning and Sharrod Taylor here have reassured me that all I need to do is talk about is what I write about. And what I write about is Americans, and why we think and behave the way we so. To do that here today I am forced to talk about three things -- corporations, television and human spirituality.

No matter how smart we may think we are, the larger world cannot and does not exist for most of us in this room, except through media and maybe through the shallow experience of tourism, or in the minority instance, we may know of it through higher education.

...As psych students, most of you understand that there is no way you can escape being conditioned by your society, one way or another. You are as conditioned as any trained chicken in a carnival. So am I. When we go to the ATM machine and punch the buttons to make cash fall out, we are doing the same thing as the chickens that peck the colored buttons make corn drop from the feeder. You will not do a single thing today, tomorrow or the next day that you have not been generally indoctrinated and deeply conditioned to do -- mostly along class lines.

For instance, as university students, you are among the 20% or so of Americans indoctrinated and conditioned to be the administrating and operating class of the American Empire in some form or another. In the business of managing the other 75% in innumerable ways. Psychologists, teachers, lawyers, social workers, doctors, accountants, sociologists, mental health workers, clergy --
all are in the business of coordinating and managing the greater mass of working class citizenry by the Empire's approved methods, and toward the same end: Maximum profitability for a corporate based state.

Yet it all seems so normal. Certainly the psychologists who have prescribed so much Prozac that it now shows up in the piss of penguins, saw what they did as necessary...

Given the financialization of all aspects of our culture and lives, even our so-called leisure time, it is not an exaggeration to say that true democracy is dead and a corporate financial state has now arrived. If you can get your head around that, it's not hard to see an ever merging global corporate system masquerading electronically and digitally as a nation called the United States. Or Japan for that matter. The corporation now animates us from within our very selves through management of the need hierarchy in goods and information.

As students, even in such an enlightened institution as this one, you are being subjected to the at least some of pedagogy of the corporate management of society for maximum profit. Unarguably your training will help many fellow human beings. But in the larger scheme of things, you are part of an institution, the American Psycho-socio- medical complex, and thus authorized to manage public consciousness, one person at a time...

This financialization of our consciousness under American style capitalism has become all we know. That's why we fear its loss. Hence the bailouts of the thousands of "zombie banks," dead but still walking, thanks to the people's taxpayer offerings to the money god so that banks will not die...
Corporations are, of course, deathless and faceless machines, and have no soul or human emotions. That we look to them for so much makes us a corporate cult, and makes corporations a fetish of our culture. Yet to us, they are like the weather just there.

All of us live together in this corporate fetish cult. We agree upon and consent to its reality, just as the Aztecs agreed upon Quetzalcoatl and the lost people of Easter Island agreed that the great stone effigies of their remote island had significance.

... If we exercise enough personal courage, we can possess the freedom to discover real meaning and value in our all-too-brief lives. We either wake up to life, or we do not. We are either in charge of our own awareness or we let someone else manage it by default. That we have a choice is damned good news.

The bad news is that we nevertheless remain one of the most controlled peoples on the planet, especially regarding control of our consciousness, public and private. And the control is tightening. I know it doesn't feel like that to most Americans. But therein rests the proof. Everything feels normal;
everybody else around us is doing the same things, so it must be OK. This is a sort of Stockholm Syndrome of the soul, in which the prisoner identifies with the values of his or her captors, which in our case is of course, the American corporate state and its manufactured popular culture.

...North Americans live in a parallel universe in which they are conditioned to see everything in terms of consumer goods and "safety," as defined by police control. Conditioned to believe they have the best lives on the planet by every measure. So when they see our village and its veneer of "tropical grunge," they experience fear. Anything outside of the parameters of the cultural hallucination they call "the first world" represents fear and psychological free fall.

Yet, even if we think in that sort of outdated terminology, first, second and Third World, and most Americans do, then America is a second world nation.
We have no universal free health care (don't kid yourself about the plan underway),
no guarantee of anything really, except competitive struggle with one another for work and money and career status, if you are one of those conditioned to think of your job and feudal debt enslavement as a "career." High infant mortality rates, abysmal educational scores, poor diet, no national public transportation system, crumbling infrastructure, a collapsed economy, even by our own definition we are a second world nation.

So how is it that we Americans came to live in such a parallel universe? How is it that we prefer such things as Facebook (don't get me wrong, I'm on Facebook too), and riding around the suburbs with an iPod plugged into our brain looking for fried chicken in a Styrofoam box? Why prefer these expensive earth destroying things over love and laughter with real people, and making real human music together with other human beings --
lifting our voices together, dancing and enjoying the world that was given to us? Absolutely for free.

And the answer is this: We suffer under a mass national hallucination. Americans, regardless of income or social position, now live in a culture entirely perceived inside a self-referential media hologram of a nation and world that does not exist. Our national reality is staged and held together by media, chiefly movie and television images. We live in a "theater state."

In our theater state, we know the world through media productions which are edited and shaped to instruct us on how to look and behave and view the outside world. As in all staged productions and illusions, everyone we see is an actor. There are the television actors portraying what supposedly represents reality. Non-actors in Congress perform in front of the cameras, as the American empire's cultural machinery weaves and spins out our cultural mythology.

...You may or may not watch much television, but the average American spends almost one-third of his or her waking life doing so. The neurological implications of this are so profound that they cannot even be comprehended in words, much less described by them.
Television constitutes our reality in the same fashion that water constitutes the environment in a goldfish bowl. It's everywhere and affects everything, even when we are not watching it. Television regulates our national perceptions and our interior ideations of who we Americans are. It schedules our cultural illusions of choice. It pre-selects candidates in our elections. By the way, as much as I like Obama, I fully understand he is there because he was selected by the illusion producing machinery of television, and citizens under its influence. It is hard to underestimate the strength of these illusions.

...The media have colonized our inner lives like a virus. The virus is not going away. This commoditization of our human consciousness is probably the most astounding, most chilling accomplishment of American capitalist culture.

Capitalist society however, can only survive by defying the laws of thermodynamics, through endlessly expanding growth, buying and using more of everything, every year and forever. Thus the cult of radical consumerism. It has been the deadliest cult of all because, so far, it has always triumphed, and has now spread around the earth and its nations.

...Do what Gandhi advised, let the poor be the teachers. Go among them with nothing, one set of clothing and no money, keep your mouth shut, and do your best not to affect anything (which is impossible, I know. But you can come, as they say, "close enough for government work.")

Then just let the world happen to you, like they do in the so-called "passive societies," instead of trying to happen to it in typical Western fashion. Not trying to "improve" things. Maybe practice milpa agriculture with Mayans on the Guatemalan border, watching corn grow for three months. Fish in a lonely dugout, sun-up to sun-down, in the dying reefs of the Caribbean, with only a meal or two of fish as your reward. Do such things for a month or two.

First you will experience boredom, then comes an internal psychic violence and anger, much like the experience of zazen, or sitting meditation, as the layers of your mind conditioning peel away. Don't quit, keep at it, endure it, to the end. And when you return you will find that deeply experiencing a non-conditioned reality changes things forever. What you have experienced will animate whatever intellectual life you have developed. Or negate much of it. But in serious, intelligent people, experiencing non-manufactured reality usually gives lifelong meaning and insight to the work. You will have experienced the eternal verities of the world and mankind at ground zero. And you will find that the healthy social structures our well intentioned Western minds seek are already inherent in the psyche of mankind, but imprisoned. And the startling realization that you and I are the unknowing captors.

In conclusion, I would point out that the high technological imprisonment of our consciousness has been fairly recent. There are still those among us who remember when it was not so entrapped. A few of us still know what it was like to experience non-manufactured realities -- life outside our mass produced kitsch culture.
Particularly some aging Sixties types, who sought to pass through the doors of perception. Many made it through. But in my travels to places such as this one, I also meet a new breed of younger people, who get it completely. I meet them in the more advanced psychological venues such as Adler. And especially in the ecological movement.

They seem to already know what it took me a lifetime to learn: that each of us is but one strand in the vast organic web of flesh and blood chlorophyll. All things and all beings are inextricably connected at the most profound level. Any physicist will confirm this. We are bound by its every wave and particle, all of us --
the lonely night clerk at Motel 6 and the leviathans of the deep, the sleeping grandmother in New Haven, Connecticut and the maimed Iraqi child in Kirkuk. It can be understood by anyone though, simply by owning one's own consciousness. And in doing so we find that ownership and domination are both temporary and meaningless. And that the animating spirit of the earth is real and within us and claimable.

The purpose of life is to know this. Einstein glimpsed it. Lao-Tzu knew it. So did St. Francis. But you and I are not supposed to. It would shatter the revered, digitized, super-sized, utterly meaningless hologram.
The one that mesmerizes us, and mediates our every experience, but isolates us from universal humanness and its coursing energies. Such as love. Or mercy.
Compassion. Existential pain. Hunger. Or the unmitigated joy of simply being alive one finds in children everywhere, even among the poorest. Most of the human race still lives in that realm.

Blessed is the one who joins them. Because he or she learns that the truth is not relative, and that because the human mind seeks balance, social justice is not only inescapable in the long run, but inevitable. I won't be around for that, but on a clear day if I squint real hard I can see down that road ahead. And on that road I can see the long chain of decent human beings like yourselves walking toward the light...

Of course, Joe got paid for that speech. The Jaguar God smiled.

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Huge New Biodefense Lab Is Dedicated at Fort Detrick
The Department of Homeland Security dedicated a massive biodefense laboratory in Frederick yesterday, moving toward the facility's opening despite questions raised about the risks of deadly pathogens to be studied there. When the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center at Fort Detrick is fully operational in March, about 150 scientists in the lab will be tasked with protecting the country from a bioterrorist attack through prevention or containment. Another goal is to allow investigators to fingerprint biological agents such as viruses and bacteria, quickly tracing their source and catching the offender... Construction began in June 2006 on the $143 million, 160,000-square-foot facility inside the fort, the Army's sprawling medical research post in Frederick. The ship-shaped building will be divided between the lab's major divisions: a forensic testing center, which aims to identify the culprits in biological attacks; and the Biothreat Characterization Center, which seeks to predict what such attacks will look like and guide the development of countermeasures.

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PART THREE -- Read It Before It Is Banned By The US Government
In my last entry I concluded with the obvious, that the end of the Bush administration was accompanied by public desperation for "hope" amidst widespread messianic fervor surrounding the election of America’s current president, Barack Hussein Obama. Bush’s Angel in the Whirlwind administration was thus prophetic in that it resulted in "universal entreaty for an inspirational and political demigod—a savior—to arise on the global scene promising a New World Order." It is entirely possible that Bush’s understanding of his calling as the catalyst of these end-times events was a revelation that grew on him over time. In the beginning, much of his ties to evangelical Christianity appear to have simply been for the purpose of producing political advantages. While still in his second term as governor, Bush actually hired influence peddler Karl Rove to help strategize how he might endear himself to the fundamentalist base in anticipation of a presidential run. Not long after, the highest-ranking members of the nation’s politically enthused church leaders were summoned to the governor’s mansion where the handpicked movers and shakers, selected for their proven power to sway religious voters, were encouraged to conduct a "laying on of hands" to anoint the future president. As the executive mantle was vicariously conferred on Bush, he surprised the group by suddenly evoking the prophetic commissions of the prophets, telling the attendees that he had been "called" (by God) to become the presidential candidate.

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Digital TV: Mind Control by the Sound of Silence

A. True Ott, PhD, ND | Educate

This is an extremely timely and important essay. It overviews a secret Pentagon psychotronics technology known as Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) that has been fully operational since the early 1990s. I first found out about the use of this technology from Al Bielek in a 1992 video he made with Vladimir Terziski. This technology was used against battle-hardened Iraqi troops fortified in deep underground bunkers in Kuwait and Iraq in the first Gulf War in January of 1991.

The physical, emotional, and psychological effects of this technology were so severe that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi troops surrended en masse without firing even a single shot against US led coalition forces. The numbers reported in the news were staggering: 75,000 and then annother 125,000 (or more) Iraqi troops would come out of their deep desert bunkers waving white flags and falling to their knees before approaching US troops and literally kiss their captor’s boots or hands if given the opportunity.

Why would eight year veterans of Middle Eastern warfare (with Iran 1980-1988) behave this way? Simple. They were subjected to a technology that was so extreme and incomprehensible that they were suddenly reduced to the level of compliant children and felt grateful to still be alive in the wake of their mind-wrenching experience.

This technology is about to be used, albeit in a more subtle fashion, against American citizens in a highly classified and covert operation to mind control and manipulate the entire population into ‘compliance’ with our New World order overlords. The technology will utilize a combination of HAARP transmitters, GWEN towers, microwave cell phone towers, and the soon-to-be-mandatory High Definition Digital TV that will enter your home via: a) cable, b) satellite, c) HD TVs, or d) those oh-so-easy-to-obtain “digital converter boxes” that the government is so anxious to help you obtain and underwrite most of the cost on your behalf.

But why is the government so anxious to help American citizens experience a clearer and more highly defined television picture? Does that make sense to you? Since when is the government so concerned about the visual quality of our televised entertainment that congress would pass an undebated statutory proclamation which mandated that the HD conversion take place on Feb. 17, 2009 and and then subsidze about 90% of the associated cost?

I’m only guessing, but if there are 200 million “regular” televisions in America to be converted into HD, then that $40 in government subsidy per TV × 200,000,000 = $8 billion. Why is the government so anxious to spend 8 billion dollars on her citizens to improve the clarity of a TV picture? Or is the recently touted “additional bandwidth” cover story that supposedly is to be gained with the HD technology the only and genuine reason for spending so much taxpayer dollars on HD conversion?

The second service that this author performs is to “out” two of our more deceptive CIA/Pentagon ‘assets’ masquerading under the rubric of natural health advocates. Their names are Rima Laibow and her husband, “former” Major General Albert Stubblebine. If your e-mail Inbox has been filling with warnings and articles in recent months about the coming Codex regulations and the “wonderful” job that Rima and her retired Army husband have been doing to try and stem the tide, then you know who I’m talking about.

Folks, is it time to wake up yet? Or should we just resume our slumber and wait for them to take us away in those spiffy Gunderson cattle cars that Phil Schneider warned us about in 1995 (you know, the ones with the built in shackles and manacles)?

Ken Adachi, Educate

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SUNSPOT 1016: A ring-shaped sunspot numbered 1016 has emerged near the sun's equator. Its magnetic polarity identifies it as a member of old Solar Cycle 23. Until these old cycle sunspots go away, the next solar cycle will remain in abeyance. Readers with solar telescopes should point their optics here.

SPACE STATION FLARE: Just before sunrise on April 28th, Nicolas Biver watched the International Space Station (ISS) cross the starry sky above Versailles, France. Suddenly "the station flared," he says. "It was brighter than Venus!" A digital video taken through his 16-inch Dobsonian telescope reveals what happened:

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"Sunlight glinted off some of the station's solar panels," says Biver. "The reflection was intense."

Under construction for more than ten years, the ISS has only recently received its full complement of solar arrays. Space shuttle astronauts added a final set of "wings" in March 2009, boosting the surface area of the photovoltaic system to a whopping 16,000 square feet. With so much sun-collecting area, occasional glints are inevitable--and very bright.

Check the Simple Satellite Tracker to find out when the ISS might be flaring over your home town.

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