Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Soviets' Red Dawn coalition emerges

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- Kremlin Delighted Faux Rightist President Sarkozy Preparing to Reintegrate French Military into NATO Command Structure

- Russian and Chinese Foreign Ministers Promote the Moscow-Beijing Axis' "One Clenched Fist"

Last July the Kremlin media cautiously broached the subject of basing strategic bombers in Cuba and Venezuela. The Russian Defense Ministry promptly distanced itself from the "revelation," while America's top general warned the Russians against contemplating such a move. This trial balloon released by the Soviets took place during the Bush Administration, which was already guilty of coddling Russia's KGB-communist dictator since 2001, when then President George W. Bush looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes and "saw his soul."

Now (Kenyan-born?) President Barack Hussein Obama is in office. America's first hard-core socialist president is not only determined to ruin the US economy with his ill-conceived, astronomically expensive stimulus plan, but also slash the US military's nuclear arsenal by 80 percent and restore ties with Communist Cuba, albeit incrementally, a move that will no doubt facilitate an influx of personnel from Cuba's Directorate of General Intelligence, three agents of which are currently imprisoned on US soil.

The Russian media is once again publishing reports, picked up by the Western MSM, that the Kremlin is still considering its options with respect to parking a few ALCM-equipped bombers in Cuba, which reportedly boasts four or five suitable runways, or the military air field on Venezuela's La Orchila Island. Major General Anatoly Zhikharev, chief of staff of Russia's long-range aviation was quoted by Interfax today as saying:

Russian strategic bombers may be based in Cuba in the future. Cuba could be used to base Russian bombers if the two countries display a political will. We are ready to fly there. Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has offered an island as a temporary base for Russian planes. Chavez has offered a whole island with an airdrome, which we can use as a temporary base for strategic bombers. If there is a corresponding political decision, then the use of the island by the Russian Air Force is possible.

The waters around La Orchila Island were the site of a June 2008 naval drillincluding Sukhoi fighter jets. Defense Minister Gustavo Rangel Briceno commanded the troops, ordering them to fire at "mock enemy units" (meaning invading US forces) with French/Italian-made Otomat MK2 missiles, the Venezuelan military's first live missile launches in 13 years. In September two supersonic Tu-160 Blackjack bombers landed at El Libertador air base in Venezuela (pictured above), in what was the first Western Hemisphere touchdown of Russian military craft since the Cold War.

For its part, Cuba, reports Reuters, never permanently hosted Soviet strategic aircraft, but Tu-95 Bear bombers cruising up and down the US East Coast often made stopovers at Fidel Castro's gulag paradise during the Cold War. Russia officially resumed long-range bomber patrols in 2007, after a 15-year hiatus.

So, it's official. The Soviets are seriously considering the deployment of bombers in Cuba, Venezuela, and possibly in Nicaragua, where the Russians intend to renovate their 22-year-old, never-used military runway at Punta Huete, north of Lake Managua. Russia and the USA--whose foreign policy formation is now guided by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a left-wing Democrat whose husband Bill, the former president, is a suspected KGB asset--have vowed to use the change of power in Washington to "press the reset button" on their relationship. However, Russia remains opposed to US plans for an anti-missile system in Central Europe and the reception of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO.

If Moscow actually parks its bombers in Cuba, Venezuela or, for that matter, Nicaragua, would President Obama reprise John F. Kennedy's role and stare down the Soviet Bear until the Russians blink? Or would he hold out the olive branch of East-West convergence under the political and economic pressure created by millions of Mexican refugees storming the border to escape that country's internecine, KGB-directed drug war? Stay tuned for the Fourth World War and the demise of America.


As usual, Americans should expect no help from the white flag-wavers in the French Ministry of Surrender. The Kremlin is delighted that France's faux rightist President Nicolas Sarkozy intends to reintegrate that country's military into the NATO command structure after a four-decade rift. Such a prospect in no way distubs the Soviets because, according to Russian political analysts, Sarkozy's benign view of Moscow "will strengthen the position of those countries within the alliance who don’t seek conflict with Russia." Sergei Markov, director of the Centre of Political Studies, opines: "France is increasing its influence and as a consequence limits the influence of Washington and minimizes anti-Russian attitudes in the alliance fuelled by Eastern European countries, in particular, the Baltic states."

Aleksey Makarkin, deputy head of the Center of Political Technologies, agrees: "The withdrawal of France from NATO’s military command in the 1960s indicated [President Charles] de Gaulle’s intention to build Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals and be a middleman between the West and Moscow." Makarkin added that "The French return is a positive move for Russia, because it will hamper such initiatives as the integration of Georgia and Ukraine into the alliance." Indeed, just what the Soviet strategists ordered. A "common European home," of course, was and is former Soviet tyrant Mikhail Gorbachev's vision for a communist Europe, a vision shared by his devoted admirer, Russian "President" Dmitry Medvedev, exposing the continuity in the Soviet leadership from the "collapse" of the Soviet Union to the present.

"French policy towards Russia is quite predictable. I believe Paris will now be able to promote normalization of NATO’s relations with Russia more efficiently," concludes Russian military expert Aleksandr Sharavin. Sarkozy expects to fix the old rift within NATO during the military coalition's April summit. Polls indicate that slightly more than half of the French population support the idea of fully joining the North Atlantic alliance. In short, NATO is dead and the Soviet communists know this, but is anyone in the shopping mall regimes paying attention?

Last but not least, Moscow's strategic partnership with the Communist Party of China received another boost this past week when Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov discussed by telephone their countries' bilateral relationship. "During the conversation initiated by Lavrov," relates Xinhua, "both sides agreed to take the opportunity of the 60th anniversary of China-Russia diplomatic ties to further move their strategic cooperative partnership forward by making joint efforts and enhancing exchanges and cooperation in various fields." Among other "joint efforts," Russia and China are scheduled to carry out their third joint war game this year.

Yang and Lavrov also reviewed the "situation on the Korean Peninsula" and agreed that "peace and stability" are desirable which, translated out of commiespeak, means that the communization of South Korea via reunification with North Korea should be pursued under the guise of friendly inter-Korean dialogue. Yang is currently on a five-day visit to the USA to woo the new Obama White House.Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Hi Nev, thank you for those kind words.

Your post about the FEMA Camps, there's actually a few not listen. I know of 2 spots in Western NY that's not listed. You know they had a Concentration camp in Elmira, but they turned that into a prison. Very interesting story. There's a abandoned Rex84 Base in the finger lakes.

I used to be anti gun, but I'm strongly pro gun. I got me a few different types, a 45, a 22 cal rifle, and a m4a1 (not much ammo for this :/) To quote Hal Turner "If they come for your guns, shoot em" and I so rightly agree with that. I've seen increased FBI and Police Presence in my area, and we normally don't get spooks/fbi here. My friend Endtimewatchmen said you gotta have people looking out, and about 6 months ago, I started having Sentry's looking out.

BTW off topic, what do you know about the Butterfly? Cataclysmic sign? sign of tyranny? Because Bart simpson used it once, it's been on the Fringe TV show, it was mentioned by a kid in the movie "I am Legend" and it's the sign on the flag from the TV Show "Kings".

Well, thanx Nev, June-July '09 I'm predicting some major, possibly tyrannical events will happen around then, I'm 98 percent sure. I think you know roughly what I mean. Be careful brother.

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("I never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon, NEVER!" - Rorschach from the Watchmen)