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  3. Robert Anton Wilson Everything is Under Control

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  5. The Secret of the Fire Sword

  6. yrnosameerf · corneliu codreanu+mp3 · "sword of truth map" · oblivion firesword · tatiana pauker · hitler;sword · hitler sword · sword icons ...
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  7. View topic - [13books] Book Zero

    I've tried a few like freemasonry/yrnosameerf and bench/hcneb, but have to go back to the real world for a while. My 2cents, for now. Good Luck. ...
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  8. 引用- 一个人的旅行

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    yrnosameerf, Girls of freemasonry and Girls » 东莞早晨. Men bulge underwear. [ Men bulge underwear | 2008-03-23 12:52:03 ]. raewrednu, Men bulge underwear ...
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  12. Reverse Dict

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The Emerald Tablet of Hermes is the original source of Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy. According to one legend, the text was originally carved by Hermes on tablets of emerald and placed in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Cheops. While such stories are probably apocryphal, the document has been well known to scholars and occult philosophers since at least the 10th century.

Although the language of the original version is in doubt, it is through the Latin version reproduced here (along with our own English translation), that the Emerald Tablet rose to pre-eminent fame as a Key to the primary Mysteries of Nature.

Outwardly a recipe for the preparation of the Philosopher’s Stone which may be used for the transmutation of the baser metals into Gold (the Sun refers to Gold in Alchemical terminology), it has always been clear to the Masters of the Alchemical Art that the process described was of far more universal application—in fact, it is nothing less than the Process of Change itself through which (in the words of Aristotle):

“Nature strives towards Perfection.”


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Tabula Smaragdina

Verum, sine Mendacio, certum et verissimum:

Quod est Inferius est sicut quod est Superius, et quod est Superius est sicut quod est Inferius, ad perpetranda Miracula Rei Unius. Et sicut res omnes fuerunt ab Uno, meditatione unius, sic Omnes Res natae ab hac una Re, adaptatione.

Pater eius est Sol. Mater eius est Luna. Portavit illud Ventus in Ventre suo. Nutrix eius Terra est. Pater omnis Telesmi totius Mundi est hic. Virtus eius integra est si versa fuerit in Terram. Separabis Terram ab Igne, subtile ab spisso, suaviter, magno cum ingenio.

Ascendit a Terra in Coelum, iterumque descendit in Terram, et recipit Vim superiorum et inferiorum. Sic habebis Gloriam totius Mundi. Ideo fugiet a te omnis Obscuritas. Haec est totius Fortitudinis Fortitudo fortis, quia vincet Omnem rem subtilem, Omnemque Solidam penetrabit.

Sic Mundus creatus est. Hinc erunt Adaptationes Mirabiles, quarum Modus est hic. Itaque vocatus sum Hermes Trismegistus, habens tres partes Philosophiae totius Mundi.

Completum est quod dixi de Operatione Solis.

The Emerald Tablet

Truly, without Deceit, certainly and absolutely —

That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, in the accomplishment of the Miracle of One Thing. And just as all things have come from One, through the Mediation of One, so all things follow from this One Thing in the same way.

Its Father is the Sun. Its Mother is the Moon. The Wind has carried it in his Belly. Its Nourishment is the Earth. It is the Father of every completed Thing in the whole World. Its Strength is intact if it is turned towards the Earth. Separate the Earth by Fire: the fine from the gross, gently, and with great skill.

It rises from Earth to Heaven, and then it descends again to the Earth, and receives Power from Above and from Below. Thus you will have the Glory of the whole World. All Obscurity will be clear to you. This is the strong Power of all Power because it overcomes everything fine and penetrates everything solid.

In this way was the World created. From this there will be amazing Applications, because this is the Pattern. Therefore am I called Thrice Greatest Hermes, having the three parts of the Wisdom of the whole World.

Herein have I completely explained the Operation of the Sun.

Go to Hermetic Alchemy

Go to Patterns of Illusion and Change

The Panzer Pope and Holocaust Heresy

By Captain Eric H. May
Military-Political Editor
The Lone Star Iconoclast
My health being none the best, I am indebted to Pope Benedict XVI for his recent rehabilitation of Bishop Richard Williamson. Williamson had been excommunicated -- along with all members of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X -- by Pope John Paul II in a dispute over the ordination of bishops (Williamson, for one) in 1988.
Bishop Williamson holds and expresses "heretical" views about the historicity of the Holocaust. He believes that unscrupulous Zionist elements have grossly exaggerated the number of dead Jews, and altogether invented the proverbial gas chambers/mass crematoria to support the "big lie."
An article posted at the website “unattributable. com” is quite hostile to Bishop Richardson and the Pope. Still, it provides all that my regular readers might want to know about the bishop's opinions that the Holocaust is largely a hoax and that 9/11 was an inside job intended to facilitate a New World Order:

What Ovens? Panzer Pope Forgives Holocaust Denier Bishop

I heartily recommend that all take a look at the article, if only to watch the two short YouTube clips about these two "heretical" notions of Holocaust denial and "9/11 denial" -- both of which are becoming quite prevalent in certain freethinking circles. On the particular matter of Bishop Richardson's believing that The Protocols of Zion may provide a good model for understanding Zionism in its methods and objectives, I exhort each independent reader to read it -- whoever wrote it -- and draw his or her own conclusions.

It seems to me that there is very little in the protocols that Jewish LA Times writer Joel Stein left unsaid in his recent column, How Jewish is Hollywood ?

# # #

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