Monday, February 9, 2009

Fire Consumes WTC 7-Size Skyscraper, Building Does Not Collapse
Giant flames engulf every floor of 44-story building and it remains standing, yet limited fires across just 8 floors of WTC 7 brought down building within 7 seconds on 9/11. How can NIST's "new phenomenon" explain this one?

Paul Joseph Watson

Monday, February 9, 2009

A fierce fire consumed all 44 floors of a skyscraper in Beijing today, shooting 30 foot flames into the air, but unlike the similarly-sized 47-story WTC 7, which suffered limited fires across just eight floors, the building in China did not collapse.

New CCTV headquarters in Beijing up in flames... stray fireworks ...
Shanghaiist, China - 2 hours ago
People are currently aTwitter with news that that Beijing's CCTV headquarters has gone up in flames, and from the following pictures snapped and uploaded by ...

Times Online
Beijing Fire Blazes in New China Central TV Complex
Bloomberg - 2 hours ago
9 (Bloomberg) -- Part of China Central Television’s new headquarters complex caught on fire in Beijing, forcing police to evacuate people from nearby ...
Fire rages at Beijing luxury hotel after fireworks The Associated Press
Fire consumes Beijing television headquarters Financial Times
Fire rips through Beijing hotel BBC News
CNN International - International Herald Tribune
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Fire engulfs tower in iconic Beijing complex
Fresno Bee, CA - 5 minutes ago
By TIM JOHNSON - McClatchy Newspapers BEIJING -- A massive fire Monday night heavily damaged a new high-rise building that's part of one of Beijing's most ...
Fire Consumes WTC 7-Size Skyscraper, Building Does Not Collapse
Prison - 45 minutes ago
The Beijing skyscraper fire provides yet more comparable evidence to illustrate the monolithic hoax that fire damage alone can cause buildings to collapse ...

Mark Koernke, training people who will fight to restore our Republic from the NWO.


This video came my way today and I'm watching it right now.

Mark Koernke at Brave New Books in Austin, TX July 29, 2008 - Google Video

If you have anyone on your list who is interested in becoming part of the above ground Constitutional Militia, please copy the following information and send it to them.


Michigan Militia leader, Mark Koernke, is doing the best job he can to train people who will fight to restore our Republic.

His Intelligence Report live shows run Monday - Friday, four hours a day.

10 - 11 am, 5 - 7 pm and 8 - 9 pm Eastern Time.

9 - 10 am, 4 - 6 pm and 7 - 8 pm Central Time.

8 - 9 am, 3 - 5 pm and 6 - 7 pm Mountain Time

7 - 8 am, 2 - 4 pm and 5 - 6 pm Pacific Time.

The morning show can be heard on The Micro Effect.

The Micro Effect

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The afternoon and evening shows can be heard on Liberty Tree Radio.

Liberty Tree Radio

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Intelligence Report Podcasts

YouTube - Militia Training Operations (Posted by Mark & his helpers)

Liberty Tree Radio (Announcements and another video here)

Many of Mark's former shows are archived on the We The People Radio Network website, even though they've stopped live broadcasting.

We The People Radio Network Intelligence Report Podcasts (2008)

We The People Radio Network Intelligence Report Podcasts (2007)

Mark Koernke at Brave New Books in Austin, TX July 29, 2008 - Google Video

Below are some of Mark's videos from many years ago, when he was trying to warn Americans about what is taking place at the present time.

Mark Koernke - America in Peril (About The New World Order) - Google Video

AMERICA IN PERIL III The Storm upon us Part 1 of 3 - Google Video

AMERICA IN PERIL III The Storm upon us Part 2 of 3 - Google Video

AMERICA IN PERIL III The Storm upon us Part 3 of 3 - Google Video

Mark Koernke
P.O. Box 194
Dexter, Michigan 48130
Phone: 734-424-9335
E-mail: (Mark Koernke)

Kissinger Sent to Russia to Cut New World Order Deal
Prison - Feb 6, 2009
The CFR, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers have one objective — to create world government under the guise of a New World Order. ...

Ku Klux Klan Member Found in Florida Police Force

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ku Klux Klan Member Found in Florida Police Force, Canada - Feb 7, 2009
Keep loving your heritage and keep witnessing to others that there is a better way than a war torn, violent, wicked, socialist, new world order. ...

Sovereign Society
The New World Economic Order
Sovereign Society, FL - Feb 3, 2009
By Bob Bauman Emergencies of any kind, especially major economic dislocations, are eagerly seized upon by statist politicians whose constant goal is the ...
Barack Obama administration 'igniting Klu Klux Klan'

KKK fliers distributed in Leesburg neighborhood
Loudoun Times, VA - Jan 23, 2009
Still, Elsea doesn't said he feel the KKK will see recruitment from Loudoun. "There's no threat, especially in this area," he said. ...

KKK Membership Fueled after Obama Election
Prensa Latina, Cuba - Feb 2, 2009
Washington, Feb 2 (Prensa Latina) The white supremacy group the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) new registrations have significantly increased in US, following Barack ...

KKK Leaves Fliers in Va. Neighborhood
Afro American, MD - Jan 29, 2009
By AFRO Staff (January 28, 2009) - Leesburg, Va., residents say they have found in their driveways fliers inviting them to join the Ku Klux Klan. ...
KKK reported to be recruiting in Auckland Radio New Zealand
Barack Obama administration 'igniting Klu Klux Klan' The Australian
Significant increase in Klu Klux Klan members after Obamas win Newspost Online
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FMPD Officer arrested for DUI; Calls arresting officer part of KKK

Chief: Man In KKK Photos Was Police Officer
MSNBC - Feb 7, 2009
FRUITLAND PARK, Fla. - A local sheriff's office said Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers and photos ended up in his mailbox. The sheriff said one of the men ...
Fired Klan-linked cop may lose law enforcement certification
Daily Commercial, FL - Feb 8, 2009
FRUITLAND PARK -- A police officer who lost his job last month after being linked to the Ku Klux Klan, could lose his law enforcement certification as well. ...
KKK Cards Found Scattered At Apartment Complex, FL - Feb 4, 2009
TITUSVILLE, Fla. -- Some Titusville renters called police when they found KKK literature and business cards scattered through the complex. ...
Ex-policeman investigated for KKK ties
Daily Commercial, FL - Feb 7, 2009
FRUITLAND PARK -- A police officer has resigned from his department after being linked to the Ku Klux Klan. Fruitland Park reserve officer James Elkins, 28, ...
Fruitland Park police officer resigns after KKK allegations surface, FL - Feb 6, 2009
James Elkins, 28, resigned on January 20 after the police department launched an internal investigation after receiving information that Elkins was ...
Central Fla. officer resigns after KKK allegations
The News-Press, FL - Feb 6, 2009
AP • February 6, 2009 FRUITLAND PARK (AP) — A central Florida police officer has resigned following allegations he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. ...
Central Florida cop resigns after KKK allegations
Tampa Bay's 10, FL - Feb 6, 2009
FRUITLAND PARK, Fla. (AP) -- A central Florida police officer has resigned following allegations he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. ...
KKK attempts to solicit new members in Titusville, FL - Feb 5, 2009
BY MELISSA DIPANE TITUSVILLE, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- The hate group the Ku Klux Klan is trying to solicit new members in a Titusville apartment ...

KKK recruits in Pampa with yard fliers, TX - Feb 6, 2009
By Kevin Welch PAMPA - Fliers found in Pampa yards Friday pointed to a Web site recruiting members for a white-supremacist group. "If you are white, ...

KKK Recruits in Minority Neighborhood
WSET, VA - Jan 15, 2009
The Daniel's Hill neighborhood is reeling after receiving dozens of fliers from the United Knights of the KKK It has stirred up a lot of emotions on Norwood ...

Are black people the new KKK?
AllHipHop - Jan 16, 2009
The effect of this exercise in "moral equivalence" is to absolve the historical KKK of its crimes, since, Whitlock seems to be saying, the Klan treated ...

Former KKK Member and Black Rep. Lewis Embrace in Obama World
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Man Asks Entire Town for Forgiveness for Racism
ABC News - Feb 6, 2009
By CLAIRE SHIPMAN, CINDY SMITH and LEE FERRAN Nearly half a century ago, in a very different America, Elwin Wilson and John Lewis met under a veil of ...
A former Klansman seeks redemption
Chicago Tribune, United States - Feb 6, 2009
Elwin Wilson’s story is one of transformation. That’s why it resonates so much. It’sa story of changing one’s self and in a way that’s neither instantaneous ...
Man who beat civil rights leader asks forgiveness
The Associated Press - Feb 5, 2009
WASHINGTON (AP) — Elwin Wilson was an unabashed racist, the sort who once hung a black doll from a noose outside his home. John Lewis was a young civil ...
Rock Hill man apologizes on ABC-TV, NC - Feb 6, 2009
By Steve Lyttle A white Rock Hill man's apology to an African American man whom he beat during a civil rights demonstration near a half-century ago was ...
Man apologizes for 1961 racist beating
United Press International - Feb 5, 2009
ROCK HILL, SC, Feb. 5 (UPI) -- A South Carolina man has admitted beating up Rep. John Lewis and another Freedom Rider during an attempt to integrate a bus ...

AOL News Newsbloggers, VA - Feb 7, 2009
By Tommy Christopher Author's note - Please be ready to utter this phrase convincingly: "Oh, no, yours are waaaay nicer, honey!" During tumultuous times ...
Largest Breast Implants-world record set by Sheyla Hershey
World Records Academy, FL - Feb 7, 2009
HOUSTON, TX, USA -- Sheyla Hershey, 28, housewife and model has undergone nine ops to get her massive 38KKK breasts-which sets the world record for the ...
Sheyla Hershey Naked: The Biggest Ging-Gang Goolie Breasts In The ... (satire), UK - Feb 7, 2009
SHEYLA Hershey is the Texas-based model – although she can appear simultaneously in Arizona and New Mexico and up against the fence with Old Mexico - mo-del ...

BBC News
New World Order
TIME - Feb 5, 2009
By Justin Fox Thursday, Feb. 05, 2009 In recent weeks, the world has been politely standing by and watching how things play out with the fiscal stimulus and ...
Talk of 'global' TV channel raises eyebrows OneNewsNow
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The New World Order and Nanotechnology
UFODigest, Canada - 20 hours ago
by Glenn Gould Looking into the future is difficult and projections are frequently wrong, being based as they usually are on the status quo. ...

Global Gloom … Spreading Recession … And Blame (press release), OR - Feb 3, 2009
Dozens of the world’s leaders gathered in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum last week. The main topic was gloom … the spreading global ...

Continuing with the final (political/New World Order) element of the Rockefeller plan, in David Rockefeller’s Memoirs (2002) he revealed on page 405 that ...

Art that symbolised a new world order in the 1950s
Financial Times, UK - Feb 6, 2009
Sir, The extract from Philip Hook's new book ("Monet, Manet, money", Life & Arts, January 31-February 1), on why the newly rich were so drawn to ...

New world order as Pfizer pays up sky-high margins, UK - Feb 6, 2009
Pfizer, the US drugs group which last week announced a $68bn acquisition of local rival Wyeth, has released more details about its $22.5bn acquisition loan. ...

io9, CA - Feb 7, 2009
But perhaps even more deadly are the humans who simply can't cope with the new world order. It's best if you keep a psychologist on hand who can identify ...

Prepare for the apocalypse
Skyline View (subscription), CA - Feb 4, 2009
"World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" is the most recent book from Max Brooks, author of "The Zombie Survival Guide". WWZ chronicles the events ...

Prepare for the apocalypse
Skyline View (subscription), CA - Feb 4, 2009
"World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" is the most recent book from Max Brooks, author of "The Zombie Survival Guide". WWZ chronicles the events ...

METALLICA's 'Death Magnetic' Wins 'Best Recording Package' GRAMMY ..., NY - 17 hours ago
Turner Duckworth's design for METALLICA's album "Death Magnetic" was honored with a Grammy in the "Best Recording Package" category in the pre-telecast ...

Apocalypse how
The Times, South Africa - Feb 7, 2009
Alex Perry’s Falling off the Edge is a nauseating map of the human psyche and how it’s leading the world into carnage, writes Chantelle van Heerden. ...

Provoking apocalypse or Armageddon?
Twin Cities Planet, Minnesota - 16 hours ago
Writers were split over whether it meant the apocalypse or merely Armageddon, but at the very least, they agreed that it was a sickening travesty that ...

European scientists predict an apocalypse in South Europe because ...
Standart News, Bulgaria - 20 hours ago
In less than 20 years Dobrudja (northeastern Bulgaria) known for its wheat fields and rich harvest, might turn into a desert. The same fortune might befall ...

SLACKERJACK - Zombies! Apocalypse
hecklerspray, Los Angeles - Feb 6, 2009
Apocalypse - Massive Multiplayer Online Zombies Massacre, even though that’s basically given away the point of it all. In Zombies! ...

SLACKERJACK - Zombies! Apocalypse
hecklerspray, Los Angeles - Feb 6, 2009
Apocalypse - Massive Multiplayer Online Zombies Massacre, even though that’s basically given away the point of it all. In Zombies! ...

World needs new foundation
Battle Creek Enquirer, MI - Feb 8, 2009
It's ironic that religion seeks to demonize a new world order. Has God designed the current inequities of our top-heavy civilization? ...


New World Order- Mark 2
Australia.TO, Australia - Feb 3, 2009
A year ago the emergence of a New World Order was a relatively simple outcome of the political process- both to understand and predict. ...
We Need a New World Order
India Journal, CA - Jan 30, 2009
Such an alliance can be a great impetus for a new world order based upon the principles of equality, mutual respect, universal concern, and universal ...

Breaking the UN's Code X
Atlantic Free Press, Netherlands - Feb 7, 2009
New World Order, depopulation? Stan Monteith, MD and others think so. “None Dare it Genocide” is a video lecture by Dr. Monteith who believes Codex is part ...

“The new world order just put on a black face,” he later said.

HipHopDX, CA - Feb 7, 2009

While the majority of Hip Hop is singing the praises of President Barack Obama, KRS-One [click to read] is simply not convinced that Obama represents “change we can believe in.”

In a video that recently surfaced on the Internet through Alex Jones Radio, the Blast Master dropped a freestyle and his thoughts on the nation’s 44th President.

“In four years will we still like him, in eight years will we still hype him?” he asks in the rap.

“The new world order just put on a black face,” he later said.

KRS-ONE - New Studio Interview - Wake Up!!!!!

When the performance concluded, KRS opened up backstage on the state of the nation and the world.

After we leave the emotionalism alone, what should we be looking out for? Just because we have an African American president doesn’t mean that he’s not going to continue the Bush agenda. I’m not dissing anybody, but a politician is a politician.

KRS went on to state that he believes the rise of black politicians is the result of a loss of power in the communities that elect them to office.

If you really want to see what black governance is like, take a look at the mayors of major cities. When the cities were in power, we couldn’t be the mayors, it was when the cities lost power, they put in black mayors. When the states had power, we couldn’t be governors. When the states lost power, we have African American senators and governors.

Now the nation has lost power, the dollar has lost power. The world is global. Now you can get a black president because it doesn’t matter. It’s global now.”

He went on to warn listeners that the people may be in for an uphill battle to achieve real change in the country.

If Barack is true to the people, he will have opposition,” he said. “If there’s opposition, we the people will have to fight.”


KRS-One Live In Austin
Prison - Feb 6, 2009
In this special extended feature, hip hop legend KRS-One, who has also lectured at Harvard and Yale, discusses what the election of Barack Obama means for ...

UH-OH! KRS-ONE Turning America Against Obama
SOHH, Jersey City - Feb 5, 2009
Uh-oh. Liberals, you'd better hang on to your hats. The wind is blowing hard in the East-- and the air is full of nasty rumors. And KRS is not the first one ...

Fight the New World Order with Global Non Compliance
OpEdNews, PA - Jan 25, 2009
... everyone needs to understand clearly that the Fascist New World Order that is being introduced and the mass depopulation that is occurring across the ...

Chinese century: financial competition, outsoucing, finance amid ...
Cleveland Indy Media, OH - Feb 3, 2009
China and the new world order: how entrepreneurship, globalization, and borderless business reshape China and world), leading strategist and author George ...

What is to be done at this crossroads for Canada and the world?
Western Standard- Shotgun Blog, Canada - Feb 8, 2009
We are also seeing a move towards increasing global governance, as the idea of a New World Order becomes once again fashionable among the elites. ...

Hope of the Wicked: Master Plan to Rule the World (book), OR - Jan 16, 2009
The New World Order is not coming - it is here with a vengeance! As a very special added bonus, when you purchase "Hope of the Wicked: Master Plan to Rule ...

Global Taxes And Global TV Now On The Agenda
Post Chronicle - Jan 28, 2009
Representing Chinese economic dominance in what Henry Kissinger has labeled a "New World Order," Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is speaking to a special session ...

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