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Join 230,000 others in seeking citizenship proof
Petition demands verification of Obama's eligibility


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The United Nations or similarly sinister institutions aspiring to global dominance play the starring role in quite a few conspiracy theories, the basic premisse of which is that there is a secret plot to abolish the national sovereignty of all the world’s countries and install some sort of world government. One variant of that theory, discussed in #286, shows a world dominated by a small number of states, among which an expanded USA, within the framework of a New World Order.

This secret map here, stencilled for added clandestinity, shows another option: a world where expanded spheres of influence have been replaced by total interdependence, with national armies policing places far away from home. Only in North America are the ‘peacekeeping’ armies clearly labelled:

  • Canada would be policed by Mongolian, German and Russian troops.
  • The Irish army would be stationed in the Pacific states of the US.
  • The Midwest would be patrolled by the Belgian army.
  • The Russians would police the South of the US
  • Colombian and Venezuelan troops would patrol the Northeast of the US.
  • Mongolian troops would be stationed in Mexico.
In turn, US troops would be stationed in Regions 12 (Australia), 32 (Uruguay, Argentina), 55 (Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, Roumania (sic) and Bulgaria), 58 (Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia), 75 (India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)), and 85 (the Kazakh, Turkmen, Uzbegh, Tadzhik and Kirghiz Soviet Repulblics).

There’s a bit of explanation on how this would work, under the title: WORLD GOVERNMENT PLAN – ALIENS TO POLICE U. S. A.

This map, adopted in 1952 in London by the World Association of Parlementarians for World Government, shows what alien troops would occupy and police the six regions into which the United States and Canada would be divided.

The ruling body or World Parliament would consist only of appointed members. It would reflect population-strengths; so Asia would dominate it.

There would be a World Director, 8 zone directors and 51 regional directors. None of the zone or regional directors would ever serve in their own countries. So an alien (i.e. a non-national, not an actual extraterrestrial, ed.) would command troops stationed in the U.S. and through them enforce World Government Law, and prevent Americans from “sheltering behind national allegiance”.

On the side of the map, a note further explains:


This is the world troop map. Don’t let it scare you. It is presented here to show that the planning has been extensive, and of long-standing, to place the U.S.A. under a world army-police system. By stopping the funding to the United Nations and cancelling the “United Nations Participation Act of 1945 (and amendments) we could literally “pull the plug” on the whole world government apparatus. Public law 87-297 should also be repealed which is the cause of our bases being closed and our armed forces being merged with the Russian and Chinese armies.

It’s a bit puzzling that a plot so sinister, the planning for which has been so extensive, could be stopped simply by repealing a few laws, and by ending US funding of the UN. Another weakness of the conspiracy theory is that there doesn’t seem to be or ever have been a World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government.

But the Pugwash Movement, mentioned in the first text box, does seem to exist, and does seem to be concerned with worldwide disarmament; their website does not mention the arrest, trial and execution of anyone resisting disarmament. But then they wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?


    The World Constitution and Parliament Association was established in 1958 by ... Earth and to promote democratic world government under that Constitution. ...
    www.runet.edu/~gmartin/WCPA%20page.htm - 19k - Cached - Similar pages -
  2. Archives Hub: The World Parliament Association Papers

    Director of the World Parliament Association and as Secretary-general and Chairman of the Executive of the Association for World Government. ...
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  3. University of Sussex Library Special Collections: World Parliament ...

    The World Parliament Association Archive contains official files of federalist pressure groups the Parliamentary Group for World Government and the World ...
    www.sussex.ac.uk/library/speccoll/collection_descriptions/wpa.html - 8k - Cached - Similar pages -

WCPA, World Constitution and Parliament Association

Title : WCPA, World Constitution and Parliament Association Name : Toshio Suzuki Date : 98/3/01 17:49:52. * WORLD GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE ...www.w-g.jp/bbs-old/forum/msge/61.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages -

The World Constitution and Parliament Association | GlobalDemo.org ...

The laws promulgated by the Provisional World Parliament “are not subject to approval by national governments, but only subject to the duly-elected world ...
globaldemo.org/organisation/618 - 15k - Cached - Similar pages -
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Obama swearing in: I was just happy to be there!
The Independent, Uganda - 9 hours ago
At the moment he was sworn in, after some chuckles at the botched oath, there were those who cried tears of joy at seeing the first African American man ...

Obama is not what we want
Gadsden Times (subscription), AL - Feb 6, 2009
A lawyer in PA., Philip Berg, sued Obama and the DNC to get the "proof" that Obama was a natural born US citizen. US District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick ...
'Defendants had to ensure the Constitution is upheld'
WND.com, OR - Jan 30, 2009
Philip J. Berg, a Pennsylvania Democrat, demanded that the courts verify Obama's original birth certificate and other documents proving his American ...

NewsWithViews.com, OR - Feb 7, 2009
"A violation of the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution by Mr. Obama is so egregious and blatant in its nature that it marks the overt and ...

In the late stages of the presidential race, now Vice President Joseph Biden warned us that this would happen. In a speech before supporters he said, "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama... [We're] gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy... They may emanate from the Middle East. They may emanate from the subcontinent. They may emanate from Russia's newly emboldened position." As it happens, Biden's warning had two inaccuracies. Rather than six months, America's adversaries began testing Obama's mettle within weeks. And instead of one crisis from Russia, the Middle East or the Indian subcontinent, Obama has faced and failed to meet "generated crises" from all three. Take Russia for example. Since coming into office, Obama has repeatedly tried to build an alliance with the "newly emboldened" Russian bear. A week after entering office, he announced that he hoped to negotiate a nuclear disarmament agreement with Russia that would reduce the US's nuclear stockpiles by 80 percent. At a security conference in Munich last weekend, Biden stated that the administration wishes to push the "reset button" on its relationship with Russia and be friends. Responding to these American signals, the Russians proceeded to humiliate Washington.

Barack Obama has already started using culture to promote his policies.
In the near future, he will also implement a revolutionary program to
support the arts.

When Itzhak Perlman agreed to play at President Barack Obama's
inaugural ceremony, the last thing he intended to do was enter
American politics. But in a certain way, that's exactly what he did.

The instrumental quartet of which he was a member was prepared by
composer John Williams, inspired by a much older American melody.
"Appalachian Spring," the 1944 masterpiece written by the Jewish
composer Aaron Copland, tells the story of a young pioneer couple who
head out West to face all of nature's might, with hopes of building a
new life.

It was not a coincidental choice. It is the story of conquering the
West, and in fact, the story of America. This is also the story Obama
decided to tell in his inauguration. Mainly referencing the economic
in his speech, Obama called Americans to gather faith from
their past and rise above themselves, like they have done before,
especially in times of hardship. But he did not do this alone. Perlman
and his friends prepared the ground for him. The story telling they
began with the use of music, while Obama finished with the use of words.

Incorporating Perlman and his friends in the new president's message
of hope was no surprise. Obama, undoubtedly one of the most educated
presidents America has seen, knows very well the integral connection
between politics and culture, and is now looking to use that
connection to rescue the nation from crisis.

Bill Ivey, the former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts,
and senior cultural advisor in Obama's transition team, claims there
was never an administration that saw the arts as a way to promote
state policies, but that this administration will
be different.

All the signs indicate that Ivy is right. Based on his rhetoric and
the decisions made so far, Obama has proven that he is not neglecting
cultural life in his plans to rehabilitate America. "A Platform in
Support of the Arts," revealed during his election
campaign, was described by many as revolutionary.

Among the initiatives he committed to are increased funding for the
NEA, creation of "artist corps" that will be sent to schools across
the country in order to promote art education among teenagers and
strengthen the ties between public establishments
and artists. Obama also talked about "cultural ambassadors" - artists
that will help improve America's ailing international image.

These very days, the Congress is due to approve a governmental
initiative to increase the budget of the National Endowment for the
by tens of millions of dollars. The "New York Times" reported
that the government is considering establishing an arts and culture
desk in the White House.

From all presidents that precede him, it seems Obama has been
influenced mostly by Franklin Roosevelt, stating at various times he
wishes to reestablish, at least partially, the famous "New Deal"
policy. Many hope Obama will also follow Roosevelt's steps by
restoring the national economy not at the expense of cultural growth,
but rather with its help.

In 1935, Roosevelt established the Works Progress Administration (WPA)
which was in charge of, among other things, providing art subsidies
and artists' income. It was without a doubt one of the most creatively
fertile periods America has known: tens of thousands of artists from
all fields were employed by the government and produced more than one
hundred thousand visual art pieces, thousands of books and numerous
musical recordings.

In addition, the government established hundreds of music groups,
choirs and public orchestras. It built and subsidized art galleries,
theaters and museums all over the United States. Within the framework
of these rehabilitation programs initiated by the government, many of
the greatest American artists were able to gain public recognition.
The author Saul Bellow began his career cataloging public libraries in
the state of Illinois.

The masters of abstract expressionism Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko
initially dipped their brushes in the service of the public, focusing
on public murals and pastoral portraits of American landscape. Orson
, the greatest director and actor of the time, won a name for
himself in the Shakespearean play "Macbeth," produced by a national
theater company.

Roosevelt understood the dual benefit of restoring cultural life in
times of economic crisis: the state helps artists make a living, while
using their talent to help the state. Judging by his statements thus
far, it seems Obama shares this belief. The only question is whether
he will execute it successfully.

The mere mention of the International Criminal Court by the U.S. Permanent Representative drew her colleagues’ attention. “What she said on human rights and international law I could have written myself,” French ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert told Bloomberg News. Costa Rica’s Jorge Urbina said Rice’s speech “raises expectations” that the United States will submit to the authority of the ICC. Urbina is on point. Sen. Obama said little about the ICC during his campaign for the White House. But in his first weeks as President, his actions speak less to constituents in Peoria and the Bronx than to admirers in Paris and Brussels. Obama’s trans-American constituent service includes his decision to shutter “Gitmo” and grant his first presidential interview with Al Arabiya television. In his inauguration speech, Obama declared that “America is ready to lead once more.” He said American power “does [not] entitle us to do as we please.” In the parlance of the Left, these suggest submission to international authority, which was raised again last week when Ben Chang, spokesman for National Security Advisor General James Jones, echoed Rice’s comments about the Court. In the context of an ICC indictment for Sudanese President Omar Bashir, Chang told the Washington Times, “We support the ICC in its pursuit of those who’ve perpetrated war crimes.”

Banks Join Call For New World Order

Asian central banks called on Saturday for a new framework to regulate global financial markets as the world grapples with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Asian countries also called for exit strategies to be put in place to ensure that temporary measures that have been put in place in response to the global economic crisis did not become permanent. "The concern was raised that policy measures in some advanced economies may potentially restrict financial flows to emerging economies," the central banks said in a statement after a two-day meeting in Kuala Lumpur. The South East Asian Central Banks grouping said it backed calls for a doubling of the International Monetary Fund's resources to $520 billion in order to help it cope with the financial crisis and called for deeper regional cooperation. Many of South East Asia's economies have been insulated from the global financial crisis due to their high foreign currency reserves and a strengthening of their banking sectors in the wake of the 1998 Asian crisis, although export dependent economies like Malaysia are seeing growth forecasts slashed.

EurasiaNet, NY - Jan 26, 2009
The world should create a unified single currency, Kazakh Presi

The world should create a unified single currency, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev has suggested. Speaking during an official visit to India, which concluded January 26, Nazarbayev complained that the current global monetary system was "undemocratic" and called on the United Nations to support his proposal.

"I think in the future we need to have a fair world currency. It is not democratic, not free, not competitive, uncontrollable world currency. Instead of this, the countries of the world need to agree on creation of world unit for the exchange of goods that could be accepted by the United Nations and supervised by corresponding commissions," Kazinform quoted him saying January 26. Kazakhstan has been especially hard hit by the global financial crisis. [For background see the Eurasia Insight archive].

During his India visit, Nazarbayev signed several deals, including an agreement under which Kazakhstan will supply uranium to India’s nuclear power plants.

Who Else Will Rule In NWO?

Transatlantic Relations – 3 Paradigms, 3 Urgent Changes

This week’s Munich Security Conference offers a platform for transatlantic change. Ulrike Guérot discusses three necessary paradigm shifts. At the Munich Security Conference, everybody is expecting and preparing for a fresh start in transatlantic relations. The conference has been the stage for unusual and sharp confrontations in recent years: one easily remembers Joschka Fischer‘s "I am not convinced", in 2003, when US-Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld tried to provide evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The errors of the past urgently need to be put aside. Today, an important American delegation led by Vice-President Biden is the expression of a new style of communication and a new form of dialogue in transatlantic relations. What will be the next steps in transatlantic relations? Will it include a formal request for more troops from President Obama for Afghanistan and Iraq? The willingness of European countries to provide more troops is fairly non-existent. But this question is not the one that desperately needs to be solved... The ‘Obama-difference' impact is governed by three distinct but inter-related paradigms. All need to be changed for successful future transatlantic relations and world order. The first paradigm: Everybody wants to rule the world.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC), based in Rome, Italy is an international organization jointly created in 1962 by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations “allegedly” to protect the health of consumers with guidelines for food standards. Codex Alimentarius may present the greatest disaster for our food supply and thus our health this country has ever seen, and if not stopped is likely to be implemented in 2011. The Codex and its regulations affecting our food sovereignty go back to 1962. Fortunately in 1994 Congress passed the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) which for the moment preserved the definition of vitamins, minerals and herbs as foods. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and the “World According to Monsanto,” should be required viewing and are related to the Codex. In the U.S. and in the Codex GMO’s do not require labeling making in impossible to know what you are eating. Without congressional oversight the U.S. will move towards the policies of Canada and Mexico where supplements are considered drugs, not foods. Codex if implemented will reverse DSHEA and the U.S. will no longer treat dietary supplements as foods, but as toxins.

Can it be? Which merits?

I.O. does not have time to examine this, right now (though it has begun to look for contributing investigative correspondents, or directly cross-posting bloggers). Instead, the following posts are suggested, where description and commentary are found:
Berg v. Obama: Clerk Orders Case Submitted to Merits Panel
The Right Side of Life, Tue, 2/3

Docket entries, Berg v. Obama Third Circuit Court of Appeals (SEND TO MERITS PANEL)
ecf.ca3.uscourts.gov, FreeRepublic.com, 2/3 - h/t: rxsid

Update - Lightfoot v. Bowen, Set for 1/23 Conference, Disappears [Temporarily] from Supreme Court Docket

Update 1/23 am by Zapem, from Comments, emphasis by I.O.:

I personally checked 15 cases on the Pending Order's List myself and found those to be on the docket and fully visible from the database. I did not find any cases which were missing other than the eligibility contest cases as noted in this article.

The bottom line here is, while the Petitioners in these cases have been treated worse than second-class citizens, slandered on websites and belittled by the media without remorse, I find it ironic that no one seems to care if a President of the United States is held to the mere standard of Factcheck.org.

Update 1/22: Docket listings are back up, at the Supreme Court site. This has been another in a line of odd occurrences at the courts, pertaining to the eligibility requirement cases.

Update 1/21: Apparently, all docket items regarding Obama eligibility have disappeared but one Berg item. Received by email from Zapem:
All the cases on Obama's eligibility, even the pending ones, have been removed from the SCOTUS website.

One remains only to say that Berg v. Obama was dismissed today. http://origin.www.supremecourtus.gov/docket/08-570.htm

Donofrio, Wrotnowski, Schneller, Berg applications and Lightfoot all removed. I checked the other 2008 cases having nothing to do with Obama and those are still there. Something is going on.
Original Post, 1/21:

Not Found

The requested URL /docket/08a524.htm was not found on this server.

That is what now appears on the Supreme Court Web site, for the docket page of Lightfoot v. Bowen (http://origin.www.supremecourtus.gov/docket/08a524.htm).

Here is Lightfoot attorney, Orly Taitz' post about it, from her blog.

Obama has been in power only one day and they are already playing games with the Supreme Court

Obama has been in power only one day. Suddenly today my case has disappeared from the docket. The case was not dismissed. It is supposed to be heard on the 23rd of January. Each and every American Citizen needs to call the Supreme court and demand decency from these Justices. They have violated all principles of judicial integrity and ethics by inviting Obama and Biden to the closed door meeting only a few days before the hearing. They have inaugurated him in from of millions of people, when 3 days after the inauguration they are supposed to hear my case, where I state that Obama is not eligible for presidency and never was eligible. They were supposed to recuse themselves from the inauguration. What is going on? Is Chicago mafia influencing the Supreme Court? If we don't have integrity with our elected officials and the whole system is corrupt, then it is time to revolt and change the system.
More about this will likely be posted in updates, below, as I.O. finds more to post. In the meantime, I also suggest you look into The Right Side of Life and its overall status page, "Eligibility Lawsuits," regarding news of other suits.

This is how the docket appeared before it vanished.
No. 08A524
Title: Gail Lightfoot, et al., Applicants
Debra Bowen, California Secretary of State

Lower Ct: Supreme Court of California
Case Nos.: (S168690)

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dec 12 2008 Application (08A524) for a stay pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, submitted to Justice Kennedy.
Dec 17 2008 Application (08A524) denied by Justice Kennedy.
Dec 29 2008 Application (08A524) refiled and submitted to The Chief Justice.
Jan 7 2009 DISTRIBUTED for Conference of January 23, 2009.
Jan 7 2009 Application (08A524) referred to the Court.
Jan 13 2009 Suggestion for recusal received from applicant.

~~Name~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~Address~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~Phone~~~
Attorneys for Petitioners:
Orly Taitz 26302 La Paz (949) 683-5411
Counsel of Record Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Party name: Gail Lightfoot, et al.

This was relayed by FReeper, "cacoethes_resipisco" from a Google search cache, through this URL:

The 'Jason Society' connected to 'Weather Weaponry Warfare' ?

What is JASON?

For more than 40 years, an elite group of scientific advisors known as the JASON has provided the federal government with largely classified analyses on defense and arms controls issues. JASON members meet each summer. Acting on assignment from the Pentagon, the Department of Energy and other federal agencies and working on their own ideas, they emerge from seclusion six to eight weeks later, armed with detailed reports on their summer studies, which eventually help to shape the nation's scientific policies.

The JASONs, named after the mythical Jason and the Argonauts -- a group of young adventurers who embark on a journey to obtain the Golden Fleece -- were founded in 1959. At the end of World War II, many of the country's leading scientists, who had been involved in such war research as the atomic bomb and radar, left full-time government work and returned to the college campuses. To ensure that the federal government did not lose access to this valuable talent, the Defense Department sought to establish an ongoing consulting liaison with first-rate scientists. Those of the highest caliber were recruited to join the prestigious JASONs group, whose current 50-odd membership includes Nobel laureates and some of the brightest young scientists in the nation.

The vast majority of JASON's 20 to 30 annual studies remain classified, making its impact hard to gauge. In 1966, the JASONs completed three important studies--on the efficacy of strategic bombing in cutting the VC supply lines; on constructing an electronic barrier across Vietnam; and on tactical nuclear weapons. The first two reports are known to have had a major impact on then US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara's views on the United States' inability to win the war.

JASON keeps an intentionally low profile, largely because of its classified work. There is no comprehensive list of members, and professors who are JASONs rarely mention the job on their resumes. Originally all male due to the era in which it was founded, 10% of its current membership is female. Since the group was founded, its research focus has shifted from a heavy emphasis on physics, to include other fields. Of the group's current membership, 19 are biologists, chemists, engineers, computer experts and other non-physicists. In an effort to remain young and relevant, new scientists are routinely rotated in and older members become less active senior advisors when they turn 65. [1].

In March 2002, JASON's future was cast into doubt when the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (or DARPA) announced that it had severed its 42-year-old contract with the group. The group, which has 50 members, relies on a $1.5 million annual budget from the Department of Defense and $2.25 million from the Department of Energy and a variety of federal agencies[2]. After some anxious weeks, the group secured a new contract in June 2002, with the Department of Defense's Directorate for Research and Engineering, which oversees DARPA. Still, the rift has alienated many JASON members, many of whom have expressed fears that the Pentagon's increasingly adversarial attitude towards science may deter some scientific experts from doing research or serving on advisory panels.

Scientists at Edmonton's National Institute for Nanotechnology have made a significant breakthrough that could help pave the way for new generations of smaller, more energy-efficient computers. The team, led by Robert Wolkow, has invented the world's smallest quantum dots, atom-sized devices capable of controlling electrons, using a fraction of the power of current computer technology. "Roughly speaking, we predict there could be a 1,000-time reduction in power consumption with electronic computers built in this new way," said Wolkow, a physicist at the University of Alberta. "And they could be something like 1,000 times smaller in size. So it's reaching the very limit as far as anyone could imagine of how small things could get." The team's work is published in the latest edition of Physical Review Letters, considered the world's premier physics journal.

Researchers at Canada's largest children's rehabilitation hospital have developed a technique that uses infrared light brain imaging to decode preference - with the goal of ultimately opening the world of choice to children who can't speak or move. In a study published this month in The Journal of Neural Engineering, Bloorview scientists demonstrate the ability to decode a person's preference for one of two drinks with 80 per cent accuracy by measuring the intensity of near-infrared light absorbed in brain tissue. "This is the first system that decodes preference naturally from spontaneous thoughts," says Sheena Luu, the University of Toronto PhD student in biomedical engineering who led the study under the supervision of Tom Chau, Canada Research Chair in pediatric rehab engineering.

CERN Stargate To Be Re-Started Later This Year
The LHC suffered a catastrophic malfunction soon after being switched on last September amid a fanfare of publicity. Officials and scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which built the £4billion device, have been in talks this week about when to re-start it. They have also discussed what caused the LHC to grind to a halt and how to prevent similar incidents happening in the future. CERN have now said that they hope the machine will be up and running in time to deliver the first batch of data for experts to begin experiments by the end of the year. A final decision on the exact date to switch it back on is expected following a meeting on Monday. The breakdown on September 19 was blamed on a faulty electrical connection, which led to a leak of super-cold helium causing damage estimated at £20million. As a result, 53 of the magnets used to accelerate sub-atomic particles around the machine's 17-mile underground tunnel had to be brought to the surface for repair or cleaning. Two further "suspect connections" have since been found and engineers are working to remedy the problem, this week's meeting in Chamonix was told. CERN said that if the plans for re-starting the LHC are approved, it will start producing physics data late this year, through to the end of 2010...

CALLED "THE BEST SERIES" BY TOM HORN & STEVE QUAYLE An Alien Agenda, Great Deception, The Antichrist and the Return of the Giants Tom Horn and Steve Quayle recently recorded what is already being called their greatest series yet -- a fascinating expose on little known passages from the Bible and Apocryphal texts, which speak of an alien agenda, great deception giving rise to the Antichrist, and in the last two parts of this series, they blow the lid off of the most incredible information ever revealed by them and its implications concerning the release of giants currently held beneath "the hills of the earth." Tom's new revelation from the Book of Enoch left Steve Quayle speechless for several seconds and led to a major WorldNetDaily top story. Click to listen or download this 5 Part Series here: PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4 / PART 5

In Obama Administration, National Security Agency Not Only Plans To Know WHAT You Are Thinking, But HOW!
The National Security Agency (NSA) is developing a tool that George Orwell's Thought Police might have found useful: an artificial intelligence system designed to gain insight into what people are thinking. With the entire Internet and thousands of databases for a brain, the device will be able to respond almost instantaneously to complex questions posed by intelligence analysts. As more and more data is collected—through phone calls, credit card receipts, social networks like Facebook and MySpace, GPS tracks, cell phone geolocation, Internet searches, Amazon book purchases, even E-Z Pass toll records—it may one day be possible to know not just where people are and what they are doing, but what and how they think. The system is so potentially intrusive that at least one researcher has quit, citing concerns over the dangers in placing such a powerful weapon in the hands of a top-secret agency with little accountability.

William Cooper Former US Navy Petty Officer on members of the Jason Society.


[1] Jim Puzzanghera, "Pentagon Alienating Elite Science Advisers," (May 12, 2002), The San Jose Mercury News.

James Glanz, "Defense Department Agency Severs its Ties to an Elite Panel of Scientists," (March 23, 2002), The New York Times.

Tom Zamora Collina, "Strike up the Ban: The View from Washington" (January/February 1996, Vol. 52, No. 1), Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

[2] Bruce Lieberman, "Pentagon cuts off SD-based research group: Rift leaves Jason, which has been providing military with answers for 42 years, in the lurch," 2002 Union-Tribune Publishing Co. Reprinted March 31, 2002, University of California, San Diego, Division of Physical Sciences website.

"Statement of the Secretary of Energy Federico Pena on the Schedule for Subcritical Experiments," 2002, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation website.

Ron Southwick, "Elite Panel of Academics Wins Fight to Continue Advising Military," June 7, 2002, The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Chemtrail 'Weather Warfare' Operations over the midwest onTues. 2/10/09

I woke up this moring and saw that conditions were ripe for more Weather Modders in the skies Today. and saw the muther fluckers, flucking up the sky again and the natural sunshine. This really pisses me off since it was the first day I have seen a clear sky in weeks and the muther fluckers ruined it, by spraying their flucking crap in the air and ending a really nice sunshine day. They were zappi
ng the midwest on the weather channel Sat. moring and within hours of Zapping the Region, Rain clouds appeared and started raining with-in a cuople of hours, them pricks say the concept of geo-engineering - deliberately manipulating the climate to counter the effects of climate change - received little traction in the scientific community; it was too risky, politically unacceptable, even downright loopy. Today, a growing number of scientists are calling for a Plan "B", not as an alternative to curbing our emissions, but as a safety net for disaster.

So since the Zapping on Sat. weather has shown on radar a major spinning Votex Weather lower pressure System popped up in Central States on Sunday and the Energy has increased to that of nearly a Hurricane. The Wipe around rain bands and high winds show how much they can create and feed the energy a perfect storm system needs.

So today once again Chemtrail operations inconjuction with a week of daily Weather Modders in the skies cloud seeding, we now have forcasted today High Wind Watches and Flood Watches...

Deadly tornado kills 15 in Oklahoma

Tornado watch issued as severe storms move into Dallas-Fort Worth
Dallas Morning News, TX - 8 hours ago
A tornado watch has been issued for all of North Texas as heavy rains begin to fall in spots across the region. The storm system is forecast to bring large ...
Weather Channel to feature Windsor tornado The Coloradoan
Tornado reported in Edmond Edmond Sun
Severe Weather Underway Including Tornadoes AccuWeather.com
WSOCtv.com - FoxReno.com
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Modesto Bee
Pics Show Stunning NorCal Tornado
MSNBC - 16 hours ago
A tornado was reported Monday in the Northern California town of Merced, according to the National Weather Service. A funnel cloud was reported around 11:25 ...
Tornado Almost Hits Merced SFist
Tornado Touches Down In San Joaquin Valley CBS13.com
Rain, hail, tornado whip up Valley weather Fresno Bee
Merced Sun-Star - KSEE
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Tornado Touches Down near Oklahoma City
MSNBC - 43 minutes ago
Watch now from MSNBC: .msnbcLinks {font-size:11px; font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #999; margin-top: 5px; background: transparent; ...
Severe Storms, Baseball-Sized Hail, Tornadoes Possible Today
NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, TX - 3 hours ago
Severe storms with tornadoes, 85-mph winds and baseball-sized hail are in the forecast for North Texas this afternoon. NBC 5 Meteorologist James Aydelott ...

Tornado NW of Oklahoma City
Examiner.com - 1 hour ago
by Trina Hoaks, Everyday People Examiner It was reported on MSNBC that eight people have been arrested in connection with the Michael Phelps bong incident. ...

Franklin Co. Tornado Sirens Go Off -- By Mistake
10TV, OH - 1 hour ago
COLUMBUS, Ohio — People may have heard tornado sirens across Franklin County on Tuesday morning -- by mistake. The test occurred at about 10 am, ...
Siren Test Goes Awry NBC4i.com
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Thumbs down on Wall Street...Stimulus passes...Tornado activity ...
Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck, ND - 49 minutes ago
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Tornado sirens have been blaring across central Oklahoma this afternoon, and school children are being kept in locked down schools. ...
News Alert: Tornado Watch Issued
Culturekiosque, CA - 51 minutes ago
Double Doppler 2 continues to show a possible tornado near Langston. That storm will continue to move into Payne County; the National Weather Service has ...
Tornado Outbreak Likely this Afternoon and Overnight
Examiner.com - 3 hours ago
... Southern Plains into the Ozark Mountain Region, with long-track, strong tornadoes likely across the moderate risk region below - especially overnight. ...
City begins assessing tornado damage
Edmond Sun, OK - 24 minutes ago
Damage from a tornado that touched down in northwest Edmond earlier this afternoon is still being assessed, but some reports are indicating damage in the ...

The Associated Press
China fights drought with chemical cloud-seeding
The Associated Press - Feb 8, 2009
BEIJING (AP) — Parts of China's parched north got light rain after authorities fired shells loaded with cloud-seeding chemicals into the sky, but there was ...

Major study proves cloud seeding effective
Cosmos, Australia - Feb 2, 2009
by Melanie Macfarlane Seeds of doubt: Cloud seeding has been controversial, but a new 45-year study seems to show it can cause a modest improvement in ...

The Future of Things
'Igloo White' the Automated Battlefield
The Future of Things - 22 hours ago
Project “Popeye” sought to turn the roads into permanent quagmire through cloud seeding. It ran from 1968 to 1972 but showed few results. ...


The Americans experimented with several exotic technologies in order to disrupt the traffic. Project “Popeye” sought to turn the roads into permanent quagmire through cloud seeding. It ran from 1968 to 1972 but showed few results. Even more bizarre was operation “Commando Lava,” which sought to destabilize large parts of the trail by using an airdropped soap-like chemical; it failed as well. Other efforts involved the development of advanced aerial sensors, which were supposed to enable aircraft to locate ground traffic and attack it, even at night and in bad weather. Several special development programs, commonly called “Shed Light,” experimented with low light level TV, infrared sensors, and advanced ground scanning radar. These were all groundbreaking technologies that started to enter operational service in the late 60s to the early 70s.

Earlier the Department of Defense appointed several “think tanks” to offer ways to block communist infiltration to the south. Most notable among them was called the JASON Defense Advisory Group from the Institute for Defense Analysis. Its advisers came in 1966 with a plan for a centralized concept of combating traffic on the Ho-Chi-Minh Trail. Their concept was largely based on an automated battlefield model in which the US excelled: the command and control structure of the strategic nuclear forces. Here computers, modern communications, automatic machines, and modern man-machine interfaces formed a highly centralized organization that combined "brains,” sensors, and "muscles" into a single functioning body. The practical application of the plan was based on two earlier schemes. One, called the "McNamara Line",” was basically an air-supported barrier of physical and electronicobstacles suggested in earlier studies. The second basis was a Navyremote sensing project called ALARS (Air Launched AcousticalReconnaissance). In ALARS the Navy applied know-how gained during thedevelopment and deployment of sonic sensors used in anti-submarinewarfare. Their OP-2E Neptune maritime patrol bombers started plantingacoustic, and later seismic, sensors along some of the supply routes inorder to locate and destroy communist traffic.

Today, the basic ingredients of the "Igloo White" system exist in almost any modern battlefield command and control system. Today, the information collecting part of such systems in often called MASINT (Measurement and Signature Intelligence). What has changed is the quality of each technical part of the structure and the type of sensors. Airborne and spaceborne sensors replaced, to a large extent, the ground sensors. Modern unattended ground sensors (UGS), like "Steel Eagle" and "Steel Rattler" (developed by sentech-acoustic), which were developed basically to combat mobile missile launchers after the 1991 Gulf War, are a vast improvement over the older sensors. However, their detection radius is still limited and the enemy can easily locate them. “Smart Dust is a more advanced remote sensing concept based on micro sensors, which is currently under development around the world and may revolutionize unattended ground sensors in the future.
“Igloo White” was a futuristic military operation that provided an extreme demonstration of the limitation of modern technology in certain military scenarios. It was over-ambitious in its goals and in harnessing many immature technologies to fight a multitude of tiny targets in a vast and difficult area. Even today, high-tech armies operating against insurgents in the Middle East and Afghanistan find it difficult to deal with similar challenges.

Recommended reading:
  • Edwards, Paul N., The Closed World: Computers and the Politics of Discourse in Cold War America, Boston, 1997.
  • Gibson, James William, The Perfect War. Technowar in Vietnam, New York, 2000.
  • Hacker, Barton & Vining, Margaret, American Military Technology: The Life story of a Technology, Baltimore, 2007.
  • Head, William P., War from Above the Clouds. B-52 Operations during the Second Indochina War and the Effects of the Air War on Theory and Doctrine, Maxwell AFB, 2002.
  • Jeppeson, Chris, Acoubuoy, Spikebuoy, Muscle Shoals and Igloo White, 2001
  • John T. Correll, “Igloo White”, Air Force Magazine, vol.87, no.11, November 2000, pp.56-61.
  • Nalty, Bernard C., The War Against Trucks. Aerial Interdiction in Southern Laos, 1968-1972, Washington DC, 2005.
  • Rosenau, William, Special Forces and the Elusive Enemy Ground Targets, Washington DC, 2000.

Foggy conditions hamper travel around the valley
KTVB, ID - Jan 14, 2009
Sometimes the airport uses cloud seeding to help combat the fog. That's when they put a chemical in the air to turn the fog into ice crystals. ...

Planet Earth
Scientists rank climate cooling schemes
Planet Earth, UK - Jan 28, 2009
An order of magnitude below that come chemical and biological methods of removing carbon dioxide from the air and shiny deserts, followed by planting more ...
Global Climate Change, Weather Warfare, Fossil Fuel Depletion And ...
The Market Oracle, UK - Jan 30, 2009
Several articles are written about the toxicity and chemicals of jet fuel, of seeding clouds with various chemicals supposedly to reduce climate change and ...


SmartDust & Ubiquitious Computing

Smartdust: "... tiny, bottle-cap-shaped micro-machines fitted with wireless communication devices - that measure light and temperature (among other things - ed.). When clustered together, they automatically create highly flexible, low-power networks with applications ranging from climate-control systems to entertainment devices that interact with handheld computers."

Engineers also envision other uses for the Smart Dust project, including:
  • Monitoring humidity and temperature to assess the freshness of foods stored in the refrigerator or cupboard.
  • Monitoring quadriplegics' eye movements and facial gestures and to assist them in operating a wheelchair or using computational devices.
  • Communicating with a handheld computer for games and other forms of entertainment. A user could attach the sensors to his or her fingers to "sculpt" 3D shapes in virtual clay visible on the device's screen. The same idea could be applied to playing the piano or communicating in sign language, with the handheld computer translating hand gestures into music and speech.
  • Detecting the onset of diseases, such as cancer. Experiments on humans are expected to begin as soon as one year from now, with adoption taking place anywhere from three to 10 years, according to Smart Dust researchers.

Source: What 'Smart Dust' Could Do for You Zillah Bahar, June 2001.

In 2010 everything you own that is worth more than a few dollars will know that it's yours, and you'll be able to find it whenever you want it. Stealing cars, furniture, stereos, or other valuables will be unusual, because any of your valuables that leave your house will check in on their way out the door, and scream like a troll's magic purse if removed without permission (they may scream at 2.4 GHz rather than in audio).

"It's not just academic research. It will provide real data about what's happening at any moment." Source: SmartDust Predictions based on "Autonomous sensing and communication in a cubic millimeter." Kris Pister, December 2000. See also his business site Dust Inc.

It relies on the convergence of three technologies: digital circuitry, laser-driven wireless communications, and something called MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical Systems) to pack enough equipment into a space no more than one or two cubic millimeters in size. Source: Smart Dust The particles of dust that could be watching you. James Flint, July 1999.

The motes can be powered by vibrations in the wall -- a bit like a self-winding wristwatch -- or by solar light or even changes in barometric pressure. This makes smart dust very flexible, which is why Pister envisions it everywhere, doing practically anything -- monitoring how traffic is flowing, say, to determine how to time traffic-lights, or monitoring the vital signs of elderly or sick people. Source: Dust Keeping the Lights Off Farhad Manjoo, May 2001.

In the future, there will be hundreds of billions of embedded chips and sensing devices integrated into everything from key chains and swimming pools to your apartment's walls and even your skin. All of these devices will be able to compute, sense and communicate with each other. ... "Computer chips will get smaller, more powerful, connected and 'pervasive.' They'll bring digital intelligence into all kinds of objects and spaces." Source: The Shape of Computer Chips to Come Tim McDonald, May 2002.

The new sensors will be able to detect vibration, chemicals, radiation, biological agents, explosives, footsteps, voices, still images, and even video images and transmit them to a network of fixed and mobile relay collection stations. The significant reduction in size will enable sensors to be deeply embedded in the physical world products or materials and spread throughout our environment like smart grains of sand. Currently, the sensor networks with communications capabilities have been produces that are as small as a penny. In the future NanoTechnology (the capability of building things one molecule at a time) will create miniature sensors so small they could be woven directly into the fabric of a chair or in the layers of plastic in a milk carton or maybe even within the ink on a piece of paper.

SmartDust & Ubiquitious Computing

The multiple layers of networked sensors would consist of seven layers:

  • Spaced Based Satellite Systems
  • Airborne Based Combination Relay/Sensing Systems
  • Elevated Land Based Sensors and Relay Systems
  • Common Product Based Sensing Systems
  • Ground based Sensors
  • Sea Surface Sensing Systems
  • Ocean Floor Sensor Systems

Just imagine sensors the size of sand graduals dropped from a plane that detect footsteps in a field or desert. Or sensors of similar size mixed into the asphalt on roads detecting traffic. These devices could be cloaked as bricks and detect footsteps or the movement of vehicles and record then forward the information. Source: GIS, Information Technology, and BioTech Take Center Stage in Supporting Homeland Security Kevin Coleman, April 2003.

Penny image Courtesy Joseph M. Kahn and Brett A. Warneke, Univerisity of California at Berkeley. SEMs courtesy Brett A. Warneke and Ron Wilson, UCB. Used with permission.

Architects of Control Program One - Mass Control & the Future of Mankind

This documentary film by Michael Tsarion and Henrik Palmgren explores humankind’s future and the post-human world. Will the perfect human be a dumbed-down, regimented inhabitant of a cyber purgatory created by unseen elites? Will the children of tomorrow be smiling depressives of technocratic dystopia?


Just cleaning house, ‘cause the sorely missed neverknwo cluttered up the original GNN GDT thread.

How they are being used today articles

How they may be used tomorrow

Other articles referring to smartdust, smart structures, COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) Dust or "macro motes," ubiquitious computing, and embedded systems:

Smart Dust - Mighty motes for medicine, manufacturing, the military and more "Picture being able to scatter hundreds of tiny sensors around a building to monitor temperature or humidity. Or deploying, like pixie dust, a network of minuscule, remote sensor chips to track enemy movements in a military operation." 2003

Smart Dust Autonomous sensing and communication in a cubic millimeter. Kris Pister, Robotics and Intelligent Machines Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences University of California at Berkeley.

Materials That Remotely Monitor Temperature and Stress The same material that makes the theft detectors go off in a department store when the salesperson forgets to remove the anti-theft tag, may make inexpensive, passive temperature and stress sensors for highways, concrete buildings and other applications possible, according to Penn State researchers. June 2002

Low-cost magnetic field sensors " ... large numbers of magnetic field sensors are also required for less obvious technical applications: They measure position, torsion and the number of revolutions of shafts and wheels, as well as monitoring the operational status of robots and machine tools." June 2002

New Center for Embedded Networked Sensing Buildings that "detune" themselves during an earthquake to prevent collapse, and water systems that automatically detect sabotage and isolate the danger are among the possible future breakthroughs to be pioneered by a new UCLA research center intended to create a new generation of wireless sensing technologies. June 2002

Networked Computer Sensors Infiltrate Everything Brian McDonough, June 2002

A new approach may finally make "smart structures" scalable. David F. Salisbury, June 2002 Sensors seen enabling new-age services EE Times May 2002

Energy Implications of Network Sensor Designs (PDF) Robert Szewczyk and Andras Ferencz. Berkeley Wireless Research Center.

Power evaluation of SmartDust remote sensors (PPT)

Analysis of Wireless Data Transmission Characteristics Rachel Rubin (PDF)

Computing with a pinch of sand April 2002

Brainy Buildings Conserve Energy From "Lab Notes: Research from the Berkeley College of Engineering." September 2001

Wireless wearable digital jewelry and more InfoWorld Editor at Large, Ephraim Schwartz.

Smartdust (PPT) Mohammad H. Rahimi

Mini Airborne Intelligence Smallest Computerized Sensors Designed to Communicate. November 1999

Privacy may be blown away like smart dust in the wind Rosemary Clandos, August 2001

Network in a dust storm Luke Collins, April 2002

'Smart Bandage' Diagnoses Danger Before Infection Takes Hold November 2001

Spies in the Skies Peter Kupfer, November 2000 Stay up to date on these results:

Air Force researchers are worried about a terror group using small drones to spy on -- or even attack -- U.S. forces. So the military boffins are testing out high-powered microwave blasts, to knock the small robo-planes out of the sky.

"An increasing concern is how do we defend against small” unmanned aircraft, Air Force Chief Scientist Werner Dahm tells InsideDefense.com. "Our traditional systems are set up to defend large platforms, so the labs have made real progress in demonstrating, in an exercise called 'Black Dart,' the ability to detect, track and even shoot down small" drones. (That's one of the aircraft from the exercise, pictured above.)

One method relies on "microwave energy to shoot down [drones] by disrupting the aircraft’s electronics," the newsletter notes.

In December tests at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Boeing used a different kind of energy weapon -- a Humvee-mounted laser -- to blast away a small robo-plane.

The drone-zapping project is one of a number of U.S. military efforts to build better microwave weapons that fry electronics. The Air Force Research Lab has "developed a directed energy weapon to destroy buried IEDs," according to InsideDefense.com. In December, the service kicked off a three-year, $40 million Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP). The goal is to build a microwave weapon "that is capable of degrading, damaging, or destroying electronic systems" -- including gizmos that are used for "military, industrial, civil, and asymmetrical" purposes.

A few months before, the Air Force handed out a pair of $5 million contracts under a $75 million research effort to develop such weaponry. The Air Armament Command has its own effort for building "counter electronics payloads." The Navy recently invested more than $7 million on a "state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Pulse pulser." But, as we've noted before, these "e-bombs" come with all sorts of issues. Microwave "friendly fire," for one. "Seemingly intractable cost, size, beam-control and power-generation requirements," as well, according to Aviation Week.

911 Octopus Part Two: Star Wars in New York (working copy) 540k @ Yahoo! Video
Do "space beams" and "death rays" really exist or are they just a crazy conspiracy theory? New unfinished video demonstrates the directed energy weapons that were used in New York City on September 11, 2001. Shows Tesla effects of Scalar EM weapons, or "the Hutchison Effect". Priceless footage of Rumsfeld and General Meyers freaking out in response to a simple question.

Halo's and more Fake Illusionary Symbolism

See more pics at this link on New Age Deception Obama Worship

US President Barack Obama on Thursday reached out to believers of all faiths as he expanded the White House office of faith-based partnerships. Speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, Obama acknowledged differences among religions, but stressed the common beliefs of all faiths to care for others. "Instead of driving us apart, our varied beliefs can bring us together to feed the hungry and comfort the afflicted; to make peace where there is strife and rebuild what has broken; to lift up those who have fallen on hard times," he said. "This is not only our call as people of faith, but our duty as citizens of America, and it will be the purpose of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighbourhood Partnerships that I'm announcing later today." Former president George W Bush created a White House Office of Faith-Based Initiatives that helped religious groups seek grants to provide social services. Obama, who signed an order later Thursday creating his own programme, is expected to keep a similar structure. He has also created a council of religious advisors from various backgrounds to provide input on policy.

Scott Adams Blog: Obama's Halo 02/05/2009

Feb 5, 2009 ... The Official Dilbert Website featuring Scott Adams Dilbert strips, animation, mashups and more starring Dilbert, Dogbert, Wally, ...

Bishop Hill blog - Obama's halo slips

Obama's halo slips. Date Friday, January 30, 2009 at 09:00AM. PowerLine notes that President Obama has "cranked up the thermostat" in the White House - he ...

When the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) conference gets underway in Nashville, Tenn., on Saturday, look for hundreds of faith-based broadcasters to warn their viewers and listeners about the return of the fairness doctrine. NRB president Frank Wright considers the re-imposition of the defunct broadcasting policy—which the FCC discarded as unconstitutional in 1987, thus clearing the way for the explosion in conservative talk radio—a credible threat under the Obama administration. NRB represents 1,400 organizations, from Billy Graham to Focus on the Family, as well as TV and radio stations and some cable programmer members. Invoking the image of David taking on Goliath, the association recently said that it was "girding itself for a major battle over broadcasting freedoms," and was prepared to go to court, lobby Congress, or take its message to the public.

President Obama's proposed economic stimulus plan makes a deliberate – and unconstitutional – attempt to censor religious speech and worship on school campuses across the nation, according to a lawyer who argued related cases before the U.S. Supreme Court 20 years ago. "This isn't like a convenient oversight. This is intentional. This legislation pokes its finger in the eyes of people who hold religious beliefs," Jay Sekulow, chief of the American Center for Law and Justice, told WND today. The problem in the proposed stimulus bill comes from a provision that states: "PROHIBITED USES OF FUNDS. - No funds awarded under this section may be used for - (C) modernization, renovation, or repair of facilities - (i) used for sectarian instruction, religious worship, or a school or department of divinity; or (ii) in which a substantial portion of the functions of the facilities are subsumed in a religious mission." The wording that specifically targets religious speech already has been approved by the majority Democrats in the U.S. House – all GOP members opposed it. In the Senate, Jim DeMint, R-S.C., proposed an amendment to eliminate it, but again majority Democrats decided to keep the provision targeting religious instruction and activities.

Obushma? They've re-elected the same guy!
Date: Monday, February 9, 2009, 5:05 PM

From Bush to Obama: A facial transition
Los Angeles Times, CA - Jan 23, 2009
The middle man -- the perfect "Obushma" hybrid -- is strangely fascinating. I can't look away. Really. But the user, who submited the image to the popular ...

They've re-elected the same guy!
The whole left-wing/right wing BS is a false alternative; they're both wings of the same tyrannical coercive Statist bird. The "left wing" (& "liberals" & "democrats") lead to communism (Marx 2; read the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Communist_Manifesto) & the "right wing" (& "conservatives" & "republicans") lead to fascism (Marx 1; read "Das Kapital" at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Das_Kapital).
The myth that they're the only alternatives and that they're opposites, or
even significantly different, has been successfully embedded into most
American brains by 4-5 generations of State-controlled schools and
media; the same mechanism that has caused most folks to believe that their
government = their country and that their only choice for health is drugs
vs. surgery.
The Liberals' "War on Poverty" and the Conservatives' "War on Drugs" are
both disastrous parts of the State's War on Freedom.
Check the Shortest Quiz at
If civilization (and this time, the human species) is to continue, I'm rather convinced that Galambos is right. This time we really are at the point where we're smart enough (due to application of the Scientific Method in the physical sciences over the last three centuries) to completely destroy ourselves and too stupid (due to ignorance of application of the Scientific Method in the volitional sciences). This time we need an ideological solution rather than a political solution.

The good news is that Galambos has created that solution.

Please make a great wintertime ... and lifetime!

--bob & lou

I could not resist in making it into an animated gif.....



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Beautiful, neverknwo... many thanks!
--bob & lou

Obama Looks Like Bush on National Security Secrecy Argument
U.S. News & World Report, DC - 4 hours ago
Bad news today for people who were hoping that Barack Obama would roll back some of the imperial executive which Bush, Cheney and their wacky legal ...
Obama Looks Like Bush on National Security Secrecy Argument U.S. News & World Report
all 3 news articles »

Rendition Case Under Bush Gets Obama Backing
Wall Street Journal - 18 hours ago
By EVAN PEREZ WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration backed the Bush administration's arguments in a lawsuit involving the practice of seizing terror ...
Obama Backs Off a Reversal on Secrets New York Times
Obama administration joins efforts to bar suit against Jeppesen Bizjournals.com
Justice Dept. Uses 'State Secrets' Defense Washington Post
San Francisco Chronicle - Bloomberg
all 379 news articles »

Repeating Bush's mistakes: President Barack Obama bangs head on ...
New York Daily News, NY - Feb 9, 2009
... ouch-inducing yesterday as Obama lifted off toward Indiana. Maybe the White House just needs a bigger helicopter: President George W. Bush also whacked ...
Video: Obama Bumps Head Boarding Chopper AssociatedPress
Obama Has a ‘Bush Scene,’ Bumps Head on Helicopter EfluxMedia News

Obama walks tall - and bumps his head Independent
Peace fm Online
all 199 news articles »


It's been three weeks since we expected to see a false-flag nuclear blast over sparsely populated beach-front property in Israel, with the invasion of Iran to follow before the dust could settled. In that time I have:

  1. Discovered that key conspirators expected the missile to be launched, not on Inauguration Day itself, but on January 22nd, ie. Obama +2, and

  2. Found where Navy Intelligence had to promise that very same day that the nuclear tipped false-flag missile will still be used.

  3. I also managed to take a nice vacation (scheduled several months ago) that was only slightly marred by the fact that I had to check the news three times a day to see if the balloon had gone up.

  4. I found out why the Army’s Osama Bin Laden impersonator called the missile that was to be launched in or at Israel a "RAW" Missile. (You’ll be surprised!)

  5. And finally, I've tested three different systems for website management, and started a new way of creating web pages and posting speech reversals — so our Project’s web site can be easier to manage, and expand in a more organized way.

You can see all of this, and listen to some great supporting speech reversals, by checking out the report I posted last night:


( http://www.ken-welch.com/Reports2/ArmagII-D.html )

Since they’ve never been able to recycle one of these plans in less than thirty days, I’m dropping our Alert Status back to Orange. Newer RS indicates this plan is still active, and I will be working on posting that material as soon as we have a consistent picture.

Ken Welch

A Worthy Cause Right Now:
Houston SPCA
900 Portway Dr
TX 77024
United States

Army Suspends Germ Research at Maryland Lab
Army officials have suspended most research involving dangerous germs at the biodefense laboratory at Fort Detrick, Md., which the F.B.I. has linked to the anthrax attacks of 2001, after discovering that some pathogens stored there were not listed in a laboratory database. The suspension, which began Friday and could last three months, is intended to allow a complete inventory of hazardous bacteria, viruses and toxins stored in refrigerators, freezers and cabinets in the facility, the Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. The inventory was ordered by the institute’s commander, Col. John P. Skvorak, after officials found that the database of specimens was incomplete. In a memorandum to employees last week, Colonel Skvorak said there was a high probability that some germs and toxins in storage were not in the database. Rules for keeping track of pathogens were tightened after the 2001 anthrax letters, which killed five people. But pressure to improve recordkeeping and security at the Army institute intensified six months ago after the suicide of Bruce E. Ivins, a veteran anthrax researcher, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s announcement that prosecutors had been preparing to charge Dr. Ivins with making the deadly anthrax powder in his laboratory there.

The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) has suspended research activities involving biological select agents and toxins. Army officials took the step on Friday after discovering apparent problems with the system of accounting for high-risk microbes and biomaterials at the Fort Detrick, Maryland, facility. The lab has been under intense scrutiny since August, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) named former USAMRIID researcher Bruce Ivins as the perpetrator of the 2001 anthrax letter attacks. Although the case never went to trial because of Ivins's suicide on 29 July 2008, FBI officials have claimed that the evidence against him is indisputable and that he carried out the mailings using anthrax stolen from a flask at USAMRIID. Officials have begun a complete inventory of all select agents and toxins at the facility. All experiments using select agents will remain suspended until the accounting is finished, which could take several weeks. Several USAMRIID researchers have been grumbling about the decision, which seems to have caught them by surprise, according to a government official not connected to the lab.

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