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ANOTHER MESSAGE FROM THE SERPENT CULT: “Union of North America (part 3)

The events portrayed in this slide show are entirely fictitious

Obama and the serpent cult * 123» 7
Steve Watson
Thursday, Feb 5th, 2009
The London Telegraph is continuing to run a crude propaganda piece in it's arts and culture section that depicts nuclear attacks on major cities, the formation of a world government, and a police state crackdown on citizens complete with concentration camps and the implementation of martial law.


WWL, LA - 23 hours ago
But according to military officials, it’sa training exercise that brought about 150 US troops from the US Special Operations Command to train in New Orleans ...

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Open Letter from Brigadier General Charles Jones

Charles E. Jones
Brigadier General US Air Force, Retired
Lifetime subject to recall for active duty
Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal (AF)

"We the People of the United States of America" are entitled to know the legal qualifications of the President and Commander in Chief. For the better good and National Security of "We the People of the United States" and for Absolute Command of the Military Forces of the United States, I whole heartedly support the efforts of Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ for taking legal action to determine whether or not Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, Citizen of Indonesia and possibly citizen of Kenya, is eligible to become President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.

There are 16 addresses for Barakat Osama, is he the same person as Barack Obama?

'Operation Blackjack': The Story of Terrorist Nuclear Attacks on Major Western Cities

This little curiosity comes to us from the Telegraph’s Culture Picture Galleries


As of now, there’s an entry called: Operation Blackjack: The Story of Terrorist Nuclear Attacks on Major Western Cities.

On the page, we read: Blackjack - A slide show story. The events portrayed in this slide show are entirely fictitious.

There is no author listed.

I didn’t spend too much time gazing at the chicken entrails, but there were a few howlers that were too good to pass up:

"Operation Blackjack" Dismantles Drug Pipeline from New York City to Central NY
12 Pounds of Cocaine, 4 Guns, $26k Cash, 1 Pound of Marijuana,
Drug Paraphernalia, Ammunition and 2 Cars Seized

JUL 28 -- (SYRACUSE, NY) New York Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent-In-Charge John P. Gilbride and Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo announced today the indictment of 15 individuals involved in an alleged narcotics distribution ring where cocaine was transported from the Bronx and sold throughout the Central New York region.

The case involved the seizure of 12 pounds of cocaine worth $500,000, two revolvers, two shotguns, $26,000 in cash, drug paraphernalia, ammunition, and two vehicles.

Blackjack Part 3: Telegraph Continues Propaganda Piece, Depicts ...
Prison - 1 hour ago
As we revealed in our original article, the first installment of the gallery entitled “Operation Blackjack” featured on a section of the Telegraph website ...

The Serpent Code

904th Assault Team Action Operation Blackjack

Operation Blackjack 2008 Camp Blanding FL. Building Raids.

Operation Blackjack - Task Force JC

Vietnam War 'Operation BLACKJACK' 21

his was the pilot mobile guerrilla mission for a specially trained force consisting of a Special Forces A-Detachment that controlled one 150-man Mike Force company and a 34-man combat reconnaissance, eagle flight platoon. The task force was specially trained for extended patrolling so that it could operate independantly for as long as 30 to 60 days in remote regions with air drop type resupply. BLACKJACK 21 had 15 Special Forces and 249 Montagnards. The force initiated a number of small ambushes and ranged over the valley. On Nov 5, an ambush killed 3 NVA with bikes. Not long after this, the unit made contact with a large NVA force that tried to surround it and the eagle flight that had been inserted. The SF were able to break contact before the NVA could close the trap and used airstrikes to withdraw. On the 9th they were extracted from the valley

Descriptive Note : Combat after action rept. for period ending 31 Jul 67.


Report Date : 31 JUL 1967

Pagination or Media Count : 52



Distribution Statement : APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE



Abstract: OPERATION BLACKJACK Z(34, 41, 41C AND 42.)Z

Description: Combat after action rept. for period ending 31 Jul 67.
Pages: 52
Report Date: 31 JUL 1967
Report Number: 0426783

Report Unavailable

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Selected Readings in Guerrilla and Counterguerrilla Operations. JUL 1967

This handbook is a guide and reference for the student studying guerrilla and counterguerrilla operations at the United States Army Infantry School. Its scope of coverage primiarily concerns itself with Infantry units of Brigade and Battalion size. (Author)


1. SIZE AND COMPOSITION OF OPERATION: Reconnaissance Company with company headquarters; Nine Roadrunner Teams composed of four Vietnamese Nations (VNN) each; Seven Reconnaissance teams composed of two USASF and four VNN each; Three Mike Force Companies composed of 11 USASF and 428 VNN; Detachment A-303/Mobile Guerrilla Force 957 composed of 13 USASF and one Mobile Guerrilla Company, 174 VNN.

In certain corners of the military, there's some grumbling about how impossibly hard the Air Force's nuclear handling inspections have become. Maj. Gen. Don Alston, the Air Force's new man at the Pentagon overseeing all things atomic, has a message for the grumblers: Suck it up.

These are weapons that can destroy cities, and turn the world's political balance on its ear. There's no room, he says, even for the small failures. "You actually have to get out of bed every day and hustle to achieve a certain level of deterrence," Alston tells Danger Room. "Any anecdotal exposure of a weakness, that may or may not be interpreted as an opening for someone who would want to press an advantage."

It wasn't too long ago that the Air Force seemed to have a quite different attitude. Units mistakenly sent nuclear nosecone fuses to Taiwan, and lost track of six warheads. As a result, top officers were disciplined. The service's civilian and uniformed leaders were sacked. Once-relatively-lax Nuclear Surety Inspections became pressure cookers. These days, a few misfiled papers or a few out-of-place troops means the entire wing flunking the NSI. Which is exactly what's happening, to unit after unit. Some wonder whether these minor flubs are being blown out of proportion.

Not Alston. Given nuclear weapons' potentially cataclysmic impact, it's a good thing "when a single airman can make a single mistake and that consequences of that mistake are absolute failure of the wing for that Nuclear Surety Inspection," he says. "Every failure is not equal — for sure. But it does expose how dependent we are on every airman to do this job right."

If nuclear weapons are all about deterring potential adversaries — and to Alston, they most definitely are — then those enemies need to know that those arms will always be ready to fly, no matter what. Any imperfection, even a paperwork slip-up, "could result in an unsafe, unsure, unsecure or unreliable nuclear weapon system ... one that could fail in peacetime and adversely affect credibility of the reliability of the system or fail if tasked to produce a nuclear yield," he says.

"So, tough business. I wouldn't want it any other way," Alston adds. "And I am not encouraged when people can rationalize: 'but for that mistake, we were, y'know, kicking ass.' Well, but for that mistake, you would have passed. But you didn't. You failed. Tough business. And it needs to stay that way."

General to Nuclear Crews: Get it Right. Or Else.
Wired News - 4 hours ago
By Noah Shachtman February 05, 2009 | 10:56:05 AMCategories: Nukes In certain corners of the military, there's some grumbling, about how impossibly hard the ...
US Air Force nuclear units flunk inspections
Daily Times, Pakistan - 21 hours ago
WASHINGTON: US Air Force nuclear units have failed two inspections in the past three months, providing fresh evidence that the military service that jarred ...
Report: Air Force units failed 2 more nuke surety inspections
Stars and Stripes, DC - 21 hours ago
Air Force nuclear units have failed two more inspections in the past three months, The Washington Times reported Wednesday. The failures took place at FE ...

Nuclear Weapon Mistakes Force Major Overhaul of Air Force Operations
Global Security Newswire, DC - Feb 3, 2009
The resulting report, "Reinvigorating the Air Force Nuclear Enterprise," was published in late October and adopts many of the recommendations called for in ...
Offutt has rivals for 2 commands Omaha World-Herald
Air Force Academy grad nominated as superintendent Chicago Tribune
Academy superintendent to retire Schriever Air Force Base
Cedar Valley Daily Times -
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B-52s Conduct Global Strike Deployment Through Central Command Theater
Muncie Free Press, IN - 15 hours ago
By US Central Command Air Forces Public Affairs SOUTHWEST ASIA – As part of a Global Power training mission, a pair of United States Air Force B-52 ...

Cause unclear in death of Minot crew commander, VA - Feb 3, 2009
AP MINOT, ND — Minot police say they have found no sign of a crime in the death of a Minot Air Force Base missile crew commander, but area waiting more test ...
MAFB Death Further Investigated | North Dakota News
KXMC, ND - Feb 2, 2009
A missile combat crew commander at Minot Air Force Base was found dead in north Minot late Friday night. Captain Jonathan Bayless had been on active duty at ...
Autopsy of base officer shows nothing unusual
Minot Daily News, ND - Feb 2, 2009
By ELOISE OGDEN, Regional Editor An autopsy of a Minot Air Force Base missile officer whose body was found Friday night in Minot ...
Base committee’s focus on new nuclear command
Minot Daily News, ND - Feb 2, 2009
By ELOISE OGDEN, Regional Editor Task Force 21, Minot's base retention committee, is focusing much of its first six months of work ...
Autopsy Results on Minot Airman
KFYR-TV, ND - Feb 2, 2009
Autopsy results on the body of a man found in North Minot have found no signs of suspicious activity. Captain Jonathan Bayless` body was found Friday night ...
NORTH DAKOTA NEWS: Minot base officer dead ... Two charged in ...
Grand Forks Herald, ND - Feb 1, 2009
Base officer found dead: The body of a missile combat crew commander from Minot Air Force Base was found by police, and the cause of his death is under ...
Body Identified As Minot Airmen
KFYR-TV, ND - Feb 1, 2009
The Air Force did release a statement today as Colonel Christopher Ayres said "the 91st missile wing has not only lost a valuable member of our team, ...
Minot base crew commander found dead | North Dakota News
Reiten Television KXMB Bismarck, ND - Feb 1, 2009
MINOT, ND (AP) Minot Air Force Base officials say a missile combat crew commander was found dead Friday night and the cause of death is under investigation. ...
Minot AFB official found dead
Minot Daily News, ND - Feb 1, 2009
MINOT (AP) - The body of a missile combat crew commander from the Minot Air Force was found by police and the cause of his death is under investigation, ...

Barack Obama, North American Union, and You
Canadian National Newspaper, Canada - Feb 2, 2009
by Dana Gabriel Recently I read several articles where the whole idea of a North American Union was labelled a conspiracy theory and called some sort of ...
As conspiracy theories abound in Oklahoma, John Birch Society and ...
Oklahoma Gazette, OK - Feb 4, 2009
“The North American Union, the NAFTA Superhighway, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Trade Organization, Federal Reserve, the United Nations … all ...
Brazil Does Have the Potential to be a Great Power
Center for Research on Globalization, Canada - 8 hours ago
... ultimately lead to the creation of a North American Union encompassing all three countries and such supranational entity will have its own currency. ...
The Amero Conspiracy and the North American Union
BloggingStocks - Jan 26, 2009
Republican presidential candidate and Texas congressman Ron Paul has made the North American Union one of his central issues. ...
North American Union battle
Tulsa Beacon, Tulsa - Jan 22, 2009
And the Super Corridor is one step to unifying Mexico, the United States and Canada into a North American Union (similar to the European Union). ...
The Case Against Global Governance
WEBCommentary - Feb 2, 2009
There is a train of thought which goes something like this: If the US, Mexico, and Canada are successful in creating the North American Union (and they are ...
Mexican Collapse and the Plan for a North American Union
Prison - Jan 16, 2009
On the other hand, the report may be seen as a blueprint for the establishment of a North American Union. Glenn Williamson, CEO of the Canada Arizona ...
Mexico dangerously close to failing as state. What does America do? NeoConstant Journal of Politics and Foreign Affairs
all 305 news articles »
NWO destroys old liberties
Western Courier (subscription), IL - Feb 2, 2009
The article "North American Union to Replace USA" by Jerome Corse reports plans for a North American Union where the US, Canada and Mexico are united by ...

New World Order Evolving Theory
Pakistan Daily, Pakistan - Feb 3, 2009
... stronger unity of African Union, Union of Central and South America; Panama, Colombia, Cuba and Venezuela, and eventually North American Union; USA, ...

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