Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Internet Police Raids Biggles9

This rather disturbing piece of news has been on Liveleak for a day or so now. Biggles9 was trying to help identify the man in the video and this is what happened to him . Whats next ?

On October 9, 2008, Biggles9, an Australian, uploaded a viral video he found to LiveLeak. It featured a man swinging a baby around in a seemingly very dangerous manner. It was one of hundreds of videos in Biggles9's uploads. Liveleak users are like freelance reporters and submit videos that they find while surfing the Internet.

On Saturday, November 29, 2008, Biggles9's home and office was raided by the Task Force Argos. They seized his computers for forensic inspection. He was arrested by armed officers while his neighbors watched, and was detained for 7 hours of interrogation with no lawyer present. He is being charged with accessing child abuse material, downloading child abuse material, and uploading child abuse material with the intent to distribute. He had to post $10,000 in bail, has to report to the police every two days, and has travel restrictions.

When the video was originally uploaded, the idea was to try to identify the man swinging the baby. Biggles9 worked with one of Liveleak's founders ( Hayden Hewitt), who in turn worked with the UK police, who in turn worked with Interpol, who traced the video's origin to Russia (possibly a "circus family"). However, Biggles9's IP address was also recovered and forwarded to the Australian federal authorities, who in turn forwarded it to Task Force Argos, who in turn arrested Biggles9. Hayden says at no point, on LiveLeak, were we contacted by any Australian authorities asking about Biggles or the video.
Here's Biggles9's post about the incident:

Armed anti-paedophile cops swoop on video site uploader •


Видеоролик о младенце признан опасным
ИАА "ЦИФРОВИК", Russia - 6 hours ago
Пользователь под ником Biggles9 увидел на одном из сайтов видео, поразившее его до глубины души. В нем молодой мужчина берет с дивана младенца в подгузниках ...
Австралиец сядет за ролик с русскими циркачами
Вебпланета, Russia - Dec 8, 2008
В октябре этого года человек, которого в The Register называют некоего Biggles9 (таким ником он пользуется на британском сервисе LiveLeak), обнаружил на ...

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