Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Financial Times Editorial Admits Agenda For Dictatorial World Government
Jaw-dropping report concedes that "global governance" is a euphemism for anti-democratic global government
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, December 9, 2008
The Financial Times, one of the most respected and widely read newspapers on the planet, features an editorial today that openly admits the agenda to create a world government based on anti-democratic principles and concedes that the term "global governance" is merely a euphemism for the move towards a centralized global government.

Rockefeller Official Revealed NWO Plot In 1969

The trouble with print media and the new world order
Vancouver Sun, Canada - 21 hours ago
By Jeff Lee 12-08-2008 COMMENTS(0) Inside the 2010 Olympics Last Thursday I attended a pretty interesting meeting about social media types in Vancouver ...
Obama's New World Order
TIME - Dec 4, 2008
By Karen Tumulty and Mark Thompson Thursday, Dec. 04, 2008 President-elect Barack Obama announces his national security team during a news conference in ...
China's trade, politics, finance map amid world financial meltdown
Cleveland Indy Media, OH - Dec 7, 2008
"China and the New World Order" is nicely segmented into short but highly relevant chapters. As in his earlier works Gu deftly examines the pros and cons of ...
The financial crisis opens the door to a new world order
Daily Star - Lebanon, Lebanon - Dec 7, 2008
Globalization has resulted in a lasting change in the distribution of power and opportunities, laying the groundwork for a new world order for the 21st ...
Post-American Century: The Emergence of a New World Order?
American Muslim, MO - Dec 7, 2008
by Dr. Robert D. Crane The subject of my talk is the Post-American Century: The Emergence of a New World Order. This fits well with my lifelong professional ...
Progressive moral ambiguity III: The New World Order's rainbow lawyers
Enter Stage Right, Canada - Dec 7, 2008
... pore out of the world's international intelligence factories such as Harvard and are best known now as the burgeoning leadership of a "New World Order". ...


Yes, it's true. That towering guardian of the people's right to know, the legendary Hearst News Media Empire has prohibited its employees from accessing Rense.com because, as Hearst states in the screen capture below, Rense.com is 'EXTREME'...whatever that means. This raw, unabashed, fascist censorship is indicative of a corporation under Zionist dominance and not serving the will or the interests of the people.

Since the late 1990s, Rense.com has presented news and information from around the world - REAL news - NOT the manipulated, spayed, neutered, sanitized, spun, contrived, Zionized, and ever so PC brainwashing, social engineering and mind control drivel from the Hearst machine and the other owned and controlled main stream media engines of propaganda.

Here's the actual page that comes up for journalists and employees at Hearst-owned radio and television stations, and newspapers who try to read the REAL news at Rense...

[See pics at the actual url above]

This kind of Fascist, totalitarian repression of the First Amendment is what's in store for more and more of America...and the world...and is an indicator of the constantly growing loss of our Liberty and the right to inquiry. The Hearst Corporation is, of course, one of the key MSM agents of the NWO CFR Zionist Globalist drive toward complete subjugation of our now beseiged Republic.

What so threatens the billion dollar Hearst Empire that it labels one of the world's most senior and respected independent news services (which far outdraws most Hearst properties on the net) 'EXTREME' and therefore unfit, too threatening and too dangerous for its employees to be allowed to read? In a word it is our coverage of Zionism...and its overwhelming influence on America. Rense.com is also devoutly anti-war and criticize the ongoing American genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan which totals between 2-3 million human beings to date. Further, we report on the heinous Zionist Israeli brutality and genocide of the Palestinian people.

Hearst has forgotten that America was founded upon the inviolate bedrock of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

Who at Hearst determines what is considered 'EXTREME'? What are the Hearst guidelines that define 'EXTREME'? And why should 'EXTREME' views not be heard and considered?

The Hearst Corporation is clearly afraid of the truth and honest journalism at Rense.com which is, historically, the reporting and presenting of the full spectrum of news and information to the public which is thereby encouraged to make its own decisions of what to believe or to reject.

First, the US State Department names Rense the world's number one source of 'misinformation' and now the Hearst Corporation bans Rense outright. We also have been informed that many US Military bases ban Rense as do...you're not gonna believe this...some US libraries. We also hear that France bans the site in several areas. Oh, and let's not forget to mention that fading Mideast Disneyland, Dubai, is also afraid of Rense.com content and has banned the site, as well. Here's the actual page in Dubai announcing the ban...

[See pics at the actual url above]

With this kind of growing censorship, and the approaching passage and signing of America's first Federal 'Anti-Hate' Laws, your God-given and Constitutionally-guaranteed RIGHT to Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Thought and your basic Right To Know will be obliterated.

CALL CONGRESS AND READ THIS SCRIPT! Give it to your contacts, tell everyone!!
Lets take America back!

US Capitol Switchboard Toll-free Numbers


Tell congressman/senator (use last name only, don’t show any respect, they work
for you) it has become clear with the bailout programs to which you and congress
have initiated; you have declared a class warfare. The war you have stared is
between those of wealth and privilege i.e. Wall Street, and those of us common
citizens of these United States.

It is apparent that the entire government in Washington has gone absolutely mad.
Now, we the people choose to be the mad ones.

In holding with the constitution to which you are sworn to preserve and protect,
one needs only to understand that you can not give special favor to one group at
the expense of another, a violation in both principle and spirit of the oath all
of you have taken.

So hear these words well as of this date, a reported $8.2 T has, through various
means, from the secretary treasurer, fed reserve, and special legislation, been
appropriated. That means $27.334.00 per man woman and child in America when you
take $8.2 T and divide it by the population of 300 M in this country. We expect
you to stop immediately all releases of funds to the privileged wall street et.
al., and I demand on behalf of my family, and my fellow citizens, a payment of
that amount, approx. $27,334.00 immediately.

Since we are the ones paying this money back, as are our children and our
grandchildren and their grandchildren, we do not want you to give the money to
the power elite so that they can pass it down to us. We demand that you pay it
DIRECTLY TO US, all of it.

With this money, we the people will right and correct our economy. With our
money we will purchase what we need which will facilitate companies to go back
in business to build what we choose to buy and the creation of jobs will ignite
this nation's economy. We will give you more details on how this works later,
understanding that you do not have the mental capacity to take this much
information in at one sitting.

So with this I caution you, Larry Nichols told me to call you and read this
verbatim, and to tell you hell is coming to Washington and he plans to bring it.
If you choose to contact him directly, he authorized me to give you his phone
number, 501-329-1159.


Monday, December 8, 2008 8:55 AM

Something MUST BE DONE. These justices are obligated to the American People to protect and defend the US Constitution. ......if they are so blind that they cannot protect and preserve this great document and the guarantees it so preciously holds for us, then NONE OF THEM can legally administer the Oath of Office to Obama....... ......NONE OF THEM! They have just made a mockery of justice and this nation by what they have done. We deverse more and we JUST DEMAND MORE........ THEY CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO DO THIS and get away with it!
We need to do something about this ASAP........ !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2008 7:43 AM

http://www.supremec ourtus.gov/orders/courtorders/120808zor.pdf


It does not look good...the US Supreme Court appears to have fallen in line with the rest of the anti-Constitution crowd...someone with legal background can correct me.



The application for stay addressed to Justice Thomas and

referred to the Court is denied.


We cannot give up...will a Supreme Court Justice administer the oath of office to Obama without confirming presidential qualifications? .....to seat a President that is unwilling to confirm his qualification in accordance with the United States Constitution is willful obstruction at best, and criminal at worst. It cannot stand.

Who is the legal patriot or group of legal patriots that will fight the Obama stonewalling until truth is reached?

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

Illinois Governor Arrested By US Federal Police Forces

Illinois Governor Arrested on Federal Charges
Wall Street Journal - 10 minutes ago
AP CHICAGO -- Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested Tuesday on charges of conspiring to get financial benefits through his authority to appoint a US ...

Crain's Chicago Business
Report: Feds arrest Illinois governor
USA Today - 44 minutes ago
Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested this morning by federal agents, according to the Chicago Tribune. The paper, which cites a single unnamed source, ...
Illinois Governor Arrested? (Video) Rod Blagojevich in Federal ... National Ledger
Report: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Arrested WREX-TV
Breaking News: Source Says Gov. Blagojevich Has Been Arrested WSIL TV
all 57 news articles »
Illinois governor arrested on charges of peddling Obama's Senate seat
Newsday, NY - 7 minutes ago
Rod Blagojevich and his chief of staff John Harris were arrested today by FBI agents on federal corruption charges. Blagojevich and Harris were accused of a ...

Illinois governor arrested for trying to sell Obama's senate seat
AFP - 11 minutes ago
CHICAGO (AFP) — The governor of Illinois was arrested Tuesday for conspiring to sell an appointment to president-elect Barack Obama's recently open US ...
Illinois Governor Arrested On Federal Corruption Charges
WEHT-TV, IN, IN - 10 minutes ago
CHICAGO - The US Attorney's office says Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich has been arrested on federal charges. A spokesman for the US Attorney's office ...
Illinois Governor Arrested
TPMMuckraker, NY - 8 minutes ago
By Zachary Roth - December 9, 2008, 9:51AM Beleaguered Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich was taken into custody by law enforcement authorities at his home ...
Illinois governor arrested over selection of Obama’s successor
FayObserver.com, NC - 6 minutes ago
Hear that? that’s the sound of human waste colliding with a mechanical device designed to produce airflow. Live and online throughout the work day, ...
Ill. Gov. Blagojevich arrested on federal charges
The Associated Press - 10 minutes ago
CHICAGO (AP) — Federal authorities in Chicago have arrested Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, and they've accused him of attempting to benefit financially from ...

Ill. Gov. arrested in Obama successor probe
CharlotteObserver.com, NC - 2 minutes ago
Rod Blagojevich speaks at the 45th Annual Illinois Governor's Prayer Breakfast in Springfield, Ill. Authorities in Chicago have arrested Ill. Gov. ...
UPDATE 1-Ill. Gov. Blagojevich arrested on federal charges
Reuters - 12 minutes ago
In Illinois, the governor selects a successor when there is a mid-term Senate vacancy. Obama resigned from the Senate soon after winning the Nov. ...

Zeitgeist: Addendum - 2:03:07 - Oct 3, 2008

Interview with Peter Joseph on Expansion Radio Oct 24th 2008
Interview with Peter Joseph on Coast To Coast AM Nov 15th 2008

And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they
shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land.--
Ezekiel 34/29

Hydrogen: The Emerging, Clean Energy Commodity

Blackwater Worldwide

Zeitgeist: Addendum - 2:03:07 - Oct 3, 2008

This is your last warning; do right by the American people that you were elected
to serve.

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