Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Biggles: How Australian Police destroy a Mans life, fking shame on them

Australian booked for uploading child-abuse material on web
TMC Net, CT - 9 hours ago
An elderly Australian has been charged with republishing on the Internet a child abuse related video clip showing a man swinging a baby around like a rag ...
Man charged over internet clip
News24.com, South Africa - Dec 8, 2008
Sydney - An Australian man has been charged with using the internet to publish child abuse material after re-posting a video clip which shows a man swinging ...
Man Says He Was Arrested For Posting Baby Swinging Video
WLKY, KY - Dec 4, 2008
He claims Live Leak representatives reported the video to local authorities in London in an effort to track down the man seen swinging the baby. ...

Child abuse charges for 'laughing baby' video
Ninemsn, Australia - Dec 7, 2008
By ninemsn staff A Queensland man who posted a video of a man swinging a laughing baby by its arms on a file-sharing website will soon face court on child ...

Here is a report in the USA on this back Nov. 11th

This was all instigated by NWO Child Abuse Services here in the States. Fat little 'Ole Ladys who shake Dolls that light up, get a thrill complaining about other people's kids, Femi-Commies at their best molding good little Order obeying, nipple sucking morons into loving the Power Monger Nail Digging Oligarchy.

Attached File: 'Baby twirled on Internet video like a wet rag' Baby twirled on Internet video like a wet rag

Baby twirled on Internet video like a wet rag
WALB-TV, GA - Nov 12, 2008
"A baby can actually get a cervical spine rupture without breaking the neck bone," said Smith. Swinging a child that fast by one arm could also cause ...

Labor plan to censor internet in shreds
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 9 hours ago
The Government's plan to censor the internet is in tatters, with Australia's largest ISP saying it will not take part in live trials of the system and the ...
Government launches blog asking for feedback on plans for web filter
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 8 hours ago
The Government says a mandatory filter, maintained by internet service providers, is necessary to protect children online and to clamp down on child ...

Brisbane Times
Protest over Australian plans to filter websites
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Dec 3, 2008
A BACKLASH against plans to censor Australia's internet is gathering momentum with petitions, protests and an online advertising blitz. ...
ISP filtering a pipe dream: Telstra The Australian
Telstra says Net filtering useless, GetUp wants re-think iTWire
'Save the Net' campaign sweeps internet Ninemsn
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Biggles morning surprise, wankers

My morning surprise, slashed tires
And life goes on, Coincidence or just plain vandalism. The world is full of small minded idiots!!

Aussie government to rig filter testing
Register, UK - Dec 8, 2008
Further embarrassment lurks in the testing plan for the internet filter now being tacked together by the government. According to a response sent to a ...
Cash floods in for anti-censorship protests
The Age, Australia - Dec 4, 2008
Political activists GetUp have raised over $30000 in less than a day to support their fight against the Government's plan to censor the internet, ...

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