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NWO Rat Master's Elecromagnetic Zapping Weaponry and Mind Control

"Why blow people up, when you can just drive them Crazy?"


JASON Global Grid Study

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Required for a country's good standing in the new world order ...

The Bay City Times -
Despite studies, many health questions remain about cell phone use
The Bay City Times -, MI - Dec 16, 2008
Cellular phones emit radio-frequency, or RF, energy, a form of electromagnetic radiation, while turned on. The level of energy released is somewhere between ...
Microwave Technology: An End to the Human Race
OpEdNews, PA - Dec 10, 2008
Neurological Effects of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation, a paper presented by Dr. Henry Lai at the Mobile Phones and Health Symposium, in Vienna, ...
The AGV, Alstom's Latest Very High Speed Train, Starts Test Runs ...
Business Wire India (press release), India - Dec 17, 2008
Measurements will be made of the electromagnetic compatibility (CEM) of the trainset. During operation, the train must not disturb the environment through ...EPA:ALO

The Associated Press
Shhh! Gadget racket threatens pulsar research
The Associated Press - 5 hours ago
Sizemore is an interference hunter, vigilantly pursuing stray electromagnetic signals that bedevil researchers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, ...
Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008 | North Dakota News
KXMC, ND - 2 minutes ago
Sizemore is an interference hunter, vigilantly pursuing stray electromagnetic signals that bedevil researchers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. ...
AP Technology NewsBrief at 9:57 am EST
TMCnet - 2 hours ago
Sizemore is an interference hunter, vigilantly pursuing stray electromagnetic signals that bedevil researchers at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, ...
Portland man accused in bomb threats, OR - 7 hours ago
Though an autopsy linked the death to drugs, Nelson maintained it was the government's use of electromagnetic pulse weapons. The bomb threats, which were ...
Best Practices for Protecting against Viruses, Spyware, and Hacking
Dr. Dobb's Journal, CA - Dec 29, 2008
Even computers that are physically isolated may be at some risk due to their electromagnetic emissions. Although many individual organizations such as ...MHP
Central Corridor study says train vibration can be eliminated
Minnesota Public Radio, MN - 19 hours ago
by Laura Yuen, Minnesota Public Radio A new study commissioned by the Central Corridor light rail project office confirms what planners have been saying all ...
Ghana's growing mobile phone industry – any health implications?
Modern Ghana, Ghana - Dec 27, 2008
Some scientists say that the technology used by the communications industry emits a type of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that poses a health hazard to ...
China Exclusive: China starts building world's largest radio telescope
Xinhua, China - Dec 26, 2008
The sparsely populated, underdeveloped region will provide a quiet environment to ensure the electromagnetic waves, the crucial requirement of operation, ...
TRAFFIC DEATHS Va traffic fatalities could be lowest
WMDT, MD - 2 hours ago
Scientists there are using the world's largest steerable radio telescope to look for electromagnetic signals coming from deep space. ...
Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1636: - Dec 19, 2008
Experts in the field of electromagnetic interference are deeply divided on whether or not random EMI could cause an incident such as this. ...

The Street as Platform
WorldChanging - Dec 29, 2008
This is over and above the well-established electromagnetic radiation, crackles of static, radio waves conveying radio and television broadcasts in digital ...
Chandrayaan: How Ground Segment Receives Signals From Lunar Craft, India - Dec 27, 2008
All these happen at 'S-band' frequencies in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum.," according to an ISRO As Chandrayaan-1 orbits the Moon, ...
Digital switch may pave way for TV on phones
Online Athens, GA - Dec 27, 2008
17, 2009, a move that will give television broadcasters extra bandwidth - their sections of the electromagnetic radio wave spectrum allocated by the Federal ...
Kazkosmos held Board session
Kazinform, Kazakhstan - 15 hours ago
... “SP Baiterek” JSC, “National center of space communication and electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic devices” JSC, “National Center of Space ...
MST may replace ECT for treating major depression
Laboratory Talk, UK - Dec 23, 2008
... therapy in the recent BBC Radio 4 programme 'All in the Mind'. Magnetic seizure therapy (MST) uses strong, high frequency electromagnetic fields instead ...

'You cannot beat police radars'
GulfNews, United Arab Emirates - Dec 27, 2008
If the vehicle falls in the path of the radio wave, it will reflect the electromagnetic energy which will make the radio wave fall back to the radar device. ...

Discover Magazine
First they see what we see, then it’s The Matrix.
Discover Magazine, NY - Dec 29, 2008
And once we can read the electromagnetic signals sent off by our brains, translating those signals to a computer is the easy part. But if computers reading ...
Ghost hunting gifts - Dec 4, 2008
TriField Electromagnetic Field Meter - The TriField Meter is the only EMF meter which offers magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave detection in one ...

The Future of Things
Gamma Ray Pulsar Discovered
The Future of Things - Dec 19, 2008
Pulsars are highly magnetized neutron stars rotating thousands of times an hour and emitting a beam of electromagnetic radiation in the form of radio waves. ...
ARISS Celebrates International Education Week: - Dec 5, 2008
... part in the ARISS radio contact. "We began the year learning about waves in general, including basics about the electromagnetic spectrum," Beahn said. ...

Washington Post
NASA report details last moments of Columbia crew
Los Angeles Times - 1 hour ago
AP Space Shuttle Columbia crew, left to right, front row, Rick Husband, Kalpana Chawla, William McCool, back row, David Brown, Laurel Clark, Michael Anderson and Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon are shown in this undated crew photo.
Video: NASA Gives Graphic Details of Columbia Deaths AssociatedPress
Columbia disaster 'not survivable', NASA concludes Register

Space Com - Aviation Week - Reuters - DailyTech
all 1,129 news articles »

Kerala Online, India - 5 hours ago
Could aliens be responsible for the tragedy? Or as some UFO specialists believe, were the aliens trying to rescue the space shuttle? ...


Then about two seconds later there was another object of light trailing slightly ..... I think NASA knew exactly where the Columbia shuttle would fly, ...

Was Shuttle Landing Faked? Investigation Begins Inside...

Watch the yellow beam trail directed at Dallas.

HAARP technology goes farther than the Geophysical.

The weather radar at DFW has been showing the signature of EM weapon beams since about 8 am.

The radar signature from 8 am if anyone wants to see it.

Live video coverage
ABC: "The Joint Chiefs even proposed using the potential death of astronaut John Glenn during the first attempt to put an American into orbit as a false pretext for war with Cuba..." (Click Here for the Article)
Baltimore Sun: "The Northwoods plan also proposed that if the 1962 launch of John Glenn into orbit were to fail, resulting in the astronaut's death, the US government would publicize fabricated evidence that Cuba had used electronic interference to sabotage the flight..." (Click Here for the Article)
Security high as shuttle launches with Israel's first astronaut
Israeli astronaut's air force career included bombing an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981

HINDUSTAN TIMES: Portion of external tank insulation detached on launch and struck shuttle wing.
The weather radar at DFW has been showing the signature of EM weapon beams since about 8 am.
NorthStar Preparedness
'We noticed a big chunk go over'
Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor
24 Hour Revisionist News Bureau:
Shuttle Breakup - Scalar Weapon?

From Flash Radar -

The 80-plus experiments aboard Space Shuttle mission STS-107 represent the latest application of microgravity as a fundamental, versatile tool to gain insights in space and improve life on Earth as well as enable future space exploration

Going back further: STS-80 Possible UFO footage from the Space Shuttle Columbia

December 1, 1996, Day 13 of the mission
linky poo

The private data:
Date: 6/8/03 2:44:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello there! I sent an email some months ago saying that I had taped some news footage on the day the "shuttle" crashed, and that you could see something very weird in them, namely that the "shuttle" looked like a ufo when the amateur camera operator zooms in. I havent been able to digitize it, but I got my hands on a digital cam, so I just took some photos of the TV set while playing it. So here is one of the pics. The file sizes are quite large, so if you want some more let me know, ill send.
linky poo
linky poo


Here are some of my archives:

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I have more, including some private data sent to me, but I'll have to look later. My place crowded now with family.
Columbia Actually Shot Down By UFO


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