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UN General Assembly President calls for New World Economic Order to financial crisis

30 October 2008 –
The international community must fundamentally reform the global financial system and help restore the trust lost as a result of the greed and corruption that caused the current economic crisis and untold suffering around the world, the President of the General Assembly stressed today.

General Assembly President Miguel D’Escoto was speaking at the inauguration of a high-level task force – chaired by Joseph Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2001 – to review the global financial system.

“The international community has the responsibility and the opportunity to identify longer-term measures that go beyond protection of banks, stabilization of credit markets and reassurances for big investors,” said Mr. D’Escoto.

The stakes are too high for half-measures and quick fixes put together behind closed doors

“The stakes are too high for half-measures and quick fixes put together behind closed doors,” he added.

The President noted that the global financial system does not reflect the global and interdependent nature of the world’s economies and told United Nations Member States that a solution to the crisis must involve all countries in a democratic process.

“We must take advantage of the unique forum provided by the United Nations to build agreement on the new financial architecture required by the international community,” said Mr. D’Escoto.

The response to the current turmoil affecting world markets must also take into account the poor, said Mr. D’Escoto while reminding Member States to meet their commitments to finance development despite the crisis.

“Sacrifices should be shared and cannot be placed on the backs of the poor as is usually the case,” he said.

“All nations must be subject to financial discipline, including the rich and powerful, or there will be no effective international regulations.”

Mr. D’Escoto called for Member States to “get down to business” and identify actions that can lead to genuine change so that the world economy can recover from the current crisis.

“The only realistic way to proceed from now on in our world is to proceed democratically in an inclusive manner and there is no better place to do that than here in the General Assembly,” he later told journalists at a press briefing at UN Headquarters in New York.

The General Assembly President has put together a panel of experts to review the global financial system, including major bodies such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and to guide the world body in its deliberations concerning its response to the financial meltdown.

The group is headed by Dr. Stiglitz of Columbia University, and includes Prabhat Patnaik from the Center for Economic Studies and Planning at Jawaharlal Nehru University and Sakiko Fukuda-Parr of the New School University, who all addressed the General Assembly in the morning session.

“The problem today in the financial markets is a lack of credibility, and part of the problem of the lack of credibility is a lack of legitimacy of the international financial institutions because they don’t have governing structures that correspond to the 21st century,” Dr. Stiglitz told reporters.

Pedro Páez, Minister of Economic Policy and Coordination of Ecuador, Calestous Juma of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and Francois Houtart, Chief Editor of Social Campus, were this afternoon’s panellists.

In his closing statement to the panel, Mr. D’Escoto said he was heartened by the “enthusiastic and constructive participation of Member States” in the event and their support for using the General Assembly and the UN as a forum to deal with the financial crisis.

“In the weeks and months ahead, we must stay engaged in the search for solutions that transcend narrowly defined national interests. We must ensure that the changes that are decided on truly serve the good of all our peoples [and] nations, as well as our fragile planet.”

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Lula Demands New World Economic Order

World economic crisis casts shadow over Ibero-American summit

Silva: Black US president would be 'extraordinary'
Seattle Times, United States - Oct 31, 2008
"I'm just giving a personal opinion because it's obviously up to the American people and is a sovereign decision," Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said. ...

In Cuba, Lula reveals skewed by Vitoria on Obama
"It would be special to gain a larger world economy do elegesse um black," diz

Brasileiro diz that "mind silent world" thinking of the same shape and compares eleições am to possible victory of Chavez, Morales and Lugo


Or President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva explicitou ontem do next to the maximum leader of Cuba, Raúl Castro, peeling preference Democrats Vitória do Barack Obama to President Dos United States. A three-day da eleição American Lula disse that it would "gain a special" is a black eleito Fosse.
Before returning to or Brazil or found Teve President Fidel Castro reserved com, com quem Falou for about two hours on a global crisis.
"Da Same way as a metallurgist elegeu or Brazil, Bolivia, um India, Venezuela, and Chavez, Paraguay eo, um Bispo, it would be special to gain a larger world economy do elegesse um black."
Second, or president, no estate, or the entire world to see quer to Vitoria to Obama. "This is one Decisão do Povo American, but there is no world inteiro Ponta de uma joy, na silent mind of each one of us, to see a black president eleito United States."
Lula pediu or next American president who just com or bloqueio econômico to Cuba, which considers inaceitável. "A single explicação or bloqueio so that there is still a insensibilidade and folly, or perhaps there is still ressentimento hair of a large country to lose a small country."
O chairman elogiou to aprovação peels UN (United Nações give Organização) do FIM do bloqueio à island, but that measure did not considerou represents "absolutely nothing".
"Já we are accustomed to seeing decisive gives UN cumpridas barely interessam years when large and small não years. In ANY form, essa position can Ajuda some form of POIs, as dizemos Brazil, water mole em pedra lasts until both bat that fura" Lula disse.
Raúl Castro agradeceu or do apoio ao FIM bloqueio e à ajuda do Brasil by sending food and medicines ao confirmou country and will travel to Brazil ao em dezembro to participate da da Dome two countries do Sul America and Caribbean, Costa do na Sauípe.
Raul Levou or Brazilian president to Civil Defense headquarters is to show two pictures havoc feito hairs furacões Ike and Gustav. Cuba com O caminhou showed Lula Pelas Ruas e uma das houses Che Guevara. Os two presidents tiraram photos and not local, em away, or were found by Fidel.
"Ele com uma head is extraordinary and tao lucid as always. Diss ao that when Fidel cheguei to visit so-eu or ACHEI shot. Mas Depois Meia hours of that eu of talks seemed estava patient, and choose well," Lula comentou.
Or disse president to agree 100% with Fidel "that a larger responsabilidade [peels crisis] is that rich countries tem uma resolve that crisis eles criaram."

SIMONE CHURCHES viajou to report from El Salvador to Cuba em avia da FAB for lack of commercial vôos disponíveis

The Final Push for World Government

Throughout the history of mankind, the elite have always fought for world empire. Now, using secrecy and international banking systems, they are making their final push for world government. Only an educated and informed public can stop them in their tracks.

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Speaker at the beginning: Carl Sagan


Javier Navarrete - Long Long Time Ago
Ennio Morricone - Ecstasy of Gold

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Militia: Property of...We The People
By Mark Gregory Koernke
From issue Vol. 1, Issue 3 of Republic Magazine

Before the republic, before the Articles of Confederation,
before the Declaration of Independence, there was the

There are those in the controlled media and in government
that would like you to forget, or better still, have no
knowledge of this. These people are Statists and
powermongers who know the history of this nation and
intentionally misrepresent it. With great effort they do
all that they are told to do, to attack and vilify the
word “militia” and the concept that it represents.

What is it that these political hacks are trying to
accomplish? Who is it that is promoting this agenda from
behind the scenes? There are many questions that need to
be asked even though it is unlikely that we will get an
answer from the shadows of the corrupted halls of

Know this and dwell upon these thoughts for a little
while. Without the militia, the independence of this
nation would have never become a reality. Just as true is
that without the militia our ongoing fight for liberty
would not have been maintained. Once this is considered it
is then obvious why certain elements, alien to our form of
government, would want you to dislike it and to have it
done away with. The militia is the shield and sword of
liberty. If you are foolish enough to throw them down then
it is that much easier for a tyrant to enslave you at
little or no cost to him or herself.

“Militia,” the word itself has a long and important
history. The sovereign free man is endowed with many
rights given to him by his creator. However, that does not
mean that monarchs, rulers or leaders will honor the words
expressed in whatever contract of governance is in place
if they are swayed by greed or poor judgment. One man by
himself stands little chance of securing his liberty,
property and personal wealth when faced with organized
thievery. Such threats can come from many directions both
from within and outside of government in its many forms.
It is for this reason that the common man of the west,
traditionally, has organized in his community to provide
defense through mutual organization and cooperation.

There is a long and well-developed history that can show
the truth of this statement. The purpose of these militia
forces as they developed was to protect the members from
external and internal threats, both physically and
administratively, by compact. First a civil solution would
be sought and if the threat was still perceived, then the
militia was there to protect and defend the community.

The militia has been and continues to be part of the
checks and balances system that was established here in
these United States by “we the people.” It was the most
significant and positive force in the founding of this

Let me ask you a question. What year did the War for
Independence start? Most people would say the Fourth of
July 1776, and they would be wrong.

The war started on the 19th of April, 1775. I ask that you
take a moment and think about this. Your response may have
been July 4, too. Who placed that thought there and why?
If you question the date then go to the history books and
look at the timeline. There is a full 16-month difference
in the answer.

The reason that I bring this forward as a question is
because it establishes the groundwork for the next
question that I will ask. On what day was the “vote” cast
to start the war and who voted? There was no vote except
for the single trigger pull that cast the first “lead”
ballot and then a few moments later a whole bunch of other
“lead” ballots were cast. That is the reality that was
traditionally taught in our schools with great pride and
regularity. As you may know the event was later known as
the battles of Lexington and Concord. It was the local
militia that fought these actions. All of the militias
that participated had organized long before the war began
in response to a series of direct threats to the people’s

I would point out that the patriot militia did not just
decide to arbitrarily start the war. As it says in the
Declaration of Independence, “a long train of abuses” had
been laid out before the people. Each of these abuses had
been meet with protest in written form. The Fairfax and
Sulfax resolves were the last in a long list of documents
laid before the feet of the crown and received with
ridicule and scorn. The men that served as delegates
during these actions were in most cases members and
leaders of militias in their respective counties and

George Washington was one of the delegates that helped to
deliver the Fairfax resolves to the crown and there were
many others. The ultimate demonstration of the need for
the militia came with the deployment of “regulars” from
England that numbered in the thousands. Not only were they
a force of occupation but also a form of organic camera to
spy upon the people by being force-quartered in the homes
of the people in a time of peace. The people organized and
expanded the many militias across the colonies as a
counterweight to the forces brought into their very homes.
This did not bode well for the professional forces that
the crown had sent.

Contrary to their modern rewriting of our history books by
the “globalists,” the militia was not only the dominant
fighting force during the war, but also highly effective.
The militia’s numbers always exceeded the force strength
of the Congress’ “regulars.” As they eventually were
organized and contrary to the “professional” opinion of
the regulars that were primarily engaged in the history
books with promoting themselves, the militia fought the
majority of the ground actions of the war.

In later years, those who would want to engineer the
people away from supporting the militia concept would
always be selective in their reporting of the history of
the militia to downplay it and promote a larger and larger
“professional” force; the very thing that the founding
fathers warned everyone about. One need only go to any of
the major battlefields of the Revolutionary War to get a
better understanding of the true ability of the militia.
Saratoga, Cowpens, Ticonderoga and many more attest to the
patriot militia’s prowess on the battlefield of the day.

Why then would there be an ongoing attack of militia
performance? The answer lies in the words of the men who
founded this nation and their warnings to future

To understand the founding fathers intent we need to be
able to see into their minds. We can, to a certain degree,
do this because of their efforts to communicate to the
people in public debate through the print medium of their
day. Many of these documents are available in reprinted
form and are even in paperback form. I would recommend to
any interested reader “The Federalist Papers” and “The
Anti-Federalist Papers” to better understand the mind set
of those who survived the war and participated in our many
forms of government as they developed.

While these men addressed many subjects, one that was
foremost in their minds was the issue of arms and the
militia. Centralized force was looked upon with mistrust
and distain in many cases. As can be seen by the writings,
the majority stated that the people must be the “wardens
of the armed, might of the nation, lest it run ruff shod
(sic) over the rights of the people.” The militia was
envisioned as the check against excess by government at
every level, for the whole of the people would be armed.
It was true then and it is true to this day. Those who
would wish you to be an unarmed peasant have visions of
empire on their mind and you will note that the talking
heads of this day in the last month or so are promoting
just that on the “boob tube,” radio and in print. This is
the very thing that the framers warned us about time and

Several times throughout our history in military affairs,
it is the militia that has either saved the day or
restrained our “regular” forces from actions contrary to
the nature of the campaign or battle our forces were
engaged in. One example of this can be seen in the War of
1812. A combined force of “regulars” and militia fought in
the southeastern part of Michigan and eventually took
Detroit and moved across the river into Ontario where they
faced an inferior force of retired British soldiers and
Canadian militia. The American force defeated the
Commonwealth forces and put them to foot. The “regular”
forces officers wanted to continue with an attack upon the
rest of Canada with conquest in mind. The militia
commanders and their forces refused to participate because
the battle had been joined to eliminate the threat and not
invade and occupy Canada. Although there was disagreement,
the militia won out, as it was obvious that without the
strength of the militia no “conquest” and occupation would
be possible.

In another action of the War of 1812, it was the militia
that drove the British from the capital of the country as
more than 28,000 militia descended upon the invaders from
across the nearby states. The “regulars” had not been able
to stop the British from invading the city. Almost all of
Andrew Jackson’s force in the Battle of New Orleans was
made up of militia and they faced down the single-best
combat units on the planet of that day. Again, a unique
American experience.

Does this mean that the militia fought to perfection
through out its history? Of course they didn’t. There are
militia formations that fought well and there are others
that did not, just as there were and are “regular” army
forces both of good and bad quality. Where human beings
are involved there will be variations based upon
experience, training and a wide number of other variables.

Independent militia formations have existed throughout our
nation’s history from the Revolutionary war through to
present day. The Green Mountain boys are one example from
the 1700s. Another more recent example that most Americans
know about but usually do not relate with the word
“militia” were the Rough Riders of Teddy Roosevelt fame.
They were a militia? Why yes, they were, and a fully
independent one at that. They were mustered by Mr.
Roosevelt and privately armed to include the fact that
colt donated machine guns to the militia unit for their
use. They mobilized and went into service just as many
other units did during the Spanish-American war.

So how did the word militia become a “bad” word in
government circles? Well, the truth be told it is still
used today and must be in order for the “system” to exist
at all for all, I will repeat, ALL United States fighting
forces to include the active army are MILITIA. The
difference is that the militia that make up the regular
army are called the “active militia” where as all
Americans that are not part of the “active militia” are
members of the “inactive militia.” The militia is “we the
people,” literally.

But just as the founding fathers warned it could happen,
the focus is now on promoting central federal control in
an attempt to usurp the power of the militia and make it
an offensive force rather than a defensive force. Think
back to the incident during the War of 1812 and the
militia as the check against over zealous ambition on the
part of those in power and you can see why playing down
the militia or badmouthing it would be in the interest of
certain parties.

This brings us to the present day. We have many examples
of the failure of our system because of centralized power
at the federal level that is both distant and destructive.
This centralization of power is a threat to the safety and
peace of our nation just as it was in the hands of the
crown more than 230 years ago. Once power becomes
centralized, with no counter force to keep it in check,
and is combined with devious minds in positions of
authority, it is only a matter of when that power will be
used wrongly.

The attack on the Branch Davidians by a combination of
federal and foreign forces is one example. The utter
failure, intentionally, to respond in a timely fashion to
the Katrina storm are demonstrations of the abuse of power
with ulterior motives and these are only a few of the many
abuses perpetrated over several years.

It is the militia in its most recent form that has kept in
check to any degree those who would hope to enslave us
once again. It is the unsung efforts of the militia that
has kept the beast at bay. It is the militia that can help
to restore stability to our local and state government
along with following the constitution itself at the
federal level and the many state constitutions at the
state level.

Here is just one example of many from the Katrina fiasco
that shows where the militia would have changed the
demeanor of the situation as it developed. As we know,
many people did evacuate from the coastal parts of the
storm affected areas. So, where did they go? Well, many
went as far as a tank of gas would take them with no clear
destination in mind.

Some of you reading this may have been in the “impact”
areas where this mass of people ended up. In these
affected areas many of the local police (policy
enforcement officers) or county deputies (peace officers)
could be counted in numbers using no more than both hands.
In some cases as few as six men may have constituted the
total number of peace officers available. They were
quickly overwhelmed as petty theft and break-ins escalated
with every hour. There was no relief contrary to all of
the propaganda and promises by FEMA and Heartland/Homeland
security in years of meetings before the crisis.

The mistake was putting trust in people so far away from
the problem that they truly didn’t care. Because of their
remoteness, along with other political agendas having to
do with manipulation, the distant federal agencies held
back assistance and blocked all traditional forms of
assistance from coming in wherever they could. This
intentional failure cost lives and a vast wealth of
personal property. The people in these areas got to see
firsthand that centralization combined with abusive
government kills, literally.

So what could have been done better and before hand? Well,
consider this. In the traditional model that “Big
Gubermint” told the locals to throw out the militia at the
local level, would have mobilized to immediately assist
local peace officers with the problem. This would include
assistance with traffic control, securing local assets
such as water treatment and food storage while also
performing patrols of local areas to prevent looting and
other confrontations. It would also include assistance to
those displaced using common sense. This is what the local
militia was intended for.

Think about it. Who knows the community better and how to
deal with the many personalities that make up that local
community? Would a local force make more sense or a bunch
of steroid-filled cops from California like the ones that
stomped the grandma into the ground when they were going
house to house to confiscate guns from people who had
survived the storm and protected their homes? The local
militia would know better. The local militia would not
leave women helpless and alone in a nursing home to be
raped repeatedly and then stabbed to death by thugs as the
FEMA police did. They would not let it happen. The militia
would have risked any threat because they live there and
it could be their mothers or grandmothers threatened. The
militia is the property of “we the people” and if we fail
to maintain ownership then the tyrant will step in because
he perceives weakness.

Other examples contrary to the propaganda of the
controlled media about the militia include the Oklahoma
City bombing. Do a little research by going through the
archives that contain pictures of the first responders
that were there at the blast site. Look closely and you
will see truck caps on the back of trucks with the words
“militia” on them. These were local Oklahoma militia that
were there, who risked their lives just as many others did
to help with the situation. It was right there in front of
everyone, but it was not the propaganda that the critters
in charge wanted out or for people to see. How many of you
looked at those pictures and didn’t notice until I pointed
them out? This is just one of many examples of lies by
omission. There is much to learn and in some cases unlearn
if it was bad data that was entered.

Ask yourself this. If everything going on is on the up and
up, then what have the powers that be to worry about from
the people, armed or otherwise?

We come full circle to the beginning of the history of the
militia. Its purpose is to protect us from those that
think that they have the authority to take away your
liberty. This is nothing new. The militia in its present
form knows all too well the threat that looms over us all.
Its job is to protect our rights, yours and mine. If you
wonder who it is that makes up the militia then go into
the bathroom and look in the mirror. You will find one of
its many members looking back at you for, as the founders
stated many times, the militia is the property of “we the
people.” Many of its members understand all too well that
liberty entails responsibility. Know that there is nothing
that you own that the militia wants, but there is much
that we will help you to protect. We are the sword and the
shield of liberty and your fellow countrymen. Take the
time to know more and become part of the men and women who
live by the words “This we’ll defend.” The militia.

Mark Gregory Koernke is a former U.S. Army Intelligence
Analyst. He has written and published two book series and
is the host of “The Intelligence Report” radio program.

find out more about this and many other related subjects
go to:

To hear Mark Koernke's militia/patriot internet radio
then towards the top left click "Log In or Sign-Up" then
sign up for a user account then sign to listen. It is on
Monday through Friday with four different programs each
day at 9am, 4pm, 5pm, and 7pm central time. If the website
above becomes overloaded you can also hear Mark here

If you would like to comment on Mark Koernke’s excellent
article about the necessity of the militia to our freedom
you may do so here:;f=28;t=000074;p=1#000004

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