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On All Halloween


It was I, who being quite bored
Went out to the drive-in in my fast back Ford.
To see a few movies and to get down and pet,
though it's been 30 years I remember it yet!

T'was All Hallows Eve and a triple feature,
with Boris and Vincent, not to mention the creature.
The movies were bad, directed by Corman,
but I didn't care, I just wanted to score man!

We crawled in the back and the windows did steam,
as I moved to first base there came a loud scream.
But I hadn't noticed, I was well on my way,
when Linda jumped up and started to say.

"What was that noise, so hauntingly near?"
After looking around I said, "It's nothing dear.
It was only the actors up on the screen,
come back to my arms and don't make a scene."

We settled back down and started to kiss,
when a knock on the door soon ended our bliss.
For there stood a Zombie, a Mummy, and Zoul,
Frankenstein's monster, Vampires, and Ghouls.

They pointed their fingers from us to their maws,
then started to scratch on the glass with their claws.
Amid hissing, and groaning and moaning and such,
I put it in gear man and let out the clutch.

Then into the night we went with a roar,
until we were home and had locked the front door.
And so to you all, this moral I weave
Leave the Acid alone, On All Hallows Eve!
(c) 1999/2008 Ernest Stewart


DEVIL'S NIGHT: 'Night of the Living Dead.'

Typical night of fires in Detroit before Halloween, MI - 14 hours ago
DETROIT -- The 65 fires in Detroit on Thursday night was a typical evening for the city, officials said today. City officials say there was no increase in ...
Orange fights the night
The Saginaw News -, MI - 16 hours ago
Crime fighters Batman and Robin joined the 3500 member-strong citizen brigade to keep Saginaw free from fires and stop lawbreakers on the traditional ...
Calm Night Turns To Hectic Morning
WNEM, MI - 17 hours ago
SAGINAW, MICH. -- Even though thousands of volunteers took to the streets of Saginaw to guard against the traditional Devil's Night arson spree, ...

Fire rips through building on Detroit's east side
Detroit Free Press, United States - 2 hours ago
By CECIL ANGEL • FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER • October 31, 2008 Detroit firefighters battled a three-alarm fire at a commercial building at 6634 Rohns between ...

Saginaw fire and police battle arsons
NBC25 - WEYI, MI - 8 hours ago
AP poll: 1 in 7 voters still persuadable By Elizabeth MacFarland Arson Watch 2008 in Saginaw kicked off at 5:00 pm at the Dow Event Center Thursday night, ...

Number of fires way down from Detroit's 'Devil's Night' peak
KGAN, IA - 13 hours ago
The arsons then were fueled by the growing notoriety of Devil's Night, as well as by the large number of abandoned buildings in Detroit. ...
Cockrel eyeing safe Devil's Night United Press International
Vigilance credited for reduced number of arson fires on Detroit's ... The Canadian Press
Thousands to douse annual Detroit arson tradition The Associated Press - The Saginaw News -
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All's quiet for Devil's night
Port Huron Times Herald, MI - 17 hours ago
“It was a very pleasant Devil’s night,” said Capt. Jim Jones of the Port Huron Police Department. Jones said he was on the road until about 10 pm Thursday ...
Devil's Night keeps police busy
Woodstock Sentinel Review, Canada - 11 hours ago
OXFORD COUNTY - On Thursday, the 30th of October 2008 the Oxford Community Police Service responded to very few calls for service on Devils Night, ...
Devil's Night, Canada - 18 hours ago
City police were extremely busy last night taking several mischief calls that appear to be Devil’s Night related. Four youths were arrested last night ...
Posted By The Sault Star Sault Star
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'Devil's night' mischief leads to arrests
The Beacon Herald, Canada - 12 hours ago
Police reported a fairly quiet "Devil's night" around Perth County and in Stratford last night. Const. Glen Childerley said Perth County OPP investigated ...

The Associated Press
Boo! Revelers celebrate the spookiest of holidays
The Associated Press - 46 minutes ago
At its peak in 1984, 810 fires were reported in Detroit from Oct. 29 to 31, fueled by Devil's Night's growing notoriety and the city's large number of ...
Devil's Night: The History of Pre-Halloween Pranks, NY - Oct 29, 2008
The night of Oct. 30, which goes by a variety of names including Devil's Night in Detroit and Miggy Night in parts of England, sees neighborhood youngsters ...
Angel's Night in Detroit: Curfew and Programs About - Cities & Towns
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The Associated Press
Vigilance deters Halloween eve arsons in Detroit
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
At its peak in 1984, 810 fires were reported in Detroit from Oct. 29 to 31, fueled by Devil's Night's growing notoriety and the city's large number of ...
Schneider: No electricity on Devil's Night? Scary
Lansing State Journal, MI - Oct 29, 2008
"And in the event that they have to come back the next night - well, that's Devil's Night. They're going to cut the power to a neighborhood on Devil's Night ...
Bright light wasn't sun but burning Saginaw, Michigan, house, MI - 1 hour ago
"This was Devil's Night part two," Chavez said about multiple Friday morning fires on the city's East Side. There were more than 20 fire calls since ...

Rash of Arsons
WPEC, FL - 9 hours ago
Authorities say they had four arson fires early this morning in suburban West Palm Beach. All in the same general area, all within a few miles of each other ...
Rash of arson fires on Halloween
WPEC, FL - 10 hours ago
A recent number or arson fires has stepped up investigations being done by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. ...
Palm Beach County investigating several arsons, FL - 13 hours ago
By Brian Haas | South Florida Sun-Sentinel Palm Beach County fire investigators are chasing leads on a series of arson cases west of West Palm Beach that ...
Firefighters Investigate Series Of Home, Vehicle Arsons
WPBF, FL - 15 hours ago
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Firefighters are investigating a series of early-morning arsons to homes and vehicles in a West Palm Beach neighborhood. ...
Officials Investigating String of Suspicious Fires
WPEC, FL - 17 hours ago
Three of the fires were set within blocks of each other; a fourth home was set on fire several miles away. All occurred within minutes of each other. ...

Investigators suspect arson in fire that torched expensive home
Sun Shopper, AZ - 1 hour ago
Investigators with Central Yavapai Fire District and the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office suspect arson in a first-alarm blaze that gutted an expensive ...

Vancouver Sun
Firefighters battle Halloween house fires
Vancouver Sun, Canada - 9 minutes ago
A fire started inside a two-storey house on east Seventh Avenue at Carolina Street. The occupants, a man and a woman, escaped with minor burns, ...
Rash of arson fires on Halloween
WPEC, FL - 10 hours ago
A recent number or arson fires has stepped up investigations being done by Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. ...
Palm Beach County investigating several arsons
Firefighters Investigate Series Of Home, Vehicle Arsons WPBF
Officials Investigating String of Suspicious Fires WPEC
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Hundreds of zombies gather in Grand Rapids
WZZM, MI - Oct 30, 2008
In addition to having fun on what is traditionally known as 'Devil's Night', all participants also brought can goods to donate to a local food bank. ...

China Daily
Zombie world record broken in Nottingham, United Kingdom - 7 hours ago
A new world record for the largest gathering of zombies has been set in Nottingham. By Urmee Khan Thousands of zombies, covered in fake blood and face paint ...
Thriller zombies cut some shapes BBC News
Zombies set new 'Thriller' record Digital Spy
Halloween Zombies Wanted For Michael Jackson World Record Gigwise
Vibe - Salem Gazette
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On zombies, building drawings and meatball pizza crust, MI - 14 hours ago
was on the Zombie Walk, which looked like it was yet another feather in the cap of organizer Rob Bliss and our fair city. Press photographers TJ Hamilton ...
Never say die: Zombies on and off the big screen
Ottawa Citizen, Canada - 23 hours ago
A new zombie movie came out this year called Zombie Strippers. It's set in the near future when US President George Bush -- having been elected to a fourth ...
Shell out, shell out, the zombies are out Globe and Mail
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Web Surfing Zombies
Cnet Asia, CA - 2 hours ago
Power Users use Advanced VPN Technology and SSH tunneling to connect to servers outside Iran and surf the net with a European or American IPs like Zombies. ...
Google jokesters warn off zombies
CNET News, CA - 15 hours ago
But zombies, well, that's another matter. Showing some timely techie humor, the search giant updated its robots.txt file for Halloween. ...GOOG
9 out of 10 Zombies Prefer Fingers Over Brains According to 211(me)
MarketWatch - Oct 30, 2008
A new fun and off-beat iPhone and Facebook game, Attack of the Zombie Politicians, is available for download from ...
Google Robots Ordered to Fight Zombies on Halloween - 5 hours ago
That's why, as Matt Cutts discovered, Google has ordered its robots to disallow any brain-hungry zombies from...well...eating brains. ...GOOG
Zombies, zombies, zombies!!!!
GameZone, MI - 13 hours ago
No, I'm not talking about the strange people who seem to be at the bus station all the time yet never go anywhere, I'm talking about zombies. ...
Gorefest or borefest? pride
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Zombies invited to return for Day of the Dead "Thriller"
News 8 Austin, TX - 8 hours ago
Saturday, any and all zombies will take part in an encore of the "Thrill the World, Austin" event, as part of a Dia de los Muertos celebration in downtown ...
Another chance to ‘Thrill the World’ Austin 360 (subscription)
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Kalamazoo Gazette -
Welcome Zombies.
WKZO News, Michigan - 22 hours ago
Last night it was Thriller revisited….a Zombie Walk for charity. They set out at Rosa Parks Circle to break the world record for Zombie gatherings, ...
Zombies break record in Grand Rapids WOOD-TV
Hundreds of zombies gather in Grand Rapids WZZM
• Zombie Walk brings out the dead in downtown Grand Rapids
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It'll be a thriller night at Silver Spring Zombie Walk
Baltimore Sun, United States - Oct 30, 2008
Ericson, a 33-year-old who lives in Silver Spring, helped organize the inaugural Silver Spring Zombie Walk, which takes place Saturday. ...
Over 1000 zombie participants descend on Pioneer Square for charity
PSU Daily Vanguard, OR - Oct 30, 2008
On Oct. 26 the streets of downtown Portland were swarmed by more than 1000 zombified people as part of the city's Fourth annual Zombie Walk. ...
• Move over, pirates; here come the zombies The Oregonian -
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Sink's Top 5: Zombie Walk, symphony's 'Haunting Melodies'
The Grand Rapids Press -, MI - Oct 30, 2008
The action begins tonight, led by the first-ever "Zombie Walk," coordinated by local urban experiments organizer Rob Bliss via the Internet. ...
The Weekend List: Creepy music abounds, even at the Grand Rapids ...
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World Record Zombie Walk, Grand Rapids, MI
SpoutBlog, NY - Oct 30, 2008
... 3370 zombies flowed through the downtown streets (it’s very likely it was over 4000) to try and break the world record for the largest zombie walk. ...
Zombie alert! - 5 hours ago
The very first non-commercial zombie walk was hosted by a Toronto horror movie buff in 2003 and drew only six participants. The annual event has continued ...
• Will downtown Grand Rapids 'Zombie Walk' be world's largest?, MI - Oct 27, 2008
Bliss's second large-scale event -- a "Zombie Walk" -- is set for 9 pm Thursday (Devil's Night) at Rosa Parks Circle. Thousands already have responded to ...
Downtown of the dead! The Oregonian -
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Zombiecon lets Cape Coral residents act like the undead
The News-Press, FL - 2 hours ago
The fun lasted for about 10 hours and concluded with a midnight "Zombie Walk" which gave the undead the perfect time to perfect their zombie impressions.

The Raleigh Telegram
Horde Of Zombies Invades Downtown Raleigh
The Raleigh Telegram, NC - 10 hours ago
"You mean you just got together and decided to walk around like zombies?" she asked somewhat incredulously. The crowd of zombies was quite large and ...
Living dead walk Toronto streets
Excalibur Online, Canada - Oct 29, 2008
Coupled with the Official Toronto Zombie Walk, the festival promised to be a great event for horror and cult film enthusiasts and delivered on fan ...
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Zombie Walk brings fun, food for the living
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, TN - Oct 26, 2008
They were just members of Nashville’s latest Zombie Walk, a bizarre mix of horror show aficionados and those looking for an excuse to try out Halloween ...
Zombies Walk Riverfront Park
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Walk of the dead
Times-West Virginian, WV - Oct 27, 2008
Nearly 300 people of all ages caked themselves in corn syrup and makeup before shambling through Morgantown for the city’s second annual zombie walk. ...

When there is no more room in Hell, the dead will walk at Bloor Cinema
Strand (subscription), Canada - 10 hours ago
The travelers must dodge the superhuman zombie before it has a chance to either punch a hole in their faces to retrieve their brains or vomit on their faces ...
Town spooked by slouching zombies
Huddersfield Examiner, UK - Oct 29, 2008
HORROR came to Huddersfield town centre with what was claimed to be Britain’s biggest zombie walk. Halloween came early as ghouls of all shapes and sizes ...
World Zombie Day Tally at 6479 and Growing (press release), Montenegro - 13 hours ago
The mall zombie walk was led by Ken Foree, star of the zombie film Dawn of the Dead which was filmed at Monroeville Mall in 1978. ...
Dead heads unite: Be a zombie for ghoulish event
The Grand Rapids Press -, MI - Oct 27, 2008
Well, to participate in the Zombie Walk, a free community event at 9 pm Thursday at Rosa Parks Circle. The event, organized and executed by Grand Rapids ...

what's up
Return of the Zombie Walk
what's up, TX - Oct 22, 2008
By Ryan B. Martinez People really get into Zombie Walk El Paso, the annual event in which folks from all walks of life splash themselves with fake blood and ...

Toronto Zombie Walk 2008 Photos
blogTO, Canada - Oct 20, 2008
... on Trinity-Bellwoods Park and (much to the delight and fear of passersby) dragged themselves through the streets for the annual Toronto Zombie Walk. ...
PhotoTO: Zombie Walk! Torontoist
Zombies take to the streets Toronto Sun
Zombies. Ho hum. Eye Weekly
Toronto Star - Toronto Sun
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