Monday, October 20, 2008

This was in your neck of the woods Lucidtomr

What will the US foreign policy be tomorrow ?

Sky News
A Costly Void At the Top
Human Events, DC - 11 hours ago
T. Michael Moseley from the Joint Chiefs of staff has left a void in the nation's highest war council on which President Bush relies for crucial military ...
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Times Online
Powell to advise Obama
AFP - 4 hours ago
Obama declined to say whether Powell, who was chairman of the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1989 to 1993 and secretary of state from 2001 to 2005, ...
Video: Obama's Triple Threat CBS
Powell's Cautionary Tale Atlantic Online
Powell goes for Obama: An old friend reacts The Post-Standard -
The Associated Press - International Herald Tribune
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US warship 'catches fire in Persian Gulf'
PRESS TV, Iran - 3 hours ago
The sources did not rule out the possibility that a blast had started the fire on the vessel that was said to be "one of the four US warships in the region ...

Report: U.S. Navy Warship On Fire In Persian Gulf
"Blast" not ruled out as source of blaze
Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, October 20, 2008
A U.S. Navy warship stationed in the Persian Gulf has reportedly caught fire, with officials not ruling out that a “blast” was the cause of the blaze.

Navy News, opinions, editorials, news from Iraq, photos, reports ..., VA - 11 hours ago
Hot exhaust apparently ignited engine gunk that built up in the leak, starting a fire. Fire is dangerous aboard any warship, but mine countermeasures ships ...

US, Serb military chiefs to cooperate despite Kosovo split
AFP - 1 hour ago
US Admiral Michael Mullen, the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to visit Belgrade since General Omar Bradley in 1951, sought to press Serbs to ...
Top American military officer visits Serbia International Herald Tribune
Serb military seeks surplus arms
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Ponoš: Cooperation with US continuing
B92, Serbia - 1 hour ago
After meeting with Admiral Michael Mullen, the US chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff, Ponoš reiterated that relations between the two countries had been ...
Listen to General Petraeus: UAE paper
UAE Daily News, Canada - 17 hours ago
Similarly, Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General David McKiernan believe that Pentagon's insistence on a military solution ...
Minister Schiltz in Washington
Station, Luxembourg - 11 hours ago
Minister Schiltz also met with Admiral Michael Mullen of the armed forces, and he visited the National Defense University and met with the vice-president ...

Top world military officials meet in Lake Placid
Lake Placid News, NY - 2 hours ago
... of the US military, comprised of the top general or admiral of each branch of the armed services. Its current chairman is Admiral Michael Mullen. ...

Washington Post
New agreement with Iraq will protect US troops says Gates
Shanghai News, China - Oct 17, 2008
“Admiral Mullen, General Petraeus, General Odierno and I are all satisfied that our men and women in uniform serving in Iraq are well-protected” by the ...
Gates assures agreement protects US troops The Nation, Pakistan
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Suicide or military self-immolation?, UK - 2 hours ago
Admiral Michael Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, just acknowledged many returning US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from ...

7thSpace Interactive (press release), NY - Sep 27, 2008
Further, the Government would prepare for legislative and presidential elections, and continue rebuilding the security apparatus based on professional ...
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Top Military Brass in Adirondack Mountains for Unknown Reason, Germany - 18 hours ago
The plane landed at the Lake Clear Regional Airport near Lake Placid on Friday. It is not known for what purpose the military leaders were meeting, ...

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Yea, I didn't know about that plane meeting. I know Rome is a Major Air Field

I can tell you from personal observation I have seen increased CIA and FBI agents. A lot of them too. This year there has been increased Military Planes flying by