Monday, October 20, 2008

New World Order on NBC "Heroes"

After looking through the whatever is in the ‘New World Order’ proposal, the girl notes some “pretty nasty people” in its pages, whom the Malcolm McDowell character will “give purpose.”

A golden age, and other things they wish they'd never said, UK - Oct 18, 2008
'A new world order has been created,' he proclaimed. Britain was 'a new world leader' thanks to 'your efforts, ingenuity and creativity'. ...

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He recruits her to recruit other super people in order to make life better for all super people, a new world order where super people are appreciated and ...

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that too. I like "Heroes" and "PrisonBreak". there are lots of hidden subliminal messages like that. Even "Fringe" another good new show exposes radical science similar to what mad military men do.

Boston, Chicago, Los Angele, Washington DC, NYC, Houston, interesting those areas are in new tv shows, which also have had catastrophic N.B.C. Drills, many which you have exposed like the Texas Triangle oil pipeline fire along with dirty b 0mb.

It's looking like things will be more clear in the next few months. BTW on "heroes" they did an episode about the flu. It's like a slap in the face trying to tell people what's to come in the near future. I've prepared to defend against their flu pandemic, which will likely hit your region too. 10 Metros atleast is what I know. All east coast, east of Mississippi.