Monday, October 27, 2008

FROSTBURG — Robert Hastings said there is a link between unidentified flying objects and the world’s nuclear power production and he will offer proof at a free 8 p.m. lecture Tuesday in the Lane University Center Manicur Assembly Hall at Frostburg State University.

Hastings, a resident of Albuquerque, N.M., has decades worth of research, including previously classified documents recently obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, that he said shows the government’s secretive stance on the existence of UFOs.

An independent UFO researcher and lecturer, Hastings said his interest began in 1967 when he was in an air traffic control tower at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Great Falls, Mont. “Five UFOs were tracked on radar for several minutes,” he said. “Jets were launched to intercept them. Later, I learned from Air Force sources that as the jets closed in, the UFOs performed vertical ascents and left the area at enormous speeds, far beyond the capabilities of any aircraft.”

Hastings said he and other researchers believe that there exists a credible link between the appearance of nuclear weapons in the mid-1940s and the overall increase in UFO sightings worldwide since that time. It is probable, Hastings has said, that one of the reasons the U.S. government has attempted to conceal its extensive knowledge of the UFO phenomenon is because of apprehension about having to acknowledge that unknown observers, piloting enormously superior aerial craft, have been systematically monitoring and occasionally tampering with our nuclear weapons.

Hastings, 58, said his claims are based upon persuasive, documented data. He has interviewed about 100 former and retired U.S. Air Force personnel regarding their direct or indirect involvement in such cases.

Hastings, who has appeared on “Larry King Live,” authored “UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites,” which is available at

KSLA-TV, LA - 7 hours ago
But, there's debate tonight whether it's a UFO or just a big balloon. The video of the mysterious object came to us from local flight instructor Kevin ...
Pilot recalls encounter with UFO
Houston Chronicle, United States - Oct 25, 2008
Torres' account was included in thousands of pages of UFO-related documents recently declassified by the British Ministry of Defense and posted online by ...
UFO spotted by brewery worker
Reading Evening Post, UK - 6 hours ago
A 42-year-old Whitley man spotted a light speeding through the sky in the early hours of Wednesday and wants to know if he was seeing things. ...
American Chronicle, CA - 13 hours ago
There are doctors and scientist who are aware of people who say they have had near death experiences (NDE), out of body experiences (OBE), and ET UFO ...

Sunday Mirror
UFO hunting in Area M62, Yorkshire - by 'eck the truth is out there
Sunday Mirror, UK - 14 hours ago
By Alun Palmer 27/10/2008 Think UFO-watcher and the image that often springs to mind is a jobless, unshaven man with lank greasy hair. ...
UFO encounter described by Italian pilot, United Kingdom - Oct 21, 2008
An Italian airliner pilot has spoken for the first time in nearly 20 years about a near miss with a UFO after a record of the encounter was released by the ...
Did UFO fly over our skies? Romford Recorder
UFO archives reveal pilot's encounter National Post
Britain opens secret UFO files to public
The Associated Press - Reuters South Africa
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Sky News
UFO Footage
Sky News, UK - Oct 25, 2008
"The footage represents an important development in our understanding of UFOs and alien life beyond our planet." Mr Arkdogan is on a world lecture tour ...

Readers' Comments 'Most important UFO footage ever'
Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - Oct 22, 2008
A VIDEO that claims to show alien spacecraft has been described as the "most important images of a UFO ever filmed". The vision was taken by 42-year-old ...
The Wonder of a UFO Capture in Turkey
UFOs filmed in Turkey: real evidence or biggest scam of all time The Inquisitr
VIDEO: Best UFO Footage Ever Recorded
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New Series of Earthquakes Hit

Off Northern California Coast

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

The largest of this recent batch was a 5.1 magnitude hitting off the northern California coast. No immediate reports of casualties, as reported by the USGS.

The epicenter of the tremor, which occurred at 2:26 am (0926 GMT), was located 30 kilometers (18 miles) west of the town of Petrolia, the US Geological Survey said. The reading was based on the open-ended Moment Magnitude scale, now used by US seismologists, which measures the area of the fault that ruptured and the total energy released.

MAG 3.5 2008/10/26 16:07:48 41.175 -124.202 16.1 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAG 2.6 2008/10/26 15:50:02 40.288 -124.625 15.6 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAG 2.7 2008/10/26 09:35:16 40.289 -124.695 20.3 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAG 5.1 2008/10/26 09:27:21 40.322 -124.637 18.5 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
MAG 4.6 2008/10/26 09:26:50 40.322 -124.637 18.5 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

Sky News
2 earthquakes jolt ocean off Northern California
Los Angeles Times, CA - 19 hours ago
By Ari B. Bloomekatz Two earthquakes separated by 31 seconds jolted the ocean off Northern California early today without causing injuries or damage, ...
Pair Of Moderate Earthquakes Shake Northern California Coast AHN
Two earthquakes hit California
Four small earthquakes hit county in less than 12 hours The Eureka Reporter
San Jose Mercury News - eFluxMedia
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Sky News
Mild earthquake hits western England; no casualties
Jerusalem Post, Israel - 19 hours ago
By AP Western England has been shaken by a mild earthquake that doesn't appear to have caused any damage, British authorities said Sunday. ...
Herefordshire responds to Bromyard earthquake Hereford Times
Earthquake registering 3.6 on the Richter Scale hits Worcester Daily Mail
Peace shattered as earthquake hits UK Scotsman - The Canadian Press
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Sky News
Two Earthquakes Hit Cali
Sky News, UK - Oct 26, 2008
The first earthquake measured 5.1 on the Richter scale and struck 19 miles west of Petrolia in the west-coast US state. The second quake, which measured 4.1 ...
Two Earthquakes Hit Cali Sky News
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Earthquakes finish latest first year in style
San Francisco Chronicle, USA - Oct 25, 2008
AP (10-25) 22:30 PDT -- Ryan Cochrane and Shea Salinas scored second-half goals as the Earthquakes concluded their first MLS season with a 2-0 victory over ...
Earthquakes beat Toronto FC 2-0 to end season USA Today
TFC ends season on a losing note Toronto Star
Toronto FC ends season on losing note National Post
United Press International - MLS - Major League Soccer
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CWB aims to be able to detect, report on quakes in 30 seconds
eTaiwan News, Taiwan - 5 hours ago
According to the Seismology Center, 70 percent of the earthquakes around Taiwan originate off the northeast coast, which tends to affect the greater Taipei ...
CWB aiming for world-class earthquake monitoring Taipei Times
Committee approves weather bureau budget Taipei Times
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Unrelated earthquakes rattle California, Nevada
Inland Empire News, CA - 15 hours ago
At least five earthquakes struck during a 10-hour period. The strongest, a M4.9, was centered in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Eureka. ...

Current Science Confirms Ancient Wisdom:

Prophecy and Predictions

What did our ancestors tell us of this time? In Mitch Battros 90 minute workshop, Mitch will disclose what Mayan elders have been granted permission to present to mankind. Some prophecy and predictions have already taken place, but more are just around the corner. When we take a closer look at recent scientific findings, we find a startling resemblance to what our ancient ancestors described in documents, petroglyphs, hieroglyphs, scrolls, storytelling, mythology, and rituals. The Mayans tell us of the end of one world, and the beginning of another. The Hopis tell us the end of the 4th World and the beginning of a 5th. The Bible tells us the heavens will open, and one day there will be 'heaven on earth'. Several temples such as the great Egyptian pyramids, Newgrange, Stonehenge, Chaco Canyon built burial tombs to facilitate the passing into another dimension or existence. The one theme which flows through all denominations of ancient wisdom says: "In this time - events will unfold - and you will be different".

CONFERENCE LINK: http://www.chetsnow .com/signs. html

Boston Globe
CERN eggheads find there's no mystery to the universal appeal of a ...
Times Online, UK - Oct 22, 2008
I could not help reflecting that the scientists at CERN are rather like Olympians of the mind, every bit as ambitious and obsessive as the athletes you ...
Sidelined CERN collider gets a new, formal sendoff The Associated Press
CERN inaugurates Big Bang experiment despite glitch Reuters
Buffets and bigwigs as CERN inaugurated... just not with a bang AFP
Hürriyet - ZDNet UK
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Atom smashers at work
MSNBC - 1 hour ago
The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known by its French acronym CERN, has provided bits and pieces of information about the mishap, ... (press release)
A Week of Interactions (press release), Netherlands - 10 hours ago
Swiss President Pascal Couchepin and French Prime Minister François Fillon were joined at CERN* today by science ministers from CERN’s Member States and ...
CERN didn't cause the end of the world - EcoLogical, United Kingdom - Oct 24, 2008
Things reached a head the week the CERN particle collider started up in Switzerland. When my astrophysicist friend Pete told me about this in the Nineties, ...

At CERN, computers to tackle the Big Bang
CNET News, CA - Oct 7, 2008
GENEVA--The CERN Computer Center is the number-crunching hub that powers the physics research lab's quest to discover the nature of the universe. ...
Human error likely caused atom-smasher breakdown: CERN AFP
CERN starts the Peta-Grid Heise Online
CERN Unveils Global Grid For Particle Physics Research InformationWeek - Reuters
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